Skin restorer

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How to Fix and Restore your 1.8 Minecraft skin! (For Servers) QUICK!

114 224 views | 20 Mar. 2015

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Follow me on Twitter to talk to me! ► https://twitter.com/EasyRoast This video is to help the people that have the problem where their skin is not showing up on 1.8

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► SkinsRestorer:


(if you're server is cracked this WILL NOT WORK!)

► ProtocolLib


•───────────XTRA INFO──────────────•

Intro Made By:

► https://www.youtube.com/user/legoben999

Outro Song:

► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-X8iXZejjU

If you need help my Skype is [email protected]

Before you add me, I will not accept calls because I am busy most of the time and I am only there for help and not for videos sorry.

Ashli Chiang

I use open to lan and I end up as a so eve instead of my normal skin Sonya well I can see my skin but my friend can't see my skin

nateman 101

downloading both things harmed my computer, still steve

Zarahmel Singson

does it work on singleplayer?




How to fix skin in singleplayer

Bilgin Oyuncular

pls show in the singleplayer.


I dont know how to add plugins pls teach me



Shaun Conaty

weres the plugin folder?


Thanks a lot man! It really helped:D

Just luigi

thx you

Giorgio Productions

it doesn't work i'm still alex :(


tells me "Server error!"

Vincent Cerezo

thanks! this video help me!


Nice :) can you do for phone plss im playing in phone only. Pls plss plss

chinese people

Lier You Need to find some truth

AzureShiny 60

that worked for my cracked server, it was hosted :)

Miguel Martinez

si la cagan con esos intros ta ruidosos


dont use protocollib it will not let you walk

Misfit Mello

I'm not the problem the,other people are I can't see there skins

Danmaru Gaming

thank no more alex and steve anymore


My server is cracked and it worked I just got protocolib and it was restoed

Johnson Plays

and ty Numero Uno

Marshmello !

does it work for bukkit?

pickle :D

What if you play on ps4/Xbox/Nintendo switch


Thank you :) Thats helps me very well :)


Thank you so much!


Do you possibly know why my overlay on my skin isn't working? I've Googled it and nothing seems to be helping. I'm DESPERATE!

Thanks for reading this.


How do I get a plugin? I don't understand help me!!!!


numero uno means Number one are you a filipino??

Zoe Milian

Skin not working


whats the permission like SkinRestoter.skin.set

Hans, get ze Flammenwerfer!

Yeah, no... I'm not about to download shit only to fix my skin.



Hanna Mathew

What about for Vanilla minecraft?

ArcaneEU :P

IT Doesnt work.

BigGamer EG


Shejma Rexhepi

I am Steve at the moment and I can't even be Alex cause the thing where you change doesn't open. It only says check your internet connection. I am 100% connected to my internet. Someone please help (I am playing minecraft on my phone lol)


Didnt work thanks anyway :(


Thank you very much!


Thanks,Thanks bro <<Numero Uno>>


the skin name is alex

Shush Shush

I think I am on the right tutorial put I don't get what u did could u make a tutorial that u show how u do it.

Wisdom By Kyle

What Version is fro 1.8.7 +Numero Uno


Severe: Error occurred while enabling SkinsRestorer v10.3.8 (Is it up to date?)



Dragon tf

it never worked >:(


I have to chiose to make this video have 500 likes, or 50 dislikes... dislikes...you get 50 dislikes


I'm on 1.9.2 and I'm not trying it even though its so annoying having alex's skin all the time.

Lavender rain


Kaneki Ken The Wizard Ghoul

I'm having that bug but its not just for me, EVERYONE else in the server...


1.9? Cracked Server Please...


Do you speak spanish? I'm don't understand that you have a spanish name and you make videos in english


what if i had mods?
it wont work bcus its mod mode


What when the plugin cannot reach the skin base?

Vintage Minecraft22

me to

Milan Vignjevic



Help Alot TY<3


Thank you


Thank you so much!


works but not really good! :(


what is plugins folder
im confused

Madhura Watve

can anyone help me with this I have an cracked server

PatriciusSK - LoL Player

Does it work on craftbukkit ?


Oh Wow....Skin?


does anyone know the permission nodes?

Super Duper

thanks dude XD


can you do a video showing us how EXACTLY you put the file into the plugins folder?

Lavender rain



Where to put the File???


how can i send it to minecraft? its says:plce the plugin to /plugins/ folder... Optional Edit the config inside /plugins/SkinsRestorer/ folder.

Kreejums TV

What a stupid intro


Does not work in Bungeecord! Help

BigGamer EG

!!!its worked in my cracked sever


My skin is all black except my head. I don't understand! Help?

Addison Magyar

I'm still alex too i hate this!

Mr. Majoris

Help its says you do not have permission to do this. pls reply


I have been playing in my newer editions for awhile now, and I have changed my skins, multiple times and made sure it was applied. And when I join my game and I’m Steve. Mind you, I’m playing alone. What do I do000?

Zarahmel Singson

does it work on singleplayer?

Maria Gonzalez

I have a non-plugin server (whatever they call it),How could i fix without getting a plugin server and the plugin?(or if i dont need a "plugin server"and im speaking gibberish.)




My problem is when I log in my skin is this weird purple and black thing


The ProtocolLib you put in the description says that "I dont have permission to use this resource"
someone please help me if you can ^^


numero uno i'm creating a network i bought 3 host for bungee, lobby , factions and i need help to instal this plugins because in offline mode for no premium this plugin didn't work, can you help i have skype:capo654321, please i need your help

joyce qt

I didn't even understand any words you said ;-;


Can i have help please? every time i try to open any of the folders i says class not registered

Lucky Raven

If Numero Uno and Ltjim007 works togther!
That will be like
BOOM the best team ever


How'd you make the thumbnail animated?

Josh Zalsos

dude your video is not complete show how did you download your protocolLib men show it full detailed

Johnson Plays

ty guys it relly work in cracked =)


Thx! New subscriber


server ip?


Thanks :)


this is happening on my lan world. any suggestions??


Omg i needed this

Nathan Ferreira

The server console says "Could not pass event PlayerLoginEvent to SkinsRestorer" why?


i have this problem where i can only see other peoples skin as alex(girl character) and steve(boy character) on all servers, would this work for that?


i don t have a folder named plugins


Thanks Numero Uno <3

Legendary Craft

Dont work for me! Can you help me?

Skin restorer

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Minecraft Plugin Display: SkinsRestorer

8 239 views | 16 Dec. 2019

SkinsRestorer by SRTeam is

SkinsRestorer by SRTeam is a plugin for offline servers that allows users to seamlessly change their skins through simple commands.

Plugin URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skinsrestorer.2124/

Server IP: Play.mc-barbercraft.com


does it work on 1.16.2 server?


my friends cant see my skin on cracked server with that plugin

Retro World

how can i set an admin?


Are you okay with me shouting you out on my channel? I'm trying to shout out fellow small creators to create a small network. I've gotten around 3 so far

Anubis Cheats

Everything works but /skins doesnt open skin menu

Fancy Lord

Apparently i cant open /skins :/

GnG gaming iNtV

my skin doesnt change on aternos and i used bukkit

Skin restorer

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How to change skins on Aternos Minecraft server (SkinRestorer) Cracked - SP

42 298 views | 1 May. 2020

In this video I will

In this video I will explain how to have the skins on the Aternos MC servers, it works both for players with cracked launcher (SP) and for players who bought minecraft (PREMIUM), if for some reason their skin does not work.

How to have the skins on the Aternos MC servers, works for SP (with cracked launcher) and Premium


- https://riflowth.github.io/SkinFile-Generator/

We will use these plugins:

- Spigot

- Skin restorer

Please subscribe to the channel, leave a like or a comment to let me know that I have been useful.

=== Updating to new versions of minecraft will not be a problem, just select a new version of spigot es: Spigot MC 1.16

Bienvenidos a un nuevo vídeo de aternos, hoy traemos algo muy simple, como tener skin en ATERNOS?

My pc:

Video card: GTX 970 OC 4gb.

Processor: Rryzen 5 2600x.

Disc: ssd mvme 500gb.

RAM: 16gb ddr4.

Lil Edits

How to you get shaders to work on Aternos ?

RaheeTheGamer 8746

You are just awesome! I love you sooo much! ??? I hope you will have 10000 years of good luck! Thank you very much! I am crying right now.... ??????

Nam Quang

video like shit

Anime Guru Tamil

man do you need support i have 65 subs




Thanks for the video! I have one question, I have a server and I play with a friend, and I can see her custom skin but she only sees me as Steve all the time, what could it be?


Ty! im happy to say SkinRestorer released a new thing where it just automatically restores your skin, no downloading, no files, no operator, just your skin.


Keep this video up for eternity. It works on 1.16.4 and I may have to go back to it to remember how to do it for the future lol

Call Me Az

how do i add skin for my friend?


What is your shader please ?

Rayzen 48

how to set default skin for my friend in aternos


So I put my skin and do everything else but my friends see a different skin


Hey thanks dude but i was playing with my friend and his skin wasnt working i did everything do i have to do something special if i want more other people skin?


I dont have the skinsrestorer folder


in the plugin section i cant open the skin restorer folder HELP PLEASE

TSFJ pscycho

does this work for otherpeople too
i mean if they don't upload skin?

Pandora Gaming

which version is for the 1.16.4
like the versions name


bruh skin does not work when i press on head skin does not change but head skin is right


Will all the players have the same skin?


i only have skinrestorer.jar

sreedev trades : gaming

Bro pls say how to get that skin to link maker ?


quick question, does the loot unspawn or not ?

LAUKIK Rajhuns XI C 68

Can others see my skin in server

totally nobody with 4 bodies in the basement

okay so, me and my friends started a new server with builds init, while I do this will it delete the whole builds?


how do i add skins for a friend ?


Awesome work! Thank you!

techteam animations

can u make one for 1.16.5 plz


Didnt work it only give me Skins. Jar or whatever its called can you help?

Vivek Yakkali

Yep. Tw

Victor Tavares

thanks so much dude, I had no clue on how to use my premium skin on my cracked server, and your video helped me a lot!
straight to the point, well edited, and simple, congratulations and thanks again :))

Tyler Atomic

Can it work on command blocks like this:

/skin set @p[distance=1..2] <skin>


/skin set @p <skin>

Henrique Tefile



can anyone help me? I got the skin files where you have them, but which command do I have to use to get a skin from a skin file? When I do /skin it says "no premium player with that name found" but I don't want the skin of a player, I want to use the one from the skin file :(


I cant open the skin file

RaheeTheGamer 8746

Legends never die.....

Thank you very much, you saved my life and time! I salute you! ???♥️♥️?????


ummm i typed command /skins.
and it said opening skins menu.....
and nothing happend i tried it few times and still nothing
can someone help me

minecraft version 1.16.3

kaja kesslerova

works for 1.16.5 thx ?

This channel has 100,000 subsibers

Witch one is for 1.16.2?

waylynn rossouw

If I do this can myvfri9 and ppl in my service can see me do I always have to put the skin one everytime I join

Just your regular Moomin

but i already have forge installed. Is there any way for Forge? (not moreplayermodels because it's not accessible on 1.14.4)

Gumi Gumila

Hi! Why can't I find the Skin Restorer yet I already installed the latest?


Does it also work for the paid players?


Thx It did work for me but the problem is that when players join it seems for them that their minecraft skin doesn't show up and it just shows as a Steve or Alex. Is there a way to fix that?


Doesnt work

Leonek amumek

can i have modpack and this plugin same time?????

R4pid Fire

Haven’t tried it yet, but i see you going around in comments and Still replying, i really like it
+ 1 sub from me


SkinRestorer files doesn't appear in my interface :/ on aternos


does it work on 1.16.3 version of minecraft

RaheeTheGamer 8746

What means (SP) in the description? Please answer this and my other questions! Please! Help!

Dan 23

Would this work for me if i have a premium account and im playing on a cracked server (my friends account is cracked so thats why we are playing on a cracked server), i ask because my normal skin that i have on my account always shows when im playing solo, but when i enter the server neither my skin nor my friends skin show

LoyalVAAYU playz

Omg it works now I can stream on my SMP thanks a alot


How Do We Change Back To Our Skin?


Its good BRUH ur a god TYSM


So first of all , thnks for the vid, now my prob is when i press to download the skin restorer on plugins , it downloads ( the setting icon starts turning) then nothin happens , and when i go on files, it doesnt show SkinRestorer file , pls respond , btw liked

Luna Folmer

There is no skin restorer folder, help :(

Dead Outside Toad

It didn't workm I can't open the Skins Menu.

Rayeed TLG

It doesn't show me the skin menu.....what do I do now ?

Ilker Yasin TR

I installed the SkinsRestorer plugin, but it's a jar file. How can i open it?


I don't have the SkinsRestorer files

BirMilyonOyun TR

Does it appear in others

Devesh Pawar

Thanks : )

judaniel 18

When i select the skin i want, the game tells me that my skin was changed, but i'm still using Steve, do you know why this occurs?

Pedro Henrique13

Hey,my skins in /skin no work for my,help me!


is it compulsary to put .skin


works a lot


can you see skins in those servers with the real minecraft?

K a i a_x CartoonDraw

somebody knows what version i need of SkinRestorer for the MC 1.14.4?


i can't open it to past the generated skin there just isn't the click


whys there no skins folder for me

Harsh Gaming YT

Is it necessary to put jhon only in skin name and also how much is the skins limit
I've added 7 skins with custom name but I can see only one skin in the /skins box , plz help me bro I have 1.16.5 version

Andrea0305 _

Thank you/ grazie. It works!! Ma sei ita?


I cant see the skinrestorer file

Mini Game Theorist

Tysm dude❤️?
Works in 1.16.5

Zulhadeef Zulhisham

Dude when I did /skins it didn’t show the skins menu


Crazy, thx dude, (works in 1.16.4)

Nainik Makkar

you havent uploaded for 8 months kinda shocking

Lara França


Galactic Warrior

Underrated u are a legend


dont work for me rn

Nainik Makkar

I'm your 53 subs great content I did it btw if some of u cant do it the skin name u put in needs to end with .skin so it works btw great vid cegamer

Julia Siekierska

And for my friend what i do ?

Water Bottle

It doesnt work when entered the world and then tried to change to the skin it said custom skins are not allowed idk what to do


Gui is not opening.... Plzz help


hey bro i want your first skin can you please give me download link please

Abhineet Kelley



The pluggin icon isnt showing up...i need help!


Can anyone tell the skin name please


Hey can people on java see our skins and we see theirs?


thank you, but /skins command doesn't work, it says "opening skins menu" and nothing happens

ElSupercell 217

worked bro!! thanks

Psychotic Blinker

oof i want forge

Iconic KBX

I subscribed you can you also support me I will also subscribed you one more time congrats on reaching 50 in advance ?? ???
Means I am subscribing you 2 times??


shaders ?


im glitched on like alex skins on the server is this how i would fix it?


nice man!!!



RaheeTheGamer 8746

Bro, I use TLauncher for Minecraft. I did everything you did but when I set any other skin, it says updated but my default skin is always shown to me! Please help!

#Help #Please #2020

Ariyan Maruf

How to Turn off Tlauncher skin ?


Does my world lose when I change the version?

Syner Juice

I try to write the command skinsrestorer but it says that I don't have the permission to use this command