True laser hair removal

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30 720 views | 23 Apr. 2019

#diy #laserhairremoval

#diy #laserhairremoval #review #beforeandafter

LASER KIT https://blissrejuvenation.com/collections/best-sellers/products/bliss-ipl-laser-hair-removal-pearl-white



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Anna Lucky

Hi, what its input voltage?

Victoria Canovas

I love your video! ? I actually got the same device but from a different brand SkinSteeze.com. I can definitely say it's effective and affordable. I Highly recommend it! ?

Shanti Espinoza

Hola alos españoles xd

Adrian Lisondra

is this effective and safe to use inthe facial area?

Ainbeida Ben

Can a wmen use it on here stomach and chest ?!

the creation of beauty is art.

Oh wow, this sounds so so great! Definitely convenient to have this in your own home.

Mandy Goose

Nevermind I got it yay!!!

Gina Friend

Hi Angela. So I received this and am confused (as not shown on video) and instructions were vague to me that came with. I thought I had to charge it overnight as I was pushing the large white bottom on top and didn't turn on. So I left plugged in overnight, because of. Today I watched your video again. I see to push the green button. Now my question .. is this suppose to flash red when it's on your skin(?), and do you do this as spot section Or in a sweeping motion (?). I need to understand as I've never had such a thing done to begin with. Please provide answers to my concerns. Thanks hunny ❤️

Jeanne Rojo

Hello thanks for this video. May i ask how many times per session should you go over your arms (or any parts)? Like should i only go over it once or can i repeat it 2 or 3 times?


Update 2020 model lovesilky.com


Thanks for sharing!?? I ended up getting the same device from? SkinSteeze.com. Now on my 7th session. It's definitively worth it!. ???

mads birkholm

This is a really good product, though I got mine from https://babyamyco.com/
It's only $100 there for a limited time, though shipping was 10 days.
I like it, and I'm seeing results. On my 5th week now (YAY!)

supritha Lakshminarayan

Wow! The products is really incredible ??

Gina Friend

Hi. Bought it. Hours ago. Thanks.

Hairy-less ?

Joseph Schmidt

This Aliexpress stole your video!


It’s really works and makes your skin very smooth, I got one from elsanar.com for less than $77 (60% off) with free shipping. I love it so much.  


Feld Mishpacha

Can I do it while nursing??

Alana L

Question please:) when “zapping” on a certain spot, do I just do it once and move on or do same spot a few times?

Marie Munoz

Where did you get your necklace?

Penny Thoms

I love your video! ? I actually got the same device but from a different brand SkinSteeze.com. I can definitely say it's effective and affordable. I Highly recommend it! ?


Is it permenant?

lani a

I have one that looks the same from sexyskn.com for 175$!! Been using it for a few week I love mine too! Thank you for this love your posts

Alizé Montoya

You can get it at herperfectskin.com for $135 your welcome ?

Dana Morris

Best video I have seen on this! So much great info! Thank you!


I would love to see an update.
You posted this 6 months ago and I’m wondering how the regrowth is..?
If there is any regrowth at all


Hi dear, can you tell me can i use it on my side burns too


Does it really work ?

Mandy Goose

Mine isn’t doing anything when I turn it on ? I don’t hear any noise come from it.

Erica Rock

This looks awesome


how long does it take for the hair to fall out after IPL session? i thought it's going to be instant ?

Nessy Marquiese

Thanks for reviewing this ❤️. If anyone wants this device I got mine at skinn-store.com they have it on sale for $99 I needed like 5 sessions until I saw my hair completely stop growing. Highly recommend it.

Glitter Eyez_queen

Very nice dear friend

Joseph John

Did the product overheat while you used it ? Like did you have to wait for it cool down during a session or were you able to get through for example both legs without stopping.

Cat Cip

Girl get natural Castor oil to grow your eyebrows, it actually works. Just put a drop or two on each eyebrow before you sleep and massage it in the area you want it a little bit

Bailey Lewis

I need this!!!!!!


Is it permanent


“I do my vagina”
No honey, not unless you stuck the while damn device inside your yoni you didn’t, you might have done your vulva though ?

Bear’s Outdoor

Here is a great deal for your followers! Limited time offer if they are interested! https://bearsoutdoor.com/collections/bears-bargain-den/products/ipl-handheld-laser-epilator-depilador-facial-full-body-permanent-hair-removal-device

mehek khalid

Can we wax before using the laser? Or we suppose to shave only??


Has anybody with Pcos tried it? I need to know if it’s worth the buy lol

Adriana Vučković

Can you use it on your face?

Hcnsj Ncnnsan

How will I know what intensity shoud I use????

True laser hair removal

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True laser hair removal

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