Skin plugs

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508 - Dead Skin Plugs Extracted from Unsteady Elderly Patient

26 812 views | 3 Jan. 2020

This blocked ear wax

This blocked ear wax removal extraction video is performed by UK pioneer and world-leading endoscopic ear wax removal specialist Mr Neel Raithatha (Consultant Audiologist) aka 'The Wax Whisperer’ at his clinic in Oadby, Leicester, UK.

Ear wax removal is necessary when ear wax build up becomes impacted. Symptoms causes by earwax blockage include: earache (otalgia), conductive hearing loss, blocked ear, vertigo, tinnitus, itchiness and irritation, occlusion etc.

This elderly client attends annual for suction clearance of her dead skin plugs. Due to her age her head can be unsteady even when rested against a head rest. This makes the procedure a lot more difficult as whilst extracting the dead skin plugs I have to also accommodate for her head movement simultaneously to avoid any injury and trauma.

I successfully removed the dead skin plug in the left ear using both endoscopic suction and crocodile forceps. There was some residual dead skin remaining on the canals wall which I left as (i) they were insignificant to her symptoms; (ii) and in this cases sometimes less is more in terms of procedure time given she was unsteady.

The second right ear was a bit more complex. The dead skin plug over the years has eroded the medial ear canal bony structure creating a cave with a narrow entrance. This means the dead skin plug is trapped behind this narrowing and I have to manipulate it in order to remove through the narrow. Nonetheless, I successfully managed to do so. Sometimes with dead skin plugs there is some blistering of the canal wall as the skin is still attached to the ear canal when removing.

This client has been recommended to attend more regularly and instil sodium bicarbonate drops on a monthly basis.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehearclinic/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHearClinic

Gail Gober

Mr.Neel, are you okay?? I've never seen you leave so much stuff still in an ear.
I hope your okay.?

QB Livingstone

Very well done Mr. Neel!


Lovely job and so satisfying, thanks ♥️♥️♥️???♥️♥️♥️


Thanks for sharing....I love reading your explanations about your clients in your description box below the video! You said this patient needs bicarbonate drops...what is that and what does it do ...may I ask please? Thanks!

It's just Carla

Fab video, can't wait to see the TV programme ?? I wish I suffered from ear wax, I'd volunteer in a second?

Carolina Bento

Why don't you use the hook?

Hawkar Arif

Doctor, why don't you use Sodium bicarbonate drops before removing the dead skins and ear waxes?


Dr Raith. From now on I gonna call you the Wax Whisperer WIZARD!! ? Your hands work magic. mmm67 ??


You weren’t kidding when you said unsteady ?

Leona Heraty

Well done, Neel. Happy New Year 2020 to all. God bless everyone. ?

Bento Soto

Don’t worry they will be under ground soon enough

Karen Atkins

Job well done as usual

Tomboy Chick

A game of Operation must be frustrating against the Wax Whisperer, as you know you'll lose!


Thank you for keeping the sound. It adds a whole other level to watching the video.


Good job Mr. Neel...good video...thank you for sharing...

Daniel Garcia



Very professional &careful


Good stuff, thanks for the video


Do many of your patients experience vertigo after wax extractions?


Dear lady. I hope the drops work and she doesn't have to have such a rough time of it on her future visits. I wonder if she'd be steadier if she could lay on her side with the ear facing up? Andmaybe give her a blanket? Poor dear. I think of my Mom going thru this - she'd be traumatized.

Rita Downs

I hear perfectly well but, I’ve never had my ears cleared, should I consider it?

Straw Bubbz

I wonder how this feels

Haul A Rita

That was awesome!

Marnie Hoffman

That 2nd ear was kind of a tough one.

Cindy Gines

Whew! You have nerves of steel! Great job

Marja van Vugt


jinger jar

First ear u left a bit of hanging skin. Love to
see it cleaned up

Christine Renney

Brilliant work sir!


I enjoyed it but why was so much skin peel left in the first ear and why did you cut it off in the middle of finishing the second ear? Those are the best parts of the video.

Diana Gray

What was the white blob? A q-tip? Was it throwing her equilibrium off? She has to feel better. Nice work Dr. Neel.

Ellen Ashby

Great Work-but can you please start showing the wax you removed at the end-thank you

Stayros Paparunas

Wow very professional

Skin plugs

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112 459 views | 27 Nov. 2020

Our latest ear wax

Our latest ear wax removals/skin ribbons from clinic.

The procedures featured here were carried out in our ear wax removal clinic using endoscopic microsuction. The procedures were performed by our Principal Audiologist Mr Rhys Barber.

UK Links To Olive Oil & Swim Oil:

Link to the olive oil we use (UK site): https://amzn.to/2OWk0pv

Link to Swim Ear (UK Site): https://amzn.to/2y2yVXv

US Links To Olive Oil & Swim Oil:

Link to the olive oil we use (US site): https://amzn.to/3aXpO9a

Link to Swim Ear (US Site): https://amzn.to/2Xkcbx2

To purchase merchandise visit our store:


To arrange an ear wax removal appointment please visit our website:


Follow us on:

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/audiologyassociates1/

Instagram: https://bit.ly/2yDzQeM

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AudiologyA

Brandie Gray

Please remove yourself from the CC or the side of the video's it is too districting!!


Mr B are your patients shown what has been extracted from their ears? Also, do you find a difference between the genders that their ear entrance are smaller in females compare to men having larger ear entrance?

Shannon Smith

Love a good skin ribbon!!!

Olivia Bell

I love how excited you get over skin ribbons and big takeaways!

Heidi Bradley

Never apologize for your joy. If the rest of world took a page from you it would be a much better place. Joy, enthusiasm, kindness. These are never things to apologise for.

No Body

That second patient had an ear aubergine!

Sheena Rowse

I love watching ear wax removal videos even when I am eating especially the sticky toffee wax

Mu Mu

Wow this video had it all.

Large Arj

Just having the voice over was much better. We don't need to see you talking.

Ally Carabello

I just wanna know what the largest price of wax you’ve gotten out was


Half my brain- The human body is disgusting.
The other half- This is fucking fascinating. Look at those chunks!

Catrina Cohen

Well done again Mr barber x

Theresa Pages

I love how excited you got!! Its makes me anticipate your description of the waxery!!

Sharon Ruesch

I love that you get so excited, talk with your hands and move with it! So much more entertaining- although the videos before with just your voice were great - seeing your reaction makes these awesome!

Lisa Greenberg

how can these people hear? doesn't all that wax hurt?

Muriel Vaughan

Watching the Jobson Horne at work is so satisfying ?

Jenny Huff

Looks like a big cake of mud coming out of the ear. Interesting colors in it too. Love it when a big glop of wax gets pulled out. Once I start watching these I can't stop. Lol

Terry Hyde

I love your excitement when removing skin & wax❗ You giggled and I love it. You are the Happy Audiologist ‼️ ❣️

Nadine Kennedy

Spelling ? Do people hear better after wax removed.

Leena Lampela

You are wonderful ❤️ The way you re-live the ear wax removal moments is amazing ☺️ And how fascinating it is to see these wonderful videos!! Thank you all so much ?❤️

A Parks

i had my first EARGASM when i was about 9 y.o., i swam a lot and had swimmers ear often. The ENT would pull ungodly amounts of wax out of my ear. The greatest feeling ever (if your nine). i could not wait to go back. sounds like a frieght train as the Dr. is pulling that out of your ear. My eyes twitched and teared up as chunks of wax were mined from me ears. i miss those days.

Hyungwonees_ Gwoneees

Off topic. But have you ever thought of giving a name for your fanbase?

Ceri Elisabeth

That enthusiastic wiggle always makes me smile, no matter what mood I'm in.

Cheers, Rhys! ✌️☺️???????


I just love your enthusiasm!

Angela H

Thank thank giving was quite ? enjoy your video

Annie Paige

Put some oil wait l min then pick the sides unit you get to the bottom then pick the center

David Burns

Love these videos, but get a grip with your measurements 2.5cm is an inch, it’s not difficult ?

Christy T

This is why I love being able to see Rhys. He makes me smile when he makes himself laugh, as he wiggles with the wax.

Donna Regan

I love that you get so excited! As if anyone would stop at 1....


Very informative. Thanks!

Sonia Maria

?? legal assim fica mais fantástico poder ver o procedimento e a quantidade retirada ?


Excellent!! Your enthusiasm excites everyone!!! Much love ❤️ and respect ?‼️


Was anyone else holding their breath hoping that the wax or skin would come out in one piece?

BJ & Maria Gutierrez

Our child has a lot of war wax, is it safe for me to use a very short Jobson horn tool? The only ones I see on Amazon are metal, and I think I should get a soft plastic, silicone type. Do you have an affiliate link for one?

Kim In Alaska

It is great that you still get so excited about your work!

Peggy Aeschlimann

Rhys, your enthusiasm is infectious.

Txuf Txuf

My ears also experience this kind of wax, it's like my ears produce too fast of wax

Annie Paige

Pick around the ear until you get to the bottom then pick the center


You describe the process so well...such enthusiasm. You made me laugh, so thank you!


I love how excited you get. You truly love your job and it shows through!


It's interesting how hairy some people's ear canals are. Love how excited you got by patients #2 & #3's removals. Definitely cool.


Rhys, I love your commentaries so much! You're always so enthusiastic and entertaining but more important - informative!

Lorna DeBoer

Had me laughing when you get so excited. Enjoy your videos!

Helen Wicks

Love the way you so enjoy your job


Mr. Rhys, you give birth to HUGE wax babies and LONG skin ribbons that make me wiggle with delight! You’re the best OB of ear canals in the land! ?????????? ????????????????????

Jennifer Steffen

Your excitement is contagious! Love it!

Gina Stasko


Desy Wahyu Adyani

Im from Indonesia. Always watch this. Soo amazing, good job team


Your enthusiasm is giving me life hahahah you’re just delightful

Tammy Ring

I love it when you get into it

Annie Paige

The just sick it out

Kelsey Grace

I feel safe here

Meloney Ramirez

Love this guy.❤


Wow, all that skin... absolutely love how excited you get and how you have no idea about inches ??? your personality is fab!!

Randy Gibbons

Two words. Cotton swab.

Maronda Boswell

I have to read the captions and I can’t read the captions and see the video any longer ?

Elaine Montgomery

Awesome as always xx

Sabrina Compton

Love your enthusiasm!
Reminds me of Steve Erwin’s excitement. ?


Wiggeling with you! ?

Jeff Krebs

I'm flying out when covid is done with to get my ears clean. I want to be a subject of your video

Rosi Beets

Good Morning Mr. Barber from California ? Hope you are doing well during these times. I had seen one of your videos where you are places on the right side of the screen and for some reason I didn't like it. Lol For some reason I like seeing you placed on left side of the screen. ? Hope this helps you out a bit. Stay safe and keep up the great work. Happy Holidays

ItisI 64

Oh, no! The beard is back.


Gotta love the enthusiasm. I bet Mr. B watches other wax removal videos in his free time :D

Dinah Lou

Is there a cause or reason for such huge amounts of wax build up? How do these people hear anything before treatment? Amazing results though.

Margo Jost

Love this format! And you made the video perfect, by wiggling with the wiggle! Cracked me up...love to watch you being you! Please take care, love to you all. ❤️??

Astara O’neill

This and blackhead popping videos. Pretty sure I’ve hit my pandemic bottom point!


He wiggled lol, good now he knows how we feel, always wiggling. ?

Lovely Olgies

Who else gets excited about the removing of the wax, the same way he does? ??‍♀️


I was so happy to see him wiggling because I’m always trying to help on my end when watching these videos lol

Annie Paige

Put more oil


Loved teh wriggle Ryhs!

Wilma Whempie’s Creatief

Wish you all the best?❤️

bernie courtney

Your excitement is infectious - great earwax/skin removal.

Kathleen Fleming


Kimberly Cook

Can you show the effects of what not to put in your ears? I only ask because I have known people who used h2o2 and did terrible damage.

Sonia Maria

Olá! Gosto muito de seus vídeos. De mais ???? não entendo nada do que você fala ???? más o vídeo diz tudo

Angie Holley

I would love to see them under a microscope and sort of dissected once it's out.

Emily Davis

I love your energy! These videos are sooooo satisfying to watch all the gunk get cleared out.

Agiel Kncn

This video made me hungry

calise cleghorn

TOP JOBS????✔️✔️✔️

Chris J

That one plug looked like a tootsie roll

Ciarra Vaughn

I like how you get as excited about these extractions as we do ?

Tracy Pritchett

We always wiggle with you Rhys!


The best I've ever seen the alligator forceps perform!

Kate Berks


Nadine Kennedy

?? Do people gear better after removal of wax.

Cassandra Camons

I am so happy you are growing your beard back!! Makes you look manly, not so boyish-face LOL


i loved your energy in the video! loved the video as well

sharon neufeld

just beautiful!!

Tango Whisky

I am always truly amazed when you locate and extract those Mothra-sized cocoon-like plugs! ? But seriously, you are a wonderful communicator, and not only conscious of but also kind to your patients! Thank you and be well!

Joyce Hoffmann

When you clapped your hands together made my day!!

Barbara Berkel

I like your excitement.

Gary Blenkinsopp

Gotta respect a man who so clearly loves his job.


Dude you sound like a sports commentator, LOL!

Gail R. Williams

looks like a gherkin

Michelle P

Thank you for the slo-mo reveal on each ear, and your sheer joy and excitement in what you do!


Absolutely scrumptious, as a recovering pimple popper ,I find myself wonderfully now addicted to your site ! Thank you sir, your a marvel! ❤️

Brandie Gray

Please remove yourself from the CC or the side of the video's it is to distracting to watch you, the video and the CC!!! ?‍♂️

Christine J

Very exciting! That last patient sure had a forest of cilia.

Martine Boulanger

Ouuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!! The beard is back! ??

Skin plugs

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587 - GINORMOUS Plug of Dead Skin Extracted from Swollen Ear

243 830 views | 20 Oct. 2020

Want to watch more Ear

Want to watch more Ear Wax Removal Videos? Then subscribe to my YouTube channel right here:


To arrange an ear wax removal appointment please visit my website:


If you’re experience hearing problems and would like to arrange a hearing consultation, click here:


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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neel-raithatha-38238971/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehearclinic/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHearClinic

Fawn Rhoads

Mr. Neel, I so admire your patience. I was exhausted from just watching. Great work as always ❤

June Smith

This video certainly is not boring by any means, thanks for sharing it and explaining what's going on in detail, I love it x

Barbara Houggati

That was epic!


It's a fascinating procedure, very informative and all but does it make a terrible person because all along I was thinking "damn the doc sounds hot".
I'm genuinely glad the patients feels better though ?

Molly Reed

Does the patient ever comment about being able to feel the peeling of the keratin being lifted from the ear canal?

iiiPurrrsentkitty 88BlackKat88

How badly does this affect the equilibrium ~ both before and after removal?
Watching this makes me feel my own vertigo ???

Elizabeth Carte

Holy cow

Meala B.

This is frustrating to watch. I keep saying just yank it out but I know it will break and be even more difficult to get a hold of it again. I guess I am a backseat Dr.

Rosaleen Kayes

Oh my day's such a good job you do and you really do care about your service user's and getting them back to being themselves 5 star job

sonja keesee

That’s just crazy. I’m always worried my husband is going to end up with ears like this one day because he refuses to take care of them By visiting a specialist doctor for his ears. I guess he will learn when his eardrum burst which he’s already dealt with one time before and it was excruciating for him

Jennifer Michelle

Doesn't it make sense for the skin to be difficult and springy in the ear because the skin on the rest of the body is springy as well? If you pull on the skin of your arm it springs back into place. If the skin is pulled hard enough it can cause a bruise or swelling. And I know from personal experience that if you get a blister or infection the skin is extremely sensitive.

May T

wow. just. wow. who needs horror or alien movies. this stuff is crazy!

Melissa McMillan

I have learneJobson horn a usefulb ....

Carol Lawrence

I like the clean up. It bothers me when there is a bunch of yellow and white left.

Elizabeth Churchill

Excellent per usual. Got to ignore some comments. Unless you also went to school for this.


I could never have that job. I’d be aggressively sticking anything in there in an attempt get that plug out lol


I get dry skin in one ear which my ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist) has removed but it really hurt when the tool touched the inner surface of the ear. How do you do it so your patients don't hurt? Or is it inevitable that it will hurt a little?


Does your ear suction have a range of power? Seems like a breakthrough piece of equipment!

Rachel Dahlberg

Do patients watch the screen while you do this? I would be saying get it out, get it out. LOL

Ruth Watts


Lost wages-Loser

I use a bobby pin.

Dawn Gutknecht

I’ve watched other doctors that have a tool to loosen the wax away from the wall first. It seems much more productive!

cindy termuende

She can hear to China now




Great job

Helen Sarkisian

That went from really disgusting to really interesting.


BLU TAC IN THE EUSTACHIAN TUBES? sorry. Lmao. That’s hilarious

Kyla Miller

I can only imagine the relief!


what a hairy ear

Lena Biser

That was crazy! I'm curious about long term for her. Can the ear recover from something like this?


I bet she did feel better.

Mary Boyle

Why not use a wire loop to loosen and get behind the wax plug

Raven DeBonaire

Absolutely brilliant! It was amusing how the written description came up with some very interesting takes on what was being said during the procedure. Clearly it didn't understand!

Kitten Eggen

"...You know who you are..." ?

Karyn Sue Pohlmeier

I keep thinking, I hope the doctor has a suction device like my ENT but hey, YOU are the doctor...not me...and you know what's better to do than I do!!
Great job!!

Tony Childs

I like your videos but I don't know if you understand how loud you're swallowing is I can hear your swallowing so loud and you smack your lips so loud that it's disgusting I have to turn down the volume and watch it but other than that I like your videos

Ruthann Jones

The hook and forceps can debunk the plug. That'll only help.

Christine Jordan

You need a medical spoon/scoop like dr Lee uses for scraping out lipoma/cysts.

Lyn Pierson

Why not just use the jobs on horn? Just get behind it and push it out


Do you ever see KP on the first third of the ear canal? Where the cilia are?

David Baker

Waste of time asking this bloke questions then


So we don't get to see him pull it out and no close ups? This is disappointing.

Mary Braasch

So much stuff in the ear ouch

Carole Timpson-Wiltowski

I guess there is a good reason for not using Jobson horn?

Wilma Harris

Wilma Harris

Diana Serna

I fully enjoyed this video doc keep up the good work!!!!!

Beverly T.

WOW ‼️ Excellent ‼️ And then they could HEAR ?❣️ Upstate NY here ✌️?

Judy Tregarthen

OMG just pull it out already ?


Use your tweezers


Wonderful job!


It looks like chicken and dumplings. I may be too hungry to be watching this lol

wolfofrhodeisland X

It definitely must hurt when he pulls on the hair inside the ear canal

Janet DePalma

Nerves of steel! Your patient was awfully brave too

Val Willman

Good job Dr! How long does that take to grow in the ear like that?
Now I want to wish you and yours a very Blessed and Merry??Chritmas and a Very Better New Year!?❄⛄

Libby Campbell

Gotta love the “armchair doctors”!! This was a very fascinating case! Thank you!

Courtney Kathleen

This is definitely a boss battle before you level up

Kathleen Smith

Wow! Great job and so patient with that stubborn dead skin plug ??

Mary Haase

I love your videos doc!!!

Pamela Prudencio

That was the most interesting thing ive seen in a long time do more please.

Michael Morrison

2 questions that I am genuinely wondering about.
1. How would the procedure be different, besides obviously the patient not feeling pain, if it would have been removed under general anesthesia? Like what procedurally?
2. How strong of a suction can be used before there's risk to the ear canal? And what would be effected?


I find it a bit distressing and frustrating that the GP's first course of action is to prescribe antibiotics, rather then send them to an audiologist first.

jinger jar

Does the ear heal

Elizabeth Turel

So sad. Looks massively painful.

Will Iwin

Forget the vacuum, use another tool...

Latisha Pond

The dead skin and Keratin have a lot of parasitic traits. You’ve done a great job!

Colleen Carpenter

That poor lady. She must have been suffering


That patient must have felt so much more comfortable with all that gunk removed.


Wow! Seems so aggressive!!

Margaret Houghton

That was amazing. She must feel so much better!

Kathleen Smith

I think this is the worst ear condition I’ve seen since I’ve been watching this channel! Really frustrating to watch how difficult it is to deal with ?

Sandy Hatfield

Goodness this is wearing me out!

LeAvE it to WeAvEr

Dr you did AMAZING! PLEASE don't let those keyboard doctors in the comments bother you. This was so interesting & you did so brilliant. I'm sure the patient feels so much better thanks to you.

Sonia Arranz Sanchez


Lady Fontno

This is the best earwax removal video that's on the internet. Great job and great video.

Gail Weber

I wonder what it sounds like to the person having this removed.???

Gladys M Hayward

I hold my mouth just right to help.


Well, I just learned I can hold my breath for damn near half an hour

Donna Abberley

Wow that poor lady her ear did look sore and swollen. gently gently and slowly, she must have felt so much better.

Molly Thomas

His videos would be much better if he stopped talking about how GREAT he is and going on about all his awards ugh very off putting

Lorna Beltrami

Sorry but.....someone should show her there is such a thing as Q tips and regular daily care would prevent this.....

Emilie Walker

I hope the patient will feel even better soon.

Grammar Grandma

That would be such a relief getting rid of that, but it would be torture having to sit there while someone pokes around your ear with metal things.

jinger jar

This must have been maddening

Candy Corn

Hate that it has to get to the point it's so painful for her to get it taken care of


What about the rest of the skin.

R Weems

I’m curious. I know the size of the ear canal is tiny. So perhaps the tolerances make this question null. But, I have to ask. Could the ear hook and the suction fit in the canal together to work in concert. Use the suction to pull. on the material to be removed, like that sticky, elastic keratin plug.. As the keratin is stretched with the suction could the hook be used to go a bit. deeper so that the hook. could cut.through the stretched keratin to basically carve the plug out in pieces..I have no clue as to whether both could fit and function

Tammy Doiel

Aww that poor girl. Thank you for helping her. I hope she feels better


your commentary is just mumbo jumbo


Good to know you probably won't read this....

Ansie Schlebusch

Poor woman!



Darlene Balvin

Omg I don't have the patience for this it is horrible

Willow Moon

Well done! That really was a battle of wills. I bet the patient is glad to see the back of that. I hope her ear healed fully too. I’ve had issues with my ears all my life (now 46 yrs old). Fortunately nothing like this poor lady...repeated infections, perforations, fluid, tinnitus and finally I’ve had hearing aids fitted. Because I have such a discrepancy between left and right ear (right being much worse), I’m due to have an MRI on my ears. I’m guessing this is to identify any structural issues?

Caitlin Keating

We need a dual video or Dr. Neel and Dr. Rhys! Both such amazing audiologists to watch!

Donna Brasher

That person has got to feel better now!!

Saundra Buchanan


Natasha Kingham

My tympanostomy tube just burst out of my eardrum, and when I had a look in there (I have my own endoscope that is powered by my phone) I can see the blue tube just sitting there, surrounded by white stuff, which I now know is keratin, so thanks for that! Off to have it suctioned next week, although the tube will have to stay there until I have a GA op as its one of the arms is still embedded in my eardrum.


Thank God this poor patient was in your capable hands. She must have been so miserable. Amazing surgery!

Jean Lankton

Holy cow!! Could she hear anything at all?????

Caprice Whitmire

Just looking into the ear makes mine hurt! That's got to be one tough woman to sit through all of that with an earache like that! OUCH!