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Capturing a Human Figure Through a Wall using RF Signals

365 556 views | 28 Oct. 2015

For more info:

For more info: http://news.mit.edu/2015/wireless-x-ray-vision-could-power-virtual-reality-smart-homes-hollywood-1028


Perfect Dark's FarSight XR-20 tech coming to life.


So the tinfoil hats had it wrong all along? ... they should've been wearing jeans on their heads.

Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold

Did you use sound waves or electromagnetic waves?


Cover your walls in denim and you'll be safe?

Azat Akchoroev


sweet serenity

sure theres more advanced technology than this..

Maze Editing

this feels like a back handed slap, at first: see through walls, yeah. But then, only like a basic bulky view. Just wonder how long before paparazzi start using this. Is it 2 people or just 1 big person?

Eren L

I dont know if there are other similar devices like this but this can be used in search and rescue operations after big earthquakes or other catastrophic disasters. I also wonder how the thickness of the wall affect the accuracy.

Shaded Zaleph

This song seems better suited for this video honestly

pranav maid

Peoples after YouTube recommend them this video after 3 4 years




Nick Farrow

let see some code :)

Norwegian Smores

This is so orwellian...

Artyom Galstyan

Interesting, but not yet applicable

Futebol Capixaba TV

goodbye masturbation


But it could be also done with infrared and boutouch.

Anthony Lavezzari moran

Predator visor


Fuck you MIT for making humanity a bit more miserable - again. Walls have a purpose and people value their privacy.


очень круто!

Backstage Cam

I had thought MIT was something great. A responsible university of the brightest minds. And then they turned out to be... mindless, visionless, creepy techhelms.


Not enough pollution of radio waves of all kind? Might be just put head in microwave to complete experience?

"but it just radio waves you don't see and don't feel it" - animals oriented by magnetic and electrical fields, you as well cant see it and fell it, but those radiation affect nature.

Builder Bros



Oh shit amazing one (really)


Sam Fisher already has this.

Make N Joy

Now why exactly does this not just go through the person too?

Stepan Khukharev

Wow they have discovered radar! Oh, wait...

Adel Hijazie

Could this be handheld

Janis Grunda

Military progression

Tillmann Huebner

wonder why there is no real video of that technic just still images

Jorge Gamaliel Frade Chávez

MIT researchers used Wi-Fi to recognize people through walls. It can also distinguish you from other people. http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/28/9625636/rf-capture-mit-wifi-tracking-surveillance-technology

Marco Comar

It is very similar to the device that Bruce Wayne has developed in the dark knight!


Well, there goes our wifi range.

Brady Mchugh

I see his grout ewww gross


I think that's a bullshit, how does it work? We need more detailed description, the information you have given is insufficient. Under your principle of action falls, such as echolocation


Cameras at home, microphones at home, GPS in phones, Boston Dynamics, AI, computer vision, vision through wall - no way to survive. "Thank" for make closer destruction of humans... "Boston Dynamics - Robots Revenge" and you didn't hide.

america destroyed

Maffia is using it to kill people.

Ігор Голубчук

where is my foil hat.


We saw the DARPA aimbot bullet a while ago, now the MIT wallhack. We are only missing godmode to have an army of invincible hackers.


was it filmed with a potato?

Dariusz Chabowski

szok jak w filmie Predator

John Tackman


Clint Webb

Skynet will love this.



Ari K.


Rf technology

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