Neosporin on piercings

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346 475 views | 24 Aug. 2018

I hope this video helps

I hope this video helps you out with your keloid! Be sure to follow the steps I described for 1-2 weeks and I'm sure you'll be keloid-free :)

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Watch me get my nose pierced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drKGEgxXBmU&t=4s


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If it went away then it’s NOT a keloid. It was a healing bump from not cleaning it properly.

PilotJones 87

This definitely worked! I woke up this morning after the 2nd night of doing this, and the keloid has completely flattened out. It’s just a little red around from where it was. Going to continue this just to be on the safe side. I didn’t have neosporin so I used Vaseline, but going to start using neosporin today.

Brianna F

Are we supposed to take out the piercing ? Please help :(((

Alexa Welch

This works went away in 3 days!!! Thank you

meg b

ok guys. i tried this and its been about 4 days, and my bump is fully gone. i didn’t use neosporin cause i saw some comments saying it will heal the piercing wrong, so i just put a little bit of vitamin e oil on the area in the morning. THIS WORKS. mine turned into a scab and just fell off when it was ready

Valeria R

I’m trying this tonight .. I hope it works because I had it with piercing lol

Tiana Deshields

I ordered from body candy is their jewelry safe for nose piercing,

Dilasha Bhattarai

i have a bump inside my nose and its been there for like over a month but i havent done anything about it idk why but i kinda noticed that its getting a little bigger so is it ok if i put the tea tree oil and salt paste inside my nose on the bump?? i think i got my nose pierecd like 2-3 months ago

Megan Calvert

Savlon also works like a jem


i have had my nose pierced a total of 6 times now. including the double nose piercing i have right now. and every time it’s ended in a keloid or a granuloma. and i take very good care of my piercings! i wish i found this video earlier. i tried it last night and it just fell off this morning! i wish i found this video earlier. then i probably wouldn’t of taken so many nose piercings out. waited for them to heal to get them pierced again just for it to end in a keloid again. seriously this changed my life!!! i’m so happy!!!!! i was so scared to try this but it’s incredible!

Gopika Malu

Mam what can i use to cure keloid inside my nose...its too big

Angelica Suarez

I tried it the other night and it got bigger so I’ve been scared to try again ?

Shaweetie's Bakery

so after my keloid popped, a black ring formed around my piercing. what does this mean??

Latoris McVay

I’ve tried everything and this worked in 3 days. I’ve had my piercing for over a year but I snagged it while taking off my glasses last month and got a bump for the first time. I tried soaks, asprin and tea tree oil by itself but nothing worked. When I used the aspirin paste it actually got bigger. I did the sea salt and tea tree oil paste at night, put a bandaid on it and rinsed it off in the morning. Did my regular soaks 2x a day. Today is day 4 and my bump is completely flat. The only thing is my skin around the piercing is really dry now but that can be fixed! I prefer dry skin over a huge bump!! Thanks so much for sharing

Nicole Suchy

ok this worked for me in 2 days!!! I was absolutely hopeless and thought I’d have to take it out. do this!!! Sea salt and tea tree oil are my go to now!! Thank you so so so much for sharing!!!


Did you do it on the outside only? I'm having trouble finding a way to keep it on the inside of my nose i even tried putting it on one side of a cotton ball and sticking it in my nose xD

Nicole Bollozos

ya'll the salt and tea tree oil works!! Literally went down in a couple of hours! You can even see a difference after 2 hours of having it on! It does sting a little bit at first but it does away. I did it this afternoon after noticing that my bump wasnt going away so i searched up how to get rid of it and came across this video while I was at dollar tree! LIFE SAVER!! Thank you!!

akshya 777

I tried the tea tree oil and sea salt and it vanished in three nights !! So happy I found something that actually works.

Jazmyn Khamphilavong

thank you so much this actually worked

Wendi White

This is a lifesaver. I have been struggling with my bump for 7 months and tried everything! I was about to take it out. I did this for 2 days and its gone!!

Keshni Bhoodhoo

Using her method in 2020 after piercing my nose my keloid vanish in 3 days even tho I had it for two / months really useful

Oana Maria

U literally saved my life

Tess Bessette

i’m not sure if anyone is gonna see this but i had an AWFUL reaction to this. it ended up scabbing over and looked 100x worse than it did before. be careful with this:/

LaQuita Rorie

Definitely worked for me!!! Gone completely within 1 week!

Candace Nicole

I literally just got my nose pierced and I have a Keloid and I have been doing the sea salt & tea tree oil for a week and it is still there ? I will keep trying hopefully it goes away soon!! Any advise anyone???

Amanda Jantz

3 years after the original post! this actually works!!! i’ve tried everything- sea salt soaks, aspirin, warm compresses, a lot of cleaning, saline rinses and nothing worked. every time i get a bump i usually take my piercing out too but i SWEAR this method works. the bandaid i think is what does the trick. i didn’t use neosporin but i’m telling you the bump i had was huge. it was infected at one point too. it took about four nights for this routine to finally shrink it. by the fifth night i basically was able to soak the dead skin off and i didn’t need the bandaid. now it’s almost completely healed. i could cry thinking about how desperate i was to get rid of it too


i got my nose pierced 8 months ago, and never had to deal with keloids. i changed my stud to a hoop about a month ago, and once i did i got a BIG keloid. this helped me thank you.

jacfar awad

If I don’t have tea tree oil, does salt water and water work? Help plz ?


So, I tried this and it worked but I did have to tweak it a little bit. I was pretty skeptical before doing this because the last time I had a keloid was in HS and it was there for months before I ultimately just took out my nose piercing. Anyway, I found that the paste mixture was a bit too harsh for my skin. It caused like a blister after it scabbed. So, I diluted it with warm water and used 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. Used a cotton swab to dab it onto my nose. After I did that, I dabbed some neosporin on top. I did this both during the day and at night. Either way, this process does work! And depending on your skin type, you might have to tweak it a little.

Full Moon Goddess 11

After the salt + tea tree oil, when you wake up the next morning, did you have to rinse anything off or.... ?

Courtney Paige

Came back to this video three days later just to say, THANK. YOU. SOO. MUCH. three days with the salt and tea tree method and it’s almost completely gone! Still wondering what to do with the one inside of my nostril but am still super stoked that it looks nice.


my nose bump is so disgusting thanks for posting this lol

Madison Haase

This is probably my very first YouTube comment ever. I hardly ever even watch YT videos. But I stumbled upon this video when I Google searched how to get rid of my nose ring bump and this is the first solution I've come across that actually worked. I tried antibacterial soaps, saline washes, warm salt water compresses and just leaving it alone for the last 4 months with no luck. I tried this out and my bump is gone after a week.

I used the mixture both day and night (easy to do when you're stuck at home all day anyway, thanks Quarantine). When the outside would become hard and scab like, I would pick them off in the shower (after being in for a bit) with no pain, put the mixture on (which will obviously sting a bit more than usual) and would wake up the next day with it significantly smaller.

Thank you SO much for sharing this with the world, I needed it!!

Sarah Betty

Im trying it tonight, i will comr back tomorrow morning w results, praying it will work.

Karli Galloway

DO NOT PUT NEOSPORIN ON YOUR PIERCINGS. I watched this video a couple months ago and did everything she told me to and put neosporin on the piercing only 2 times. The very next day, my nose got extremely infected (like I would wake up every morning with my piercing covered in blood). After 4 days of this, the ring was stuck in my nose and started to close up. I was in so much pain I ended up going to the ER to get it removed. I got three shots, antibiotics, and a huge bill!

Aaliyah cook

can I do this for the one inside of my nose ?

Amna Xx

Can we keep our nose piercing in when we put the paste on our nose

Emerald Mcnulty

All I got to say was I watched this video 3 days ago hoping it was going to work, I had watched every other video, tried every other remedy and nothing seemed to work, I was hopeless. I watched this video and I did the salt and tea tree oil at bed time with a bandaid over my nose piercing. I woke and my keloid had almost damn ne’er disappeared. I did it for an additional 2 more days and it is now completely gone. Thank you so much!!!!


what if we don’t have any tea tree oil ?

Vivien Alexa

Heyyy..I got my nose pierced around two weeks ago? I didn't really noticed it until now that it has a little.. Pinkish thing near it, and I'm really not sure about what is it..so like, I noticed this white thing coming out from the place, wich I know- is normal, but the main thing is this pink/red- ish thing. Like it is not that noticeable, and not that dark..I am not sure but I appreciate every reply I will hopefully get ??

Sarah Ralph

Can you use it on the INSIDE of your nose?? My keloid is on the inside


As someone who was really nervous to use tea tree oil and Neosporin bc piercers always said to just use saline wound wash to help irritation bumps... I highly recommended the steps in this video! I’ve pierced my nose twice and kept getting these bumps and nothing has ever worked until this. Bump free within 3 days. Also using this on my flat piercing (cartilage) that’s 4 years old and has had a bump forever and it’s working. I’m so so happy.

It’s Lexus C

Not every bump is a keloid it can be caused by the jewelry and I’ve changed mine and the bump appeared. Don’t use tea tree oil it’s bad for the skin

sucker punch

I’ve this keloid with puss I got it 2 days ago and I got my nose piercing done a month ago, it was all good but I was feeling this pain from a week and got this keloid??

Rachel Whalen

That salt/ tea tree hack is awesome! Had a red bump, tried the hack for the night. Woke up and it had visibly shrunken! Such a game changer

Dilasha Bhattarai

is it ok if i use tea tree oil antiseptic or does it have to be just tea tree oil?

Anne Verdeyen

This really worked! I had a really bad and rather big bump on my nosepiercing ( a ring) right after i fot it. For two months it looked ugly withe the bump and nothing seemed to help. But this did!! It took about 5 days for mine to completely disappear. The first few days it was like nothing was happening, but after the third day it scabbed all over. It looked awful for two days and then the whole thing came off. It looks amazing now. I’m really happy something finally worked! I hope it stays gone! Thank you so much!

Danielle Sanchez

Is it okay to use tea tree pure essential oil?

desirae nicole

the tea tree oil burned my skin. Now i have a scar on my nose from where I would wear the paste! :(

Anna Aiken

Thank you this really works! I’ve had a really stubborn keloid for about 3 months now. I did this for less than a week and my keloid is already gone. What I would do was soak my nose in saline as normal, clean that up then add the sea salt and tea tree to the bump (with the piercing still in) and cover with a plaster so it didn’t fall off when I was sleeping. When I woke up, I would soak it in saline again. After about 4 nights of doing this it’s completely flat. I’ve still been cleaning with the saline solution but I don’t feel the need to use the salt and tea tree anymore but will do this again if I see a bump appearing

izzy carrasco

hey i did this & it worked. my keloid shrank so much but it’s now just rly small and not very noticeable. it’s stayed the same and is not completely gone yet. will it disappear eventually? has anyone else experienced this? is it just a matter of being patient and waiting for it to be gone? pls let me know x

Dalal Q8

Is it necessary to put neosporin? Cause i dont have that one

MRI Indenting House

i have keloid on outside and it brust

Grace AnnMarie

Do you have to puncture or make a hole for the oil and salt to get in? Or just put it on the keloid?

Maggie Moran

Wait....you weren’t doing a saline wash after your piercing?

Anne Midigo

I saw this video last week and I’m so happy coz it worked for me after trying to get rid of my bump for about 6months. Thanks a lot❤️

sameeha ali

Hii, i had piercing done last year and my nose bump wouldn’t go away. I recently removed it two months ago and closed my piercing but i have a little bump. Dr said it’s keloid and she said it will never go away. I am so scared. Will this help get rid of the keloid on my nose. Please help?

Dehsiree Vest

Thank you for this video! My bump it’s gone after trying this ?

Lisette Alonso

Got a keloid 3 weeks after piercing. I used the saline wound wash and it worked beautifully. Ty

Gia Venegas

Did you use pure tee tree oil i purchased one and got some on a foam plate and it burned right thru it so i was scared to try it!

Rated G

This just leaves a bunch of salt on my skin falling down my shirt. Can you make a video showing how u do the paste? Dont know if I'm using enough tea oil

Eric Thomas

This 100% works. I've tried everything, leaving it alone, salt soaks, tea tree oil, you name it. This alone worked. In two days my bump was gone. Be careful though when leaving it on overnight. If you have sensitive skin and your bump is almost gone or severely reduced in size, and you leave the paste on overnight, you may wake up in the morning and find a sunken blister on your nose (as is the case for me). It however scabbed and healed over in another 2 days (miraculously). Try this, and watch your bump go away!!!

Tyson Hill

Does Hydrogen Peroxide works?

Popcornismypassion 7

Ok so I have had my nose pierced since December I got my nose bump in March and I had it for 5 months until July. I am now in August and the bump has completely gone down and is just healing in the area where the bump was. I tried EVERYTHING before this, washing it like the piercer recommends and leaving it alone, saline soaks, alcohol, peroxide (I know these are not recommended), tea tree oil by itself. Nothing worked it would get smaller but never ever go away and then I’d wake up and it would be even bigger right when I thought it might go away. I decided to try the salt and tea tree mixture from this video in July. I tried it and did it every day for 2 weeks and started to notice it going down but I noticed heat was a trigger for my bump, so it being summer in the US rn I would go outside and the bump would “swell” a bit. So what I began to do was the tea tree and salt paste for 7-8 hours and then I would apply a small ice pack for about 10 min a couple times a day. This combination FINALLY made my bump go away after I was contemplating just taking it out. Try this if you need an extra step to help you out! Have a little extra patience if you have had your keloid/bump for a while. It took me 1 full month of this for mine to go away.

Lizbeth Aranda

Life saver!!! Had my keloid for MONTHS, then tried this for 4 consecutive nights and it finally dried off and it’s finally GONE!!


It works!!!

Samantha James

Mines has been here for eight months and it hasn’t gone away ? hopefully this remedy works ??


It perfectly worked ? ...Thank you so much Maddie ...love , peace and blessings for you ❤️❤️ ...Thank you again , Stay blessed

Jess Millan

Does the salt and tea tree oil turn your keloid dark red? It did that to mine and I was guessing it somewhat burns the keloid

tahni sulendra

I had the biggest and ugliest nose bump and this healed it right up! Wow, so thankful. I have only done 4 days but it just like lifted off. Amazing


What if you’re allergic to tea tree ☹️

Jessica Smith

Can I use Himalayan salt?

Rosa Perez

I had to come back and leave a comment! Before this I was desperate. Next step was going to my doctor and paying lord knows how much! After doing this for 3 nights in a row, it’s pretty much gone! And y’all, I did EVERYTHING. Probably 2 more nights and it’ll be completely done with. Mine was pretty decent sized too. Thank you ? try it guys!!!!


Thank you for this video! I have been doing the salt soaks and anything else I could find for over a week and nothing! Tried this last night and this morning it was nearly gone! Brilliant!


In all the years on YouTube, this is legit the first comment I've ever written on a video and just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. I got my nose pierced in June (pierced with a hoop, so wrong on the piercer's part but it is what it is) I've had the nasty bump for MONTHS, always changing from super big to smaller, but never even came close to going away. I tried literally everything across the internet. I was so embarrassed of it I would wear a bandaid over my fucking nose lmao. I actually found this video only because I was googling how to take out my nose ring w/ the bump, and this video caught my eye. Anyway, for anyone reading the many positive comments- i'm here to add another. I did this treatment for 4 days, 4 DAYS, and it is completely gone. It stings when you first put the paste on, i added a tiny bit of water in my mix just to dilute the tea tree oil. It does cause some drying around the area at first, but just keep with it and it will work. I had minor minor bleeding in the beginning, then the keloid flattened, and then it completely vanished. I keep looking at my nose like damn thats what it looks like to have a normal nose again. THANK YOU.

Sasha Ebanks

I just got a nose piercing and the same started to my piercing. I'm definitely going to try the things you recommended bcz I love this piercing and I don't want to lose it.
Update: Bump reduced after 4 nights of use but not 100% gone.

Abby Muniz

This worked for me for like a week & after the keloid came back. Also my skin was peeling when doing this routine.

Just for fun Hi!!!!

Should I take my earring out

Kotah Carroll

So can u use any salt or do you use sea salt or normal salt

Ivan Gonzalez

Holy fuck your boyfriend is so annoying! He wants to be the star of the show so badly

Keke Evans

definitely aren’t supposed to put Neosporin ?

Bekah Andreasen

Was yours hard? Like mine feels almost like a hard wart ?

sumedha chatterjee

Iam not using anything else but only teatree oil. Will it work???????

Daija Watson

Okay so last week I saw this video and I was mad skeptical..... It works. Fair warning you will wake up with the keloid bloody but smaller over time.

Unfortunately I still lost my piercing after only having it for 2 1/2 months. My jewelry came out in my sleep and when I went to go put it back in my skin and tissue was so soft from this treatment it Made the hole bigger and it was not cute so I took it out since I'm done butchering myself for now.

Kelsey S

Ok so I can’t find my previous comment to post this out I need to share it: I did this method for around three weeks and sure it got rid of the bump, but my nose was red and irritated, and it delayed the healing of my piercing. Here’s what helped me: jojoba oil. It doesn’t “get rid of the bump” but it furthers the healing process so it is gone completely for good without damage. My best advice to anyone is to clean with either salt water or jojoba oil in water, and leave it the hell alone. Hope this helps :)

britney kiera

great video! but i don’t know/ think that’s technically a keloid like maybe more of pustule or something else, cuz they can be confusing but overall great vid, i might give it a try

felicia brooks

I've had my piercing for 3 months and I tried sea salt and distilled water and the keloid would go down but return in days. I came across this video, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. OMG, it really works...80% flat after 1 night, day 2 it's completely flat and gone. I used 100% tea tree oil from CVS ($10). I didn't use Neosporin. Thank you for this video!!!!


I came back to say, I have a relatively new nose piercing (March) and I work in healthcare! All the masks have been super aggravating and my nose keeps developing keloids or getting infected. I’ve done this remedy three different times now and IT WORKS EVERY TIME! Thank you!!!!

Jeleesa Holt

Did You Put The Mixture Inside Your Nose For That Keloid Too?

Baddie Vee

Omg guys ! I never really update but this is the only thing that actually worked mine was gone in two days

Well That’s awkward

I just went to my piercer and he popped it lol


Skip to 1:43 if you want to skip her diva boyfriend get to the point


Did the bump on the inside of your nose go away with just the saline spray? I have one on the inside as well

Hallie NoBerry

You two are absolutely adorable!!!❤️

Jillian Winfree

Oh my gosh this works!!! I’ve had my nose done three times due to bump issues and I’ve tried just about everything. At the time I can across this video.... I was already on antibiotics for and ear infection. But I did start this regime on the 1st of this year. As of today the 9th my bump is completely gone. I would say about the third day you could really tell there was a decrease in the size. There is a burning sensation with the mixture of salt and tea tree oil. But I didn’t use a bandaid because I found that for me the oil and the bandaid would almost like melt the bandaid into my skin. The only thing I would recommend is to make sure you use SEA SALT! Other than that this did work for me and I’m completely happy!

T Andrea

In just 2 DAYS! It was not only gone but there was no mark whatsoever left behind.

My Detailed steps

1. Wash hands

2. Cleaned it by using a q-tip dipped in homemade salt water (saline)

3. At night I mixed salt + drops of tea tree oil (enough to make a paste)

4. Carefully place the paste
with a new q-tip directly covering the keloid.

5. Lightly cover the salt/teatree paste
(In order to keep it from falling off)

6. In the Morning. Washed face very gently with antibacterial bar soap and warm water.
Paste comes right off.

7. Clean with saline solution (or water + salt)

8. Lastly, added thick layer of Neosporin
with new clean q-tip

I Repeated this method for 2 days and the keloid was gone but I had a dark scab where the keloid was. The next 2 days I skipped the salt/teatree mask and just cleaned it. Along with coving scab with lots of Neosporin.

Today (day 4) I washed it and the scab came off itself while gently cleaning it. I’m so pleased with the results.

100% recommend this method.

Thanks for sharing this magical concoction

Who’s Your Zaddy 92

Did anyone’s take more than a few days? Mines become smaller within the last 4 days but it’s still here. I mix sea salt and tea tree oil combined as a paste.

Melea Nichols

I got my nose piercing a year ago but my piercing was still consistently getting infected on & off ever since I switched to a hoop. I was considering taking it out because I was so tired of having a bump but I tried this & IT WORKED !! So so so happy ??

Jessica E.

What if I have Neilmed piercing aftercare and not saline? Could that make a difference or would i have to have Saline wash?

Callie B

I was super skeptical when I first watched this but I was also desperate for a cure for my nose bump. I feel like I tried everything. EVERYTHING. I got my nose pierced almost 2 months ago and have refused to just take it out because of the bump.
It WORKED! I used sea salt, tea tree oil, and saline wound wash to make a “paste”. Packed it on at night, used bacitracin during the day and here I am a week later and it’s freaking gone. THANK YOU!