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The Stamps of Life Make A Card with Ken: Box It Card, Coffee Dies, & More!

2 069 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Time for some fun

Time for some fun cardmaking with Ken from The Stamps of Life

This video is geared towards beginners and those of you who are new to The Stamps of Life.

This video features the following products from The Stamps of Life: Box It Card die, Small Box It Card die, Coffee Fold-it die set, Coffee Dies, adhesive sheets, adhesive foam, & more!


Becky Bush

Great job Ken!!! Keep the videos coming. My husband enjoys watching your videos.

Kathe Cronin

Wow... that is a great box!!!

M Maez

Great job Ken!

Brenda Heins

I think it’s outstanding that you are demonstrating instead of Stephanie! Good job! I had totally forgotten about these dies. You make them look very easy to assemble. I can’t wait to get mine out and make some.

Val Sholes

Love your videos Ken! The Box It I will be making is the Graduation Cap Fold-it for Open Houses we'll be visiting later this spring.

Wanda Henderson

I love the ideas. I’m going to use the Box it die with the Onesie die for a baby shower.

Susan McPhan

Oh my gosh Ken you did such an amazing job decorating the coffee cup! I love it.?

Teresa Quenstedt

Enjoyed your video and tips....my favorite way to use this would be on the Candy Corn Dies or Gingerbread house and Easter Egg....thanks for the great ideas. Loved that ⛄️ Snowman. Thanks Ken have a great day!

B Drotzmann

Hi Ken. Great job. Theses dies are on my wishlist. Ideas for using them: Bubblegum w/gumballs, Cookie dog w/dog treats, birdhouse w/sunflowers, rainbow w/skittles to name a few.

Toni Copher

You are so organized and neat! I can definitely take some pointers from you. I am a huge mess when i craft! You inspire me to be better tho! Thanks Ken!

Teresa Lockner

Thanks Ken! Great job! I never thought I’d be interested in the box die but after your video, I’m excited to try it!!

Sandi S

Great card, Ken! Box it dies are great for any type of treat box.

Teal Elliott

What a clever way to present a bag of beans to a coffee lover.

Mary Turner

Thanks for showing us how easy the box it die is

Andi Zak

Thanks for coming out of your comfort zone again and sharing with us. In my head, I think the gumball machine would.be great with the box it. I see one box it on top to hold the gumballs and another on the bottom (maybe upside down so it doesn't look emty) for plenty of support. Don't send me a box it. I already have them both. ?

Monica Ferri

You did such a cute coffee cup project I plan to do some Easter bunny and sheep box cards. Thanks for the inspiration today.

Luba Balycz

A bought the die and tried it out. I plan to make treats for my friends using different dies

Sharon Lyons

Love to see your videos! Using a bone folder for the inside tabs will help get the adhesive to hold better.

Irene West

I used the flower pot for a box it snack cup.

Elaine Trone

I have the large box-it die. I haven’t used it yet. Thanks for the demonstration. My shamrock fold-it will be here soon. I’m going to make a shamrock box!! Thank you for the inspiration!! ☘️??

Debra Maugle

You did a great job Ken. Don't care too much for soda anymore but I LOVE hot coffee and ice coffee! TYSM for sharing.

marie wilson

I don’t have the box it die. I have to purchase them both. I have a lot of ideas now. Thanks for sharing Ken. Love you videos.

Harvest Moon Creations

I would use either the Cookie or one of the Lemon (corgi) fold-its and put home made dog cookies in it for a gift for someone who just adopted a dog.

Irene Aiello

Let me start off by saying you are my favorite company, I have been with your die hard club for years, I dont own the box it die,But i would make it for my sons Autism home, And make some for some nursing homes and filled them with much love and blessings. Thank you both Love you and your family

Cheryl Deith

A bubble gum machine box it would be kind of fun. Love the video Ken. Thanks.

Nicole Mihm

Lookin good Ken! You are looking like a professional! So confident! Keep up the great work! I love your videos! Thanks for all you do!

Linda Miltzow

Nice work again, Ken! I love how you really think through the whole process of the card you are making. Thanks for the tips and pointers about where to get ideas, and how to have the supplies on hand that you think you might need. You are so crafty...I can tell you and Stephanie have been hanging out together alot! lol! Thanks, too, for modeling such great support for your wife in this "dare and a prayer" endeavor. Together is always better!

Cheri Nansen

Hey Ken! Great video. Thinking I need the box It Die for neighborhood kids Halloween treats made with the adorable Candy Corn Fold It!!?. (I need the Coffee cup Fold It to go along with my die cut-embroidered FELT coffee cozy gifts (another vendor’s die made with Stamps of Life felt.)

KMatto KMatto

While I don't have a box-it die yet, I would love to make a purse style bag for gifts. Or maybe even something that looks like a grocery bag (paper or plastic) to give a gift card to the grocery store (candy too because that's always fun!).

Debbie Riley

I have never used a "box it: die, but would love to. I would make some treat boxes to leave around at different places as a little thank you.

Jennifer Zeh

I think the fish food-it would be a cute box-it!

Creative Space

Great job on this video, Ken. I really need to use my box it die! You've inspired me to get it out.

Cindy Hearson

Loved seeing the finished product! Thanks for the opportunity to win the die....would enjoy trying it and all its possibilities if I were the lucky chosen one. Just received the doily die so that might be a fun one.

Kathy Goodwin

Thank you for the great video demonstrating the Box It dies. I am going to add these to my wish list and probably get them in the future.

Jerri Roettger

Tea pot . I like to try.
Good job.

Heather Shirley

Great video Ken! I LOVE making Box It cards!! I will post some pics over on Facebook Fan Page. I have made a ton and It is funny that you posted this today because I am finishing up my Valentine Box Cards!

Christina Fullen

You need to have way more confidence in yourself Ken! You do a really awesome job!!

Larissa Swanson

Ken thanks for the new video I like how you show old products in your videos. It helps me remember which stamps and dies I haven’t used in a while. ?

Susan Dodd

very nice finished card/box. good job.

Eleanor Fleck

The small box it is perfect with a pudgie.

Gale V Cardenas

I used the box-it die with the Mug Fold-it for Christmas/New Year. I filled it with a hot cocoa packet and a candy cane.

Lori Lehnen

Another great video Ken!
I have so many of the fold its, it would be so much fun to win the large box it die and play!
Thanks for the chance to win.

April Campbell

Love this as an idea for little cups to hold candy for holidays. Or birthdays!


Great Job!! I will be buying the large and small box dies!

Manuela Kühnel

Thanks for your demonstration of the die. I love to see tooth and of cause a tooth fairy with it. Thanks

Robin Roberts

I have both box it dies and haven't used them. Thanks for a great demonstration to help get the creative juices going! I would like to use it with the gift fold it - waiting for re release on tsol website.

Grendelia Balandran

love the box it cards I will be making the flower for my co worker that I share birthdays February 28th like the twins Liam and Miller. What a blessing Day

Lupe Moreno

i just got the teapot fold it. the box it die would be perfect to add tea bags and maybe some cookies or other goodies to give as gifts.


Thanks, Ken for a great video showing how you assembled a box-it die with coffee cup!
I would love a chance to win a box-it die! If I won it, I would make them for each holiday!
I'm currently waiting for my Shamrock fold-it die to arrive & assemble it with box-it die.
I would love to make a Easter box-it cards & add Easter candy as gifts!

Pamela Cosens

The sheep or rabbit die would be cute using the box-it for Easter. I can see decorating our church tables with many of your dies.❤?❤

Kathy Wong

Nice job!!! I wish we had shows - would love to see all the fold it’s together so I choose in person! The coffee one looks great!!!

Kerri Haire

Awesome video, Ken!!! I ordered the Shamrock fold-it the other day so I think I want to make some treat boxes for my family for St Pats day! I don’t have the box-it yet so you totally sold me. Also, I think the Gnome fold-it would be amazing on the box-it! How adorable for Easter! So many ideas running through my head. These little boxes would make great thinking of you gifts for my neighbors on Easter, too. Since we can’t get together now it’s a nice pick me up for folks in the neighborhood. Good job, Ken!

Sandi Heller

Great presentation. I would love to make one for Easter for the grandkids and great grandkids. I have the large one but not the small one. Thanks for sharing.

Yvette The Card Girl

I made using the strawberry ? I loved and made little boxes for my daughters friends for Valentine’s Day

Merlyn Bellez

Great job w/the box-it dies!! As a fairly new member of TSOL, I appreciate your insights and use of the various products. Now I’ll need to pick up the box-it dies to add to my growing collection. LOL Thank you for another great video!! Oh, an idea for a box-it project would be to make one w/the onsie fold-it for a baby shower or gender reveal party.

Belinda Waters

Great demo on how to use the Box It die! It makes the fold-its into such cute treat boxes! Love your finished cup, Ken!!!


Excited to see a Ken video! Thanks for showing the box it die! This has been on my wishlist especially now since I have a grandchild to make birthday party favors.

Patricia Riddle

Fun video! You are looking great and no longer an amateur.

Vicki Colston

Hi Ken, great job! Loved your box-it’s! And the samples from the design team, too! I think the red truck with the bed of the truck as a box-it would be cool. For man or lady ? Thanks for all you and Stephanie do!

Lori Daly

Ken you did amazing job!

Barbie Serna

Thank you Ken, I have both of these dies and have not used them. You made it look so easy, I'll be using mine by the end of this week.

Lisa Biermann

I want to try the basket fold it for Easter!!

MJ Beyzavi

Great ideas ! Was good to see how the dies work :)

Sherrie Yates

I don't have a box it die but after watching you master it, you sold me on getting one ❤. Thank you for your love and support to the crafting community.

karen mazurek

Definitely the graduation cap!

Tina C

Great job on the coffee cup box it. I never seen the box it dies. Very fun...wonder if I could use it with the standing corgi die...to fill with dog treats! lol :D

Ann Hale

Hi Ken, I enjoyed your video! I plan to buy the box its soon! My idea is a hot cocoa or snow globe box it

Denise Lagarda Vega

Love this die and the coffee die. Would like to try with the truck die . Great job showing how to use.

Ver Blu

I don't have the box-it die, but, I would enjoy having it! You did a great job making your box-it coffee cup boxes! Thanks for sharing with us! God bless!!!

Therese DuMoulin

Great video !!! You did a Fantastic job. Take care and God Bless you and your family ???

Nicole Mihm

Acorn, penguin, gingerbread house, Santa, candy corn. My salon girls love them on their stations! I love how you can add little treats, mints, gum, tic tacs in them!

Grendelia Balandran

I love the egg box it as well Thank you Ken

Dania's Doodles

Fabulous Ken!


Made Fish Box It for Boy's Day aka Children's Day which is on May 5th in Japan. Improvised and made Sakura aka Cherry Blossom Box It for Girl's Day which is on March 3rd in Japan. Use of Box It Is Infinite ?

Mary Jane Dudick

I think I would like to use the cookie fold it and add some dog treats for my friends furbabirs

Pam Whatyadoin?

Your videos are awesome. I would do a gnome box it for my daughter-in-law. She loves gnomes and has a sugar tooth so would fill with candy.

MsSuper Klutz

OMG Ken WOW Oh Kiddo Your Large Kuppa Kuppa Gift Box is so Stunning, Cute and Gorgeous!! You so did a Super Incredible creative job!! You ARE so much fun to hang with and I could listen to you talk all day...you definitely share lots of Brilliant ideas and the way you presented your tutorial and all of your Tips, Tricks & Techniques...just was so easy to follow and understand and you definitely make it a visual and I'm a visual learner so thanks for taking the time to be so percise of what you do and why you do and truly sharing how to deal with a mistake this to me is a huge deal...you really are an outstanding teacher!! !! Your completed project at the end is Spectacular!! YOU SO ROCK!!

Joan Smith

Sheila Lopez

Love watching you make a project. Nice job!


If I had the Box it die I would use it with the ladybug, the gnome, the flower pot would be great and then add in some packets of seeds for the person to plant Could also use it to make cute Easter Baskets. You could add a small pocket bible and make a book mart to go with it. Of course a few jelly beans. Ken you did amazing showing us what fun things we can create with this die. You have come a long way. So proud of you! Blessing!

Gloria Jacques

Ken wanted to say you are awesome so is Stephanie God bless can not wait for another awesome card making from you soon.

YZK Bass

Ken you did awesome job demo. Thank you for sharing,

Debra David

Love your video Ken... I used the large box it die to make table favors for our holiday party ( a non profit resale shop, with so many senior volunteers that help....) I used many of the stamp die hard sets... snowmen, reindeer, and tree.... they were a huge hit!

Karen Swick

I would enjoy having the box it die. I would make little treat boxes for my grandkids for all the holidays.

Theresa Clift

Great job Ken! Love the coffee cup box it, thank you for the inspiration. I’m thinking the scalloped heart fold it and lg box it die to make cute valentines filled with candy for my nieces and nephews. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! ?
Thanks again! ?

Andrea Bisignani

The final product turned out lovely, and you (Ken) is a very organized crafter. :)

Carmen Stilwagen

I like the idea of making a different box it for each holiday - shamrock fold it with green jello inside box

Gloria Stocks

I enjoyed your video. I would love to use the box-it die with the bubblegum machine fold-it

Lindy Schoen

Love your tips and enthusiasm. Don’t select me as the winner as I have the dies already!

christi mckain

Thank you for demonstrating the box-it dies. This adds a whole other dimension to using my fold-it dies. And, I love the idea of having the front open like a card. Thanks!

Amy Vetter

Hi Ken! I think the whale fold-it would make a cute box.

Margaret Klender

Love the coffee cup box it’s, they turned out great. I made the Easter bunny into a box for Easter

Dale Haney

The sunflower would make a cool box it.

Marian Nash

Ken, you did a great job. You need your own Crafting Corner weekly videos. ?

Jeanne Sullivan

Hi Ken, I love watching your videos. You have a gentle way about you..... you make it look so easy..... I already gave the box it die. So please pick someone else.....have a great day and enjoy those grand babies!!

Lori Storey

Great video, Ken! I made mug boxits for my husband’s team at work for Christmas and filled them with goodies!! The year before I had done stocking boxits. So much fun!

Carol Pope

Ken so happy to see you on again. Loved you project. Sticky tape would be best when putting those boxes together because It’s stronger. Great project.

Linda LindaN

Great video! I like how you explained each step of the process with suggestions along the way!!!

Amy Bedger

I would use the box it die for gift cards and fill them with candy. Great thing to have to make party favors too!

Lori Daly

I don’t have either Box It Dies. But I just think it would be adorable to use the Hives4Bees stamps and dies!

Janice St. Louis

I host all kinds of holiday parties for my family at my house (outside and socially distanced for now). I would use the box it die to make make a box using a seasonal fold it. I would use them as utensil holders for each person. When we can all sit around a table again I would make them as nameplates with their utensils and napkins and place one at each place setting.