Tan feet

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Get rid of feet tan - clean up, toning, scrub and mask | Pedicure | Beauty Made Easy

5 092 views | 26 Feb. 2017

Get rid of feet tan -

Get rid of feet tan - clean up, toning, scrub and mask | Beauty Made Easy

How to make homemade makeup removing wipes | DIY | Beauty Made Easy - https://youtu.be/OLNhV-zXj3w

Rice Scrub - https://youtu.be/itYVb7I9AHM

Brightening DIY coffee body scrub - https://youtu.be/GxFrQ8k-FW0

For quries mail - [email protected]

Sukanya Rose

Nice video,U have a very good voice..!!?make a make up tutorials..!!simple hairstyle!!thank u sweety..!!

Irusappan Mohan

very very nice???

joe jaiswal

the most important thing is u r not "fake"...u show the januaine result..?

King D

Cute feet.

Tan feet

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Tan Removal Feet Whitening Spa Pedicure At Home (With LIVE DEMO)

6 573 251 views | 23 Jan. 2017

How to Do Tan Removal Feet

How to Do Tan Removal Feet Whitening Spa Pedicure At Home. Results in LIVE Demonstration.

Watch this video in HINDI : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybtEY5sVToI

Ingredients :

Step 1 - Warm Water + Baby Shampoo (1 tbsp)

Step 2 - Warm Water + Honey (1 tbsp ) + Lime (1/2)

Step 3 - Sugar (2 tsp) + Coffee (2 tsp) + Aloe Vera Gel (1 tsp) + Lime Juice (1 tsp)

Step 4 - Moisturising Cream

Product Links -

Lakme Nail Polish Remover : http://amzn.to/2jRgxbJ

Homey : http://amzn.to/2kh1iFs

Baby Shampoo : http://amzn.to/2jfazA9

Coffee : http://amzn.to/2jfjC49

Aloe Vera Gel : http://amzn.to/2kioAia

SUBSCRIBE to my Hindi Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8pmJunFVczincFwCl6h5Zg

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/arpitanathblog/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/AarpitaN

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thegypsybong/

Watch my last Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGx8JgYsRe0

100% Effective Hands & Feet Whitening Remedy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuB7orTL5_0

Get Soft, Fair & Smooth Hands in 7 Days : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK2meMtrT8U

Full Body & Face Whitening Mask / Ubtan : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK2meMtrT8U



















Lots of Love


seema sheoran

Isko pack ko face p bhi lga lonsth sth ..???

Curly Head_tonio Curly Head_tonio

It worked for me my skin was kinda lighter and I got a sub burn just trying to get my color back

menali bhasitha

thank you very much

Archana Krishnan

I just tried this remedy today and even with use of once gave me tremendous difference ...thank you arpitha .....even though it's been years since you have posted it ...worth trying ...my skin is supple ,soft and tan free ...thank u

Namra Mirza

Can i use this on my hands

Yaytri Patel



Thank you madam

Payal Kamble

Can we use any shampoo??

brahman raaj 'pandit'

Konsa stone ...?

Hanging Out With Sid

How can we speed the water

Deepti Gola

Mam, can we use coconut oil instead of Vaseline in the last step..❤️❤️

Aditi Kute

Johnsons baby shampoo k alava kya use krte h ? Plz reply

Asha Saran

Great cleansing... And you have explained in a very well that we understand the steps to follow...??

Ch Devi

Can i use any other moisturer instead of Aloevera jel because I don't have Aloevera jel plz reply me plzzzzzzz

Almighty's Daughter

Check out You beautiful with Asha youtube channel...she giving amazing tips

Debashree Saha

Aloe Vera gel r jaijay onno ki use kora jaby aktu bolben plz


Can I use any shampoo or specially that one...?

Parul Sood

Please dark spots k liye koi video banaiye

Nisha Nishani

Do we have to follow all these steps in order
Or just one step is enough

G for GO

Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair, Deeply Moisturizes - Visible Results in Just 1 Day - 1 Ounce:https://amzn.to/3dOcSUA

Subha Maya

Name of the foot cream please you applied??

Udathri Karunarathne

It's very effective thank you very much ??????


Am I the only one ignoring the panic of corona outbreak and watching these beauty tips and stuff

saras jo

Honey ellama use pannalama entha tips

lokit 1674

Which coffee powder should we use

Mamankari 80


monu monu

Can we use any other shampoo instead of Johnson baby shampoo

Sailaja Reddy

What can I use under jhonsan baby shampoo mam....can suggest another shampoo

Hepzibah One man's voice

I can see only positive comments.. Good tips

Christina Anthony

Wow will try

swetha sodari

Why don't you try on darker skin bcuz. Yours is white skin I can't see any changes

Raja Vickneshwaran

Mam did you add sugar with coffee pwder

Meenu maha245

Shall we use anyother shampoo other than baby shampoo

mayuri jyovis


Rima Sarkar

Wowwwww❤️❤️❤️ amazing

Deep Shikha

can we use it on arms and legs?

Sabnaz Khan

Now I will try and result is very good. My feet clean and glowing

Deepti Gola

Mam, can we use coconut oil instead of Vaseline in the last step...❤️

safasyed safa

With out nail polish more beautyful ur feet

yoshi's trending dishes, crafts, hair tips, tour

Raise hands who checking for results in comment box

Masina Sujatha

Can i use any shampoo

Surabhi Murali

This is the best remedy ?. I have used the same and I got a good result.

Fari Safdar


Khushi Sharma

Kya honey daalna zaruri h ?

Aswinikumari Muthukur

I loved it.i dnt knw abt tan removal but I assure you for sure you get smooth feet and soft feet.
Pls follow exactly the same

I loved it

jyostnarani sahoo

Mam please tell me cream name

Uma Diwan71296

Can I use this for my hand

Karpagapriya kp

Today I am.gonna try it.. Lets see how it works..

Geetha Balamurugan

We can normal shampoo ?

Gagan Singh

Ise face ya hands pe use kr skte h kya

anisha parveen Parveen

If you have reley work buetyful result?❤️

Sri Shiv

Youre amazing i follow every videos esp for glowing skin video much more impressed i never went to parlour i tried ur prepartions for my engagement. It looks stunning!! Everyone asked me which parlour you went.. Am suggesting ur videos to all my cousins and friends too

Roger Moore

The beauty of neat Indian feet

Aloka Ranasinghe

Thank you♥️

Monica Ann Liyag

Can I use aloevera as aloevera gel

Shivani Agarwal

Alovera plant ka le skte h

Aarthy Selvi

Superb tips. Next time I will give it a try


Can I apply it on hands??

jyovis report2019


Rajib Rajib


Alka Rathi

Awesome thanks

Noora ihsas kpk

مزید اچھی اچھی ویڈیو کے لئے ہمارا یوٹیوب چینل کو سبسکرائب کر دیں

Amad Arif

Best remedies for health and beauty
Plz follow

Simboo prithi

In place of limon wt should I use

NewStyle Modeling

I know people with a foot fetish going crazy watching this

Leo Smith

What can u use in place of baby shampoo?


Whether it can applied to dry skin?


Step 1-Warm Water + Baby Shampoo (1 tbsp)
Step 2- Warm Water + Honey (1 tbsp) + Lime (1/2)
Step 3-Sugar (2 tsp) +Coffee (2 tsp) + Aloe Vera
Gel (1 tsp) + Lime Juice (1 tsp)
Step 4-Moisturising Cream

Crystala Tan Vlogs

Nice one sissy

maria kathreen

It gives good results. Can you give more information about other beauty tips.?

kainat khan

Can i use fresh aloe vera gel


I tried this and it helped me, in first use the tan was reduced?

Harman Brar



Sowbhagya K

Pls post the vedio for hands and face


Very nicely demonstrated. Keep up the good work.

FoodNStyle By PP

Checkout my pedicure video


Arpita Das

Can u please name the moisturing cream that you used??

Revu Revathi

I tried this now only... My feet is soft now...

mubeen shaik

For hands can use this

neetika mahajan

Very effective

Sivasankari Siva

I tried this and i got some brightness in the first time


Thank you. Amazing result. I suggest others to try as well and they will be amazed too..

maida vlogs

Best de tanning pedicure on whole youtube


Coffee powder .....instant coffee powder or decortion coffee powder

Gokila Mk

Hi. do you have any videos to remove or lighten the darker lips @arpita

Manickam K

Is this work for our hands and face ??????? Sister......................

Hafsa Attar

What can I use instead of aloevera gel ? Replay fast plz

baba shah 333

Princess I love your feet so sweet beautiful feet all world's in your beautiful feet nails like feet nice feet

felicity proto

Notice how much light is being focus on the feet

muni hari

Don't have babby shampo now what can use

Shikhi Kulshrestha

Really its very nice i try nd get amazing results ??????

Salomi Das

We have to do all this

Salomi Das

Instead to taking baby shampoo we can take any other shampoo also

Suriya Bibi

Literally this pedicure https://youtu.be/6ie-7zQ9ABQ is better than parlour pedicure and i got amazing amazing results from Zainab Yousaf remedies lakin yh feet whitening remedy oss ki best best result deti ha

Tan feet

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Feet Whitening Pedicure at Home - Remove Sun Tan & Whiten Your Skin

3 119 892 views | 20 Nov. 2018

Feet Whitening Pedicure

Feet Whitening Pedicure at Home in Tamil - Remove Sun Tan & Whiten Your Skin

Pedicure at Home - How to do pedicure at home naturally? - https://youtu.be/g8I66fxhLzg

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#tamilbeautytv #tamilbeautytips #Pedicure

Yuva Karthi

Veslin use panna kaal color black aagatha sister

Maha Rani

Akka can we use for 12 years old girl .
And akka how many days should we continue this akka.

bessanbeb ajmyevrthng

Aloe Vera kandipa podanuma

Pretty Mathew

Goddess feet

Murugan A

Honey ku bathil ethavathu use pannalama

muthu Saravanan

Super Akka vara leaver ??????

Kalai muruganantham

Daily panlama itha


Sis weekly evlo time use pannanum

Muthu Kumar

Enta foot brush illayeee

Subramaniyam Dharsitha

Aluweranu solradu ennadu akka

Hut hema

Nice sis

s.Arshad s.Arshad

Hi mam....kaal,virel le ikire mudihele eppadi rm pannure solluge mam...

Marie Selvadorai

Thanks god bĺess I ĺàve you

A P.m

It's Really Effective for legs.l tried it.

Family Family

அக்கா ஹானி இல்லை அக்கா என்னா பான்றது

Meena Arumugam

Coffee powder use panradhu nala side effects agadhu la mam

Jeeva Jeeva

Manicure ku oru vedio poadunga sis

Siva Siva

Mam yennoda kalla accident la thalumpu iruku athu poga mattuthu athuku yethachi tips Solluga apram intha vedio romba useful la iruku thq mam

Nathasha Nathasha

Sis weight loss tips sollunga

Dilojan Tiran

Hi sis suththamane hany illati enne seiradhu pls reply me. Iam Nilaandhi

monisha talluru

Mam if we don't have foot scruber we can use other brush?..

Loganathan K

Last ta vaslinkku pathilaga ponds cream podalama

Kaleeswari Kalees

Really very nice

meena neem

Hi sister weekly once pannalama

Vignesh vishali


John Bosco

Super ♥️

sangeetha rs


Bhujanga Rao Kodda

Mam can we use the bru coffee powder

Lakshmi Anand

Thank you sister i will try

suba shini

Kallkallla iruka kaaya thazhumbu naraiya tip kudunga akka

Sekaran Aishu

Enaku nxt month mrg mam. Fairness aga Ena soap use pannanum

lokeshweri gopi

Nice voice and smile sis

Jeya C


Abi Aish 19 Abi Aish 19

Akka face vellayaka tips tharigala plsss plss ka

Selvam selvam

shampoo Packet la use pannuna etha na use pannanum

Komathi Satiavani

Wow lemme sister I try this la tq ????

priya priya

Akka pls medicure ku oru video podunga,neenga already potrunthingana antha link share panunga

Sundari Allimuthu


SK thirumithran

Weekly twice try this okva

Aathi Padma

Pedicure panithu after both adukalama

Helan Darsiny

Thank you sister

Vijay Thalapathy

Sis scrub panitu ethachu pack podalama

Malar Vilzhil

Sis tnq sooo mucchhh I tried thizz it's really working tell me for hand whiting also

Hema Aswitha

Please dark circles and pimbles scar remedies please

Boomika Kumar


Sadana Sadana

Neck tips upload please



Shalini Shalini

Etha hand ku use panalama sis

18JUBB24 gopi pavi

Thinamum ma sis pannanum

lavanya hari

Hand tan.a iruku... Intha scrup .a hand Ku use pannalama

Arockia Jesma

Today try pedicure super result????

Hema sandhiya

Tq akka Very nice to thank for you and love u ❤️ akka

praveena pravee

Sis idha evlo days pananum..??????And idhu permanent ah??????

Divya K

Relagular Ra pananuma illa epdi solluga please

Ranjinarmu Ranjinarmu


Nikitha Mary carmel

It's really working ??

Suresh Yadav


Nithyakalyani Balaji

I dont have foot scrubber what can I do?and I also dont have foot cuticle

Abi Abi

Day by day pannanuma ella weekly ones pananuma plz reply panuga mam

priya priya

Hi. Sis , yesterday i tried this ,it was so amazing,really enala namaba mudila ,per day laye excellent result,???????????????????????????,but I did small mistake,legoda upper part la scrubber vachi nalla scrub panniten,so l8ta itching. Irunthuthu,,today kayamaidichi,but neenga sona tips padi panalaey pothum nalla result varum,,thanks. Akka ,romba varsham dream ,enoda leg aa alaga irukanumnu,

Raj.karishnan 25


Ezhil Ezhilarasi


ram krishnan

Nice sis it's very useful to me thank you so much

Vaishali Vaishu

@tamil beauty tv Sis honey illana paravalaiya

Sharmita A

Mam honey skip panelama

Abinaya Senthilkumar

I tried it works, thank you for sharing this , keep rocking ???

Leela Karthik

Pls put the video for pedicure for hands to look brighter

Swarnya Joshika,R

Yes it really works

Oosma Jasmine


Muthuratha Muthuratha

Sister honey illa ok va

life life

Ethana days once seiyanum sis

Lavanya Prabhu

Honey ilana vera Ena use panalam pls solunga madam

Pramila Devi

Hand Ku use pannalama

Puspadevi Tanush

மாதம் ஒருமுறை செய்யலாமா

Vasuki Sankar

Can the same coffe powder be used in face nd hand?

Priya Elumalai

Hi sister .intha tips very nice.but daily intha tips use pannanuma

Suba reeba

Tq so much ?sissy ,l will try?

sri babydevi

Akka yappadi white akurathu solluga

salomin mary

Monthly once pana podhuma mam

Hariharan Acp

மகிழ்ச்சி நன்றி பாதங்கள் வீடியோக்கள் அதிகமாக போஸ்ட் செய்யவும்


Weight gain tips

Ismail Asan

Good result sis

Poonguzhali K

Mam voice super

Aarthy N

Akka...entha shampoo use pannanum..??shall I use clinic plus..?

boomi nathan

Sister pls black douts Ku oru tips solluga sister pls pls pls

vijay nivya

Supper tq for this tips ?

Noorul Mubeena

Hi sis
Na today than idha try pannina nalla result kedachcha..? kaal soft aavum ikidhu..
Thnx sis?

Fy Fg

Honey illa enna pandrathu

Hajara Fathima

Vera easy murai illaya sister

pcnila nila

can we use the same method for Hands?

sowmiya doss

Copy from kanmani akka...she did this already ???

Shireen Shaikh

Can we see the results in 1st time?

Varsha Abinaya


Keerthi Harshu

Hands are very dry and tan pls give a tip for this

Ramya Mithra

Nenga alaka pesurenka

Rahine Thurai singam

How many times in a week we need to do this akka?

Sadayadurai singaravelu

Realy its work to me sema result at first timey sis thank u so much

Banu Mathi

Honey ku bathula vera edhum use pannalama sis?

ninzz lion

What can I use instead of aloe vera?


Wow it's really working thank you ???????