Lactic acid gel

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Lactic Acid Peel On Hands, Knees And Elbows.

27 746 views | 16 Apr. 2019

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Sandra Elodie

Hello, I would like to try a peel for my entire body( neck down), what concentration would you recommend and how long should I keep it on before I wash it?
Thank you :)


can i use on lips?

Yo Gyal


Mathan Kumar

I like your English. Cute.

angel walker

What’s the name of the Company

Bala Raju

I love her beautiful

Miss desire Independance

I don’t use alcohol

Faryal Sheikh

Can i used it on private area?

Afshan Tayyab

I want to do this on my underarms and neck. Any tips ?

Selena Cherry

Can I use this on my face and neck?

God's Child

I bought a 1kg from amazon 80%

Vijaya Kadam

Can I use this on my dark lips

Aaliyah Ofori

I just take hemp oil for a month it will lighten your skin very nice because it detox your skin and it help Shrink fibroid cyst

T. B.

What happens if i don’t rinse it?

Bambi Gold

Hi I have a question sooo I’m seeing a lot of ppl using 25% on their faces and I’m wondering should I do a higher percentage dealing with my elbows and armpits because it’s not as sensitive as the face I’m just wondering what would be a good percentage to use on really dark elbows and armpits and my prom is in 3 weeks so I need them to lighten up ASAP

reema khan

Hey hi I am using glycolic acid toner on my feet in the night then next day wear socks I see my feets getting dark like I have marks on my feet it's not going can't see any changes

Sincerely Santara

Thank you so much for sharing new subscriber here! ??

Lactic acid gel

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8 861 views | 16 Feb. 2018

Hello lovers, In this

Hello lovers, In this video I will be showing you how to make lactic acid after Shower Gel for active exfoliation to renew a more brighter Flawless Skin.

For more information visit


To purchase my handmade total skincare systems visit MY ONLINE STORE



Please note that I am only showing you what I used that worked for me, I am not a physician or a therapist.

If you have any pre-existing skin condition consult your doctor before use.





Alimatu Yusif

Thank u so much am learning a lot

Banke Ogundare

Can you use this on face pls?

Betty Boo

Hello sis and thanks for all the good work of helping others. May God richly bless you. Sis all I can find is 80 per cent lactic acid so can you kindly show me how to calculate the 15 percent lactic acid lotion based on your video please. You put 17mls ito make up a 4oz lactic acid lotion. How many MLS of lactic acid should I put in please.

Hietty Godlove

Hello mine dear even with the preservation do I hv to put it in the refrigerator?


You posted this video since feb 15 and yet no list of ingredients. You referred everyone to your blog without this post. I was a fan of your site until this. Please listen to your viewers as others do, post your ingredients or shut this channel down.

lisa kibalama

hello beauty<3 please can i add kojic acid powder to this mix?bless you

Adaeze Obialor

What other types of oils can we use if we don't have the oils you used in the video?

Rapheal Miracle

Can i use scrub while using d shower gel

Olivia Edwards

Where can I get the soap base and what type did you use

Esther Azigwe

Thanks ma! How long should this gel be kept in the fridge?

Salamatou Oumarou

I like to do it, I have some questions about your other products please can i have your number. thanks God bless you

Marcia Griffith

What site did you get your lactic acid from please?

Melrose Lewis-Nicol

Pls ma. How do I prepare shower gel base?

Karen Walters

I’m first to watch yayyyyyyyyyyy

Divas Secret Organic

pls can I use stearic acid for thickening

adrienne balenba

Hello madame ! I can use glycolic acid if i dont have lactic acide ?

Sylvia Nnadi

Hi . Please is there a link to purchase all these products already mixed

Pamela Christian

hello ma..when should we apply??? morning or night??

Adaeze Obialor

Can lightening or whitening powders be added to it?


Recipe is not on blog. Pls post

Boma Nemieboka

Thank you so much NG

Rapheal Miracle

Can castile soap b used for dis nd whole milk cream do u mean normal peak milk nd can dis shower gel b used with lactic acid lotion

Tami ibibia

Can it be use for body and Face

Betty Boo

Hello sis and thanks for all your videos and helpful tips. Do I rub this after bath gel over a wet body or I should dry myself first? Thanks and keep smiling.

Rapheal Miracle

Pls sis hw can i kw d ph of my plain lotion bf adding lactic acid

Oyesola Ojosipe

Pls NGSTYLES what is shower gel base


Thanks for d video clip pretty lady. Please, could you list out d ingredients used?

Sherleen Kerr

Do you sell this product? If not are you willing to make a large quantity for me? Thank you very much

Styled by Enigma

Can I make this without the thickener, because I don't have the thickener

sweet lady

Just love this my mama plenty the way she laughs makes me laugh

meriam Khan

Love ur all videos??....Can I use glycolic acid instead of lactic acid.

Lactic acid gel

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Lactic Acid Gel Peel - Cure Acne scars and Hyper-pigmentation

77 467 views | 23 Sep. 2013

Buy here:

Buy here: http://amzn.to/16Umre4

This is a review of Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel, 30ml solution from Skin Laboratory. I bought it from amazon for just about $17.

This is the best peel I have used by far. This gel peel helped with my acne scars and my hyper-pigmentation in just the first use. Make sure you follow the directions. I waited longer between each peel than suggested, but still had excellent results. It's better to apply it in the evening before bed, but if you're going to use it during the day, make sure you use plenty of sunscreen. I would definitely recommend this product to you.


wow, this is not at all an advertisement

henry huynh

wheres the proof baby ms employee slash owner then i buy your product


How long does It take for the skin to peel?

Candis Barnes

I ordered the peel but can u give me a step by step on how to apply? The directions were not clear to me. Thanks

Anusha chandrika

Hi I received my lactic acid gel peel.ncould demonstrate on application ?
Thanks in adv