My hair falls out alot

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My hair falls out alot

14 views | 8 Nov. 2016

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My hair falls out alot

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Is The Curly Girl Method Making All My Hair Fall Out?!?

54 077 views | 23 Oct. 2019

***Open for Products

***Open for Products Mentioned*** Woah...I'm losing all my hair!! I'm going bald!! Just kidding, but it can definitely feel that way some times. But never fear, it is totally normal to noticed more shedding in the shower. Watch the full video to find out why!

Products Mentioned:

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo: https://amzn.to/2MASuLG

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner: https://amzn.to/35YVSHZ

Giovanni Direct Leave In: https://amzn.to/31ALaUu

The Perfect Haircare Towel and Brush: http://bit.ly/swavycurlycourtney-towel





Music: https://www.bensound.com

~DISCLAIMER~ This video is not sponsored, but the description does contain some affiliate links. This means I earn a small percentage if you purchase something through one of these links. There’s no pressure to purchase this way, but if you want to save a bit of money and help me out you can. ?

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Please watch: "Beer Rinse for Wavy Curly Hair (2A, 2B, 2C hair)"



Desiree Marchand

Am I the only one who had this pre-CG? I think it's because my hair was severely lacking protein before I transitioned.

Debbie Weinstein

What about breakage? I'm noticing a lot of breakage near the front after 2 weeks of CGM. Yikes. I use silk pillow case, silk scrunchy, no brushing at all.... what's happening? Could it have been the dry cut I got? There was product in my dry hair when she combed it and she had to tug. :(


Loving your shirt! Jesus is ?


Your hair loss it's probably under average, don't understand the drama or the shocking introduction ?


I was eating spaghetti when I watched this! ??

Jessica Kingery

I don't think that the curly girl method is causing people's hair to fall out, I think it is the deva curl products.

sophia rios

That’s like maybe 40% of what I lose ? I have SUPER thick 2B/2C hair...I’m starting to see my scalp a lot and it’s scaring me. Anyone else feel?

Amanda Jackson

This is happening to me too since I started using Cantu products, but I’m also seeing bald spots forming in the front parts of my scalp. Is that normal orrrr?

Miška Burandová

Hi! I would like to ask for some advice on hair loss / hair thinning after medication (I was on accutane for 7 months and like half of my hair has fallen out, now my hair is a complete disaster but I hope after some time its going to be better, I just want to boost the hair growth a little bit. Thanks

Patricia Niedrich

I want to share my story with you. Some may be share the same thing, but not know some of the reasons why they may be losing hair, and can check with their doctors. I am 60, and have let my hair go silver for the last 3 years. I had to do a big chop, since my hair was colored and damaged, it was dreadlocking itself up, I had long hair down to my breasts. It was dyed caramel blonde/lt. brown, so "silver and gold" was not the look I wanted, so I went short with a pixie haircut until all the brown tips grew out and my hair was silver.
Last Autumn, my hair started to fall out, and big clumps of it. I had always had bone straight hair, and eventually, (after a DMT blocking cream) what grew in was curly. (wispies started growing back by January.) I thought I had PCOS, which comes along with menopause, but since I have been through the change since age 48, I felt that I must be having hormonal changes. (I went back to my progesterone cream as well.)
What grew back in this Spring/Summer was curly, and it's been a real learning curve to learn how to take care of silver, (loss of pigmentation meant my hair is now "fine" not thick like it used to be.) As well, it's curly, so I never learned how to take care of curly hair since it's been straight all my life. I asked 2 friends who are hairdressers, and they said, along with post partum hormone changes, it happens during menopause time too.
However, about the hair loss, I want to throw in another thing that might be a problem for some here that they may NOT know about. I recently discovered that I had celiacs in my birth family (I'm an adoptee who found out about their family, including the health history.) There is an issue with wheat proteins in a lot of hair products, to "thicken" the hair. I was on a site for celiacs with hair issues, and found out that a lot of them discovered the Vitamin E (tocopherals, which is in a lot of the shampoos and conditioners) CAN be from wheat germ oil, and Wheat proteins are there for hair thickeners. A lot of the women and men DID lose their hair when they unknowingly used their products. You might say "well, you're not EATING the product" and that is what Celiacs have issues with, is digestion. Not true at all. A lot of the women had hair fall out in clumps, rashes like eczema started up at the hairlines, the hair was damaged. Now, I will ONLY trust if there are gluten free CERTIFIED. Even then, you could be taking risks. Make sure they use RICE PROTEINS and NOT WHEAT. Oat Proteins are ok but must be certified.
There are a lot of folks that don't know they have wheat allergy issues and go on using the shampoos with wheat in them, through Vitamin E and other methods of useage, so please protect yourself and find out. Your doctor can give you a test to find out if you are susceptible to wheat allergies. I knew I had wheat allergies when I was a child, but did not know my grandfather (birth family) had issues and he and a few of my aunts had problems.
Thanks for making this video, as there can be unknown things behind losing hair, as you mention. It's for us to find out what they are.

Ms. T

Find your video very interesting. I have wavy 2b 2c hair but always blowed dried it straight as I never liked curly hair on me. I'm 60 years old and my hair started falling out since in my early 40s but didn't go through menopause until I was 59yrs. It's been 2 yrs after menopause and my hair still is falling out at a rate of about 200 a day. Everytime I wash and condition my hair I have a clump of hair 4x bigger than yours. It's always been so scary for me cuz I feel at the rate I'm loosing hair, I should be bald! I started my cgm 1 year ago and still have that much hair loss. For me eventhough I'm losing so much hair, mine grows back and is the same thickness so in a way that makes me feel better but it's quite scary to see such a huge glob of hair everyday. When i was in my teens,, i had super thick corse hair and after having my child in my late 20s is when I noticed my hair change forever. I lost more than half the volume of my hair and it became very fine, like baby hair fine and that's how it is to this day. My pony tail is about just a bit smaller than yours so I guess this makes me feel not as bad. My hair grows fast, it's healthy, and for some reason I have no grey hair at 60yrs! I have 6 siblings and they all went prematurely grey in their 20s. I think hair is a mystery and no 2 people are alike. Also, when I started my curly hair journey and heard about co-washing and not using sulfates, my opinion is how can u ever clean your scalp? It makes sense that conditioners will clog your hair shaft by not properly cleaning it. After buying hundreds of dollars worth of products the one that works for me is Not your Mothers Curl Talk line. I love the shampoo because it lathers and my scalp feels clean. I wash my hair once a week but before I wash with my shampoo, I wash with AG 's ACV shampoo to thoroughly clean my scalp then I use my shampoo and conditioner then add my styling products. This works perfectly for me I love it. I decided to try the Not your Mothers Curl Talk after I saw your video review of the products just a few weeks ago. I wish I would have seen it earlier before I spent so much money on so many expensive brands. So, long story short, I'm still losing way more hair than you but thank God it seems like it grows back and I think it's got to do with scalp care and keeping it clean and healthy. I also suffered from alot of frizz and found out I can't have glycerin in any of my products and after removing that, I have very little frizz.

Michele B.

Your videos are always so informative, thank you for sharing!

Lena Lily

Seriously? That’s nothing compared to mine lol... consider yourself lucky haha

Mariellen Anderson

general consensus....not a lot of hair loss.

Jody Akers

I thought it was just me and getting old!


I wish that's all that I lost. I've noticed a TON of fall out and it's gotten even worse since I started going back to my regular natural hair last year. I lose hair all day every day. People pick them off my back and butt where they fall out and hang. I wish I knew why my hair was falling out. I get my bloodwork done every year and it shows all fine. I'm tired of going bald. I used to have such thick and beautiful hair just over a year ago.

Kay Aiko

I honestly believe it’s because your using deva curl. I noticed you use the deep sea repair protein treatment. I’ve been losing hair too bc of their products. Search on YouTube “stop using deva curl” for more thorough understanding.

Lola Stone

Sooo glad u did this! I am so happy I felt like I was going bald but I guess I'm not. It's not good to sleep in a ponytail..right?


Do you use the invisibobble more than the vere ponytail holder

Suzanne Booth

Hey I have the same comforter...

Vanessa Ebony

Great topic. The thing with cowashing is that you have to clarify your scalp. That's what happened with people when Wen was really popular going bald. Cowashing clogs the follicles in your hair preventing new hair growth and causing limpness. If you cowash you need to clarify your scalp once a week. I only cowash in the winter I'm mixed so I have funky hair texture. Ken Nickels of Raw Curls goes into depth on this on his facebook page. It's the technique that causes hair fall. Also cowashing is mostly for ethnic hair cause it tends to be dryer than fine wavy hair which is why the products are heavy, and people who follow the CGM method complain it's too heavy which is why I'm like that's why it's sold in the ethnic hair section. For your hair type I recommend using the Giovanni and NYM Naturals and Curl Talk line. With that much hair loss you showed in the video you may want to not cowash anymore. As I mentioned those two lines above. I've been doing CGM for a while and experimented on my friends with different types of ethnicities and curls so I can make recommendations on that

Karina Rico-Arango

I have a lot less hair than you and loose more than that on my wash days. I haven’t done anything but air dry my hair since February and the amount of thinning I noticed today is seriously the worse I’ve ever seen. Had to cut off 5 inches of straggling hair

Debra Rubin-Roberts

I have really dry, high porosity 3b curls and I also use Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat™ Invigorating Shampoo! Love how it makes my scalp feel! I follow w/ Giovanni 2Chic® Frizz Be Gone™ Smoothing Hair Mask (as my rinse out conditioner). I then use Giovanni Direct Leave-In™ Weightless Moisture Conditioner - This is my favorite product!! It has become my holy grail. I can put a ton of this in my hair without it getting weighed down. I put this in the length only and create curl clumps on damp hair. I then apply mousse or gel in the roots and on top of this leave in.
It is nice to see how well the shampoo and Direct Leave-In work for you even though we have very different hair types! I think Giovanni is a GREAT product line at a great price point!

Michele Kelly

Curly girl is a gimmick!

Jennifer Price

I am glad that I had started limiting how often I washed my hair a couple of years before starting the curly girl method.
There were many things such as not brushing my hair while dry and not washing my hair everyday that I changed because of either laziness I found out I don’t have to do it everyday and curls look better not brushed. So when I decided to try the curly girl method it was many actually styling my hair and watching ingredients in what I used that changed. All the other changes were things I was doing or had heard about before.
So yeah I notice but since I know what I was doing before I changed anything I didn’t really think twice about it.

Sascha Olinsson

Seriously...That is nothing. The shedded hair does not fall every day when you have curly hair. Because of the curl clumps the hair does not fall away and will only fall when you wash and brush your hair. That kind of hair loss- considering you should loose around 100 hairs per day- is absolutely nothing.

Rebecca Yeazel

If I shower once a week normally, would you recommend just alternating between low poo and co-wash for each shower?

Althea Mills

omgosh just went through this, it scared me to death, literally just got out of the shower just now and got on youtube to see if anyone else was going through this


African American dermatologists are warning the black community to stop cowashing as it's causing women to loose their hair. I have 4c hair and add a lot of products to it to keep it moisturized. So I switched to a shampoo that contains sulfates with no parabens, no silicones and no phthalates (Garnier Fructis Pure Clean). Its only $3, and It doesn't strip my hair. Also, adding coconut oil to your hair at least 20 minutes before shampooing (or sleep with it in the night before shampooing) prevents hair shedding during shampoo and conditioning. I'm aware of sulfate-free shampoos, but they dont clean as well has shampoos with sulfates.

Alyvia Hurst

That is not even close to what I lose on wash day, probably 1/4 of the amount I lose


I’ve been experiencing exactly what you are talking about!! I’ve been stressing out especially when I see wads I’d hair on CGM!!

Karissa Thatcher

I lose about twice that every time I wash,and I shed some hairs in between washing. But, my hair is a bit longer, and I have a tighter curl pattern, so I think that's why. Also, I have had various health issues and stresses that have contributed. After seeing a clinical nutritionist, I was put on a supplement plan and began eating a lot more protein and healthy fats. Let me tell you!! I went through the worst hair loss due to detoxing and hormones rebalancing. My pony tail was pathetic. BUT. Once my body rebalanced, my hair went back to normal!


Clarify and go au natural sometimes. Too much product can suffocate your hair.

Kari Designs

I had a drastic weight loss of about 60lbs and was very underweight. This caused me to lose like 50% of my hair volume. When women lose too much, it throws our hormones out of whack and can cause aggressive hair loss. Embrace your curls, and embrace you body ladies.

Kartinee Mageswaran

That’s literally not much hair? Uhhh

Audreyanne Duguay

If only you knew how this is NOT a lot of hair to loose after 4 days ..... ?


I loose that much in a single wash, but I get that it’s normal since you don’t wash your hair as often on the CGM.

nomo hage

I loose that much hair by only sleeping

Radiant Style

I've always shed a lot of hair, even before I started CGM. While I was using Deva Curl, my hair was shedding excessively and I my head developed bald spots. I switched to AG naturals and my hair is not shedding hardly at all, and new hairs are growing in. CGM does not cause hair loss, but products can. We need to be careful!

Lilly Ace

Dude, this is great timing!! I just started the curly girl method and I lose so much hair in the shower that I could make a hair doll out of it..... With hair children

shaney firth

Im the same lol if i leave it for 4 or 5 days but mine is really long and strait not curly

Amelia V

I’m pretty sure I lose like 5-8x that amount of hair every time I shower :( my hairs gotten super thin and the amount has gone down. I don’t use any heat and haven’t in years. I don’t use harsh products. I’m not washing my hair every day. I get literal handfuls of hair when I gently run my fingers through it. I’ve gone to a dr and they’ve just been like “Eh buy my expensive shampoo” so like shameless plug do no harm doc? Anyways no one cares to figure out why my hair’s done this (I’m just interested in the cg method, I have mediocre wavy hair/ big ball o’frizz, but I used to have at least 20x the amount of hair I have now)

Jesse Leigh Middleton

Is it weird i lose at least 4-5 times that in shorter times

Michele Kelly

You have to use shampoo, you must unclog your hair follicles! It's an absolute must, I have curly hair and use shampoo everytime and I wash every other day! It's a must! Clean healthy scalp is a must!

Lynn Anson

My hair is very curly and I am a hairdresser.....I have let it grow and using gentle products I let it go curly...what I had was my hair was coming out mostly on top and in huge amounts..my hair was past my shoulders and almost all one length..it came out so fast I had pillows of hair in baggies that I took to Dr...I'm sure they didn't care said it might be stress...I don't have any more stress then usual..now it's trying to come back and I have a zillion tiny tiny hairs on top and around my face...and my ends are stringy....it's sad because I take great care of my hair and myself...I'm still loosing some...normal range hair and thinking about cutting my hair very short...but ....I've had short hair most of my life and was enjoying my long hair and it looked good for do many years...I even bought a wig and colored it my color so that I could look ok....there's so many products out there and I think most of them are garbage...in the old days we had just a few and they were so much cleaner on your hair and safer..

Leah Mason

Love your shirt!

Hope Bullard

I Hate That my hair falls out! Please HELP ME LEARN HOW TO STOP HAIR FALLING OUT!! Then my mom doesn't understand why my hair is everywhere.

Aimless Alix

Oh good I thought I was loosing alot but it the same amount you showed in the video so i feel a little better

elyon v

For years my hair would shed like 20 a day. But a year into doing the curly method . I literally have less than half of the hair i used to have a year ago.

Moon Light

What can I do without curly hair method ? Like what I should to do ?
Because I have the same problem ?


I lose wayyy more oh lord

TheLord's Butterfly

Lovely t-shirt ❤️✝️

Jessica Sanford

You lose more hair in the front because of the hair wrap. It pulls at the baby hairs and long hairs and breaks them off. That's not normal either. That tends to be the fault of using a hair wrap.

Jessica Murphy

What I lose more than that every time I brush which is several times a week lol

Miranda Hutton

There’s a difference between normal hair loss and abnormal. I experienced abnormal during the CGM. My scalp was ridiculously itchy and I developed bald spots from fall out in the itchy areas. I washed very well on my wash days too. Since stopping I have tons of baby hairs growing back (thank goodness). CGM is NOT for everyone

April Carbonneau

My fallout after about 4 days is unreal. What you have is nothing compared to mine. Mine is quite alarming actually. I do have several autoimmune diseases, one being crohns, and I've heard it's just a symptom of having these diseases, my hair falls out a lot. Plus, I had to go on a medication for my crohns called Azathioprine, and it made my hair fall out even worse. I was told it's just a side effect I have to live with. I'm hoping doing the curly girl method will help my hair become healthier and I will eventually have less fallout.

Janina Okoh

Great Video! Not gross though haha I just started my journey and your vedios are great! Learning alot!

Imgoingbackto 505

Guys... the cgm does NOT work for everybody! There, I said it! When I got rid of sulfates my hair was so greasy and oily for the first two months transitioning. It eventually stopped getting so oily but month 3-5 my roots became BRITTLE and sticky. I happened to use a sulfate shampoo at a friends place and it DID WONDERS! It got rid of the sebum and product build up on my roots. I’ll now use a sulfate shampoo as a clarifying shampoo once a month and sulfate free on the other weeks. I also don’t do some other things on the curly girl method but I also follow somethings as well. I haven’t used silicones in 5 months and it’s been great! But I wouldn’t recommend sticking with the cgm (which I’m not) unless it’s going great. I’m still finding my perfect routine but it’s definitely not on cgm and I’m fine with that ?

Lucía García

Yes, that's very little shedding.

Arlene Erickson

Fall tends to lead to more hair fall as well.

Bettina Østrup Elmas

It just came out from your own scalp, i do not understand how it Got discusting on the trip from the scalp to the drain :D

Jennifer Oldenburg

Thank you for this video!! What started as an "oh look at that hair in the sink" quickly worked itself up to a full blown panic attack, where I envisaged a bleak and very bald future, assaulted by a constant avalanche of targeted facebook ads for wigs and hair growth remedies. If I bother my doctor one more time about blood works (which are fine! ) I might have to change my name and go in incognito. Though if they tested it now I'd most likely be arrested for large scale doping, what with all the different supplement pills i have religiously been collecting. Your video brought me peace of mind!!

Tikah j

I started curly girl method for a few months now but my hair already fall out since before cgm. What should i do? Does my hair products bad?

sadie girl

Is co-washing just washing your hair with conditioner? I'm new to this and very confused ?

Dawna M

This video was great information. I keep hearing how theres "controversary" around DevaCurl products but so far it's been great for me. I use their no poo, rinse conditioner and the styling cream. I deep condition weekly with Shea Moisture masque and use a silicone free leave in conditioner from Shea Moisture as well. So far I've had wonderful results but will be doing a protein treatment on my next wash day.

Tsaria Albrecht

yes see your doc if you find excessive shedding BUT be prepared to find no good reason for your hair loss and no solution to the problem. in fact most clinical hair loss is not reversible.

Gruen Jill

That really isn't a lot of hair loss for 4 days of not shampooing.

Julz Alta

There is a yeast called Malzessia that naturally and safely live in your scalp ad feeds on sebum but can grow out of control if there is a build up of sebum that never gets properly washed out with a cleansing agent (sebum is an oil, it can't be washed with water for instance). It can cause seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and hair loss. So you have to check if your cleansing product are effective enough concerning sebum regulation.


Curly Girls Beware!!! DevaCurl products a making people's hair fall out. If you are new to the curly girl method please do your research and make your own decisions.

Courtney Carlson

Is this video a joke or click bait to get views because what is this? That is not a lot of hair she lost! I'm so sure i mean every woman has to know that losing that much daily in the shower is normal! That's nothing for 4 days! It's irritating that this video even exists! Pointless! Waste of time!

Brittany Anderson

So this isn't about hair loss but I love your videos and have learned a lot! I have been following your steps of wash with lo poo shampoo, condition and then put a leave in conditioner in. I then put the curl enhancer in and top with gel, plop hair then apply mousse. That was working great! Now that the cold weather has hit and I live where it is pretty dry, my hair has turned blah! It seems dry and stringy. Do you have any recommendations for someone who has dry hair to begin with and lives in a drier climate?

Elise Catherine

Ohh I hate picking up my hair too. ? But this accumulative hair loss is mine for one wash (which I think I also showed in my wash routine vid ??), but there’s nothing wrong with me health-wise. My hair is 3a/3b and I don’t brush between washes. The tighter your hair pattern, the less chance there is for loose hairs to fall throughout the day, and so they all come out in the wash! I hope people with tighter hair don’t panic and think they’re unhealthy. If it changes drastically, though, or seems unusual for you, then definitely go to a health care professional. Enjoyed the vid, Court!

Dianne L Godwin

Yep, it's gross. LOL!! I lose SO much more than that. HA! HA! It's pretty disgusting. But I've lost loads of hair for years, so I'm pretty used to it. And it's not like I've gone bald. I still have a LOT of hair. ;-)

Unicorn bükücü

I’m losing more hair than the amount you showed but I’m also relieved that it’s normal.

Michele Torres

My aunt is a retired hairdresser and cut my hair throughout my childhood and still trims it to this day. She taught me a long time ago that I should comb my hair, with a wide tooth comb, just before washing it to get out the loose hairs. I wash every 7 to 10 days so a lot of hair comes out when I comb it. I’m talking balls of hair ? but it’s normal. My hair strands appear in the most oddest places. They’re always on my clothes, etc. so please don’t despair because it’s normal. I also take vitamins for hair, skin and nails.

Sunflowers Rock

Lol, I lose 3 times that on a wash and if I comb my hair everyday, I loose that much as well. I will also have strands come away in between. You are very lucky. The joke of it is i bought a Cockepoo breed dog as I don't like dog hair, yet I lose far more hair than a dog ever does.

A Joyful Sound

I'm so glad you shared this! I was starting to wonder if I should quit the curly girl method. ??

Curlybarbie 3acurlybarb

I have been doing it for over a year now and still struggling with my hairs health. Any tips or recommendations??

claire francis

I have PCOS and used to lose handfuls every time I brushed or showered. I should have been bald but thankfully my hair grows fast and there’s a lot of it. Since I started curly girl I lose slightly less in the shower and obviously none in my brush because I don’t brush (except in the shower). So for all those worried about the amount they lose in the shower I can see how the amount might bother you, but just bear in mind you’re not losing while brushing. As someone that empirically used to lose loads of hair and keep rigorous track of it, I can reassure you you’re probably losing much less than normal but it just looks more. Curly girl method has been so good for my hair loss and breakage reduction. ??

Imgoingbackto 505

After cutting out sulfates for 6 month I experinced hairloss and product buildup (not sebum) all over my hair


UGH ... that was not a "gigantic" wad .... and I have bald spots from the Diva Curl ... I am switching to Ouidad and hoping it stops my scalp from being reactive and won't increase the amount of hair I've lose ... STAY AWAY from Deva Curl Products

Gina Shah

If you're using shampoo then you're not following CG?!

Angela Staggs

Literally shed 3x more hair in 1 wash after 2 days than you did in 1 wash after 4 days ?

Jen G

I didn't use that shampoo or conditioner combo but I was using not your mother's naturals and my hair was falling out a lot. I went from really full thick hair that would have 4-5 layers to something more medium/light that is only about 2-3 layers. I stopped doing cgm and the hair loss stopped (I still washed the same amount of time )

PS. I lost 2/3x more than that amount

almog hasson

i lose like 3-5 times the amount of your hair (sometimes i shed more sometimes i shed less idk...) but i also consider that my hair is much longer than yours and curlier so it might make an impression that is more but actually its just because of the length :/ still dont know if its okay to shed like that tho

Keira Shantry

I have lost way less actually since my transition. I used to loose 3 times what you just did in just 2 days.

Migraine Mama

It is normal to shed 100 hairs per day. And girls with longer hair, once they wrap it all up in a ball, it looks like a lot of hair, but it really isn’t. And if that’s the only hair that you could come up with, count your blessings, it gets worse in your mid 40s. LOL for some!

Michele Kelly

Becareful that you are not allergic to tea tree oil! Yes, it's a real thing and will cause fallout! Becareful because before you know it you have major hairloss before u know it.


I only wash my hair once a week but I comb it sometimes throughout the week and I loose waaaayyy more than this every time I wash


That's it! That's nothing sis!

Rosie C

Mine foams sometimes I don’t get why!? Not Giovanni brand but randomly. Also I feel like I’m losing hair too.

Do The Do

I comb out all the hair before I step into the shower... really cuts down on the massive clumps. Still have to use a net catch in the drain and usually have to empty it at least once so the tub doesn't keep fill up, but it would be so much worse if I didn't brush out my hair beforehand. Of course this is me using my fingers to comb through my hair the entire time since I'm not doing CG right now, and also most of several weeks worth of hair because I'm a disgusting man. I do pull out some clumps of fallen hair from my hair tie whenever I take it out to retie, and occasionally run my fingers through my hair a bit.

Mady Santos

"They keep escaping!!!" LOLOL too cute Courtney

Kenedeigh Bara

..... I’m going through postpartum hair loss so... this is nothing ? I’m literally going bald. This is less than my hair loss every day.


I tried to tell my mother this, but it was still enough to scare her off the CGM. :/


Don’t feel bad I lose that and way more my hair is thinner now than ever my hair dresser said we lose hair every day 50 to 100 strands that can vary if you she said if don’t wash your hair every day you lose more when you do because you haven’t washed it so what she is saying is probably true then because I’ve heard it from more than one person more than one Hair Dresser conditioning does make the shedding hair fall out I’m about to tell my doctor I’m getting scared how thin my hair is becoming I’m on prescription vitamins so my Hair should be growing if anyone has any tips that really work let me know because I’ve tried everything from treatments oil‘s diet you name it I’ve tried it if anyone has any secrets on how to grow out hair please let me know I am desperate ???? and I’m buying so many products sulfate free basically all healthy but not seeing results ☹️?


That’s nothing. That’s what I use to
lose everyday showering. Now going curly I am losing a golf ball size when I wash every 2-3 days. Dr can’t find anything wrong but little low on ferritin. I lose curl clumps in the shower(20-30 strand clumps) which makes me think one day I’ll be bald.

Savannah Calhoun

Girl, that is actually amazing that you loss so little, considering we lose around 80 hairs a day. It looks like you lost half of that amount which is a sign of a healthy scalp. Also it’s not gross, it’s just your hair!

V. 1954

My back is killing me just watching this.


I brush my hair ONLY before washing it. Always. I hate, hate, HATE detangling my wet hair. I have fine long hair and it just grosses me out detangling them wet and without brushing them before washing. I use the Tangle Teezer and it is less aggressive than a regular brush.
And co-washing is just as yucky to me. My scalp never feels really clean when I do so I stopped doing it.
I wash my hair once a week, nourish it with moisture and all the good stuff. Thats it. And if my curls start to flatten over the week and dont look that nice anymore, I just braid my hair or wear them in a ponytail.

My hair falls out alot

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My hair is falling out alot

3 views | 8 Nov. 2016

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