They took my face

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The Time They Took My Face Off (Day 475)

207 847 views | 23 Mar. 2016


LAST VLOG: http://bit.ly/1pvNf14

MY MAIN CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/iisuperwomanii


Today I rode all over Mumbai in a rickshaw looking for the shopping mall. I also had an awesome photoshoot and ended the day by having my face scrubbed off. Enjoy xo

Hi! My name is Lilly and this is my vlog channel where I post my daily adventures, travel series and video extras/bloopers/behind the scenes. If you like to laugh, smile and be positive, subscribe!


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Salsabila L.


Prince Ary

no no one sed da but when you go around braggin yr a gud person and u respect all religions and then do stuff like that thats what you call rude den again ur jus d same as her shes gt yhu wypn er shit for her I honestly wish she stayed in depression dogs like that shud stay in there bedroom and not come out then there would b peace thats 4 subscribers u jus lost kyp it up n ul b back were yhu strted

Ishani Bhaumik

What mall did you go to? Qwest?

Joy McKenzie Wendt

Thank you for sacrificing your time and sharing your life with us. I'm too impatient to snap pictures for other people let alone do a youtube video. I will take time to paint a person's face and enjoy it but freak out if I have to point a camera and click.

Asha Rao

0.57 which song is this. Love it.


Is humble a relative of Lily? Or are they just friends??

Sam Knapp

I'm dying because Diego loves Lilly so much! I ship it. Dilly? Lilego?

Rashi Mistry

can someone pls tell what's the name of the song that the sang in the start?

Soley Cara

Aah my volume was on full at the start xD ??


shipping them so badly!!!

P.S Love you Lilly <3

Mahima Kukreja

i live walking distance from this mall and had no idea you were here and NOW THIS SUCKS.

Rhayneya Rosilus

I only fall asleep when the room is cold!

Kayla Johnson

the only person to give off the best vibes at 12 in the morning on a school day is the Unicorn queen Lily ♡♡♡


At 4:02 where Diego, Humble and Lilly are on this balcony or rooftop (I can't tell) but there's this type of prayer playing in the background. Is it some of prayer playing?? Does anyone know??


Poor Diego.

Prince Ary

iys called slang text deal wid it u dnt hv t b like me no one asked that off yhu how much d yhu get paid for duin her dirty work seriously. ..


3:10 bawse lips, was that a slip or was that where the name came from I wonder

Shubhanu Mukherjee

What is that jamican song called? ???

poetiklee vehrzed

This is hilarious. Taking off the makeup part lol.


LOL Diego !! You crack me up

Hey ItsCorina

Diego is a sweetheart i love him

Alice Tran

lmao the part where Humble and Diego took off Lilly's makeup and their conversation about how girls don't need makeup was hilarious I was dying

Awwal Boparai

So Diego can make everyone happy 'Pyaar De Naal'? It's lovely to have his good vibes in the vlogs!

Courtney Augsburger

i want to touch her hair so bad


1:22 so much sexy in one screencap ;)

Humayrah Ahmed

is that the adhaan in the background around 4:30... in India?

Tacknia Hall

looool you can tell Humble removes her make up often his side is sooooooo clean, Diego keep up lol. fun vlog :)


Hahaha lily is sooo touchy with Diego ;)

Omg humbles comments! I laughed so hard!! And he said make up is not just for girls??? He's a feminist?? I love you humble!! (I don't watch these vlogs much to know him like that until now.)

Kelsey Gao

Diego is such boyfriend material

Nivedita Kundu

I love you Lilly you're really great and inspirational and so funny lots of love from India

Samantha Chicca

Please never stop vlogging... These make me so happy :D


It's so wierd that I'm sick and she's sick But I'm Late so O well ??


Diego is so sweet aww


Okay, Ink needs to show up because I am falling for Diego and Lilly. He is so nice and thoughtful towards her

The Sammy Show

I truly feel like I am missing out when I haven't watched one of your vlogs in a few days!


did anyone else notice the kids face in the video picture ???

Ko. Ko.

Can you please visit Bxls? We kinda need some unicorn positivity right now...

Muskaan Abichandani

What song is that? The one where they are in the taxi??

Ljubica i Nevena

Hahaha another awesome vlog Lilly,very educational one,now I don't have to take my makeup off by myself ever again ?? Is there any chance to AT2UI to be available in Serbia lyy ???


Beardos ;-)


title of song in the taxi plz anyone.

Supreet Bhatia

Lilly I need your playlist!! Please!!

ugandhar perika

Last time I was in a auto I was terrified not used to autos since I live overseas

Akshita Wasnik

which song does she play in the taxi????


WAY TO GO! Having fun with two men ;D

Lamar Aldow

What about saudi arabia??

Nivedita Kundu

I love you Lilly you're really great and inspirational and so funny lots of love from India


it's so fascinating how you beg men to touch you, whether its swoozie, fousey, pablo...get in touch with ray-j.. he can launch your career

Destiny Figueroa

LMAO ALL GUYS SAY THAT..."you don't need make up"obviously I know I just like wearing it

ishan saxena

can anybody please tell me the title of that song in the starting......


the song in the car at the beginning is one of my Zumba class song ! ;p

zaineh radiljic

is that muslim prayer call in the background ....?

Brittany Holloway

where can i get myself a diego?!

Rachana Gavade

Hey.. Can someone tell me the name of the song they play at 1 min 12 sec....


This is what India does to you, make you an unproductive sack of peanuts. Been there, done that. There's not a day I wish I was back in North America again. Oh well, still trying to hustle always. Love you Lilly! <3

Ashley Mohammed

Nice Machel shirt, Humble!

Anonymous sss

Where are the comments wtf

Asha Rao

0.57 which song is this. Love it.

Linda Yasser

Who else watched her VR experience?

Emma Dominguez

love you so much <3 every time I have a tough day your videos make me laugh every time and make my day 10 times better and I thank you for that. hope to meet you one day I live in Texas.

Samruddhi Deshmukh

my uncle is head security over in oberi mall. YAS SUPERWOMAN YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD. :)

The Tina Singh

this guy's like wiping lipstick and eye makeup at the same time...Humble man...you can't go and then smear red lipstick everywhere ...educate him Lilly :P

Moustache Productions

What Is The Song called At 1:00

Lulu Tho

I shipp Lilly and Diego

Manju Kannan



Can't believe you came to Oberoi Mall of all places! It's like 10 minutes away from where I live - Here's hoping you visit again and I run into you. :)


I say it all the time. Women don't need make up, but they want to.


Diego seems to be perfect !! marry him Lilly !! hehe


i LOVE how Diego was so caring and gentle like ohamagaaaaaa!! Ship has sailed ..

Kendall Y

Feel better Lilly! You're videos always make me smile, so I hope this comment made you smile! ?

Ayesha Khan

which song is playing in the background when she is in the cab ?

Lashell Davis

Cool music Lilly

Mehul Gohil

where r u lilly?

Lashell Davis



Diego likes lily haha.

Mr. Advani

Thank God you got better

Zara Khan

Diego is so caring ...how carefully hez wiping lillys face...☺️


hahahahh! i loveee lilly!!! I"m catching up on her vlogs and cracking up at work. hopefully I won't get fired. lol

Hendrina Nsumbu


The Witchita

What song on 1:00 ??


Azan in the background. SubhanAllah :)

Amber Trevino

Ok i totally ship Diego and Lilly

The last String

is that Azan in the background

Aigerim Ibrayeva

Two handsome men wiping off ur makeup... Sounds like someone's sexual dream??

Ĺ alabaster



Hehe really really love it when she says Singapore!

Jazib Farid

At 4:13, you can hear the call to prayer going on in the Mosques. Pretty amazing feeling!


Lilly! Please start using an oil based makeup remover! You are beautiful and you always need to be in makeup for your job, using wipes will just make your skin worse! You need to stay beautiful and rep Toronto and your amazing message of positivity and self-love for as long as possible ❤️

Gayatri Sawant

Pls do 50 more random things abt him!

Zeee `

the azaan at 4:15 doe

On Fleek

you are at Mumbai. did you played holi #superwoman .. wish to meet you

Kobe #24

How can I get myself a Hunble & a Pablo?

Love in a Tin Can

So funny! ? "how am I supposed to know when it's all off?

Sneha Tewari

Does anyone happen to know what song they were grooving to? :P


Awwww I remember when I was sick in January and I had the laugh-->cough too...

Anne Kay

Awwww Diego said "Bless you dear" ?? I ship them!!

swoodys wood

what is that song she plays

_.unicorn heart._

Don't hate me for this I kinda ship Lilly and Diego ??

Chagarlize Degiligis

Is Lilly Humble's Girlfriend?


Diego Hella cute

They took my face

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They Took My Face!!!!

184 views | 16 Jul. 2015

Those scumbags stole my

Those scumbags stole my beautiful face from me!

Carina Wilberg

LOL :-)

They took my face

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2021 - US - County Lawyer Stuck with Cat Filter Face During Formal Zoom Conference Call - 10/2/21

969 views | 10 Feb. 2021


(AUSTIN, TEXAS, NYTIMES, 10 Feb 2021) - It was a civil forfeiture case hearing like any other hearing, except for the lawyer cat.

Courts usually don't let cats argue cases. But here was Rod Ponton, a county attorney in Presidio County, Texas, unable to figure out how to turn off the cat filter on his Zoom call during a hearing on Tuesday in Texas' 394th Judicial District Court.

The result was a video immediately hailed across the Internet as an instant classic, in the rarefied company of classics like Knife Kid and BBC Dad. It offered an injection of harmless levity when many people are experiencing a rough time - and Mr Ponton took it in good spirits.

"If I can make the country chuckle for a moment in these difficult times they're going through, I'm happy to let them do that at my expense," he said in a phone interview on Tuesday (Feb 9) afternoon.

Though the shared recording was less than a minute long, its comedy unfurled second by second, as if it were meticulously scripted.

"Mr Ponton, I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings," Judge Roy Ferguson, presiding over the case, begins by telling Mr Ponton in the video.

"Augggh," an exasperated Mr Ponton responds, as his kitten face looks forlornly at the corner of the screen, its eyes seeming to be full of terror, shame and sadness. "Can you hear me, Judge?" he asks, although the audio was never at issue.

Mr H. Gibbs Bauer, another lawyer on the call, puts his glasses on and leans forward to better examine the wonder on his screen. He adjusts his tie, as if subconsciously aware of his supporting role, but keeps a straight face.

As does a stone-faced man in another box, identified as Mr Jerry L. Phillips, seemingly unfazed by the cat.

Mr Ponton continues.

"I don't know how to remove it," he said. "I've got my assistant here and she's trying to." To get the hearing moving, he offers: "I'm prepared to go forward with it."

Then, crucially, he clarifies: "I'm here live. I'm not a cat." This causes Mr Phillips to look up and, finally, the exchange draws a smile and a laugh from him as Judge Ferguson responds: "I can see that."

In the interview, Mr Ponton, who was representing the state of Texas in the case, said that he was using his secretary's computer and that she was "mortified" by the mistake.

He isn't on Twitter, and didn't know he had become an international phenomenon until he started getting calls from reporters barely more than an hour after the hearing ended, he said. The video was on the court's YouTube page, and Judge Ferguson himself tweeted out a link.

All in all, the episode took less than a minute before he figured out how to turn the filter off, and they returned to business as usual.

"My older and less humorous face popped up, and we continued with the hearing," he said.


Kuen Lee

They should all turn on cat filters and have a "Cat Case" ?

Mashona Buma

Jerry in the top right corners texting away?