Silk vs cotton

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NO BURN! How to Tell if a Fabric is Natural or Synthetic Fibre?- Learn the skill to identify fabric!

27 660 views | 2 Apr. 2020

How to tell natural and

How to tell natural and synthetic fabrics WITHOUT a burnt test! Let me show you the methods I use to identify natural fabric fibre and synthetic fabric fibre when you're at the shop! I also show you how to train yourself to get good at identifying fabrics types! Learn to know fabrics better to become a better sewer!

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Rebecca Hurford

I learnt the fabric guessing game when I worked in a charity shop and needed to take it into account when pricing un-labelled clothing! Has proved very valuable years later developing a passion for historical sewing! My manager used to throw me garments to check because I was so good at it haha

Arvetta DeLashmit

Sometimes I can tell by the touch, smell and taste of new fabric. I do check color fastness by rubbing a small part of the fabric betweem the backs of my thumb nails. If color rubs off staining my thumb nail(s) I don't buy it.

cristina stefan

Hy! Thank you for the lesson! I remember the burn test to check fabric, , from school, at the sewing class!How you check fabric when you buy it on line?
Personally I have some trusted site from witch I buy so it's ok! Anyway thank you! ?


I wonder if that's why our local Spotlight (Melville) burned last month!!! (probably not but your intro made me remember that sad sad day!! :) )

Jennifer Campbell

If the fabric is in a store, wouldn't it be labeled?


Awww I tested this lovely soft fabric using your methods and the listing said it was 100% cotton but the creases dropped out. Sad times

paradise lost

I’m new here and love your work! This is a brilliant (and important!) topic. It confirmed what I kinda already knew but...Will def do my hw! Thank you. ?

The Red Rover

This is great! You have distilled and explained decades of what I 'just know'. If someone has any appreciation for fabric, or more than color and print alone for what they do with it this is right up their alley.

Linda Tisue

Thanks for the information. Synthetics, including rayon, are putting microfibers into our oceans, and killing off sealife. We need to avoid them as much ad possible.

general comments

Sorry, I’m really trying but I just can’t get through your videos. WAAAAAAAY too chatty and too long for the tiny bits of real information. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to them. Signing off....

annie b

i would feel so guilty for wrinkling the fabrics in the store but i guess you do what you gotta do... would be nice if they could just,, tell me, or like, have a lil sticker or a piece of paper on it that tells you everything you need to know


I'm trying to figure out if the "100% Cotton" item I have is actually a blend because it seems too stretchy. It's from a big brand so I need proof that they are lying, if so. How do I tell?


Awesome tips. Thank you so much. Now I will feel more confident at the thrift store. And leave the lighter at home ?


What about synthetic/natural blends? Like cotton/poly?

Luus van Belzen

This is so useful, thank you! I'm definitely going to check vintage sewing school!

Cristina Crawley

I love finding silk scarves in charity shops. I can usually ‘smell’ the silk! I haven’t been doing that for a while though?

Linda Sheets

My all time test is holding the material across my forearm, if I have whelps on my skin I know it is man made. This works for yardage and ready made.

Alla Sheifer

Thank you that was very informative. I do have a question that’s a bit off topic though. The burgundy and white striped top that’s in the background is that something you made or would be able to show the construction of? I love it and would love to recreate something like that. I think a refashion from a men’s cotton dress shirt would be perfect for that.

Ruth Ball

I’ve been sewing for many years so I’m not exactly a new sewer. However, I am delighted to find good quality nest ruction all videos about the basics of dressmaking and all that goes with tha hobby. I like learning what I didn’t know.

Sara A

As a knitter, I handle so much yarn I can tell by touch, what's what. Cotton feels kind of like paper unless it's mercerized, it feels very dry like it's trying to absorb all the water from my hand. Linen feels crisp and crunchy the yarns will almost feel like twine. In a fabric it will have that papery feeling like cotton but won't feel so fuzzy. Silk feels cold and fluid it always slinks. You can literally lower a silk scarf onto your hand and it will form soft, liquid pleats. Polyester satins are quite stiff in comparison, resist draping, and if you rub two edges together feel static-y. I also find with polyester, that if I put my hand inside the garment, it will begin to feel warm quickly. Acrylic is made to mimic wool and thus is meant to be fuzzy, but if you pull at a pill it won't pull off easily. If I put my hand inside an acrylic sweater, I will warm and start to feel clammy quickly. If I put my hand in a wool sweater, I will warm, but not get clammy. An acrylic sweater will get static and a wool sweater will not.

Clifton Knits

You can sometimes tell by how a fabric has worn over time. Cotton polyester blends tend to pill, especially under the arms while pure cotton doesn't.

z kun

I've noticed that rayon will actually feel colder than other fabrics to the touch. Definitely softer than cotton.

Kennedy Courtney

Do the fabrics at some fabric stores not have the fiber makeup? I’ve only been to Joanns. Can they be incorrect?


Your armpits will detect a natural fiber from a syntetic one: the natural one, you can wear for several days; the syntetic only one day...


What a great video ! I have also learnt not to always trust labels. I was half way through my recent mens shirt refashion, and I got suspicious because it wasn't acting like cotton, even though the label said 100% cotton. So l did a burn test on a scrap of fabric I had cut off ( which I couldn't do until l started chopping it up) and there were hard black bits ! Grr ! So I just used it as a toile to get the fit right before I cut out more fabric.


Question about clothing labels. If you see one that says, for example, 'Cotton, Polyester' with no percentages, can you assume the first is the majority of the blend, a bit like how food ingredients are listed majority to minority? Hope I've worded this right. Thanks if anyone could share.

Deanna Stevens


Mumma mea

It’s fun when u start learning the Fabric names. I worked in bridal fabric. There were at least 12 different white fabrics for example...taffeta, organza, chiffon, etc I’d name them every day lol it was fun ?

Angel Keith

I drape the fabric over one hand and rub it briskly with the other palm. Synthetic fibers will smell like plastic to my sensitive nose.


interesting, thank you


Thank you! Great video!


The scrunch and creases is precisely why my mother dislikes natural fibers, she hates ironing.

Arvetta DeLashmit

I have noticed that I can usually see through cotton/poly blends.

Belinda Richardson

What is rayon counted as? Also my mun always taught me that if you want to get satic out of your skirt scrunch it up in your hands quickly ?

Karen Nelson

This is one of the main reasons I wanted to make my own clothes - synthetic fabric. The synth fibers are in almost all clothing and it bugs my skin. So now I make my own clothes I only buy pure natural fibres and if possible organic fabric.

Thanks for the tips and knowledge in this video

Raeanne Bedard

My local fabricland labels all the fabric content of everything


Great video! I cannot remember not looking at the labels of clothes I buy, so my mother must have taught me to do that. I’m fairly good at feeling the fabric. Silky scarves can be tricky though - so this is a great way of finding out if they are silk or just silky. Thanks

Narelle Works

So I shouldn't do the burn test in Spotlight anymore. Bugger! ? I've heard they are having a sale today! Yay! But no lighter, I promise. ????

Avy Gilger

I have always been able to tell when something was synthetic. No matter the texture I would always get an immediate "this is sticky" sensation. I hate it, and I can't ever find natural fabrics (it's like heaven when I can) so I tend to be in a constant state of discomfort because of my clothes.

gwen joplin

What's the burn test I was hoping you were going to cover that

Ellen Rittgers

Isn’t the fiber content labeled on the end of the bolt?

Joanna Erhardt

Your videos are always so helpful! Thank you!!!


Finally have time to sit down and watch this. Blends confuse me because they have mixes.

Janis Sharkey

I love this video! When not social distancing because of a pandemic I love to go to estate or garage sales and find fabric. I sometimes do the burn test when I get home, but your tips will make me a better shopper. I’ll know when fabric isn’t worth the money. One other way to tell is to check the selvage. Sometimes the information you need is printed along the edge.


One if my favorite games pre-lockdown was going to the thrift store and go up and down the women's clothing aisles to (1) ID fabric types by look (weave vs no identifiable weave, amount of shine, texture, drape.) For items that might be natural fibers, (2) I feel it to see if it feels natural, I look closely at the weave and maybe scratch it gently with my fingernail and shake it to see the drape. If it still looks natural then I look for the fabric tag to see how I did. Many times I am fooled! I have gotten to this point by doing my game almost weekly the past couple of years because it is fun! I miss it!


I try to find a frayed edge and maybe pull off the frayed threads and mostly able to do burn tests at home and then buy it. If it’s still there.


My grandmother used to teach me about the hand of fabrics. There weren't nearly as many synthetic varieties back then but it was still worth learning. Nowadays, if in a fabric store I tend to do a lot of 'touchy-feelies'. Sometimes I'll wrap a corner of the bolt around my hand & arm just to see how how warm my arm gets - or doesn't. I don't like fabrics that make me hot. Years ago (forgive me if I wax nostalgic here), when polyester double-knits came into vogue, I made myself a beautiful, simple dress with princess seams styling, a zipper up the back, short sleeves, a scoop neck and a belt of the same fabric. It had bit of a jacquard look with a white floral foreground and a forest green background. I loved that dress and wore it to death, but it was way too hot for the middle of summer. Sigh! And I was so much slimmer then!
These days one of my favorite "cool" fabrics for hot weather is a lightweight to medium weight cotton knit. It's soft, flowy (is that a word?) and very comfy. I like to use it for making soft bras and undies too, it's just so much cooler than a synthetic. I like to use pattern weights and cut my pieces with a small rolling cutter, which makes it easy to work with.
I thoroughly enjoy your videos Evelyn, I've been sewing for 60 years but I still learn new techniques from you and love them. "Old dogs" CAN learn new tricks. You are marvelous.

Susan Pendell

I have been sewing for probably over 40 years, but wasn't taught the importance of finishing or overlocking. Thank you for showing us how and why. Also, I have been doing the same guessing game, I'm pretty good at it. I was surprised that anyone else did it. I used to work in a fabric store, so that's where I taught myself. It's worth learning for everyone. I don't like synthetic fibers. I know pretty much by feel, and sight.

d rabbit white

I find it frustrating that store personnel repeatedly tell me that rayon is a natural fabric.

Raspberry Beepboop

this video is very useful but also makes me miss the thrift store because they have all been closed

Sue M

Retired person in Mexico. It is extremely difficult to find 100% Cotton here. Everything is polyester or a poly blend. Even if the display sign says 100% Cotton, it is more than likely not. Would love to find a source for all natural fabrics (Cotton, flax, hemp, bamboo ...).

Dharsha Ravichandran

Thank you sooo informative ????

jcam 712

In the 2 years I did dressmaking "Applied Fashion Design & Technology" at TAFE, we did a lot of fibre identification, and I had an amazing teacher who brought in samples of anything new she came across. We were taught that fibres fitted into 3 categories - Natural (silk, wool, cotton, linen etc), Man-made (Rayon, a 'natural' product but needing a lot more processes to convert it into fribres), and Synthetic (nylon, polyester, etc - all petro-chemical byproducts). Might be a good way to describe your categories! ☺

you got me in stitches

Haya. Great video. Most of my fabrics & or clothes (mainly thrifted) are mostly cottons, a little bit of linen & wool. I have observed over your videos on the occasions you naturally scrunch your fabric & I picked up through seeing you do it what you were doing. Thanku 'sew' much for sharing. x

Mother of Ghosts

My local fabric reseller does do a burn test, if the fabric isn’t marked


One of the tricks I have for identifying rayon is that the initial touch, the first second or so, is cool. Rayon/viscose/ect is very thermal conductive so in that second before the fabric warms from your body heat, it feels cool, more so then other fibers.

Didier Duport

Thank you !

CB m

I'm new to sewing and you're by far one of the best teachers on YouTube! Thank you for the awesome content

Sapphire Camui

Natural fibers from plants feel cool/cold. wool feels warm, and silk feels warm in winter and cool in summer. plastic feels generally warm in the hand. the half/half fibers feel cooler -think modal, rayon. viscose i think is the warmest, and i can't recall ever touching lyocell..
polyester...well, to me now it feels like plastic - plastic shopping bag. it's also quite shiny. when touching it, i immediately want to let go.


I am running into an issue with prewashing my fabrics. I pretty much know to sort by color, but not sure how to sort by color for fabrics that have many different colors in them. How would you address this particular issue?


if you crush the synthetic fibers and add heat, can we make diamonds?

Elizabeth Sommer

Something that I have found with silk is that, unlike synthetics, it's triangular fibers will stick to your skin if you rub a fold between your fingers. However, this might only work if you have prominent dermal ridges (fingerprints).


I think i might hate synthetic fibers fabric. it feels like sand paper at times. the theme based cartoon bed sheets were my first experience. feels awful.
go ahead and burn fabrics at the store. then look at the manager and say "how dare you" and run away.

Row Deo

Evelyn needs to change her name to Snow White!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madd Happy

Another tip for buying used fabric, synthetics pill a lot more, of course a wool sweater will pill in areas of friction, but its significantly worse when its synthetic or mixed with synthetic. This tip is especially good for buying used t-shirts, or the like.

Elsa Fischer

Thank you

Tina Griffith

This is an awesome test. A lot of times when there is maternal off the bolt, you don't know what you are getting.

mary hershelman

What I hate is a cotton, linen or even wool garment sewn with polyester thread. Causing horrible puckering at plackets and button holes. I had some beautiful white percale shirts from the GAP when my son was a baby....he's 33 now....when ironing on a cotton setting the polyester thread burned black...lovely.

Em's DIY

Thank you

Adel Weisz

i tend to determine fiber content by sight or by running my hand along as i shop. almost all i wear is 100% cotton so i'm very attuned to it no matter the fabric type.

d rabbit white

What in dog's name would motivate someone to dislike this vid? People are odd creatures.

shonda garrett

You are an excellent teacher! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am seriously considering taking your classes. I want to learn how to sew (I took a few basic classes years ago and have a brand new I never used). I am big on fundamentals and learning all I can on a subject and your classes sound perfect!

Pamela Rivera

Yes. I'm used to do the testing. I touch the fabric and feel it with my hands.

Cyrena Norris

How would you recycle synthetic garments if you are more inclined to natural fibers? If they aren't used or damaged, they go to the dump eventually, and I'd like to find a way to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

Charese Shinabery

This was very helpful thank you! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that plays that game anytime I around fabric ?


I could not test myself with my own wardrobe. I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't know the fiber! It's a good suggestion to try it in a shop though. I guessed the silk immediately. Assuming the fabrics have similar weight, silk will drape better. The polyester had more body.

Evelyn Wood

Was that scrunch test or crunch test? Hahaha! I said both so many times! Let's go with 'scrunch test'! ? Let me know your best ways of identifying natural vs synthetic fabrics and tell me your home work too!

Elizabeth Jones

It's not a test you can do in the shop but very useful if you ever pick up a home made cardigan or jumper from an op shop, if you get it wet wool smells like wet dog. Because it's been processed to remove natural oils etc you have to pretty much bury your nose in the fabric to smell it but it is distinctive once you get to know it.

V Ashley

Unfortunately my skin does not allow me to wear polyester therefore I have a gift of being able to tell what type of material most fabrics are by touch. I'm pretty accurate. Been doing it as a child. Crunch test is very helpful. :-)

Java Jones

Yes, a very helpful video! I strongly prefer natural fibers, linen being my obsession these days. I'm usually pretty good at telling the difference, but I will definitely use these tips next time I'm in a fabric store. I frequent a fabric warehouse where most of the fabric is on huge rolls, and not often labeled. This is helpful information. Thanks!

Barbara Rowe

GREAT tips! Thank you, thank you.

Raeanne Bedard

I hate most synthetic fabrics, except for rayon, it’s made from wood so it acts like a natural fabric even though it’s synthetic


thanks for this video. I knew how to tell them apart with the burn-test. Im a bit sad Im not able to do your "homework" because I only own 2 synthetic clothing items and I know exactl which two items that are xD (I dont like to wear synthetics, I never did, so I only buy viscose or the true natural fibres)
But I tried that guessing game at my workplace (we sell clothing) but I found it really really difficult the most time, because most items were blends or knits/jerseys. And natural fibre jerseys wont crunch that much :(

Franziska Schlott

Love the video! I learned fibres in fashion school. I found it just a little bit off, that you describe fully synthetic as "not breathable" when in fact it is. That's the reason why most sportswear is made from full synthetics. It doesn't "save" the water in the fibre, it actually transports it out of the garment / fabric faster than any other fibre does. It can't hold the water the body produces so that where the illusion comes from, that people think they sweat more, when wearing those fibres. Nonetheless polyester and acetate are bad for our environment so I don't want to take that away. But it's usually more involved in the process than the "melting" of plastic to create those fabrics. The whole process is really interesting (same for Rayons).

Linda P

In the USA fabric stores have to label fiber content. I buy a lot of fabric second hand, so these tips will be very helpful to me.

Kalpana Durai

Thanks Evelyn for the videos.I am from India. Can we combine cotton and rayon ,is that right. And if yes what are the other materials which can go along.

Marta Czymbor

Do you have any tips how to recognise leather jacket?

Iva Kaderková

I've learned a lot about how different fibers feel like from using baby wraps. I really fell in love with tussah silk that way..?

Ashleigh Sanders

IDK if this makes sense, but whenever I have something natural, like cotton or linen, they feel drier to me. It feels even. Synthetic I can feel the moisture build up. I have hyperhydrosis in my palms and you cannot dry your hands properly on synthetic!

Judy Jennings-Gunther

My mom taught me the scrunch test when I was a kid and I have taught many others. It is very easy for me to spot 100% silk. When I sell something on-line and say that the lining is silk, I just know. I have also sold vintage beaded sweaters and have known they were cashmere. You just know. Who knows if the people actually believe you you or not. But you know!

Selene Moreno

Evelyn, I just found your channel, and it's so lovely! Last week I went to La Parisina fabric store and was surprised to see the signs above the bolts of fabric describing Cotton and in smaller script at the bottom "Polyester" or "Polyblend" I asked about this and was told, yep it's mostly Polyester. Then why?...silence.
Because of my mom's sewing (she so would have loved your style) I can actually tell Cotton from synthetics, so: lucky me! ☺️ Greetings from México

Denise Powell

I taught myself the fabric guessing game many years ago - I'm really, really good at finding cashmere sweaters in thrift shops simply by running my fingers along the racks of clothes. Linen often has a distinctive look which enables you to spot a linen shirt or blouse easily on the racks.

I can't do your closet challenge - about the only artificial fabric garments I own are swimsuits and a couple of team shirts where I had no say in what they were made of.

This is a very useful video for folks just getting started with thrifting - there is so much polyester out there, let's learn to leave it behind.

Margie Cook

I have been loving and handling fabric a long time. I was taught to feel the fabric, look at labels. I was taught the burn test. My grandmother taught me How to tell good fabric From cheap will fall apart fabric. She looked at the print , and The grainline. Is it a woven design or printed .on grain of off. Etc. Thanks for your info.

Linda Renault

Another fabulous video! I can often feel the polyester even in a cotton/poly blend. Feels slippery compared to cotton. But I will take up your homework and try in my own closet since we can't go to a store for the next few weeks.

Deana Loves Sew’n

Hi Evelyn!! Awesome vlog.. Great information , this will really help a lot of people.... ????

Lorna - Anne

Thank you Evelyn. Appreciate.

Row Deo

PS I forgot I am vintage otherwise I would sign up. I am going to start making my cloths at the old age of 75 lol

Mary Mendoza

Omg! I really enjoyed your video! I learned a lot after all these years of sewing...I did not even know about the burn test, I’ll check the others out next time I’m at Joanne’s Fabrics, lol! I tried the fabrics test it and failed miserably, so I guess I better keep practicing. But this I do know now, I sure own lots of non-breathable garments! Happy Sewing everyone!!! ?✂️?

samuel gauthier

the first way is to read the tag !! :)

Devin Baggs

Also the price tag :P

Silk vs cotton

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100 Layers of Steel vs Silk Challenge! *surprising*

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Silk vs cotton

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棉...棉花的一生,我保证下次想个新系列名字哈哈哈 The Purpose of Cotton丨Liziqi Channel

41 606 759 views | 20 Jan. 2020

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Please subscribe to 【李子柒 Liziqi 】Liziqi Channel on YouTube if you like my videos: https://goo.gl/nkjpSx

“弹棉花呀~弹棉花~ 半斤棉弹成了八两八哟。旧棉花弹成了新棉花,弹好那个棉被姑娘要出嫁……“





The Purpose of Cotton…I promise to find a better tag for the next series, LOL.

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and then the good girl shall get married…”

I’ve got no bride there, but a lovely lady granny.

We haven’t grown cotton for ages, but last year we did.

The harvest was modest,

But enough to fluff her a new comforter!

【李子柒 Liziqi 】 https://goo.gl/nkjpSx

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Ale Leur

Wow ang galing ?????

STJ Ismat

Duranggo wild land

bella jung

I can not help but wonder if she pays any bills

Judy Zhu

take care …and thank you

Etimad Mahdi

الانسانية في اجمل صورها
مع الكبير والقريب وحتى الحيوان
والبنات والبيئة

Fiona Zhang

She so graceful

lemon 233

Beautiful and handy little fairy.

Janah Nurjanah


Trik Menarik

Tanaman kapas. Keren

محمود خضري


Joykumar Singh

You are princess of nature and hills





Alice Xf

Omg she is incredible

Hue Tran




jim green

竟然连弹棉花也会 跪了跪了

Trik Menarik

Keren tanaman apa ini

Россия Москва

Тут реклама нету почему


Natural and beautiful !❤

imam syayuti


Fiona Zhang


Mobile Nepal




Stella Lea

Love it

pavan Harish

she made everything look so easy and cool. what you don't see in this video is relentless hard work

QS official

Love it☺☺

T 117

The greatest woman who has ever lived in the world.....

Karthi Kannan



Sevgiler ????????????????☕☕???????❤

Zuzus Petalz Tarot

Liziqi is so beautiful and talented. And so kind & generous. ?

Cemile Akçay


shan chan


Wenwen Huang


Agustiana Amanda Putri

Saya suka sangat nonton vlog akak.

Potato Girl

Imagine doing this all on your own yet being so calm, patient,and beautiful♥️

Евгения Сторожук

Привет милая девушка с Украины

It's auxdelyn

The time we spend with our family are the best moments. I lover her relationship with her grandma, so precious

Rsn Rsn


suresh t

China ?? iam coming

imam syayuti

may I know how to make chili sauce for every time I cook
from ingredients to how to make it

Elo Escriva p

Cómo te mira la abuelita estará tan orgullosa de su nieta bella xx

Bro Ev


Trik Menarik

Tanaman kapas di daerah saya grobogan juga ada. Syaang kok
Ga viral begini ya

سعسع- sasa

عدد الي ما يفهمون صيني

Clarita capulong

your gradma is very lucky for you because you have seen and experience the love and caring of all the things when you still young she took care of you and now its your turn. You're a genius you know everything.I pray someday you'll have family of your own and have many kids so that they wlll enjoy playing and eating to your beautiful backyard full of flowers trees with fruits and vegetables and many others its like paradise!!! I was so amazed!! I love It!!!

hari hara

hey how do you made that yarn threads you missed showing that part

خلك شايب


Kristina Seger

The end gets me a pillow for her pupper

Capunk Melky

Wow amazing ????

Elif Gündoğdu



https://youtu.be/T8D__-W0vEg fish feeding

Tassnim Ayman

When I watch this I feel like I travel from my own world to her world which is incredible ?❤️❤️


김치는 한국인에 전통음식이다 니네들이 입에 부칠수없다고

زهير يوسف

الوالو ????????????


I love. What a remarkable girl this is. I like the way it is.

David DZ

我們鄭重聲明:所有參加過共產黨與共產黨其它組織的 (被邪惡打上獸的印記的)人,趕快退出,抹去邪惡的印記。一旦誰對這個魔教清算時,大紀元儲存的記錄可以為聲明退出共產黨和共產黨其它組織的人作證。天網恢恢,善惡分明;苦海有邊,生死一念。曾被歷史上最邪惡的魔教所欺騙的人,曾被邪惡打上獸的印記的人,請抓住這稍縱即逝的良機!方法一:到大紀元網站右上角的退黨區退黨團隊。方法二:用化名寫上自願退出中共黨團隊組織並張貼在合法區域。也請告訴您在中國大陸的一些朋友用:短波收音機在6~8MHz這個頻段就可以收聽到希望之聲24小時的華語廣播。

kantrarat oil

เก่งอ่ะ ทำเองทุกอย่างเลย

Ramesh. d&b Kumar

u are very beautiful u can be a actor

بلف ققق


محمود خضري


achsah kaleb

you are the Proverbs 31 woman Shelomo (Solomon) wrote about in the Holy Scriptures

priyanka yadav

Just wow!

كرار علي


โมจิ เอฟเอฟ


خالد العبدالله


suruwat sunuwar

I am finaley seeing this again from 2019 now i am seeing this again in 2021

Rosie Kayoko

I love this girl so much she is truly a gift from god,she's hardworking,beautiful,a gentle heart,smart.
Love from Japan?

весна зима

А бабушка прекрасный учитель !

ขนม หวาน


çiğdem gürsoy

Çok beyenere izliyorum

Aesthetic lover

I wish i can live a life like her.....i mean village life is better than city life?

قررت شسمه

✦ استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه .

Nadine Zachary

If you haven't seen it yet, watch "Who is Liziqi?" Interesting watch, not very long. She's amazing, to put it mildly. She makes me feel totally inadequate but love to watch her. She has my dream place, where you can walk outside and pick just about anything your heart desires. Would be satisfied just to grow and prepare the food like she does, and she makes it look so simple!

Elo Escriva p

Nunca había visto esto tan bello. hasta algodón besos para toda tu familia y para ti que eres la Reina del Universo xxxxxxElen

Эльза Шин

Мне очень нравятся ее видео. Она может все, просто на руки мастер.

Elizabeth W

I wonder how many other people work there

ina kempt

Like it!!!!❤️?

Satnamsingh Satnamsingh

Sukhveer singh

Man Dark.M


Neila Benyounes

Just wow

Ashat Berdenov

Я попробовала как она

STJ Ismat

Life a singer jobs

Kim Rose

Beautiful ?

Mutiara Suswand

kenapa content nya bagus semua...semua bisa ... waaaaa.. specles bet lah sama kakanya masyaallah


Agriculture civilization of China

Li Yung

The real wonderwoman❤??


請問 這個棉花去籽的工具是什麼

Navneet Sandhu


Koen Hill


Haerany Syaiful len

She is the most powerful woman i've ever seen?

Olivia Sutcliffe

Hey creative textiles class ?

Lisa Lili

How effortlessly she does everything..

Adhe Firminoo


MaHde SiNa MamUn

Love from Bangladesh ❤??

Ангелина Кисс


Alejandra Ureta

Me encanta todo lo que haces quiero aprender de vos ?

Pearl Kim

love you from Myanmar lizi.

li jin


Aman Kaur

Ur peaceful environment...... nd u r multi-talented talent girl.... everything is doing by u is so amazing......I hv no wrd fr explain ur praise. . ......❤️❤️??