Lime crime hair dye review

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LimeCrime Unicorn Hair Review : ‘NEON PEACH’ (the best dye ever!!!)

4 072 views | 4 Aug. 2020

Thanks for

Thanks for watching.



I purchased this from Cult Beauty for £15

One Tub was more than enough for my long but not very thick hair.

Thanks for watching


INSTAGRAM : Anwenator

Heather Ivey

@anwenator.....tbis is FECKING PERFECT on you!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this on u....i hope it stays for a while !!!! ? XXOO ?

Elayna Terrell

Ugh this makes me miss my neon and fun colors. I may start doing my regrowth bright colors. I have black now and it's so boring.

Cathy Pointon

I love it!..it looks like you have streaks of light in your hair!. U r a brave girl I could never be that bold!. Not sure about neon eyebrows though!! Lmao ?

Liona 2317

Can do a video where you do a Bleach Bath on your roots??


Anwen I like your natural lips better tbh. Sorry

Elizabeth Eichner

4th! I am an Acanthostega and queen of the fishopods. To all you tetrapods that evolved from me, you're welcome. look it up, it's fascinating.

Elayna Terrell

Also darlin if you find a color youd like to keep up with. Put the color in your conditioner and it'll stay vibrant. ?

MommaVapes Beauty

Its been so long since I've went thrifting ???

Sophie Hennessy

@anwen dye your brows to match? ?


I'm pretty concerned about you and your health? I've not watched you in a while and your voice and yourself to be fair has changed a lot??

Annette Bailey

F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S Anwen xx

Satanette 85

So funny the other week I coloured my hair directions fluorescent glow because of ur vid an then on Sunday I dyed it directions mandarin an now ur guna b orange too!xxx

Tara Blanchard

I love that color.. but u REALLY NEED 2 jars of dye next time, you have to have your hair extremely wet and creamy for the best result, I have used this product many times on various clients and if your hair is long definitely 2 jars and if you have thick hair then 3 jars


It came out amazing!!! ??✨✨✨

silly panda98

Hi anwen I love your new hair

MommaVapes Beauty

I love it...kind of a tangerine grapefruity peachy color lol

Ryan Carson

Ur hair looks nice anwen:)

olala. TV

Цвет классный, но девушка мерзкая

Glitter Girl

Love it!!!!?????

MommaVapes Beauty

Wow you found some great stuff!!!

MommaVapes Beauty

I wanna go thrifting with you girl??

Laura - makeup_mom2

Love it! ?

Elizabeth Eichner

I love how your hair turned out you fiery volcano goddess

Denni Knight

It is a work of art!!! Absolutely stunning ?


Gorgeous! ❤???????❤????❤?????????

Gypsy Lyss

Oh and what is ur sign are u an Aquarius? Cuz u love the rebellious looks! I'm gonna guess aqua, or aries or leo.. lol..just wondering...hey! U should do an astrology type video, I have this amazing book(I'll look for it and tag u on IG when I find it) where u can do while astrology charts! That would be an interesting video! Do Hunies and the boys charts maybe? Just an idea...love love


12:46 you look like Ariel :) and in other moments like from the movie with miła Jovovich and Bruce Willis? Oh jeeeez, i totally forgot the title and I feel just a bit too lazy to Google ;) aaaaaalso you an always go for a top bra. Just sth without a wire :)

jairene sereno

I like that the color is different.

Bobbi leeman

Wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole I believe you were looking for!

Erikka's Epiphany

I wouldn’t touch it with....a ten foot pole!

Eve beinguniquebeingme

Crazy amazing colour! ??? I too have long fine hair need to try this!

Bobbi leeman

How in the heck did you do that without getting it all over your shirt???

Alice Weber

I think the "patchy" areas make it look a little bit natural haha as natural as bright orange can be! But I absolutely love it! I'm obsessed with it. You look stunning.



Thamara K

Love it!
Btw It's normal that there are lighter parts that can happen because the hair is in that part too dry so it won't take in the color or maybe the die wasn't saturated on that part of the hair hair that is dry is suckin in al the stuf so it needs to be packed on it. You can try to put on another layer but only if it bothers you. In my eyes it looks awesome! Don't want to be a know it al btw just some info that can help ??

Gypsy Lyss

Gorgeous, as usual... Loving this color on u, really makes your eyes POP!!! just stunning! Love to u, Hunies and the Boys, ( and the Barbies!!!) Oh!! Btw! I've been slacking on uploading my looks from ur palette on IG (@gypsygirllyss I'm sure u knew..lol) but I've done two looks so far. Def gonna finally post the 1st one today, will tag u also
. Much love mis Anwenator!!! Love love love ya!! (PS, u look amazing, I wouldn't say ur out of shape...lol)

Colleen Nichol

Wow Anwen, love it! Love you, you crazy lady. ??

Momma Bear

Your hair was trying to make you a unicorn at the end ??

Brandee Boo's Makeup and Magic

Love your new hair color. Like I said on your Instagram post I wish my hair wasn't so dark and bleach wasn't so damaging to it so I could dye my hair all the colors of the rainbow ? I'm glad the color turned out great for you. I'm definitely jealous lol. ????

Sonia R

I actually love the lighter bits. Very effective. But if you want the colour to take more, I find, using the brush from top to bottom, rather than using your hands and then finally, brushing your hair through so it distributes evenly, works.

Mariel H

She's pinky coral, she's neon orange/tangerine, she shines neon yellow under the overheard light and she defies gravity! She's fabulous!! ? Love ya Anwen! I cracked up at Alex's 24 hour neighbor car surveillance. ??

Lisa Greig

Very unique!!! Take care ⭐️


this was so gay (but like... in a good way :>]] )

Silke Strempa


Alice Weber

My hair salon calls them "fashion colors"

Prepare 4More

Hun, orange is not soooo your color....pink is muuuuuch better ??

Kelly Chapman

Great colour x

Victoria A

‘Is that a bit naughty!?’ ??

Chubby Hippie

Hi beautiful! I just watched your botox video and I was wondering if you are still getting botox cause your face is so flawless! You're just so pretty and i love your orange hair! Do you know you resemble the singer from the band paramore?


I CREASED when you did the reveal "show" ? Anwen, you are so adorably hilarious!

Judge me unforgiven

@Anwen What do you use to get your hair so white after you bleach?


Just GORGEOUS ANWEN LOVEN this colour on you.?

My Mediocre Life

Hey chick, which bleach do you use? I want to start doing mine at home rather than fork out £100 each time, but I’m baffled by the different products!!
Edited to add- yes, it’s wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole ??

Lime crime hair dye review

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14 881 views | 17 Apr. 2017

Hey Petals! **IF YOU

Hey Petals! **IF YOU DON'T LIKE LIME CRIME JUST USE THE SPLAT DYE THAT I SUGGEST IN THIS TUTORIAL TO ACHIEVE THE SAME LOOK** This is my unsponsored review on the LimeCrime Unicorn Hair Dye! Personally I think this application was very nice and left my hair feeling smooth and un-damaged. I would really recommend it to anyone who has tried splat before because it holds up to that!

Thanks again for watching and feel free to join the petal party by subscribing to my channel! You can also find me on tumblr, twitter, and instagram at the links below:

Tumblr: https://dreamingofpetals.tumblr.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dreamingofpetal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreamingofpetals/

Where to Buy:

Unicorn Hair Dye: https://www.limecrime.com/en-us/categories/unicorn-hair-semi-permanent-hair-colors

Lusty Lavendar Splat: https://www.amazon.com/Splat-DVS-Lusty-Lavender-Null/dp/B00153Z3I0/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1492465331&sr=8-1&keywords=lusty+lavender


Carefree Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Fretless Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


sarah kry



such a sweetie ??❤

Jacky Doud

You should try a bleach bath (mixing hair bleach with shampoo) for the second process to gently lift the yellow. That's what I use to do when I had silver hair to help protect it.

Angelo av

i love your glasses !!!?? what brand are they ??

amanda decoste

love your hair! love your alien choker! ? and that glitter eyeshadow! ? and you ? what glitter is on your lids? if you don't mind! it's so fairy sparkly!!

Anna St. Onge

You're eyebrows are G O A L S!

Mindy Gregersen

Been watching lots of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair tutorials (trying to justify the price LOL), and it's pretty fascinating in that it seems to be lighter on the head before it's washed out! I'm not sure if that's a pro, when it comes to combining colors, but there's nothing quite like Electric Peach, so I'll be trying it LOL

melody brazeau

hey does the dye stain pillows/clothes/shower floor

Mafe García

how long this stays in the hair?

Nancy Negative

Your eyebrows are amazing. If there is a Sally's beauty near you they sell a bright color remover so you won't have to keep bleaching your hair. It has saved my hair.

Robin Fernando

"It's called lusty lavender you dweeb", made me laugh so hard I just had to subcribe.

Pien Weierink

You look amazing?

amani studios

what was the hair mask you used? great video btw!

Sarah Catherine

thank u for showing wear n tear! ?? no one does it

Alisha McCaslin

It bothers me that the splat bleach doesn't put what volume it is

:TRUMP is my OPPA:

I’m a bit late but I just want to let you know you can lift some dye with a Vit. C + Dandruff Shampoo 1 hr hair mask, which is way way healthy than bleaching color out.

Sue Moore

Love it

Lacy Crittenden

You are so cute


300th subscriber!

When you become a huge star one day, I'll be one of those annoying ppl constantly telling everybody that I was with you from the start ;)


THANK YOU for actually telling us about its wear

Senia A

Is that choker from alien chokers? If not they have like the same exact one.

Marivi Baez

Eyebrow tutorial? :)


your goldfish is gorgeous!


YOOO Those glasses though..Where did you get those babies!? I need them in my life!

Alisha Joyner

arctic Fox is way better than splat do not used box dyes direct dyes are better arctic Fox is vegan.

Caitlin Koelsch

This was on my recommended so I just now watched this. Adopt me. Do it. I dye my hair, I draw, I love SVU, I dye and bleach me hair by myself. ? lol


My favorite color ?? So pretty!!


Your eyebrows are magical. I LOVE them! I've been considering Unicorn Hair, so this review helps a lot!

Ashley Pearson

Do you get your glasses from firmoo?

Julia Zelg

Love your eyebrows! <3

invisible_ heart

Your eyebrows are goals! ??

Izzy Gabler

That's so random, I have P.O.T.S also lmao I'm sorry

Sophia Mc Namara

Fantastic review ver0y helpful and so well explained the colour is fab on you ???

Angela Demijohn

I'm really enjoying your "Is it worth Dye-ing For" videos
Also, you're super cute




you should try arctic fix brand dye. its amazing and seriously last forever and never bled onto any of my clothes or pillows. plus it smells like grape

Ga Cow

Thank you for doing an update! There are no videos reviewing the wear and longevity of this product. How's the bleeding as time goes on?

DaLayna Lincks

LOVE this video!! Great Job! I just tried out the lime crime hair dyes over on my channel ? I'd love if you could check it out!!!????Nes Subbie for sure!!

Gabriela Susanu

You look so hot ..

Jemima Drews

Your hair looks so beautiful and vibrant and wow! I want to dye my hair purple soon, so it's great to see how it turns out on other people!

Paige Olson

how long does this last ?

Irene Irony

thank you. You are the first reviewer I've seen to talk about how is the washing and how it looks after washing it. Must colors turn out great after the first applying, but what I really wanted to see is how it will stay in my hair or fade. Your video was very helpful, thanks. ♡

Mafe García

Hi! In how many days does it arrive?

Dani Adaska

don't use splat or lime crime. splat is a box "dye" and all colors that come in any box that you get from walgreens especially bleach are NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA. That means that these companies can put literally any ingredient in there and not get reprimanded for it at all. lime crime on the other hand is just an awful company who has now released overpriced hair color. get on amazon and order professional grade color like Joico or Pravana, it will LITERALLY cost less than that nutella jar of crap. those brands are so pigmented that you can dilute the hell out of them with conditioner and get the same amount of color that's in that lime crime bottle for less with better pigmentation.


Hi! I was thinking about dying my hair a similar purple color for the summer and it's great to know the color is still vibrant after washing. Quick question, what type of shampoo do you use? Because I know some shampoos can completely strip the color out of your hair.

Karina Nepomuceno

You're so pretty oml ? and btw that color looks so nice on you gurl ??


Where did you get your glasses? I love them! They are so cute!

Gemi Starr

Are Splat products vegan and cruelty free as well? I just used the same pony color in my hair and I love it ??

Akemi Asuna

omfg your eyebrows are so pretty holy shiiiit


girl your hair looks like a thistle. it's really cute

Morgan Senpai

Love,love, LOVE your videos! New subscriber!! ?

Alexandra Grigoryeva

does the dye wash off and does it leave a stain if it does wash off????:)

Lime crime hair dye review

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Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Honest Review! (USED FOR TWO MONTHS)

4 742 views | 6 Sep. 2017

first impressions

first impressions video:


Follow me:

Instagram: @haveumetashley

Snapchat: haveumetashley

Twitter: www.twitter.com/haveumetashley

Facebook: facebook:www.facebook.com/haveyoumetashleymakeup

Contact me at:

Email [email protected]

Shazzledazzles 84

I value your advice the most. You are so detailed and use the same grading system for each dye. You have helped me so much in my hair coloring journey. I can't believe you don't have more subscribers. I recommend your videos to anyone who wants to start doing fashion colors.


great video ?

Sher Ilyn

Can u tell me exactly what ur shampooo is called so I can buy it lol thnx for the review, you just gained yourself a subscriber thank you

Hiss Snek

What's your fav brand for crazy hair colours?

Elida Silva

Off topic but where did you get your glasses? ? ive been looking for some like that although I want the frame thicker lol


A good long lasting navy dye is sparks nautical navy, its very hard to fade out. Their green one is good too, I mix them to get my hair to be teal. Sparks dye and directions are the only dyes I've used that last a long time in my hair even despite me washing my hair in very warm water so it really just depends on the dye. Thanks for always giving your honest opinion on very popular brands of dyes regardless of any backlash that you get for it.

Kaytlyn Carlile

The same thing happened to me but with Arctic Fox Poseidon. Worst decision I had ever made in my life.

Shirley Bee

Can do a review on adore hair color thanks

-Brea Ciel1994-

Hello I’m a noob to dying and I wanted to know if you have a video on your favorite products to use b4 and after dying.

Miss FatCat

Have you tried Pulp Riot? you need a license for it, but I know you have connections lol XO

Abi Sarah

I appreciate that you don't just say "this dye is horrible" or "this dye is perfect", because everything does work differently for different people. For me personally Arctic Fox is my go to, I wash my hair twice a week with sulfate free shampoo and it lasts a good month for me, but I wasn't offended by any of your reviews because I feel you were honest about your experience. So thank you for not sugar coating things as a sponsor and for not tearing things down based on it not working for you. Everybody is different and every dye is different, that's the point of these reviews ? I just feel like people who comment are really judgy and don't understand why you review these things, like if you're easily offended why are you watching an honest review? ?


Thanks for doing these reviews, and for taking so much care and effort to make them so thorough. I always enjoy them! I like to change colors often, so the longevity of the dye isn't as important to me as the initial color, the coverage, and the quality of the fade. It seems like Lime Crime gets 0/3 when it comes to my priorities, lol. I'm not terribly surprised, maybe I'm wrong but it seems like Lime Crime may know about makeup but that doesn't really mean they know what they are doing with hair dye. When I was a teenager in the 90s, there were relatively few brands available. Now the market is pretty crowded, and this seems like a mediocre addition. If you need to let it sit for two hours, it's probably not pigmented enough? The brands I use (Pravana, La Riche Directions, Arctic Fox, and Iroiro are my favorites) tend to be so pigmented you can get identical results using fairly heavily diluted dye as you would with undiluted dye. It seems like Lime Crime is just trying to quickly cash in on the increasingly mainstream appeal of crazy hair colors, I mean they went and just named it "Unicorn Hair," lol. The fact that they made a whole bunch of "tints" seems especially cynical. Instead of trying to come up with something interesting (Pravana just came out with temporary heat-sensitive color-changing dyes! Several reputable brands are coming out with permanent dyes!) in order to attract customers and justify their spot in the marketplace, they went with tints, which are even more overpriced than the "full coverage" dyes, since they are essentially just heavily diluted dyes. I have a big bottle of Suave Essentials Coconut Conditioner in my bathroom, AKA "instant pastelizer/tintifier" lol.