Sallow food

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What happens to food when you swallow it?

5 301 views | 2 May. 2017

I love eating delicious

I love eating delicious and nutritions food. Don’t you? It’s so satisfying when you’re hungry. But what happens when you swallow your food. Where does it go? And what happens to it? Well, there’s a complex system going on inside you all the time. Right now even! It’s called the digestive system. This system of organs includes your stomach, your small intestine and your large intestine. And boy! is this system long! It’s several meters (yards) in fact! And it’s all coiled up inside you, working day and night to turn your food into nutrients that keep you healthy and strong.

This video will help you understand better how each part works. If you want to know more about what your body does with the food you eat, and how it gets through you, click the Play Button.

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Sallow food

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How do frogs swallow food? - Natural World: Attenborough's Fabulous Frogs - BBC Two

72 289 views | 19 Aug. 2014

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Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04g4qm5 Sir David Attenborough explains how frogs use their eyes to swallow.


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Wish I could do that when I'm choking.


Could a frog choke on a piece of food that's too big? What would happen?


Absolutely fascinating observation.Thank you Sir David !


That's hArdcore!!! Frogs are gangsters !


Watching Psych and Shawn spouts out "Frogs can't swallow with their eyes open"... I Google it and it's freakin true! lmao

Xzander wow

Nature is a marvelous thing innit? 

Tyler Lowe

Will the cricket be alive in its stomach?

Jam T

Poor little cricket. Will you now feed the live frog to a cat for our entertainment.

Sallow food

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Difficulty Swallowing: Lois' Story

19 605 views | 27 Jun. 2018

Lois struggled eating.

Lois struggled eating. Food kept getting stuck in her esophagus. She sought out care from Kristen Regalia, MD, at the Stanford Health Care Esophagus Center. She underwent an EndoFlip® procedure, which broke up the restriction in her esophagus and improved her quality of life.

Learn More:

Stanford Esophagus Center: https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-clinics/esophagus-center.html

Kristen Regalia, MD: https://stanfordhealthcare.org/doctors/r/kirsten-regalia.html

Jai jwan jai kisan Channel

Hi im 27 m not able to swallow i feel heavy tighter


This is helping me as I type it hurts soooo baf

Vinay RS

I feel the food stuck in my oesophagus I can eat properly then feeling very trouble during eating and small belching takes place during eating ..... mostly at evening time I can't eat can't drink water ..1 month ago I had endoscopy for dyspepsia and dysphagia but reports were normal. Then now I feel as like before. There are so many treatments, medicines I have completed but results is no good ......so please what should I do now for dysphagia (any home remedies)

Kenn Saunders

Hurts like heck. It's like having a gas blockage in your throat that will not go done or up.

Itsnathalie _plays

i cant swallow properly i can swallow with water always and i really cant breath properly too. So whats the cause? and when i cant swallow properly i stand up and just lay down on the floor or my head. pls help me i need home medication?

joseph ok

Any one else having a hard time sleeping

Vinay RS

Hi madam what should I do for dysphagia at home with any home remedies ..when I eat then the food get stucking into the my lower oesophagus and then in need to drink a water ...sometimes I can not eat properly and my weight keep losing .....there is any kind of disease in seen me because I have done endoscopy for dyspepsia and dysphagia but reports were normal. Then when I lay down then something backs from stomach into the oesophagus but vometing do not takes place I I feel like a gerd, my symptoms are - chest paining ,heart burning, sometimes soreness, short belching, fatigue,short breathing,heart beat racing etc main thing that is a small belchings comes durind a meal that is is terrible food were stuck in the oesophagus .. madam give me a proper solutions I hope u will answer me sympathetically......some dr. Said it's only indigestion, some said it's GErd and one dr said it's eosinophilic oesophagitis..

Mirzaabror Komiljonov

Hurts like a hell


I had this 10 years ago and a darn Dr did the scope and gave me pills which did nothing. I then had another Dr who did the baloon and it worked instantly for 5 years. I foolishly went back to the first Dr as he was on my plan and he just did the same thing. I now have to wait a while and do it again with another Dr. They sure do love their pills!!!!!!

Dave Roniel Buensuceso

i have difficulty swallowing and i havent eaten much at all in 11 days