Just natural hair care grow new hair

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12 289 views | 14 Aug. 2017


JUST NATURAL PRODUCTS: http://bit.ly/2sfIKtQ

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This is a JUST NATURAL SKIN CARE Product Review. In this video i talk about Just Natural's GROW NEW HAIR TREATMENT, Grow new hair Shampoo, Shampoo + Conditioner for THIN hair, and also the BODY NUTRTIVE SERUM!

You will get 20% off ANYTHING on the website!

Save 20% OFF your entire purchase!! use code: BF20

My Other Videos On These Products:

Just Natural BODY NUTRITIVE Serum Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKjJ36jSX_k

How To Use GROW NEW HAIR TREATMENT + Does it work?

(before/after pictures!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN0FgfMXQwc

My First "JUST NATURAL" Haul Video:


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Jackie Juárez Vázquez

Is the "just natural" products same as "just nutritive" ?

Cheyenne Allen

Thanks for the video Girl.


so my hair is thin and straight. I have noticed that it has been shedding and thinning out quite alot. Is this going to help with my hair growth and make it feel and look thicker?

Benelia Francisco

Hi sweetie...i also had hair thinning problems did my research and saw this brand. I bought these products just 3 wks ago and I'm loving it. I did watch ur first video about the treatment.. and u are awesome!! I am now going to purchase after I'm done with my items..

Akarsh Gowda

what's your age??

Carissa George

How is Just nutritive and Just Natural different? Your hair looks awesome btw.?


It's air drying girl. It ain't greasy. ?

Yesenia Torres

Does this work even though your hair is not falling out?? but you have short hair and want it to grow because I have short hair and it grows so slow

Jonathan Rodriguez

Very helpful. Trying to find a product to help my wife, are there any other risks besides being oily for a few hours?

Stephanie Dimenco

Does it thin out again if you don't use it for a while?

Just natural hair care grow new hair

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Review on Just Natural Organic Hair Care!

112 565 views | 10 Aug. 2012

Hey everyone! In this

Hey everyone! In this video I will be reviewing my recent experience with Just Natural's 100% natural & organic hair care products! I have been using organic hair shampoos and conditioners for almost a year now, and I have seen such improvement in the strength, shine, growth, and overall condition of my hair from making the switch and leaving drugstore products in the past. I came across Just Natural when researching organic companies online, and have been using their Oily Hair shampoo as well as their Dry Hair conditioner for the past 4 months, and am in LOVE with this company and their products. If you guys are interested in organic skincare/haircare products then just keep watching to learn more about Just Natural and their great mission and products! And if you liked this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up! Thanks for watching!

Just Natural's website: http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/

Oily Hair shampoo ($22.99): http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/hair/oily_shampoo.html

Dry Hair conditioner $21.99): http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/hair/dry-conditioner.html

Natural Ingredients Encyclopedia: http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/ingredients/1INGREDIENTS.html

Stay in touch with me!

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AlzieGirl

Instagram: AlzieGirl

Facebook: http://facebook.com/AlzieGirl

Vlog Channel: http://youtube.com/AlzieVlog

xoxo Alzie

Music by: Too Me - Morning Sunset

Michael Busse

I found Just Natural when I was feeling that Wen was not performing as well as it did at the beginning. Chemical or natural I had yet to find anything to help with flakes. I was amazed when after one time with Just Natural Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner that my dandruff flakes were completely gone. I do find it does suds up more than some other organic brands I have used even though it does not have the sulfates.


What If I have oily fin hair and also i suffer from hair loss... which shampoo and conditionner should I choose?

Trinity Aaliyah

I really wanna try this!

Marshmallow extract?

Destiny Ramsey

I love this company! I just bought their sunless tanning lotion, grow new hair shampoo, conditioner, vinegar rinse and hair protein lotion. After I turned 40, my period started ghosting me and now my hair is thinning. Super hopefully that this will add life back to my hair!

Good Consumer

Typically I make all of my own health and beauty products but after two washes, I'm addicted to Argan Life hair care products. My hair feels incredible. I don't think I'll ever use another shampoo. Plus this shampoo smells amazing!!


Thanks for sharing!!! Very informative :) Steph xo



Ally Cat

Does it also help with dandruff? My hair is super thin and falling out in huge chunks. I've tried coconut oil, egg, Castro oil, washing only with cold water, not brushing when wet, a wide tooth comb, not putting it up, not washing it for a week, a hat to keep from getting sun damage.. I've tried almost everything, even a organic shampoo that's suppose to help it grow. Pur d' or is what it's called I believe.. Please any suggestions? I really need some help.

Alyssa Kilgore

I just ordered a conditioner! Like, literally 5 minutes ago. Hopefully I like the product as much as you do. The conditioner I ordered is for extremely dry hair on account of I'm black. Lol :)

Aleja T

I live in Toronto and placed my order with them around two months ago. i think they just recently started shipping here. email them i did. and i love my leave in conditioner! lol

number 9

Might be a good product...but people remember one thing you are what you eat! If you live on junk food meaning can, box, chips, soda etc. thats a no no. I mean a little junk doesn't hurt anyone. You need the good fats avocado, good cold pressed olive oils do the research before you try ANYTHING (google) the comments are very important! Great Hair, Skin, and Nails are inherited no matter what you try, can we enhance what we are born with why certainly! This product line is pretty good when it comes to natural even better then Wen's line! WHEN YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT ON THE PRODUCT LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF!!!! I try EVERYTHING before I share it with you guys! Im a human guinea pig! on Pinterest I have some really great natural stuff that works !My pin name is CW with a beautiful kitty as the picture check it out the board is called beauty and the goods. Thanks fir the video i will try it and post it on my pin :)

july thyk

thanks and we will be waiting for the tutorial!!!

Amelia Danielle

I seriously need to try this, my hair grows only 1 and 1/2 inches in six months and it's only at the top of my chest right now! Hopefully if I use this for more than a year my hair will be at my waist by the time I graduate school! :)

Francoise Didanga

OMG i have to order their conditioner

Mary Caudle

what kind of camera do you use?

ria roblez

Wow! Nice video! Could you do a nail tutorial? Your nails just look great!!! :)

Sofia Snodgrass

Hey, do u still using these products?


Ya se! Lo siento! Con suerte la compania va a enviar a paises diferentes en el futuro! Xo


If you go to their website they actually have shampoos and conditioners for all different types of hair. They have one for thick hair, thin hair, dry, oily.. you name it. :)


This is very helpful i've been looking for some good Vegan Products

Gina Yang

how did u do ur nails


Is it all natural


ive been wanting to use this everyone is talking about it but in curious does my hair start to fall off once if i stop using it ?

Laura Novak

You guys, you guys, it's super, super !! ?

Kimberly B

Awesome review, very informative..

Ella Presley

Just Natural products are excellent. I have been using them for the last 4 years. Whenever I use other products, my hair seem to go into "shock", and I soon revert back to Just Natural products. They are a little pricey, but the results are worth the price you pay. I use all their shampoos, conditioners and styling products. My husband had horrible dandruff for years; he started using the dandruff shampoo and conditioner, and in about 2 weeks, all his dandruff had disappeared. He loves their products too.

Amanda B

Woah, I've been looking forever for something like this, thanks c:

Marla Rosado

Hi, thanks for sharing such a detailed review. Why have you stopped making videos. You are someone I would watch.

Ebbey King

I use  Argan Rain organic shampoo  fuller hair and using it! I am getting great hair growth...Much more than even when ı was younger. Recommend to others...Good luck to you!


I only got to try the products I mentioned! But like you said a lot of products aren't too good for my hair! I hope you like your products! I think the next time I'll use the Extreme Dry conditioner!

Ashwini s

hey I am planning to start up to use just natural hair product.. my hair is thinning n bald patches r increasing.. am 23 now .. so suggest me with the product tat would be help full..


Awesome! Glad you liked it, and I hope you like your products! :)


can you use this on any type or hair? because i have curly hair :)

Maxime Shakir

Hey :) When I heard of just natural I definitely wanted to give it a try because my hear keeps getting thinner and is falling out. I also have long and curly hair. I've tried so many products but nothing seems to work. I read everything there is to know about justnatural products. The only problem is that I live in Germany and don't know how to get them. Can you help me?


a coupon code would be nice

Hanna Smith

Hey do you have any suggestions on a shampoo with spilled ends ???? Thanks


It has been over two years since your review of Just Natural hair care products. Are you still using these products till this day? Does your hair continue to look healthy? Any updates are helpful. Thanks!

Hanna Smith

Thank You very Much :)




Welcome! Glad you found it useful!

Jay W

I have been using these products for about 7 years.  I am almost 47 and my hair looks like a 20 year old. LOL  I highly recommend them!!! I love the build up shampoo (if you have oily hair like mine).  they come in a timely manner and shipped properly and I have never had a problem.  I like organic, I like no animal testing etc. that is important to me.  The nice thing about this shampoo, (even if it is more than your normal shampoo) it lasts forever! You don't need a lot of it and I use mine every single day and keep it for months and I have long hair!  Your hair is worth it and it works better than any other shampoo I have used in my entire life and I always buy shampoo that is as natural as possible! These products are also very good for thinning hair (I have read tons of good things about tea tree oil for thinning hair as well as apple cider vinegar).  The build up shampoo does suds up for a natural shampoo for me.  I don't notice that the suds part does not bother me.  I do use the conditioner for just my ends.  I can't say enough good things about this product and the video is totally on the money and her hair is beautiful and I guarantee it will stay that way with this shampoo! I get so many compliments on the shine of my hair and the health of it.  And at my age, it is really hard to deny. I hope you give it a try too, you will love it!

kaitlynn lopez

Where do you buy this?


alzie me ha encantado el video pero no hacen envios a españa :(

Lori Teacher

Have you used them lately?  I too started using them last year, but the last shipment I got was horrible.  I got the dandruff shampoo and conditioner as well as the spray on detangler.  The consistency is different--the shampoo doesn't lather up and is cloudy like a conditioner would be.  They smell different and the detangler doesn't work at all anymore.  I called the company and they said that they changed suppliers, but the products are so different.  I explained that the shampoo didn't lather up, but they didn't want to hear my input.  They did give me a refund.  I'm wondering if you've had the same issue.  I loved them.  I'm so bummed! 

Tirza Frohms

will defanatly check it out...thanks for uploading! 

Louise Comeault

I would love to buy these products but I find $115 way too steep to buy! yikes! sorry as healthy as it is I can't afford it :(


Thank you!


Thanks! Ive switched to all natural products but I am having a hard time finding a shampoo thats good for my oily roots! My apartment has horrible hard water so nothing quite rinses out of my hair :( I will try this though love the ingredients!


you look so beautiful!

Isra S

How much were they? Also, did you find that the products made your hair more thicker and less likely to fall out?

Brandy R

I have been using Just Natural for over a year and love, love, love their products! I have been excited to use a variety of their products. Their soaps smell nice, lotions are silky, and hair products are amazing when used as a solo or daily/weekly regime.


Good! Hope you try out Just Natural! They're great!

J & J Vlogs

Thank you for your review on these, I;v been getting into organic and all natural products. I had gone on the site and read mostly everything and I think I;m going to buy and see how long it will last me, my hair is short at this time being and I normally would clean it every other day...Just subscribed love your personality here :)

Mary Caudle



Sony Handycam


Hope you do! I love mine! And thanks!

Adriana Elvira

Very helpful!!!! Thank you!!!

july thyk


Bella Anderson

What's strange is that the ingredients on the oily hair shampoo are different on the website then what you showed us


I don't know of any others! I'm sorry! If I find one I'll make a video!

Katelyn Boushon

I tried using the hair loss shampoo from Just Naturals and it was HORRIBLE. It left my hair and scalp coated with this awful waxy residue. I tried so hard to scrub it off of my hair in the shower, but it would only come off my scalp when I scraped at it with my fingernails. And by that point, if made me lose even more hair from one shower than I usually would. I would NOT suggest the hair loss shampoo, conditioner, or the vinegar rinse. I'm not sure about the other products. They do offer a full refund though.

Estephanie Gomez

I am actually going to try them. I have been looking for an all natural shampoo and conditioner, but hadn't found the right one for my hair type.. Thank You:)...(love ur videos by the way<3<3)

Margaret Kasten-Shelly

I looked at the website and do not see anywhere that it claims to be 100% organic...if you have a link to that I would appreciate it....also you might want to look up these products on the ewg. org forward slash skindeep....it shows that these are not 100% organic...I was lucky to find a company that is 100% organic and I love the products....Love your video

Kai's Kreation

Your Nails Are So Pretty (=

Mel Dan

I fell in love with this site, and their goal, and essentially with everything they represented! BUT, unfortunately they don't ship outside of the US, which is once again a great thing (reducing carbon footprint and all)... Nyws, do you know of any other organic hair care items that you have previously tried that ship to Canada? :)


Online. Links in the description box.




Thank you!

Gabby Vincent

@alziegirl   Sounds strange but I currently wash my hair with eggs. Yes, I said eggs! Works wonders... my hair feels thicker, voluminous, and it grows faster and I can go a week without washing it :D You should totally try it. Literally just blend 2 eggs together and wash your hair with it (this is for one wash). Where did you get this shampoo?? I really want to look into it!! I am always open to natural products :D You have gorgeous hair btw and are gorgeous in general. Awesome video!!


Hey, i'm just wondering i have the similar type of hair as you (oily around the scalp and brittle, dry & splitting at the ends) but its also thinning. i lost a lot of hair past few years. There is absolutely no volume to it. Do you know what would be the best product for me to use?

Amy Clive

Where did you buy the Just Natural hair products?

jannat Eva

where I get it??


Thanks! And yes, I will try to film one soon!


Actually, a lot of companies use amber colored bottles to protect their products from light. Light and heat can change the quality of products, so it's actually pretty common!

E J Darly

Right on time I've been searching for more reviews on this and only found 7 or so and I've checked everyday My husband just ordered some for me and our children Did you get to try any of their hair pomades, moisturizers, vinegar rinses; or maybe since your hair is naturally oily you probably shouldn't put to much in your hair anyway but as for me I would have to put the oil in mine because my scalp and hair is just that dry that's why we got the Extreme Dry Hair products I'm so anxious!!


Lol I'll try to film one soon!

Dez Rivera

I want to get the thickening serum because I want my hair thicker even though its thick and long. I want it to grow naturally long and thicker due to the fact I lost my curls from straightening my hair alot.

Kaitlyn R

Your nails are adorable! And thanks for posting this review :)


I would end getting split ends cut off, and then try to minimize heat and use an oil like jojoba oil or moroccan oil on your ends to moisturize them.

Sian LeCrazz

I would recommend the Avon Advance Techniques Dry ends serum :)

Lauryn with a y

Hi hun! You are gorg and so sweet..one of my favs here on you tube..I just made my 1st video and I would love if you would check it out!!??? I thought Id give it a try I know you are prob. super busy but I appreciate all the girls that came before me! Its a whats in your beach bag.. Glambaby7


You seem to read my mind because I been looking for organic shampoo! Probably going to get this! this was very informative!


The price of the products actually depend on what it is, but both of the products I used were right above 20 dollars each. A little pricey, but they last a long time, and you're paying for what you get, all natural products. I didn't find this to make my actual hair thicker, but it did make my hair more voluminous because it really clarified my hair and made it lightweight. However, they do have thin hair products. :)


I love the way you look~!


Is it possible to get these products in germany?


i loveee your nails!! ;D

Klaire Louise

I wanted to go natural with my hair but i nearly seriously gave up because EVERY brand i looked at their ingredients contained 1 or more bad things in their list i am so so thankful i came across you and your recommendation thankyou!!! :) i gave your video a thumbs up


Ombre technique with a sponge!

Lauryn with a y

thank you so much!!! I only posted one video so far Ill have my 2nd up soon :)


You're welcome! I'm glad you found this video helpful! Thanks for watching!

Bella Anderson

the links to ur oily hair shampoo and the dry hair shampoo don't work

Hannie Shah

my hair is the same!!! I don't know how to get it all the same type!


Thank you! I'd be happy to check out your channel!


The bottle looks like wen

Just natural hair care grow new hair

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30 989 views | 7 Oct. 2014


CLICK HERE - http://www.justnaturalskincare.com

Just Natural Skin and Hair Products are all organic vegan, and specifically designed for natural hair!

This is how I PERSONALLY care for my natural hair after cutting off six inches of heat damaged ends and allowing it to grow without heat.



Thank you for watching my JUST NATURAL HAIR CARE ROUTINE video, 1080 HD is available! This video is based on what I am personally doing to grow my natural hair in a healthy way. These are my opinions and/or suggestions I am NOT a professional, if you need professional help contact your beautician. Please consult a licensed beautician if you think you may have problems with your hair that you cannot solve yourself. Thank you for your support please SUBSCRIBE and hit the THUMBS UP.



















My review on hair


Anniversary OOTN


My links:



Instagram - IamChinaRenee


Disclaimer - This is a sponsored video

ChinaCandyCouture is a channel based on beauty, fashion, and health. This channel is not just about outer beauty but more about inner beauty,loving yourself regardless of any flaws. I love fashion that won't break the bank, so my look books and style videos are perfect for any fashionista on a budget. Living a healthy lifestyle was a choice I made and I am here to share my journey, and I'm enjoying life just being ME...China Renee!

I'm a firm believer in positivity, keeping a positive attitude not only keeps you happy but healthy!

[email protected]

Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, you'll love me lol! https://www.youtube.com/user/ChinaCandyCouture/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=7


I love how you film outside the box of the normal YT videos. Your hair looks amazballs

Fammi Ali

wow ! you got long hair, fantastic  !

Taaji Rauf

Great video
A natural hair video in nature, perfect. Great concept and pretty. I was able to really see the product and product packaging well.




I love your hair and your voice you sound like ciara the singer


Wigs and weave makes my scalp break out. So I've been doing wash and gos to stay heat free. I'm trying to stay heat free until the cold weather arrives. Great video!


I need to try tht


Your hair looks nice and healthy. I have recently started using a deep treatment again by Shea moisture.

Ayan H

Loved it natural cruelty free products ♡

Asali's TV

+ChinaCandyCouture Please do an updated video of your natural hair.


I am new to your videos. I just love your energy and personality!


You should do a tutorial on your bun I love it and I have yet to find a technique that works for me


Really different video with the beautiful scenery, loved it! And love your hair! :)


Gone wit cha bad self China suga! Gorgeous hair. Just ♥♥♥ you and your personality. Keep on climbing girl. The good Lord's got you. xo!

Sky Blu

I as well have very dry hair this vid helps a lot you have such beautiful hair so pretty

Knotty Starr

loved how you shot your natural surrounded by nature =)
You Are Awesome 


Girl, i have that same comb - it's a must for detangling! Your natural hair is beautiful!

Irealla Real Life

Your natural hair is beautiful!!;)

Destined 4 Greatness

You have gorgeous hair!

Tropical Jewel

what you just put on your arm????

Trenae Bowers

U and ur hubby=the truth..i love the creative. ideas u 2 come up with....plus ur hair is gorg

Maureen Hope

Ur hair is gorgeous, am loving my natural hair all the way. It's a year now since I did my big chop.


Lovely! I need to try that gel.

Chanée Hill

I've never seen anyone do a hair care routine outdoors! You're always on the next level China :)

Alana Bond

Omggg you are so gorgeous


Love the video and I like that you did it outside!! I like the natural theme 

Beautifully Enchanted

one of my favs i use a lot of shea moisture products coconut oil argan oil eco styler and v05 to co wash just a few love the scenery 

T.M. Haddock

This "less is more" concept is so creative. Great vid chica.

Chelsea S

More videos with your natural hair plz

Jaeda Barnes

Your curls are sooo pretty Beautiful healthy hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Jamie

Great tutorial! !! Gorgeous hair btw we have the same ring ???


You are so creative, an outdoor hair video is so cool, such a change from people doing hair in the bathroom.

Brandie islove

Went natural march 2014. Learning. Thanks for this video. Very helpful ?


You have really pretty naturally healthy and beautiful hair


You are so beautiful!
Stay real.

ktv Villegas

So happy I found this page


I LOVE HOW YOU FILMED THIS! Very different from the usual hair tutorials which can become such a bore but the scenery makes it feel warm and inviting :)


Your hair looks thick and healthy. Great video! ☺

Mariama Lukata

Cool drier?


China.you could of told me you were going to Piedmont Park!!!LOL we could of worked out together :-) teasing thats my favorite park I go there at least 4x a week I play tennis there as well :-) Great Video!! :-)

Angel Miller

Hey Ms. China gurl! I just love ur videos! You have such a beautiful spirit and and I just luv ur positive energy! Oh and great job on ur Lisa Raye interview! Much luv from New Orleans ookay?

Marra Joelle

your hair looks so healthy! As always, very creative. LOVE!


your hair looks so pretty! love the scenery too :) 


what song is playing?

Lekesia McGowan

I wash and condition my hair with suave naturals, creme of nature leave-in, olive oil or castor oil to seal, and any cream or butter to twist.




Gorgeous!!!!! Such a beautiful video!

Sarita Nanku

your hair is lovely :) 


Your hair is really nice, I love the editing and scenery..very beautiful

Nina Cubana

you have so beautiful hair and i love natural products too for my hair type, they are the best ever