I can see my scalp

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How I Detox my Scalp (dry scalp, dandruff)

45 views | 12 Dec. 2020

Hey loves, lately my hair

Hey loves, lately my hair has been going through alottttttt. As you can see from the title I am showing you guys how I cleanse my hair of dry scalp, dandruff, and bring my scalp and my hair as well back to life using benzonite clay.

Benefits of benzonite clay on your hair:

promotes hair growth, detoxifies hair and scalp, moisturizes, defines your curls, reduces frizz, softens your hair, conditions your hair etc.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar on your hair:

Clarifies your scalp, exfoliates your scalp, stimulates growth, balances your hairs pH, softens and defines curls.

Benefits of avocado oil:

Improves scalp health, penetrates hair shaft and moisturizes your hair, strengthens hair preventing breakage.


#acv #applecidervinegar

Contact me ?

Business Inquires ? [email protected]

Personal IG: @Jest.Ashley

Nail IG: @Jestnailstalgic

Mike Thomas

Nice video, will try this product! I have same hair, u look cute and beautiful! Wish I could help..?

Shailesh 28

Nice video dear..???ur instra id please.?

I can see my scalp

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Derma Rolling My Scalp - Demo - How I Got Hair Thicker at 64

22 843 views | 17 Apr. 2018


*GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Since February 14th, 2017 I started doing a little experiment. I started using a 0.5mm derma roller on my scalp. and massaging in 2 inexpensive products I already used. Two months later, I am here to share the results. I plan to do an update in a few months. I will be announcing 3 winners today. The demonstration is from 2:56 to 3:17 if you want to avoid viewing.

This is my follow up video, and answering questions: http://bit.ly/2r4XTza


The first video Elle mentioned derma rolling for thicker hair: http://bit.ly/2vj9VK8

Elle’s 2nd video, the science of derma rolling, with before and after photos: http://bit.ly/2ES3XPV

My friend Monika also is derma rolling her scalp. Check out her video here: http://bit.ly/2qCf0s2


My Bathroom Video - filmed in 2015: http://bit.ly/2vmEuhL

How I covered my shiny scalp - filmed in 2014: http://bit.ly/2voLhaS

Dry Scalp Issues, and Hair products I use: http://bit.ly/2rGQMuz


Below are a some links to help you locate, and price a product. If you click on these links, even if you buy something else, I might receive income. I thank you very much!!





Derma Rollers - I prefer the 192 needles:

Skin Deva - 20% off all products on their website using the code mary10 : https://skindeva.com/?ref=maryellen

0.25 mm, 0.5mm. 0.75mm, and 1.0mm derma rollers:


Derma Rollers on Amazon - I prefer the 192 real needles made of stainless steel: https://amzn.to/302ZWaC

On my face I use Gin Ambers Dermaroller - Discount Code MARYELLEN25 25% off: https://ginamber.com (I make nothing from this link)

Pantene Age Defy Leave In Thickening Treatment (Not CF):

http://amzn.to/2q8daAG or http://bit.ly/2ENKRu4

Nutri-Ox: http://bit.ly/2JQcwOK or https://amzn.to/2qIonG2


ON MY FACE * = Products given to me

*It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact 50SPF in Light: http://bit.ly/2ETZMmF BEST DEAL from QVC (includes brush) http://bit.ly/2EUd6Hy

IT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Eyeliner (pencil) navy in the upper waterline: http://bit.ly/2xFQwQG or http://go.magik.ly/ml/1gk4/

BEST DEAL - QVC 2 for $26.36: http://bit.ly/2kFlTIP

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara $24.00: http://go.magik.ly/ml/1ovr/ or http://go.magik.ly/ml/1fet/

BEST DEAL QVC - 2 Full size Mascaras for $29.OO:


* The New Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Serum: http://bit.ly/2JPXmsZ


Ebates - I do earn $5.00, and you receive a $10.00 bonus if you sign up here : https://www.ebates.com/r/METURN19?eeid=28187

Cacay Oil use the code MELLEN40 to receive 40% off of either of these products (I do not make any money from Cacay Naturals): Cacay Oil: http://amzn.to/2HvH06w or Cacay Oil Elixir: http://amzn.to/2FVbOAw


SKINCARE PRODUCTS, & ROUTINE - My last update: http://bit.ly/2mSoRIt

My favorite "tool" I use to examine my skin, and tweeze my eyebrows. http://amzn.to/2o1Wm8O



My video showing the results OF Arguireline: http://bit.ly/2qvBtZq

(Discount Code in "show more section)

My video after using Beenigma 3 months, and addressing Cacay Oil: http://bit.ly/2lhl5Zi

My video after 5 months of Beenigma, and progress with Cacay Oil: http://bit.ly/2e55HfP

(Discount Codes in the show more section of these videos)

For those of you who asked for these links:

Sephora: http://bit.ly/2Ax8Z72

Ulta: http://bit.ly/2Avmnsf

Beautylish: http://bit.ly/2AwGYwx

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2BWoZf9


http://fanitymirror.com To receive 20% off, the code is - Maryellen20 is the code. Reg. price 149.99 with code $119. My video about the mirror. http://bit.ly/1UcJ5HY


For lighting sometime I use: Floxite Travel Mirror 10X: http://amzn.to/2s1651Q or 12X: http://amzn.to/2s0GW7L

I film with my iPad

Clip on Microphone: http://amzn.to/2ofv2IZ




Elle is For Livings' list:


Disclaimer: The information that is shared herein is intended for informational purposes. Any advice and/or product(s) mentioned should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your healthcare professional if you are currently taking medication, pregnant, trying to get pregnant, nursing, or if you have any other health condition before taking any products mentioned or applying any information contained herein. Please be advised.

All products mentioned by me, I have purchased , or given to me as gifts by personal friends, and family. Any time I ever receive a product free, I will definitely mention it, and put an "*" in front of the time. I have never accepted money to do a video, nor have I accepted items, for a positive review.

For Business Inquiries email me: [email protected]

Marcia Stamm

Do you only derma roll on the days you wash your hair?

Rachel Pianogirl

how many times a week do you derma roll?

Susan King

Hi MaryEllen. The weather today was partly cloudy with very pleasant temps. Thanks for a great and helpful channel!


Hi Mary Ellen. The weather in the Los Angeles area today is sunny mid 70s.


Does Derma Rollinv improve the looks of sun damage dark spot on face? Ty

Marla Robinson

Congratulations Mary Ellen!

Marcia Stamm

Thanks for the video on thinning hair. I’ll try that

Dianne Westbrook

Thank you for sharing this video! I have thin hair, always have, and it's getting worse as I get older. I will be trying this asap! Ps. Today is dreary, windy and cold brrrr

Janet Clausen

Very interesting video Mary Ellen. Great information, thanks! Our weather has been beautiful the last 2 days, sunshine and 67 for a high today.

Kim From Arkansas

Hi Mary Ellen, I purchased the Nutri-ox and I’m wondering if I could leave in the serum, maybe it would work better, but it says to rinse out. What do you think? Thank you, Kim?

Alice Diamond

It's a beautiful spring day. So sunny and warm in a cool way if that makes sense. Happy Anniversary!

Kim Johnson

I am very new to your channel and have enjoyed it so much. In Minnesota today it is finally trying to be spring. I like the grwm videos with nice ideas that work at my age

Jenifer Jenkins

This is great! I've seen a few videos about this now and I really want to try it! I've had a little triangle where my hair parts in the very front that seems to have been thinning for a few years now and it's driving me crazy! It's also where I have a major silver/white patch, so it's even more noticeable. I'm so scared! I think I'll try it on the side where I don't part my hair, just in case it backfires. Lol! You never know until you try, right?

Jennie Suter

Our weather here in Canton, Ga is beautiful. Sunny and warm 74. I' a new sub.

Laura Boyer

4 years! Congrats! It finally sunny here.

Deborah Sutherlin

I am so lucky to have two wonderful grown daughters that are great wives and mothers. They are my best friends and confidants. And they are raising their children to be kind, thoughtful people.

Patricia Oliva

At 20 years old I knew i have AGA and I was really depressed for this. Today I use some drugs and I will start dermarolling... I hope have good results like you. Thanks for the video

Dana Devers

Happy YT anniversary! I enjoy watching your videos and appreciate your health/beauty tips. The weather here today was beautiful but a little too warm for December for my taste.


Hi Mary Ellen...Wow that is awesome about the hair growth. I have to try this! I recently bought a derma roller for my face. Now I need one for my scalp too! I only wash my hair about as much as you do but I also enjoy wearing wigs..My hairline is receding and thinning. Thanks for the tip and glad you do videos. Keep them coming! ??♥️

Kim Griffith

Congrats on 4 years. Its raining here in Maryland today.

Maggie Nunez

Love your videos Mary Ellen,

Brenda A.

Congrats Mary Ellen! The weather here in California is changing daily--showers one day, sunshine the next!

Sharon V

Hi MaryEllen, I apologize if I missed it in your most recent video, but what size needles do you use on your scalp?Is it the same each time, or do you switch it up, like you do on your face? Do you use the same or different roller for your face and scalp? Thanks! Sharon


I'm really happy for you

Marielle Forest

Hi Mary Ellen,
I’m here because Sandra recommended your channel. After watching a few of your videos on derma rolling your scalp, I decided to purchase the one that you recommended using your link about a month ago. I’ve been using the same technique you recommended. It’s still too soon to see a difference, but I’m hopeful. Thank you for sharing your technique. After doing some research on this topic, I’ve read in a few articles that a 1.5 derma roller is recommended for the scalp, not for the face obviously, but I’m not willing to try it yet. It seems too painful for me. Now I have a question for you: How often do you use it on your scalp? If you did answer this already, please forgive me, but I forgot.


You are really beautiful

Mary McFarland

It is sunny, windy, & chilly. Hard to believe April is over half over.

Cathy Johnson

Congratulations Mary Ellen on four years! The weather here today is absolutely gorgeous not a cloud in the sky. The high today should be somewhere around 75. Thank you for another giveaway!

Free Range Diva

Congratulations!! OK you have me intrigued on the dermaroller. I'll check out Elle's video. Not entering the giveaway, but have a wonderful day, MaryEllen - you are a treasure. Blessings and joy! xoxo Cheryl - PS It's in the low to mid 70's here today...

Wilde Book Garden

I just love your personality! I feel like I'm hanging out with a friend and talking about makeup:)
A little sunshine here today, and some crazy wind as usual!
That pic of you after the silk cap was great LOL
Congrats on your YT anniversary!

Anna Emmenidis

Great results Mary Ellen, do u think the Nutriox or the derma rolling helped to thicken yr hair.

Jp Hugs

Congratulations on 4 years. I'm glad you're here! Our weather today is gorgeous. We have a sunny day with fairly low humidity, thank goodness and the high in the low 70s. It's suppose to get down to 40 tonight and that's pretty cold for us.


Congratulations on your 4 years. I'm still wearing my winter pajamas most days

Vicky Carlos

You can also apply aloe vera..it works really good and promotes hair growth. I add it to my shampoo and just ordered my derma roller. ?

Mar Tina


Mar Tina


Carrol Last

Mary Ellen I enjoy your videos. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. I live in Canada so if your cannot send me a gift I am fine with that. In Canada we have had a really cold winter so far. It is bitter cold today but we have sun shine at the moment. So happy with that. Thanks for your sensible approach to beauty.

Kate Brian

Hi MaryEllen love your videos. Have you heard about PepFactor serum? It is well known to grow hair thicker in only two to three weeks. I love the results and highly recommend it to You too. Good luck!


I've never thought of dermarolling the scalp. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I've been taking biotin which has thickened my hair up tremendously. Now I'll add dermarolling my scalp on sundays when i do my hair oil treatment. Thank you!

Cubby O'Hara Close

Thanks for this Mary Ellen. I'm resourcing these products as they're not easily accessible in Australia but I found some! Appreciate your help and experience.


Hi MaryEllen.
Well, be happy you're not here, because its about 30 degrees and snowing here in the far NW Chicago suburbs. Thank you so much for sharing how you dermaroll your scalp, I have a dermaroller in the same .5 length of needle, and am going to try this for myself, as I am somewhat hair-challenged in the same places you were. So, heres crossing my fingers! I'll try to get a decent shot of my hair now, so I can compare as the months go by.
Thank you again for your videos, I can relate to you so well, as we're similar in age, and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into them. Enjoy your day!!

Laura Rae Beauty

MaryEllen....You are one of the most generous souls I've ever met. The heart of a nurse… made of gold! Love you… Laura

Cindy Stewart

The weather here in Colorado was in the 60's and Windy today.
Mary Ellen, I just Love Ya, Please Take Care, and God Bless You xoxo ??

Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose

Mostly Sunny here and the High of 62 and low of 36...
As always I enjoy your videos. Congratulations on four years. I’m so proud of you. Sending you hugs, love, kindness with a smile. As you know, I love to give away to all the special sweet people that watch us. ????????❣️


My hair is getting better too. It’s amazing how happy that makes me feel on a daily basis. I saw that video with Elle. I lost interest in the derma rolling for now but I used her products suggestions along with my own Ayurvedic oil massage. I think putting my hair back like you did when derma rolling might make it easier. My weather on Long Island was 41° windy rainy cold miserable. I work outside and enosis enough

Melody Vantucci

Congratulations on four years! Your hair DOES look thicker and so pretty! As you know, I'm in Illinois too and as of today (Monday April 23) it is sunny and high 50's low 60's. The seven day is going to be all 50's and 60's - although we weren't supposed to get ANY RAIN last Saturday and we did!!!!

Sandie Howard

Here in Lake Tahoe Calif. we r having a postcard snapping day ! XO MaryEllen
Tahoe Gal

Jami Gobel

Congratulations! It was cloudy here in Oregon but got nicer as the day went on. I think we have a couple of nice days coming up!

N Richardson

Congratulations!! I've been really interested in dermarolling my scalp too. So happy you've had success. Our weather today, well, it's really trying to get to spring but is having some difficulty. I am encouraged by the forecast of higher temps next week! It's been a long winter here in eastern Canada, lol!

Ellen's Abundant Life on Less

Happy Anniversary! It's finally sunny here in Olmsted Falls, Ohio and no rain!


sorry i missed it, you are very generous!

Rachelle DeFreest

Congratulations on your 4 years on You Tube. It is raining and a chilly 51 here in Wheaton, ILL.


Wow I never knew you could do this on your head I definitely want to try it ...Thanks for the video info


I started derma rolling my hair every-time I was my hair and just ordered that Pantene spray, not trying the Nioxin just yet, I want to see how just using the Pantene works. I’ve heard once you start with the Nioxin you have to use it all the time and if you stop your hair will go back to being thin. Don’t know if that’s true or not, I think MrsMelissaM Beauty said that in one of her videos.?

Rejeanor Scott

We had a chilly, windy, but sunny day. It was cold. We had frost overnight which is rare for NC.

Debra Trimble

Hi Mary Ellen, Congrats on your 4 years on UTube. The weather here in Tweed Heads, Australia is ridiculous it's still so warm to hot for this time of year. We should be coming into our Autumn but it still feels like summer, it was in the late Twenties (Celsius) today, but our nights are just beginning to cool, thank God. It has been one long hot and sticky summer. So greetings from down under and I enjoy your vids, so keep em coming. xx

Connie B

As We've gotten 22 inches of snow in the last week and a half, today it's 38 degrees and sunny. It's supposed to snow until May and I'm soooo tired of it! lol. If I could stay home and not have to go out in it I'd love it but since I have to shovel snow, drive on the ice and snow and scrape my windshield, I don't care for it much..lol Have a great day!! And I'd love to enter!!

Clara Booth

Congrats on 4 years! Loved the hair video! Was wondering how to use the derma roller, and you made it so easy for me! Thank you. .now I'm going to roll!! Lol ps the weather here in Tx is in the 70's.....no WIND!! Yea!

Elaine Sporko

Can you use the same roller for your scalp as for your face?


Just order the 7 from Skin Deva, can't wait for it arrive.

Alli Sea

Hi Mary Ellen,
Happy 4th Aniversary! It's raining here but still cold.
I really enjoyed this video.
You do this approximately x2 per week?
I like the idea of going in only one direction. I have heard that breakage can occur if you use a criss-cross fashion. IDK. Your tip having wet hair first is a great idea to avoid tangling.
How often do you switch out old DR for new one?
? Alli


Thanks for is video! Will do this!
Another beautiful day ere in Central Valley of California! Hi in the 70's...?

ann groschup

Hi!! I'm having terrible hair loss from hormones and read that derma rolling can help! However, when I try it the roller pulls my hair out instead of rolling. I've teied wetting it, tried coconut oil in it, pull it back on sections but I can't even get one swipe in without it pulling my hair. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? I really want to try it for my hair to grow :(

Karyn Luetje

You are so very generous! Happy Youtube Anniversary! We had pouring rain this morning, which we desperately need in Southern California, then it was warm and sunny this afternoon..

Barbie Kat

Hi MaryEllen... I enjoy and appreciate your sincerity and clarity so much! May I ask if you began using the Nutri-Ox and the derma roller at the same time? I ask because I try to do just one new thing at a time or otherwise I am not sure what actually caused an improvement... Thank you for any response! ?


skip to 3:00


Mary Ellen, you look so cute! What a wonderful example of a woman of a "Certain" age.

Carolyn Hamilton

My weather is HOT. I too love fall winter and spring. Summer can go away? Happy Anniversary!!

Arc Kocsog

Winter turned into summer in just 2 weeks here in Central Europe. It's 29 C now, which means, you can be outside in a t-shirt. I miss Springs and autumns, though, which are disappearing and we are ending up with just summer and winter - no chance to wear my lovely spring clothes:/ But I love the sun and the good weather now!

Mariann Reid

I just bought the serum so I am going to give this a try. I did notice you put the serum on wet hair but the directions say to use on dry hair. Using the serum on wet hair would probably be easier for me but wanted to make sure you are still using that way.


Hi Maryellen this is my first time on YouTube I live in Queensland Australia our weather is Beautiful a lovely spring day 28 I was sitting at the computer when I decided to put in search for thinning hair and I picked you and I am so glad I did you talk sensible and I can understand you and I can see you look after your skin you are ageing gracefully.  I am 77 and love life.  Thank you for all your videos  I am going to give the derma roller a go.  Jan G

Paulette Bowers

Hi Mary Ellen, enjoyed comments on Derma Rolling and hair products you use.  I'm in the piedmont region of NC and the weather today is sunny and 65 degrees and beautiful.  I hope to win one of your giveaways.

Linda Lafleur

I am just seeing this, and I will sure give this derma roller a whirl. Thanks for all your knowledge...

Ulane Holliday

Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary! It’s getting hot here in Florida

Ann Richardson

I love love love watching you! What a sweet spirit and beautiful women. I am Ann, I live in the Dallas Texas area and I am 71 years old. I lost 55 lbs and my hair thinned so much I could see the scap too, so I went to the dr, and he said it was the weight loss. Maybe your weight loss has affected your hair.Thankfully, mine has thickened up again. I just started RetinA and I have been on it for 1 month. The last few days MY FACE LOOKS WORSE, and I feel like I look older, and my wrinkles look worse! Oh my, I hope this is a normal stage.It really troubles me. I will be back for a visit, blessings to you.....Ann in Texas

Cinnamon Girl Beauty

Hi Mary Ellen good morning and congratulations on your big four years here on YT! Just think of how many lives you have touched in those years! Great video as always and I too had heard that It Cosmetics was not cruelty free so good to hear that you confirmed it is. Enjoy your weekend beautiful friend sending hugs your way! XOXO Michelle


I have bought so many products for my hair. My hair on top is so thin you can see my scalp. The products I used was (Scalp Med) did not work, the one I have been using with the supplement ( Viviscal ) still using but still nothing, I give up! Also congrats on your 4 years ~ Pat

Carol Powell

Mary Ellen, it’s ok to wear wigs, the wigs today are not your mother’s, life is short, wear a Raquel Welch wig! It will change your life?


What shampoo do you use? Have you tried Pantene’s hair thickening shampoo or any others like it?


Stunning spring weather today, the day after a friend's week-long blustery/rainy visit ended. Congrats on your anniversary, that's quite a milestone!

Michelle Parkes

Congratulations to the winners ? Your such a generous person Maryellen and I just love watching your videos your a sweetie. Where just starting our winter it’s cold and windy at the moment so the heating is on and I’m just catching up on all my programs. We are going into stage 3 of a lockdown at midnight on Wednesday for a month ? to try and get the death rate down hear in the UK. So sending my greetings to you and Jim keep safe ? xoxo

Coz Mik

Hi MaryEllen, so nice to see you?. Congratulations on your four years! Our weather today is absolutely gorgeous...breezy and cool...bluebirds and Baltimore Orioles in the yard


you have no before & after pictures? You don't have a camera or an iPhone?

Kourtney S

I always enjoy your videos. Your videos are always informative and enjoyable. You look so radiant! Thank you for another give away. Happy 4th year anniversary! The weather today was quite nice. Mid 70's with a little breeze. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :) Courtney

All That Beauty With Lori

Your hair looks amazing MaryEllen, and love the idea and all of the derma rolling, makes a lot of sense I think too :) I might get the other item you shared to spray in the hair, I love the Pantene as well also the shampoo and conditioner I loved. Thanks for sharing and much love and blessings , I am always happy to see you xoxo <3

Shelly Garza

Hi dear.. I got really sick,, but I'm feeling a bit better.. I saw you on,,So Sorry the rainbow,,she is. So Happy to find you. God bless..

Julie Smith

I was fascinated my your hair demo, your hair has truly transformed. The weather here is cold and damp, I miss the sunshine. Big hugs?❤️


Thank you


Happy Anniversary - overcast a little in the lower fifty - need some sun

Stephanie DeGange

thank you so much for all you do for us!


Thats Amazing! I'm so glad its working for you. PS: I'm still wearing my winter pjs too! Will Spring ever arrive?

Nova Norman

Greenville SC. 60 degrees and sunny!

Aunt Bill

I use glycerin and castor oil on my scalp and hair. The castor oil has made my hair (nail growth too!!) grow 4" down my back. I have longer hair at 61 then I did in the 70s. Before that I always had difficulty growing it. But I am also trying dermarolling to it. But I have Sjogren's syndrome so my skin can be very dry. I try to shower predominantly with coconut oil followed by glycerin, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and topped with castor oil. Cold here ❤️ From West by-God Virginia

Tammy Valle

I'm so happy to have run across you and your friends ,much needed advice . I would love too hear your input on menopause.

Sharon Heffner

Good morning MaryEllen! Can you tell me where to purchase the silk night cap? Thank you for all you do! Blessings

miss kitty

You have so much good information & I love your hair long! We have somewhat similar face shapes. I wish I had found out about Dermarolling 20 yrs ago. I hope it's not too late to start! Thank you Maryellen for being you!?

Gail McColery

Thank you so much. Needed all the help I can get.

Sylvia Ann Moore

I have been watching you a long time here in N.C.I was sitting looking at Face Book & one of those pop up add came up ,It said this is what 68 looks like &to my shock it was a before&after pic of one of your videos.I didn't know what to do,so I'm letting you know this.It was your whole face not just your lips!I love your videos&I feel so close to the older community,I turned 63 April 1st!!All of your videos are so helpful!Thank U here in N.C

Makin It Happen

I really love watching your video that address the lovely and lively women over 60. I have never had issues with my skin in the past however, after my 65th birthday something happened. I am taking better care of my skin now that I have the desire to age gracefully. I hope you are well and still giving us a resource to keep the roses in our cheeks. 10-22-2019 Take Care!

Monique Austin

Bad winer

I can see my scalp

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My Scalp is Cured‼️? Petroleum Jelly Update| Blue Magic

1 068 views | 29 Jan. 2021

Hey yall, Welcome back to

Hey yall, Welcome back to my channel! So I am updating you guys on how Blue Magic has helped my scalp. Petroleum Jelly can be used, IF we know how to use it! Check out the video to see how it turned out! Watch in 1080p!

P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:

Blue Magic

Cantu Leave In

Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme


Golden by Jef


Recorded on iPhone X

Editor: InShot


Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, Blue Magic, hair grease, Natural hair, Moisture, Seal, scalp, definition, 4b hair, 4c hair

Faith Brown

Yep! I learned the hard way after spending so much money on all those natural hair products. Grease was the answer. ??‍♀️

Subrina Bruce

I had dry flaky scalp and I used olive oil for my dandruff and my scalp is clean and healthy.

Vintage Fiasco

Wow your hair is thick and beautiful!


It won't hurt your scalp . It keeps the scalp very lubricated. If you use a thin layer of it on the scalp it won't clog up. The only way it can clog up is if you use to much on the scalp or grease your scalp to often. The best time to use it is after you wash and condition. Besides it's not like you can't wash it out with shampoo. Even oil and shea butter can clog up on the scalp. Think about it people in the 60s and 70s greased a hair and scalp and they had very big beautiful healthy looking afros.


How often do you have to re moisturize your hair? I have started back to using Petroleum jelly products because I am allergic to Jamaican Black Castor oil and Wild growth oil I have bald patches because of them.