Industrial jewelry

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Wonderful Industrial Jewelry! I love piercings!

23 492 views | 25 Apr. 2009

This shows my collection

This shows my collection of industrial ear jewelry. Here are the sites I got them from:





Hope you enjoy and if U have a question, feel free to send me a private message!

Check out my online store:



if there is a piercing pagoda in your local mall they sell industrial jewelry

Bella Williams

@luvudjtaztqm If you've had the piercing for evenn a year it will only take 15 mins to close up. I would reccomend a retainer


I like your videos a lot post more jewelery on barbell

Keontae Ridley

@residentevilbeast | How much does a Industrial Piercing cost generally?

RodFurious Ram

Nice Collection. well RE: the Life Line you might wana get some small pliers wrape it around some cloth an bend it untill you find the right fit. I have a skull for the tounge that on top peace of my industrial with actual diamonds custom.Had it done Jewlery district in Downtown LA For like 50 Dollars Give it a try.

Bella Williams

yeah but most tongue rings arent even an inch long. I doubt it will fit.


thank you thank you i needed some new jewelry for my industrial and now i know a couple of Websites and ur a resident evil fan me too thanxs anyway

Bella Williams

hey, if u look i have that same problem. There's this one with little beads on it that i dont think I can wear. I'd try it first and see, but if not, then sorry u and me are outta luck.

Jamie Harvie

i have a nose piercing and i was wondering if u knew if pierced fish is safe because my piercer told me not to get the cheap stuff from claires so is pierced fish like claires or the real stuff


Heey :) LOVE your videos, have watched them religiously before deciding which piercing to get. I eventually went with the scaffold, had it done Monday, love it to pieces. I was pierced with a 35mm length bar, which is 1 3/8", but I was wondering what the lee-way is when wearing other bars, ie, how much bigger or smaller than that could I go without it being a problem? It seems to stick out a few mm each side, so could I go down to like 32mm? Is it bad to wear longer bars, say 38mm? Cheers! x


I wear glasses and my piercer got my industrial done a bit more tilted, so that I could easily wear my glasses without any problems during or after the healing (:


thanks =] i kno where i can get them at an inch

Bella Williams

I sell them on my body jewelry store. w w w. metal ballz (dot) com

Bella Williams

very. watch my video on industrial piercing aftercare.

Bella Williams

@BeckyyAdele Its not bad, unless it is uncomfortable.

Jen Hoffman

can you make a video of putting in a curvy bar like one of the first ones you showed? when i can change my bar in july, i'd like to get one of those. the acrylic bar, if i were to get that, can i play sports with it in?


hey! I had a question about your industrial jewelry I was thinking about ordering some barbells for my industrial off piercedfish and i was wondering if both ends of the barbells screw off?

Bella Williams

ah ur vry welcome. Its nice to be able to sleep on it w/o big bumps. lol.

Ranger Red

Could you do an updated collection please? :D


2$ eBay


I want to get mine dine but I where glasses 24/7 would it bother or hit my glasses

Kaitlyn Nicholson

How long am I supposed to wait to change it. The piecer didn't tell me and Google has different answers

Leonard Çanka

heyy ii wanted to get an industrial ear piercing. I dont want my parents to know i have it i wanted to askk is it possible to take it off for a few hours then put it back in without the holes closing?


I really want one of these is it worth all the risks?

Bella Williams

Nah, it did at first cause it was sore but it doesnt now

Bella Williams

I really don't think so. You wouldn't want to get ur tragus pierced by a gun anyways and that area is so thick. Just go to the piercing studio.


hey i was just wondering if i buy something meant to be a tongue ring but its long enough and the same gauge can i put it in my ear?

Bella Williams

ya...but they do sell body jewelry

Brandi Patterson

How do youu sleep on it without hurting it ? Bc when I sleep on it , it hurts bad !

Jaylene Harrison

@reginajaylene hey! that's my name! "Jaylene"

Bella Williams

1 and 1/2 in.


I'm getting my industrial done soon and ahh can not wait! When I can change it there is this lizard one I like but I dont understand how you put it in because it's like a mini lizard on the bar so does that have to try and fit through the small hole in your ear, this is the link to the bar Im talking about www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/190933499724?limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=108&chn=ps&device=c&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=108&ff19=0

Simone Vasquez

Where could i find a lifeline bar ?

Regina Evans

you should check out body art forms.com or body candy.com

Bella Williams

@thedonut214 I actually sell them on my website. The link is on my homepage

Bryan Vega

That Doll At The Back Tho.

Lee Jenkins

Hey Bella I had a question about an industrial barbell that I bought the other day and was wondering if you could help me out it is a little bit longer then the barbell I got pierced with but it wont fit in my ear because there is 5 small gems in the center of the bar any ideas of what I can do to make it fit in my ear I really love it and I don't want to have to return it
hope u can help me out thanks :)


cool jewelry!!!!!!!!!! u have a pretty smile! and love the glasses lol.... cant wait to see how that Lifeline one fits.. Well just wanted to let u kno that my hypertrophic scar went away! that tea tree oil works magic, thank u sooooo much!!


claire's only does ears i think lol


the soreness went away toooooo :)

Jen Hoffman

oh, yeah i didn't plan on wearing it all the time, i'd probably start wearing it sometime next year when i start to play soccer again, i just don't want to take the bar out and have nothing in there then it close up or something. thankss.

Bella Williams

it will for a little while, but once the piercing heals it will be fine

Lashawn Adams

hey bella i have a question how do u wash your hair with an industrial piercing??

Bella Williams

um im not sure actually.

Bella Williams

After a year it quit hurting, if it hurts too bad then you might need to look into the industrial retainers I sell on my store.


I wish claires sell industrial barbells too and there alot of claires in my hometown

Bella Williams

my store


yeah u can i do it with mine all the time (only the bottom one unscrews on mine lol) just dont change the bar/shaft and u will be fine

Kirsten Friis

omg I can't believe you think 10 dollars is expensive for jewelry! fuck. I wish it was that cheap here! o:

Bella Williams

I dont pull it all the way through, but idk. my ear is weirdly shaped./

Danielle Gayson

I've had mine almost a year now and the biggest thing i learned was if it takes a lot of effort and pain to get a bar in dont put it in it will take months and pain to get it out

Londzo Drury

Is it possible to get your ear numbed before an industrial?? Or what if you put ice over it while you were waiting to get pierced, would that help?

Bella Williams

@MizzBeautifulThang the most common size is 14G 1' 1/2"

Dannisha Lacey

Heyy girl..!! I absolutely love love your videos..!!!! It makes me feel a bit more comfortable about all this.!! And I like your collection., they're really cute..!


where is the safeest/best place to buy body jewelry for a cheap price

Bella Williams

@rezgirl1313 14 is the smallest or you can ask for 16G

Bella Williams

A 1 1/2' barbell is going to be shorter than the 2'. Does the bar go way out past your ear? If so then you can get a smaller one. U need to ask your piercer which size you need when you get it changed. Most people are 1 1/2' but it can change


I have a 1 inch barbell in my industrial bar. (25mm) But I have a small ear and 6 other piercings on my ear so when you brough up the 1 inch I laughed. XD "Hey that's my ear piercing" :P

Emo Wolf

do they hurt when u get them done? jw i wanted to pirce my ear but idk what is should do

RodFurious Ram

Nice Collection. well RE: the Life Line you might wana get some small pliers wrap it around some cloth an bend it until you find the right fit. I have a skull for the tongue that on top part of my industrial with actual diamonds custom.Had it done Jewelry district in Downtown LA For like 50 Dollars Give it a try.

Anthony White

It's anodised !


We're did you get the white/clear one you were for work? I've been lookin but can't find one

Qaath Salazar Saineq

When they pierce you first they clean your ear and then put like a brown liquid which kind anumbs it so it doesnt hurt, but the piercing is not painful as most of teh people say actually you just feel the two pinches and then like if you blushed a lot even your ears did, thats all. The only moment it might hurt is if you like accidentally pull it and such

Kendra Hillhouse

If I sleep on mine for a long period of time it'll get sore but I have sensitive ears and I've had mine for 6 yrs! AH!

Bella Williams

the dont do anything but normal studs. Ud have to go to a professional piercer.


i got mine done a week ago and it's still swollen and hurts to turn....is that normal?

liv it up

Agh omg you've been shoppinn in huntsville GOSH I LUV U omg dont get me started on why i love huntsville! im adding this video to my faves and likeing lol


oooooh sorry i read it wrong /: XD


I have the exact same problem with my lifeline bar. I tried so much my ear swelled up

Bella Williams

no they call it scaffold in the UK and an industrial here in the US. That's the only difference.


can long after u get it pierced can u change the jewlrey?

Brandi Patterson

NO ! i jus got mine done and my glasses doesnt mess with it !

Amy Patterson

does it affect u wearing glasses with the industrial

Sarah Hayat

Do your glasses irritate your industrial? I was so nervous when I got mine done I forgot to tell the piercer I wear glasses! Now when I wear them it irritates the hell out of the top piercing! :)

Bella Williams

sure ill try to put a curvy one in when my ear heals. yeah the ptfe is not acrylic tho, it is very good for sports and all. I wouldn't wear it all the time tho, but it is very flexible if u get hit or something.

Bella Williams

@soniscandy yeah, 1'1/2'


you should download the wish app and order your indudrial harebells off there! they're less expensive and they are still great quality! a lot of them come from bodycandy.com but check them out

Bella Williams

yes they always do!

Arianna Aleezon

@residentevilbeast What about septum piercings?


if u use the tea tree oil every day ur bumps shouldve gone away already!!

Bella Williams

@Londzo12 They really won't numb it for you because it is something you do out of choice, not like going to the doctor or anything.

Aina Tmw

Hey ! I wondered.. does it hurt when you wear glasses with your industrial piercing ?

Bella Williams

@NeonNumbers I answer all those questions on my industrial aftercare video.

Bella Williams

its really a great site and the jewelry is very safe

Brandi Patterson

NOOO ! i jus got mine done like 15 days ago and my glassses doesnt mess with it ! but I cant wait to change it ! :)

Eren lives!

where can i buy that last flexible one that you have? I REALLY need one for work! ASAP!!!!

Rayven Heath

I pay more for good quality jewlry, dont go cheep.

Industrial jewelry

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BodyCandy Industrial Rings

5 926 views | 12 Dec. 2017



Hey guys! (WATCH IN HD!! 1080P))

My Industrial Ring Piercing need some love!! So I bought some new Jewelry!




Check out my previous videos:



??Natural Hair | 10 WAYS TO STYLE STRAIGHTENED NATURAL HAIR https://youtu.be/KlF26dZXFz8






? INSTAGRAM: Khay.bee

? SNAPCHAT: Khay.bee

Serious Inquires Only:

[email protected]

WhatsUpMuhDudes S

I got my industrial piercing almost a week ago and I’m so glad you made this video because I’ve heard about body candy but didn’t know if there good quality

Amelie Pasdenom

I like your septum piercing


You're adorable! ?

Fintulectual BL

Got my industrial bar done two weeks ago. It honestly doesn't really hurt anymore! In a way, I do regret getting it due to the attention I'm getting. People come up to me, shocked asking me "did it hurt?" "Why'd you get it?" Not only do other people ask me that, but my own mother kind of heckled me for getting it which I understand. She's worried that it's gonna get infected and I'll end up hurt.

trail of tears

Where did u get the jewelry? Btw ily ur piercings and I’m thinking of getting an industrial piercing ❤️❤️❤️

Industrial jewelry

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Industrial Jewelry Change

1 181 views | 23 Oct. 2020

Jewelry changed at Tommy

Jewelry changed at Tommy T's Body Piercing in Huntington Beach California. Jewelry used is Implant Grade.

Follow us on Instagram @tommytbodypierc

Deniesha Bent

Omg wish you would come to Jamaica