Removing mask

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Police seen removing man from Philadelphia bus for not wearing a mask

39 961 views | 13 Apr. 2020

Police were caught on

Police were caught on camera last Friday dragging a man off of a SEPTA bus in Philadelphia for not wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the city's transit system has changed its policy, which previously stated customers could be refused service for not wearing a face covering.

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Micah Nelson

I've been an unfortunate to this police state behavior several times in the past 30 years. Most are just waking to it.

Matt Hunter

Civil rights idiots like this is the reason virus spreads

Arthur Fields

I have no sympathy for him. Everyone out here trying to get home safe and he just ignorant. Law requires you to wear a ?. Sad ? thing is he probably did all that just to Sue

mike fuston

there is no law saying you have to wear a mask the cops cant enforce non laws he needs to sue


Freaking Nazis.



Courtney W



How did I know he was black before I saw him emerge from the bus?
Black man, white man, brown man, just follow a few simple rules, and we will all get thru this together.
Don’t follow the rules, be defiant, you’ll get your come-up-ance


Don't forget that the police had also removed a man from Walmart for wearing a face mask

Mario Vella

I think the police officer should not be aggressive like this i understand this man made a mistake for to wearing mask but they definitely should do what they done, and for just 1 person they came in 10!!


Disliked for all the bleeps.

A Dose of Griffin


Mixture Tv

Corona virus I demand for you to go away.

Adam Olmedo


LUDWIG krieger

Always trying to get police attention, they must love cops cause they are always breaking the law.

Pinedo Jose O

he didn't invented covid-19 to get terrorised

Mr. Munch

Yay how many people who work with public just hugged and swapped sweat with a covid patient? Now go help other people without decontamination. I bet same clothes whole rest of shift. Just soaking in that virus. But hey...... wear a mask. Did you see them all touching their masks after the encounter. Thats not how you mask. Then again. Cant do anything wearing a mask without losing any protection it provides... just becomes a dish to serve virus to your mouth and nose.

Arthur Wong

Well, let's see if SEPTA truly gets its spine back after reinstating the mandatory face mask ordinance on 6/8/2020. Philadelphia police BETTER make arrests or issue citations for those who act like that guy did on 4/10/2020. I am sure that he will get removed again. Hopefully, the police will do the job right this time.

Adan Martinez

Should of beat him up!!!

Dave Wilson

America has become China. Remember how this first started in China and we were shocked? Now it happens here and we go along with it. Baaaaaaa!!!! We are sheep!!!!


Pigs only get brave in numbers

Randy Orton

Why they didnt take him to jail????

Akmal Hisyam

good job police

Mordant Vistas

What other actions will people accept? Compliance is rarely virtue. Yet the fearful always force compliance because they lack bravery and to live. Survival is their meaning. Compliance does not create safe societies. It create dystopic regimes.


I have zero patience for anti-maskers. If you don't want to wear a mask then stay off public transit.

Abdullah Al-Shimri

The guy being dragged out made a video: https://youtu.be/5CtJFQu7V78


0:44 the cell on the floor was icing on the cake. His single parent upbringing didn't teach him to follow the rules.

Arthur Wong

He deserves it. Mask up or get passed up. Spineless SEPTA for rescinding its mandatory face mask rule after this incident, and the police should have arrested the unruly passenger for pushing off the police officers AND verbally threatening the police officers.

Frankie Chapman

The cops are wearing masks below their noses.



Norma Hostetler

1984 Orwellian World. Resist!

Ultra-Instinct Irishman

Most of the pigs were as fat as one ?


Wearing seat belts is the LAW. What's more important?

Freddie Carrion



As they don't wear a mask over their nose. Hmmm

Mike Richardson

0:46 The way his cellphone Magically appeared and dropped onto the sidewalk ?. Very disrespectful them cops.


Smokers cannot smoke in public places or BUSES because its dangerous to others, how is that not the same thing? If you don't have a mask on you are dangerous to others people. How is risking everyone's health around you a constitutional right?? If it is then soon smokers will be in court asking for their constitutional rights?


Philadelphia police like all of the PD's around the U.S. and other countries is staffed by parasites who without weapons and not in a group...make that gang...are wimps and wimpettes. Little do they know judgement arrives 2021...do the math. Not the year to be one of them.

Litigious Society

Remember, this crap doesn't happen without maskholes on the bus calling the police.


Also they were not wearing an mask on video to

Northern Irish Lifts

For a start the officers aren’t even wearing masks, secondly if you have an underline health condition you don’t need to wear one, they had no right to assault him

No Yes

Put a mask on the world doesn’t revolve around just you and your mama


They misspelled Nazis as Police.

Expat Prepper

that because he would not go to the back of the bus

David Moody

What he was doing was disrespectful to society so yeah we got to get the message clear when it comes to a life and death situation.

Bob Sap

Say hello to the new gestapo

Meade Music

This one of the few times where the police were wrong.

Apple Slices Unite

lol, Oh you don't want to get off the bus, we'll make you get off. His pride is hurting. I hope his friend doesn't pick him up so he can walk the hall of shame all the way home.

Alberto Rodriguez

Man people need to stand up to this everyone please take off your mask don’t be afraid

sharvani D

The police did good work for not wearing mask

Mike Rowley

It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault...everyone has to wear a mask...but I don’t....

Ala McNamara

Why not just give him a mask????

Da Rockwildas Records

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWTUa1HCLWw&t=70s THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE


Biden's national mask mandate

Somebody else

Disgusting behaviour

Pr Ae

These cops now have a really bad karma.

Poseidon For Biden

We need more of this. If they refuse to wear a mask, taser the crap out of them till they see the light.

Michelle M Zuniga

Yeah they need to change the color of shirts from blue to brown. I’d also like to see them fight real hard core criminals like the ones on the border -not some nicely dressed man who works in an office. There were no fewer than like ten cops -FOR A FREAKIN MASK!! Go fight those guys that like to chop bodies up and stuff them into coolers. Those are the real criminals who are actually hurting people. What about solving murders? This is why people want to defund some police departments. Stop doing BS like enforcing mask wearing. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Sharon Fewell

it’s dummies that tell people need to wear masks

Justin Time

Keep in mind this was April . He was not breaking any laws . Also they edited the scene of the cop on the bus speaking over everyone with no mask . Couldn't just give the taxpayer a mask .

Time is a path Walking to understand

That is just wrong, what they did to that guy, this is one of the reasons people hate cops. This coronavirus thing is getting out of control. my opinion it's fake.b

Dr. Sidney Marlborough

Wow, they just contaminated themselves and other more then if they would have let the man alone. The cops were not even wearing the respirators correctly

Anna Johnson

Beep beep..

steve 000000

That’s what you get for not complying and just thinking of yourself !!!!!

Perversion Exposed

DONT fall for it! DO THE RIGHT THING, DON'T WEAR A MASK....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world is Hell censoring won't make it go away

Stay 6 feet away from him , Why did you violate the law too ?


The New England Journal of Medicine states the following: "We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic."


All these people saying they didn't have the right to so...let me guess, you're the same ones who say "he should have complied from the start" when an unarmed black man gets shot 15 times in the back?
This guy didn't comply when he was ordered to get off the bus. If the driver tells you to get off the bus, you can either comply or get ready to be forced to get off. As simple as that.


id love to see those pigs get slapped

K. Hamilton

Antichrist is coming. Hello.


This is what it looks like when a small rule gets enforced. The guy was probably asked to step off the bus multiple times before this. The guy was probably being belligerent when asked to wear a mask/remove himself from the bus. Looks like they left him after he was pulled off.


Does this not epitomize the year 2020??

I'm black So I'm slow

I think they need more police!!!??? for not wearing a mask people!!!???

For Fædrelandet


Lil' Pump

Another Karen, that thinks they are entitled.

Andy P

Some sections of society just don’t want rules to apply to them

Arthur Wong

He should become good friends with his counterpart in Miami, FL, who went on a profanity-laced tirade at a Publix Super market because the health code compliance officer refused to let him enter without wearing a face mask. Google "false flag pandemic at publix super market" and select the "miami new times" article.


All he had to do was to wear any type of face covering. SARS COV2 is highly infectious that is hitting minority communities hard and it can be transmitted on our breaths. A bus is a closed environment so in face of all this it's really rude ? to travel en the bus without some type of face covering.

Woke Mom

Welcome to Amerikkka. Total tyrannical police state we have become in less than 2 months.

slabby rider

No mask no travel. Simple rule simple to abide by.

David Martinez

Good that's what he deserves I don't care if he's black or white I don't approve of anti mask

Liz Vizion

If dude had only followed the rules he would have saved himself the embarrassment. Looks like someone ran late for work that day ?

mike young

Anyone attempting to stop me while not wearing mask will themselves end up in very bad way.

Stephen Mair

Stop the collusion! The masks will cause more side effects than corona ever did! No RT-PCR, No casedemic, No Plan-demic! Stop the tyranny stop the totalitarian reset!

Dr. Prof. RobTopnotch

heprobably A-Symptomatic and a spreader of covid. he aint been tested. they shouldve beat him like rodney king for that violation of public safety.

Vermin Watch_Out

Put your mask on when on public transport or walk to your destination, how is that so difficult?

Alan Deans

Quite right - he should also have been arrested for refusing to comply !



Jackie Allen Jr

What did he say for them to let him go??


Wear a mask! What an idiot

Thaddeus Todd


Kaden Sage



this is what the demon crats waa do if you dont wear masks like they do they want to eradicate you from society its his god dam right tonot wear a mask the mask is nto for covid its to silence the american people for the demoncrat new world order MAGA we have toio stop them beofr the un take s oevr and have us in chnains and concen traition camps if they can force stores and shops to close and make peopel stay at home they can do anything

Mary can

Using force is not ok you can do it politelt

Busy Banty

9 men! Dragging a man LAWFULLY trying to ride a PUBLIC BUS with no mask! WOW! when will we stand up for our rights? Wake up ppl! It starts with a mask! They said they would taze him, too! I'm collecting stories of anyone getting arrested or harrassed by stores, law enforcement, or public officials over mask mandates in public places! How did this get resolved? Did it go to court? If the victim reads this, pls contact me on my channel. I was arrested in an unlawful No Mask Trespass scheme at a store, too, & taking it to court. I was charged with other charges on top of that, too. I salute your bravery! We are the few, the proud, the weak, the maskless!

Mary can

Insulting n degrading him without ckear charges is not ok

Jojo Lopers

Wear the mask, get the vaccine, give up your job and your first born child...? Lord help us all.

mooncat and beryl

similar thing keeps happened in england at the moment n not just against black dudes but white guys too.

better soc

Not breathe in fresh air by wearing face mask, so do not wear mask for your health. Trump said mask is option, he does not wear mask. People who does not wear mask must not be arrested in any state.

Micah Nelson

When people think of tyranny, most envision one tyrannical figure at the top of a suppressing system pulling all the strings. What if however, that tyrant is "we the people" with a system that is unconcerned with individual rights‽

Removing mask

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WWE Champion Rey Mysterio Removing His Mask In Ring : 619 Unmassked : Biography Rey Mysterio

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rey mysterio removing his

rey mysterio removing his mask and telling his life style

must watch and dont forget to subscribe my channel

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Beast Gamer Yashu

Hey Rey Mysterio return to wwe in 2018 how he can die



Chulainn Danagher

Why The Sad Music.....Just.....Why...?

chaotic shaman

I always used to watch wrestling in my childhood and I never got to see this on TV. I'm 27 and this is the first time I've ever seen him without a mask. This is why we now have the coronavirus


Rey mysterio nehi mara

Zebedeu Belo

Your a liar Mysterio didn't die he still live

Being Human

Nainda moneee ,, mysterio still alive

Deepok Deb

Wtf rey is not died yet bro

blue berry

619 is amazing

Aizad Irfan


Dying Meme

Thanks for putting the red circle, had you not I would’ve never realized where his face was.

blue berry

love this video

Abdulrahman Arshad 2

Are you mad...rey mysterio is alive

xxxtentacion fan X

Ray Mysterio’s it’s fine he probably left Wwe for a while but then he came back better than ever so you’re probably talking about Eddie

Ch Raghavi

Rey mesterio is alive man are you mad

Almighty GareBear

Mysterio didn’t die??‍♂️

Kenodh Ekanayake

I disliked bcas u faked his death.

Fji Aa

Are you kidding we man mysterio is my fvrt he is still alive

Kenodh Ekanayake

He nvr died

manu singh

bhai rey Mysterio zinda hai . kyuu mar raha hai usse ????

The real Inferno

Are you stupid lol rey mystrerio did not died he just quit wwe im giving a dislike

blue berry

beautiful wife

Removing mask

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Mask-Police CNN Reporter CAUGHT Removing Her Mask at Presser as Soon as She Thought Cameras Were Off

20 003 views | 20 May. 2020

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Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Mask-police CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was caught removing her mask at a White House press briefing on Friday as soon as she thought the cameras were off. CNN and the other liars in the left-wing media attack President Trump for refusing to wear a mask when he’s out in public.

See the report here:


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Community Guidelines Disclaimer: The points of view and purpose of this video is not to bully or harass anybody, but rather share that opinion and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about the subject.


Eileen Dumo


John Doe



This is the same Kaitlin who got caught using homophobic comments. Then said they don’t reflect who she is. But will attack president trump for things he’s said years ago!

Bubsmp R

Gary, do you rehearse or just go in blind?

Ron Gruber

But we know it's all phony about these lowlifes Romo 70 days into this and in the beginning it was two weeks so I think we can kind of let this go OK Google sucks

Daniel Downs

A second wave of shut downs are coming. You better get ready for peaceful protest, so get your protest gear now and prepare. Get, gas mask, cold weather gear, goggles, hydration packs, back packs, multigrain bars shin guards fore arm guards and gloves. Get ready people, prepare now, prepare now, prepare now. If you don't have the gear you won't be effective. Your civil disobedience is needed AMERICA! This election is going to get wild.

John Doe

Demtards are Haters.

Louis marangolo

CNN the news for hypocrisy

aaron labate

This 55 IQ hag is feeling pretty good about itself isn't it?

Rodney Johnston

The girl got caught with her panties down ?

Theresa Rodriguez

That's the Cretin News Network doing it's best to make sure it's viewers stay misinformed.

Stephen Brown

You wanna see these people scatter. Sneeze because of spring allergy’s. LOL they scatter like illegal aliens when ICE shows up. LOL ?

Amina Kishk

CNN faker !!!!!

Hose Kim

Not surprising, hypocrites!

keith kim

It is cnn, didn't expect much

Henry Marcial

As usual the Corrupt Network News (CNN)is at it again...creating the news.

Deborah Asher

Masks are like the Germans requiring the Jews to wear the Star of David. It symbolizes the fear of the government. Nope, not me and I will not patronize any business that requires me to wear one. Live free or die.

Rodney Johnston

CNN sucks God will punish you CNN only time will tell only time will tell

Matilda Rei

CNN never cares when they’re called out. Because EVERYONE KNOWS they’re not real news.

global terroil

She is even laughing! What a witch!

J Gamez

Of course it's all for the cameras....do people realize how small a virus is? The masks offer no protection at all.

Eric P

Masks are just to protect your feelings

Caroline Benson

They should be wearing masks. They're bandits.

Brian Woolsey

Hypocrisy at it’s finest!!


CNN Is A Shameful Bunch!

RDC Tarantula

everyone start putting TRUMP on your face mask and see how fast the democrats will tell everyone not to wear face masks. loloooooo


She should be forced to wear that mask permanently to hide her ugly liberal face...

Richard El

The face of the enemy.

Times-They-R A-Changing

She is very rude person, nothing news worthy about her, just jumping thru the hoops of MSM's circus show!

linda phillips

Do as they say do not as they actually do. We will do as we want to do just like they do.


Gotta hide that RBF... Resting B** Face. ?

Java Ally

Mask poser

James Gates

They take their masks off and smile.. kets TAKE BACK OUR COUNRTY..


She's not really a faker for that - for many other things yes, for this - not so much... However, she is is a disgusting hypocrite. The mantra of the left seems to be "do as I say, not as I do ".

cp 76

Yuck.... pls someone tell her to put it back on. My eyes are burning

Holbrook life

It’s all a circus show regardless


Ditch those masks if you care about your health. Plenty of Drs and other experts have come forth telling people they are no good.

Douglas Neat

And they wonder why no one believes them


Did we expect anything different? Maybe she should get a ticket just like the others. They aren't above the law either. Do as I say, not as I do.

Robbi Johnson

LMAO ????
I LOVE IT !!!!!
Some woke Libarel progressive [email protected]$$ getting caught ?

Donna Anderson

Cnn douchbag s


Its safe to say when she removed her mask, we all went soft quick. Look at that ugly lying face

George Meurer

Masks are to identify the obedient sheeple.

linda frazier

Masks accomplish two things for dems: keeps our mouth shut and keeps us obedient!

Amina Kishk

Yes, silly dummie , removing mask ... after the show...even I would not do that and I would tell the others not to , too... stupid is as stupid is !!!!

Dan Wortmann

CNN Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything liberals touch turns to crap.

Just another hypocritical disingenuous scumbag liberal


It’s always a matter of time till they get caught.

Robert Porter

This hack looks better with the mask on.

Laura Laura

Rules for the sheeple not for the media ppl.

The Next News Network

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Hypocrisy at its finest.

semper fi

Good show ? brother


Hypocritical bullshit from leftys as always.


Guess you can say this liberal...
(puts on sunglasses)
... just got unmasked.

rig sospuro

Sell out

Kaite Elise


Bill Gallegos


craig jackson

cnn why;; just go dark

gerald bizot

Create the fear is all the media does

Tom fair

Cnn is caught daily ether lying, faking,lying and lying

Mark Mason

She should remove the mask it's a joke, so is this channel repeating mainstream bullshit when they already know theres no outbreak it's a plandemic and to think trump is for the people is just stupid, the cops still force tyrannical orders, the world is still on lockdown to the point 1000s and 1000s of companies have gone bust no 1 is going back to work and bill Gates is still pushing every country to force vaccinate and track our every move and we are STILL divided at home instead of fighting back, trump is giving false hope theres nothing he can do hes controlled by the elite its obvious FFS

James Busch

Who is this hypocrite?

James Gates

Just like the communistic party she represents.. TRUMP 2020 VOTE REPUBLICAN RED COME NOVEMBER...

Matt Stewart

~Believe all women~


Did she say, "..get ready for the next event."?

Kenneth M. Price Jr.

"Get ready for the next event, everyone." They just keep #$%^in up!

Payno Attention

Bread and circuses people! Bread and circuses.

Lela Mack

like her better with mask

Dan Ray

I bet you don't see this video with Rachel mad cow

Eugene Kingi

What a biarch

Rodney Johnston

I do not believe the news anymore how I know when they are full of poo and when they are lying. When their mouth is moving net news does a beautiful job telling the truth

Clyde Lamb

Where Nancy get 100million what s her pay per year for stealing tax dollars IRS audit


CNN took their mask off years ago.

Peter Mata

Oh Busted!

David Johnson

The mask wearing b.s. should be by choice only

Essie Almond

That's because the media knows this covid 19 is nothing but a control tactic.


That pathetic TOOL said " Get READY for the next EVENT " CNN the enemy of the people !!!!!

tom Koutsopoulos

Ooooooo..... Karen is going to report you

Elizabeth Smith

For how much this so called reporters sold their souls to become democrats poppets. They forgot how to be honest human beings and chose become rude disrespectful and laying nobody.


It sounded like she said "get ready for the next event everybody" Did anyone else hear something similar?

Larry Dunn

She is a public danger put her in jail

Michelle Sandstrom


Nelson Callon

Cnn is the laughing stock of media! She needs to put that back on. Faker and just shows how useless they are.

Kevin Scesney

Wearing a mask is infantile if you think that's going to stop a virus you're crazy



Rodney Johnston

I don't understand why a girl so beautiful why is she so trashy working for CNN

paul watson

Gary what did she say? get ready fir the next event???

Pavel M.

A mask won't protect you, but it offers limited protection to those around you. That's why it makes sense for Trump not to wear it (though he should wear a respirator like doctors do). On the other hand, there's no excuse for CNN reporters not to wear them.


She looked better with the mask on!

John Abruzzese

She should leave the mask on that ugly mug

Dennis Karnes

Of COURSE it's all for the cameras, you didn't think this shit was real did you? Did you? C'mon man.

Sandra Kimberlin

The government and media cant practice what they preach.

Forte Anglley

Many of these masks are made in China. The whole thing is one big scam.

Joel Burks


Melvin Hughes

Fuck CNN .

Tommy C.

3:04 I hate to say it but this isn't the big shameful moment it's being made out to be. Reporters starting wearing masks in the press briefings because some white house staffers tested positive. This reporter took off her mask once the members of the white house left the room. Not really hard to understand once you calm down and look at things objectively with a little common sense.

Fried Mule

Just a tiny question! Lets say you political side, again and again, had lied to you, invented stories, blamed other for what they themselves are doing off camera, revengefully persecuted high ranking officials, had committed several highly criminal deeds and withheld important information from you. Would you choose to elect them into office, expecting them to turn 180 degrees and now be honest and work for your country's best interests?
I think your answer would be a giant NO!!! You would stay at home or maybe consider to vote on the opposite side.
Why do the Liberal party then act like this, do they not know that they are scaring there voters away?

semper fi

She is a fraud just like all msm

Dan Wortmann