Textured nails

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Hammered copper textured chrome nail design

2 347 views | 9 Aug. 2020

Hey guys, it's Zoe again

Hey guys, it's Zoe again from Stick it to Them nails!

In this video I'll show you how to do this awesome textured chrome design that's inspired by hammered copper.

Products used:

Planet Nails Lastik: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/772304259

Planet Nails Iconic (clear): https://www.planetnails.com.au/planet-iconic-acrylic-gel-60ml-clear

Planet Nails rose gold chrome: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/838015634

Planet Nails Sticky Bond: https://www.planetnails.com.au/7ml-sticky-bond-acid-free-primer

Tip stands that I use to hold all of my nails while I work: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/778979382

I use adhesive tabs to hold the nail on the stands securely while I paint: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/638950003

I hope you enjoy watching, please like and subscribe so that I can keep bringing you more tutorials of all the fun nail stuff that I’ve been getting up to!

Cheers xo

Barbara Alcorn

Just crazy gorgeous! Why hasn’t this been done before? You watch all the copy cats and their versions ha ha ha. Beautiful ❤️??

Less Bitter More Glitter

Aaaaaah lovely ASMR voice over with awesome visuals. I’m so trying this on my extra long coffin vogues! Thank you for the vid Zoda! ??

Less Bitter More Glitter

Watching again ? which thin top coat did you use hun? - Yes I watched this for ASMR purposes ??‍♀️


Very nice job! I like it alot!?????????????

Sonia Boehm

Gorgeous! Love the technique. Any suggestions on what to use if you don’t have the sticky bond?

Nails by Suzi

wow! so freaking amazing ❤ thanks for doing a vid ?

Royal Neal

Have you tried adding the top coat over the hybrid gel before adding the dents?

Marcie Brown

great to have you back on board Zoe - look forward to your next inspirational video xx


Amazing! Can't wait to try this! This is truly a unique design and technique! Thanks so much for sharing your creative ideas!?

Lynne Lester

Love, love and where would w be without Lastik - cannot live without it.

LaQuietta Lovett

Thanks for sharing ❤


On my YouTube channel I don't post videos, instead I categorize all my favorite gel designs/techniques/ products... etc. For your video i had to make a new catagory! Check it out if you wish, it's called "Highly Textured Hammered Chrome Nail". I love your idea!??

Taja Gee

Absolutely stunning ???

Efrat Gesasa

I like doing nail art and your videos are really helping

Jimmy Oh'Shea


Textured nails

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Matte black textured "scales" nail tutorial

5 995 views | 11 Aug. 2019

Hey kids! My name is Zoe

Hey kids! My name is Zoe from Stick it to Them nails and this is my first YouTube tutorial! I’ve decided to start with one of my most popular designs which I call “Tip the Scales”.

I hope you enjoy watching, please like and subscribe so that I can keep bringing you more tutorials of all the fun nail stuff that I’ve been getting up to!

Cheers xo

PS: Check out my online store where I sell my custom press on nails at www.stickittothem.com.au

Follow me on Instagram: @stick_it_to_them_nails

Facebook: fb.com/stickittothemnails

Or check out my Etsy for custom press on nails: www.stickittothem.com.au








Music from Soundcloud

Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/Gmn5D3XPE4E

Sierra Fox

It's the Kat Von D of nails!!!!! Smokinnnnnnn

Erin Louise

Love love love

Sonal Parmar

They look gnarly. I love them. ?

Amy Moeller

Very nice tutorial- calming voice- fixed two things I am having trouble with with my black gel and matte (the lifting on edges and streaking) very cool nails and very beautifully done!!

Carissa Shae

Nice video!

Jimmy Oh'Shea

oh helllllllllllll yeah! What a smart biiiiiiish you are!

debbie gee

Bad. Ass.

Thank you!???????

Yvonne Hughson

LOVE it Zoe <3

Trish Molyneux

Great tutorial - thank you :-)

The Lady Borgia

Came by from one of the FB PN groups where you just posted this in a textured nail thread. I haven't been uploading to my channel lately or on YouTube a lot, but will be back soon. What brand of the rubber top coat did you use?

Codi Collins

I have a pair of these in red! ?? They are amazing. I've gotten so many compliments old and young. Beautiful work.
I love the music!

L L Hill

Great job! Keep them coming.

GIN Nails

I love that design,you did an awesome job thank you so much for sharing ??


Beautiful!!! You've got a new subscriber! <3 <3 <3

claudia delgado

Nice job


So cool

Beauty Educator

Beautiful! I love your first video on your new channel! I wish you prosperity ??

Wednesday Flowers

Question! Will that top coat give it the effect you had in your “nail praising” group photos?!


Very pretty, how did you do the color changing set on facebook???

Less Bitter More Glitter

Subbed the moment you started talking Zoe, not only because I’ve seen your AMAZING work in the PN groups but you’ve triggered my ASMR ?. Thank you and I can’t wait till your stick on nails class begins. ? Sally Mama Of Rose ?

Exotica's Empire

Awesome luv and I absolutely love matte you do awesome awesome work thanks for sharing and showing much love always ????

kasmika paudel

Lovely it is Zoe ?

Dee DeJesus

Love this...❤

Textured nails

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3D Textured Snake Nail Art

9 759 views | 8 Aug. 2020

Cutting down your nails

Cutting down your nails and keeping them simple really seems like the best option for hygiene right now. Make sure you always get the underside of your nails when hand washing/sanitizing. Be safe everyone. Our only “cure” right now is prevention and that means masks and physical separation. ☺️


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“Velvet Matte Top Coat” from Daily Charme: https://dailycharme.com/products/daily-charme-velvet-matte-no-wipe-gel-top-coat?_pos=4&_sid=bdafb23ef&_ss=r

“Daily Charme Stay Put Gelly / 3D Jewelry Gel”: https://dailycharme.com/collections/gel-polish/products/daily-charme-stay-put-gelly-3d-jewelry-gel


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*Items frequently used*

Core Acrylic System: YoungNails, Valentino Beauty Pure, Tammy Taylor

Primer: YoungNails Protein Bond

Monomer: YoungNails, Tammy Taylor X-Tra Adhesion

?E-File: Medicool ProPower 20k (rechargeable)?

Favorite Bits: Atwood Industries

PoochiezNails X-Coarse Safety Bit: http://www.poochieznails.com/the_nail_art_boutique.html#!/SMALL-X-COARSE-SAFE-BIT/p/65199682/category=17957457

"Round" cuticle bit https://atwoodindustries.net/atwood/atwood-round-p-316.html

"Mini Skiver" bit https://atwoodindustries.net/atwood/atwood-minisciver-p-314.html

"Cross Cut" Bit: https://atwoodindustries.net/atwood/atwood-cross-p-315.html?osCsid=cvams60kt1rq559dkb2l5m7i65

?Swarovski Placement Tool: Crystal Katana http://www.crystalninja.com/crystal-katana/

Crystal Nina Supertite “SuperGrip” Adhesive: http://www.crystalninja.com/ninja-supergrip-1157/

SUNUV "SUN4" 48W UV LED: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071CTZJ6L

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For business inquiries, opportunities, please EMAIL ME: (NOT ACCEPTING CLIENTS)

[email protected]

Thanks for watching!

Tseli N

Those are so beautiful

Lakenya Moultrie

My gurl back!!!❤️❤️❤️

Rhiannon L

Thank You ? for sharing. This is so cool and the possibilities are endless

Kimiko Buford

Welcome back ?

Alison Topley

Love watching your videos and love this set tysmfs ??

Lakenya Moultrie

Love this channel!

Jess Zimmerman

Love your work! Love the pink nails but the snake skin freaks me out ??

My Nails by Johna

great teaching video

Sina Nail Master& Design


Ms Gel Galore

Miss you
.great vid

ChrisDeg Nails

Def missed seeing designs from you! That is so pretty, ill be trying it soon! Thanks for all you do! ?

anna Lewis

???????? from anna

Divine Diva Nails

How did you build views and subscribers ? I am trying to build

Louise’s Nails room

Hey cutie

Erika Love

You are major inspiration. In nail school now practicing my butt off. Your designs definitely spark my creativity. Thank you for sharing your work


Beautiful work as always... Love your work!!

Terri-Anne Elverd

Thanks for the tips on how you created the snake skin look ???

Rayna Johnson

you’re so easy to learn from, you explain the techniques so well! i just started a press on nail company & i absolutely loveeeee your content! glad you’re back!

Lisa Yunkers

I really miss you working with acrylic. That’s how i fell in love with your channel ?❤️?

Jaime Christ

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your videos!?

clorox me

Yay ☺️?

Mandy Brekke

Would LOVE to see you do a tutorial of the actual thumbnail nail. The pink shell snakeskin look

Heidi Z

Sooooooooo happy to hear from you again! I've missed you!!

Proud Mama

? period

GIN Nails

This is so amazing i absolutely love this technique i think its pretty cool,i havent yet tried to do it but thinking i will give it a whirl,thank u for sharing ur beautiful work ???

Teresa Brinkman

Loving the snake look !!

Ce Ce


natasha jackson

Hey ? gurl ?

Kathy Tarman

I love this design. I think this is so cool. Thank you for sharing this with us. You have been missed.

Tron Frazier

Still one of my favorite techniques. Miss you ?

Cetta Johnson

This is such a beautiful design! I wish you would give us more videos even if it’s you just doing your own nails! I miss your videos badly! Where do you get your wipes from?


Keep Up Good Work Love Ur Channel Here Every Upload ?

Dee Gee

Hey! Thanks for this video! I will practice this!

Q'utie Nails

I get so excited when you post videos. Thank for the tutorial

Eric Cartis


Anthony Martinez

???? so cool!!

Nena Anatoly

Whoohoo... ?


Hey love I missed you I been so nervous to try this but I'm going to do it. Take care and be safe. ?

Kiara Wade

Hello Tabytha I’ve been trying to connect with you about my one on one class for months now. I was trying to seek a refund. Times are extremely hard now and I can’t really afford to just give the money away. Please contact me at [email protected]icloud.com. Thank you.


Ayyy good to see you! Thanks for the content

karen walker

OMGorgeousness !!

Catt A

Yasss you’re back!!!

Angela Lombardi

Beautiful ❣️ Awesome work ? omg so cute ❤️these are gorgeous and so stunning ? great job ? keep up the good work ? make more videos ? please stay safe and have a great day ????

Leticia C

Yeah I've never seen these???

Angela Oatis

Been waiting on another video

Rhiannon L

So amazing & I LOVE the black outlines it totally makes it pop!

Pick You Color nail channel

Hi Tabytha!! So good to see you. Missed you much!! Great tutorial ❤️❤️❤️

Rhonda Armstrong

Great video!

Delano Davis

I love all your videos honey.. you're a topnotch nail tech I would love to see more of your 3ds just finish my nail course and your videos help a whole lot.. " I am a female" ? commenting from my bf account ? Keep up the Great work keep safe✊?

Tiffany Strayhorn

I LOVEEEE IT BOO!!!! I love ur channel Tabytha!!!

lisa pdw44

Love your work

Patricia Gallacher

So happy to see a video from you love it!


0:28 Wait, I need to see this!


Ooh this is so cool! Missed your videos ?

Sapphire Girl

I love these nails ?

Everything With Quetta

Very unique and Creative love love ?

Everything With Quetta

Nice ?

Erika Love

Please tell me where that cotton candy acrylic is!! I needs that frfr


Such a simple yet beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing.

Everything With Quetta

Girl you got me thinking about being a nail tech...you make it look so easy...

LaShawna Blanton

Love it

DGF 627

Hey girl Hey

Su Dyamonds

It’s so nice to see you back girl... I miss your videos. I love the design, and thanks for everything. I’ll check out the price book ? and everything.

Vivian Grandy

I was so excited because I thought it was the thumbnail design :-(. Can you please do that one with the background as well PLEASEEEEE?


Lovely upload! I hope you'd enjoy my content too. Keep up with your great work! ❤️?

Karen Bay


Brenda love Nail's

Me encantó ???

Katrina Sheets

Tabytha you slayed this set! I can't wait to try this! Stay well lovely!

Moo Nailed It

Welcome back ❤️❤️❤️

MC Lala

Definitely been missing your content. Hope all is well with you and your family. Stay safe and blessed ♥️???

Viola Brown nailcoverlover

Very cool idea, love that. Tsmfs my beautiful friend ?