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Pipette baby brand review| mineral sunscreen with no cast?| Dr Dray

27 491 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Dermatologist Dr Dray NOT

Dermatologist Dr Dray NOT SPONSORED brand review of Pipette baby. Is pipette mineral sunscreen free of a white cast? #Pipette #skincare #drdray

Pipette baby mineral sunscreen https://bit.ly/3pYHicL

Pipette baby shampoo & wash https://bit.ly/3jqPu2Y

Pipette lotion https://bit.ly/3q9NP4N

Pipette eczema lotion https://bit.ly/3rqgUcj

Pipette baby balm https://bit.ly/3cwbW9s

Pipette baby cream to powder https://bit.ly/3jrc4bY

Pipette baby wipes https://bit.ly/3cLBLm7

Pipette baby oil https://bit.ly/3oVocTL

0:00 Intro

1:31 Pipette sunscreen

6:25 Pipette baby shampoo & wash

9:21 Pipette baby lotion

11:52 Pipette eczema lotion

13:30 Pipette baby balm

15:47 Pipette baby cream to powder

18:11 Pipette baby wipes

19:23 Pipette baby oil

21:39 Is Pipette good for acne prone skin?

24:21 Outro

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Ena Montiel

Tried sunscreen on my baby, he is fair skin and it is oily/whitecast. Will not repurchase

Susan Stein

I like their hand sanitizer. It's fragrance free and doesn't dry me skin. I've never tried any of thieir other products.

safadi butterfly

Can you review Duac gel Clindamycin 1% Benzoyl Peroxide 5%?

Jennieo H

For me the baby sunscreens are so gentle and moisturizing and when you apply your makeup over them it acts like a flawless filter!!! A win win!!!! I will be purchasing this:*)

Mimi Moon

I'm a woman of color with tan skin tone. I'm currently using this SPF and yes, it leaves a little white cast and it could be oily, but I put a little bit of bronzer and it looks fantastic. I personally love it and the price is great.

Danièle Gagnon

Very interesting!

Rachel Resumadero

can a teenager use retinol?

Elizabeth Chai

Hi Dr. Dray, could u do a video on people using diaper cream like sudocream or penatenne for sunscreen n pimples cream bc it contains zinc oxide. Ive seen some youtube videos on them n was wondering if i should use up the ones i have since my daughter is no longer in diapers.
Im a big fan of ur videos. I watch ur current videos n older videos from years ago. You have definitely changed and aged beautifully. You have also changed in your speech, abit less animated in ur facial expressions and more serious.
? on all the videos n thank you for the education!

Adriana Hernandez

Can you do a video on drugstore shampoo? Or if there’s like a baby wash that can be used for both the hair and body?

Marcos Baez

I really like yours videos but I have one question do you know any good shampoo for oily hair and good conditioner for dry ends and any oils to apply to the scalp for hair growth?

Kali Tacub

I get a white caste in the first 5minutes then it goes away.

Chau Pham

Could you please do a video of routine and products for ances? i am really looking forward to it

Grecia Montoya

I actually really enjoy the sunscreen, I'm latina and I doesn't leave a really bad white cast on my skin.

M. K. O.

Was thinking about picking this up, might try once I use some others up. @ Dr Dray for more liquid suncreens like the La Roche Posay ultra light liquid do you have to apply 1/4 tsb like normal thickness sunscreens?

Tico Doe

BEST sunscreen I've used!!! NO, it does NOT leave a white cast on my skin and UNLIKE the Purito Water Comfy sunscreen you don't get that ugly unappealing shedding. LOVE it!

Daisy Mays Mommy Chann

Your skin always looks so good and your hair so healthy. Ughhh, I turned 37 and I feel like someone pushed the fast forward but on the aging process for me but I am glad I found your channel. ❤


Hi Dr Dray
What are your thoughts about firming serums?

j t

It has a very obvious white cast for my pale to medium skin. It's also very oily and greasy as you've stated. Even for my dry-combo skin it was very uncomfortable to wear and reapply. ??

Lana X

This brand name triggers me. I can only think of all the awful titrations in college chemistry

Christian Koch

even dr dray looks purple! XD

Haydy Castillo

I do use the sunscreen. You just have to work it into the skin and the white cast will disappear, but it does live my face greasy/shiny.


Also, Environmental Not Working Group ???????

Michelle Williams

Environmental non-Working Group! I lol'd

Mari Meko

Hi doc, you look amazing

Girlene Louriano

I have a dark skin. I've used it and I don't think it left strong white cast on my skin. I really like it part from shine left as I have oily skin. Could you tell me if this sunscreen is comodogeninc please? Thanks for the video.

chef s

Thank you for posting this information, I was looking to purchase the sunscreen and I have a bit of a darker skin tone, money saved!


Hi Dr. Dray, can you react to the Gorilla Glue Girl?

Elle Auco

I’m a POC (i have medium brown skin) and have the SLIGHTEST, SLIGHTEST white cast with this sunscreen (it does focus mainly on hair such as eyebrows and takes a few minutes to set in). It does look greasy so if that matters to you, you may not like it. Also, it does dry out my skin (I have dry skin already and every sunscreen dries me out anyway). I REALLY LOVE IT. It definitely is sensitive skin friendly. Honestly I feel like for now (especially since purito failed) this is as good as sunscreen will get for me

Trish Forney

Hi Dr Dray
I just received the Skin Power 10!you recommended. Can you tell me order of applying and in the AM or PM
In use Vit C in the morning also
And in the evening I use a retinol


That ad was very misleading!! And very irresponsible for a company to push the idea that a pea size of sunscreen is enough ??‍♀️

Grant Johnson

Anyone who thinks this doesn’t leave a white cast isn’t applying enough. Thanks for your review! I do still like it for the price, the emollient effect on my dry skin, the non-irritating mineral formula, and the SPF 50 rating, but the search for my go-to sunscreen will continue!


I'm black and I used this sunscreen. Couple things mmmkay It leaves a slight white cast that goes away and comes back it is strange. As for the feel of it, this is definitely not for hot/humid temps as it will make your face feel disgusting. I have acne-prone skin and when I put it on my skin I was afraid it would cause acne. I just use the biossance right now and I use that on my body.

Imelda Rodriguez

I just tried this sunscreen yesterday and I had an ugly allergic reaction. I’ve been diagnosed with fragrance, compositae mix 1 & 2 and balsam of Peru allergies. I wish that companies would just try and stay away from botanical extracts!

Leo L

Bought 2 of these... Big mistake for my dark brown skin. Shiny all day with a white cast.


Thanks Dr Dray! I have combo skin, deep skin tone. Have been using the sunscreen for about 2 months. It does leave a cast and reapplication does make my nose and chin shiny. But I can actually tolerate that since I'm indoors so much. But I have experienced irritation around my chin, so probably won't repurchase. Thank goodness you have other sunscreen vids I can check out for more ideas!!

Lolito's Lolito

Hallo Dr Dray, 
I hope you are keeping well. I just came across the video confession on pronunciation of word Nutella. Very entertaining. You threw there some old school drama TV techniques.. hehe. By the way, what happened to your green screen? Why don't you open one of the next videos with you speaking in front of a full basket of Nutellas as background? :) 
Big Hug. 
PS. Great appreciation of your vlog and scientific communication made friendly. 
PPS. Red is your colour!! But especially in the medium-deep cool shade you picked "

Nan Murakami

I have medium skin tone and it doesn’t leave a white cast but definitely make my face so shiny!

Jane Jellies

I tired the sunscreen, and while i did like it, how it applies and spreads (I have light asian skin, so almost no cast), and enjoy a nice dewy look, I have oily skin, and it kinda became too much to bear by the time I had to reapply, and just adding more didn't help. What I do now is, I blot my skin first before reapplying and that works well enough for me, so i can put the proper amount on but not exaggerate my oily skin.

sad bean

Can we mix foundation with a mineral sunscreen ?

Raul ponce

I use the Bare Republic Mineral lotion SPF 70, and it isn't that bad as someone with a tan skin tone. It does have a matte drying effect too.

Elaina Marshall

You look great Dr. Dray! So healthy.

sleepy child

I'm currently using this sunscreen. While it is initially shiny, I found that over about an hour or so the shininess completley goes away. Personally I would still recommend this sunscreen to oily skin types as it does contain squalane oil, which can help oily skin not to overproduce oil.

andy z

I was on the fence about buying this sunscreen...now I know it's a no-go. Thanks, Dr. Dray!

Michèle Smith

Dr Dray, with all the talk over blue light and its potential to age/damage skin, do you think that this applies to LED therapy ?

Mary Lawman

Happy Monday, Dr Dray! I've never heard of this brand. Appreciate your review and your honesty. Hope you have a peaceful evening. ❤

Franchesca Montemurro

Everything dr dray has said isnt good Ive been using for my feet and my feet feel like heaven


Has anyone tried this sunscreen with makeup ?


Good brand review doc ?
Another brand to try for those who are curious.

Anastasia Walter

Thank goodness I bought this sunscreen 3 days ago before Dr. Dray recommend it here which means it will be sold out everywhere now. I personally love this sunscreen. It is moisturizing, spreads easily and the cast completely disappears within 10 to 15 minutes. This sunscreen and the Cotz ones are the only all mineral sunscreens I’ve tried that leave zero white cast. And I’ve tried a lot! This is NOT one for oily people but if you have dry skin you’ll love it.

Suze Loveland

Try Maelove sunscreen. It's a zinc oxide formulation that does not leave a cast.


Aultruist vs this brand?

Laura Nahomi

Most shiny sunscreens react to foundations. It male them oxidize and look darker, more gray or orange depending on the formulation. An option can be to wait for the sunscreen to dry on the face or powder it really lightly before putting on the foundation, yet again, it might still react.

Crystal Zavala

Any updates on your mom? I really like her and hope things are OK. Going through a similar situation with my mom too. ❤️


Can you please recommend a European Retinal product?

Adriana Hernandez

I also watched your most recent vid about nails
And I just hear from other videos that pouting nails in salt water helps them grow and rubbing oil on them


I have been searching for a vegan, cruelty free alternative to Vaseline. Thank you so so much!

Paula Hatch

Happy Monday Dr Dray...see you tomorrow x??

Michele M

I have light brown skin (that is also sensitive) and this is one of my favorite sunscreens in this price range. My bf has brown skin and he loves it as well. Some of the whitecast goes away after a few minutes, but it may be more challenging for deeper brown and black skin. It may be a heavier formula for some, but i enjoy the more luminous, glowy look. My makeup adheres pretty well to it too! I have already recommended this product to a couple friends :)

Sandra C.

Thanks for this video Dr. Dre! I loved the sunscreen. It does leave a little bit of a white cast but it’s not very obvious and you can hardly see it after you blend it in really well on my lightly tanned skin. My dry, sensitive rosacea skin loves how moisturizing and calming it feels.

Ran Jones

Have you heard of babo botanicals? The sheer zinc works well on my brown skin. Has bentonite for oily skin.

None of Business

FYI. The Pipette Baby Ezcema Lotion shares many of the same ingredients as their sister company’s product Biossance Squalane & Omega Repair Cream. If you like Biossance, I suggest reviewing the ingredient’s list of Pipette’s products. I think you will find that they share at least 80% of the same ingredients at a much lower price point.


Missed why EWG and Think Dirty are unreliable?

Priscilla Villarreal

Can you please review ShopMissA new skincare line? It’s a makeup brand that’s cruelty free and affordable

Juanita Quintero Aviles

DR. DRAY U need ur own skincare line! I would buy EVERYTHING!!!

Anna Louise

I almost caved on Pipette yesterday but decided to continue with Biossance instead. How often do you use a bottle of sunscreen a month? With daily reapplication 3-4x a day, I have found to be using two 1.07oz bottles per month. Is that normal?

Jo Ellen

Where is the leopard headband from?

Jen Lan

Hi, can you recommend an eye cream ore gel that a person with super sensitiv eyes can use? I got Ocular rosacea, its my eyes no mather what ive tried it burns my eyes and sting! some that ive tried and all irritated and made my eyes water: from the body shop aloe eye defence + the body shop vitamin e, avivir aloe vera eye gel, Loreal age perfect eyes 360 and last Eau thermale avene soothing eye contour cream. All irritating for me.


I have dark skin and bought this sunscreen a few days ago and it definitely leaves a cast :(

Urvashi Nikte

I have dry skin with rosecea and eczema; pipette baby products (I have used most of them fragrance free ofcourse) have helped me a lot.

Terri Alford

Thank you. Great info.

Arlette Alvarez

I'm currently using the sunscreen, I have a medium skin tone, acne and hyperpigmentation prone skin. I have been using it it for one month and really like it. It does leave a white cast on my skin but is not too noticeable. I like the way it makes my skin feel and it also seems to not make the hyperpigmentation and redness as noticeable due to the slight cast, I heard about this sunscreen from Dr. Alexis Stephens video: Best Sunscreens For darker skin tones

Ella Gacutan

I am from PH ?? and i am a huge fan of Dr. Dray. I hope u noticed me. Can you make a skin routine video for a night shift worker.

I work as a nocturnal. I am awake ny nihht and asleep by day. I am just thinking if i still continue to proceed to my day time routine and night time routine? Or should i interchange it.

I am starting incorporating retinol to my routine as well. Bc of dr. Dray. I worry bec while working i am facing my computer for 9hrs. Does radiation affect my skin?

tk tojin

If Dr Dray approves it, I feel safe with its SPF claim even though it only has 1 sunscreen filter zinc oxide!

Shamera Ali

Dr.Gray could you do a review on Palmers Cocoa Butter in the jar? I would really like to hear your in take on Palmers cocoa butter products for the face ? Especially the one palmers cocoa butter in the JAR!!

LNGG's Channel

I am a mixed race woman with tan skin. It works well for me but anyone else who is darker (brown and more) it leaves a purple white cast. I tried it on my brothers step kids who are dark skinned and they looked purple. Though if you have light skin its ok.

Audrey L

I tried the sunscreen and it gave me some milia around my nose bridge. I wear glasses and have sensitive, combination skin (oily around t-zone). Otherwise, the sunscreen isn't irritating and rather hydrating for a mineral sunscreen.

Michele M

I tried the sunscreen several months ago. I thought the cast was minimal considering it's SPF 50 and 20% zinc oxide. I've tried a handful of sunscreens like this and thought this one was the best.

Anastasia Walter

Would the cream-to-powder be good for sweaty hands?


Can you make a video on your thoughts about the gorilla glue girl and her scalp?

Anthony Longo

I use it every day and have combination skin. I highly recommend their sunscreen! I don’t mind the shine, because it shows that I have healthy skin!

Lonestar Curls

I haven't tried this SPF but I assumed you wouldn't be a fan being it's only Zinc Oxide for the filter. I've heard you recommend at least a combo of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for a "mineral" SPF.


Dr dray I have been super busy and missed a bunch of your videos and I wanted to say you are absolutely glowing lately!!!!


I discovered this brand when I tried the wash and lotion for my baby, and they are both great. I started using the sunscreen a month ago. It is VERY shiny. I have dry skin, and some days I need to set it with powder. However I love it for winter. It's perfect for me since I'm very fair and prefer an SPF 50. The cast goes away very quickly for me but it's definitely there. I will continue searching for a good water resistant one for summer, but I could use this comfortably all fall and winter.

Ashleigh Sheehy

I really like these products. I received a gift set at my baby shower. I LOVE the ointment or balm and the oil as well for both my baby and myself. My skin loves squalane. Great prices, would definitely repurchase.

Czeckered Cat

What a timely video, my sample of the SPF just arrived in the mail today! I bought it to protect my eyes, which get irritated by other SPFs I've tried.

Divinity Mystic

I love the formula & ingredients of the sunscreen but y’aallllll. I’m not even brown or deep by any means, a very yellow toned POC & there’s a definite cast!! I’m using it now since it’s winter but I surely won’t repurchase. I need something I can slather on come summer & this ain’t it!!


Is it necessary to put on moisturizer before sunblock? Like can the sunblock act as a moisturizer itself?

Mz. Tyrisha

I have Pippette sunscreen and it made me look gray?.

dee b

Pretty color on your hair Dr Dray. Looks good on you.

Susan Stein

If I'm going to the beach, I don't care if it has a white cast. I care if it's going to work if I get sweaty and how water resistant it is. I care if I'm going to put makeup on top because you have to wait until it absorbs into your skin to put your makeup on over it.

Shiela Rose Marilao

Hi Mam I just wanna ask which natural or organic skincares are best for sensitive skin? If I use product with retinol? Which moisturizer can I use it must be organic or natural bcz I don't like skincares which have paraben like methyl, propyl etc


This sunscreen is a good one, and it does leave a cast, but I’m pretty fair, so that’s not as much of an issue. However, you’re so right: it is so shiny. I’m on the drier side, and I love a dewy look, but it’s even a bit much for me. But omg, as far as spfs that are nice to apply, holy cannoli, this is incredible. It’s maybe my fav of my sunscreens to apply ever? And I have a lot of them! However I I have two concerns: I wonder if that hydrating formula is gonna be something I had when the incredibly humid summers arrive in my area. (Right now it’s the best, though) I also feel like this type of non nano zinc comes off on everything! I see white traces on my sweatshirts etc. Does this happen to anyone else? I wear mineral sunscreen on my face every single day, so I’m no stranger to zinc either.

Marlene Lopez

I just finished a tube Of the sunscreen. It was a bit too heavy and greasy for me. I only used it on my arms and legs, just to use it up. ?

Annie Nguyen

One reason that Dr. Dray (and most skincare experts) did not point out with this sunscreen is that IT’S REEF-SAFE. Most sunscreens out there have active chemical ingredients (ex. avobenzone, oxybenzone, oxtinicate) bleach/kill coral. Pipette Baby doesn’t AND it’s the most spreadable/non-white cast mineral sunscreen I’ve ever used... feels like lotion.

Why should you care? Everything that washes down the drain ends up in the ocean. A small white cast is a worthy price to pay to save our marine life. Love this sunscreen!

Ruby Rabbit

Dr dray I finally found the an all mineral facial sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast whatsoever!!! It’s called Dr Cynthia Bailey Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible Sunscreen. Hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used on my face . You must try it!

Jennifer Smiley

Yay! I’ve loved all the products I’ve gotten from Pipette.


Hey Dr. Dray! I’m of deeper skin, makeup companies describe my tone as medium dark. I use to use the Aveeno Baby SPF 50; it’s very thick and the white cast is very difficult to work with. I recently switch to Pipette and I must say I am impressed. In comparison to the Aveeno, the formula is quite lightweight and easy to work with. I do agree that it leave a cast but it’s very manageable and nothing like what I’m use to. It’s nice! I will say, for someone with drier skin who never really shows any oiliness, this leaves me GREASY AF by end of day. But I’d rather be greasy than ashy, so I highly recommend for brown skin!


i bought it hoping it wouldnt have a cast & nope. the moment i put more on it was there.

Silver & Cold

I just cannot get on board with mineral spf. They are too thick and leave a cast. Hard to reapply without feeling gross.

Robert Whitman

I love that she was very honest about the cast of the sunscreen. Keep em honest Dr Dray!