Pinwheel hair dye

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Pinwheel Hair Coloring

27 227 views | 2 Mar. 2016

Sorry about my camera

Sorry about my camera angling and bad lightling I decided to shoot this at 10 P.M

Where to buy color:



Roro kls

Thanks for making this video! I was looking for a pinwheel video for a while!


beautiful red colour!

sheryl measel

Please tell.....What colors would i use for the sides if I currently have the front and back triangles bleached and tone with Matrix 10V Socolor demi? I'm a natural level 6 dark blond w/25% grey. (Edit...i'd like to have blond, not red..i just saw your second video..i guess those could work..)


Your welcome. I hope it was helpful.

Pinwheel hair dye

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Spring Inspired Hair Color Tutorial + Formula from Euphoria Collection

58 126 views | 14 Apr. 2017

TONI&GUY National Creative

TONI&GUY National Creative Technical Director, Samantha Finley, provides a full length colour tutorial with formulas for Ro's look from the Euphoria collection. Samantha transform's Ro's bleach blonde strands to vibrant Millennial pink and aqua hues.

Ready to colour like the pros and become a professional hairdresser? Check out a TONI&GUY Academy near you: http://www.toniguy.edu/

Already a hairdresser? Take a class with Samantha & the national Art Team for more advanced education and techniques: http://www.toniguy.edu/advanced/courses

Cecy Flowers

Wtf! Wasted my time!

Devon Ruess

I really enjoyed the video and I think I could learn the technique but you should of shown the after picture and before you cut it so we could of seen what it actually looked like.

Farbelly Florez

very nice ?

andrea humble

what a waste of product cut first colour second when chopping so much off! I do however like the end result!

Susana Franco

and the resolt?

Beverly Catalano


Shayne Ashley

Why would you wear such extreme bat winged sleeves to colour someones hair?
Why would you waste all that colour then cut a good lot of it off?

Alix Mtz

Me gustaría ver el resultado,que marca de tinte,cuánto tiempo de pose,cómo se llama esa técnica

Pinwheel hair dye

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Pinwheel Color Application on Medium / Short Hair

76 views | 13 Jan. 2021

Hello everyone! I do a

Hello everyone! I do a pinwheel color application on a mannequin to show the technique. I am not paid for or endorsed by any of the products I use, it's just what I had laying around the house. If this ever changes I will disclose at that point. I use a red and a brown in 8 sections for her highlights.

Brown Color:

2 oz. One'n'Only Argan Oil Hair Color Glossing Cream 3N

4 oz. Wella Professional 1.9% developer 6 volume

Red Color:

1 oz. Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Hair Color 4IR

1 oz. Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Hair Color 8RC

.5 oz. Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Hair Color 7IR

2,5 oz Salon Care 20 volume developer

Used to Style:

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

Neuma Moisture Instant Fix

Bedhead TIGI Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm

Salon Selective Intense Volume All Day Extra Firm Mousse


[email protected]