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Transforming Paint: From Bottle Or Tube To Writer/Doodler by Joggles.com

2 246 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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Let gel

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Gorilla Glue vs Gorilla Snot: Consumer Confusion Case Study! | Trademark Lawyer Angela Langlotz

785 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Gorilla Glue vs Gorilla

Gorilla Glue vs Gorilla Snot: Consumer Confusion Case Study!

Sometimes consumer confusion can cause actual harm!

In today's case study, a woman confused GORILLA SNOT hair product with GORILLA GLUE, and stuck her hair to her head. I hope she's okay, poor thing!

Consumers rely heavily on brand look and feel -- sometimes we call this "trade dress" -- when they are making buying decisions. This is why it's important for your brand identity to be unique!

In this case, no one likely thought of the fact that the GORILLA brand spray adhesive would be mistaken for GORILLA SNOT (revolting, but whatever!) hair styling product. The brands may bear a passing resemblance with their trade dress, but they're not commonly seen in the same area of the store, and aren't the type of goods that are commonly sold by the same company. So we wouldn't typically say that the two brands were likely to be confused, such that the two trademark registrations could not exist side by side.

Quinta Monique

My question is are these two products from the same company...also feel like she’s responsible because she should read the packaging

Carmencita Davis

Maybe she thought gorilla glue was safe for the hair because the8 is a such thing as gorilla snot gel that uses the same name gorilla on their cans so she probably thought it would be ok to use, but obviously it wasn't because this gorilla glue even though it has the name gorilla on it the same as the gorilla snot gel that's made for the hair this gorilla glue is not made for the hair and I don't believe the packaging had anything to do with it rather she was confused or not, I believe that name gorilla on the can itself confused her, but I think she should have read the label to make sure that gorilla glue was meant for hair because if she would have read it she would have known it wasn't meant for hair


Just saying.... if you use gorilla hair products and you put gorilla into say Amazon to buy some more.. that kind of throws the 'they're in a different section of the store' argument.... not saying this wasn't incredibly stupid but perhaps a flaw in this assumption from trademark/copyright consumer rights stand point... perhaps this idea predates (pandemics and mostly) online shopping?

Sabrina Lehtisaari

But unless these were shelved on the same shelf in a store I really can’t understand how she messed up buying one for another....

Kristen Mae

From everything I've read, she knew what she was using but underestimated how permanent it was. I've seen people coming to her defense using the excuse that she likely mistook the Gorilla Glue the adhesive for Gorilla Snot the hair product, but I haven't read any reports where she herself said that's what happened. Great video!

Loretta Watts

Only black women will inderstand hpw she got it confused

Quinta Monique

Um I feel
Like it is the Packaging they sell all kind of products from the same company with different packaging for the same product all the time

Melissa Barraza

Simple answer is she is just stupid...


She didn’t get the two confused. She used the adhesive thinking it would be ok.


Different products in the same brand can have different coloring. Do the colors not being exactly the same time help. This is extremely common with hair care - Gorilla Snot has products in purple bottles, etc., So the different colors wouldn't be a good indicator. Also, people with her hair texture use heavy duty products, so something saying spray adhesive wouldn't be surprising. Also, these products can be found in similar stores with a variety of products in their shelves randomly arrayed.

The Artikulate

The first time I saw gorilla snot I did think it was gorilla glue. I was with my wife and I said why do they have gorilla glue in a hair store?


So there's a hair gel called "Gorilla Snot" and a hair spray adhesive called "Got2B Glued"... So it's not far fetched to think that she probably thought "Gorilla Glue" was the same as "Got2B Glued" from the 'Gorilla' brand that makes Gorilla Snot?

Let gel

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HOW TO: Gel Method for Dip Powder ~ Let's Talk "Dip Flu"

1 845 views | 14 Jan. 2021

In this video I discuss a

In this video I discuss a bit about what is known as "dip flu" and the best ways to prevent it. I also use the gel method for dip powder application. If you enjoyed this video then please like and subscribe. Only 30% of people who watch my videos are subscribed. By subscribing you would really help me grow my channel, and it will be easier for you to know when I upload new content. Hit the notification icon once your subscribed and YouTube will send you an alert when I upload new videos. If you have any suggestion, or requests then comment below. Thank you all so very much.

*Disclaimer - I am not a doctor and any advice given here is based on my own experience. If you have symptoms that are more severe than what I listed you may want to discontinue use and see a doctor.

*** If you would like to join my discord server then just hit this link. https://discord.gg/eHjKgs2sTq The server is a place for us to talk and share our projects. It is a place for us to grow as a community. There are perks for subscribers, but you don't have to be subscribed to be a part of the community. Bare with me though as it is still a bit of a work in progress.

*** Links ***

*Liquids and Powders:


*Vapor Filters:


*3M reusable mask:


*** Tools I always use ***

* Drill set: https://amzn.to/2T6xRcu

* 100/180 Banana file: https://amzn.to/3kaA3LY

* UV lamp nail dryer: https://amzn.to/3j8j77H

* Professional cuticle pusher: https://amzn.to/3dJxrCA

**** My Instagram/YouTube studio gear ***

* Professional Continuous Soft Box Lighting: https://amzn.to/35LK3FN

* Lightbox: https://amzn.to/3mjpDKB

* Silicone surface protector: https://amzn.to/2FWiosA

***About Me***

Hi! My name is Melissa. On my channel, you will find dip powder and nail art tutorials. I love nail art and sharing my experiences with you, however as a disclaimer, I am not a licensed nail tech. This is my hobby. If you find my videos useful or entertaining then feel free to subscribe to see more dip powder, nail art tutorials, and unboxings on your feed.

*Follow me on*

*Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/Melissasmanymanis

*Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/Melissasmanis

#Move4th #MelissasManis #DipPowder

Christina Hendricks

Thank you for this video. I also suffer from “dip flu”. I take a Mucinex when I dip and wear my regular cloth mask. I have noticed the last couple of times I didn’t get symptoms like I have in the past. Just found your channel. Love your manis!

Joan Chiola

I recently became extremely sensitive to acrylic monomer so no acrylics for me now. But I found that I’m now sensitive to gels with certain hema formulas. Triple vitamin gel bad and top now set me off. Have you found any gels free of hema?

Deni Meier


Rhiannon Chavez

So glad you made this video! I’ve been trying diff methods on how to use the gel top coats with my dip powders and I’m always getting like streaked lines across my nails and not as much shine. I was using the Rossi gel base and gel top coat. I was getting so fustrated ! Lol but ok so bc they’re being cured in a UV lamp there’s no need to activate then correct? And to get that even look on the top of your nail, it’s best to use the gel base again before the gel top coat..if I followed that correctly.


I've recently come to realize that I too suffer from "dip flu." It got progressively worse with each dip and the last time had me nearly unable to breathe and very congested for about 3 days. My question: I've heard conflicting reports that it is both the liquids (glue/base and activator) as well as the powder that causes the reaction. You get no symptoms at all when you do it with just the powder? Also, I'm assuming I could use any brand gel base coat? Thanks for this!

Fern Ratchford

Omg I get the dip flu bad. At first I could not understand why every Monday my sinus were so bad then realized it was dip flu. I have brought so many different colors of dip that I am not giving up. I just order me on on those mask hopefully that will work. I refuse to stop dipping.

Sylvie Farrell

OMG Melissa, thank you so much for this video. I’ve been having terrible allergies for the past few months and couldn’t figure out why. Now I know...I didn’t realize you could get dip flu from the liquids.

Vicky’s Curls

Omg! So I was swatching a bunch of dips about 2 weeks ago and definitely got the ‘dip flu’ which I had no idea was a thing! So thank you for this! I knew it was the dip making me feel congested and all of the above! Will definitely try wearing a mask and going back and forth between gels. Also I LOVED the colors! Wish I had them all!! ?

Omneyas WISH

I have not gotten dip flu yet. I do sometimes have to blow my nose after my mani because it gets full of dust. I can't wear a mask as it fogs up the glasses that I need to see. I started out doing the gel method coz I was scared of the base drying so slow

Deni Meier

Melissa are you left handed ??‍♀️??

marilisa peguero

@melissa do you have a video where you remove the dip powder application without damaging the builder gel from your nails? Thank you


Great video! Thanks so much for sharing. Have you done any videos on Gel Method with a peel off base you can refill the clear.

Marisol Naylor Davis

What color is that on your left hand? ?


I get dip flu every time I do my nails and I did noticed that when I use the gel method I don’t get it. I’m not a fan of the mask at all but if I know I’m not going to use it for whatever reason I take a pill for my sinuses and that has helped a lot. Now how do you sound so clear on your videos while wearing a mask?
Btw I love love love all of your videos ☺️

Carolyn Durant

Very pretty

Melissa's Manis

Thank you guys so much for watching. I can not tell you how much your continuing support means to me. I still can't believe how quickly this channel has grown. I am about to hit 4k subscribers already! In 6 months to go from zero to 4k! Wow! You guys really are amazing. I am planning another give away soon. It is going to be a 5k give away, sooo probably only a few weeks away at this point. I don't want to spoil it yet, but this one is going to be a lot of fun. Thank you again for being so great.

If you are new here then please subscribe. Also don't forget to leave a comment. Your comments are where I get 90% of my inspiration. <3

Just Li

How did you do your extensions before the mani? And thank you for this video.

Amy Marxer

That gradient is everything! The teals are gorgeous! Thanks fo all the tips.

Nakia Beverly-Brown

I'm happy you went over what you do for dipping. I'm new to it, and terrified of "dip flu" I have to make sure to be extra careful since I can't switch to gel due to my sensitivity. Thanks for the recommendations! ?

Stacy Medvitz

I do get dip flu, but its mild if I stuff my nose with tissues and wear a mask. Lol
This video makes me want to try the gel method though, it came out beautiful and the gradient colors are perfect!! ??

Jennifer Ridings

Thank you for doing this video, I just switched over to the gel method because my dip flu was getting out of hand. I learned some new things from you!

Susan Priem

I have watched dozens of videos on dipping and have never heard of dipping flu. As I am new to dipping the first time I used it I had severe days of sneezing and congestion I thought it was one of my regular allergies but when I got it the second time I started wearing an N95 mask with an extra filter and worked on a damp surface so the dip powder didn’t go airborne as much, still got it so next time I added safety glasses which was a bit better. I thank thank thank you for this video! People need to know about this. These are definitely caustic materials. I am a potter and wear a particulant mask when I’m doing something that makes the clay airborne. Everyone should protect themselves from these chemicals. You are a rock star!

marilisa peguero

Thank you for this video! It’s very educational and now I know what to use to prevent dip flu. I started doing more dip powder application in the last couple of month and I have noticed that my coughing gets out of control if I don’t wear a mask.

By the way these colors are close to my heart since teals/greens/turquoise are my favorite colors ??


I have the same mask for this reason

Casey Lee

Makes complete sense now why I have a sneezing fit every Sunday night! I thought it was Monday-itis, but this makes a lot more sense ?

Dawn Willey

So I think triple D is coming out with dip liquids for people who have sensitivity and that would be wonderful. Of course it has to be tested but if it works than well done for Dodi