It works face mask

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Neck Gaiters May Be Worse For Coronavirus Safety Than No Mask At All | TODAY

484 503 views | 20 Aug. 2020

As TODAY’s Search for

As TODAY’s Search for Solutions series continues, NBC investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen breaks down which face masks are most effective for coronavirus safety – and explains why popular neck gaiters may be worse than no mask at all. She also shows how to test the effectiveness of your mask, offers tips on getting kids to wear masks, and shows a new transparent mask.

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Neck Gaiters May Be Worse For Coronavirus Safety Than No Mask At All | TODAY

Leonel Saravia

someone reset it.... I think it's glitching


The media trying to control people through fear.


By far I think the safest mask is the one they talk about in this vid:

Want to be on the safe side!

christopher reid

John 3.16-20
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

David Johnson

I see a lot of people wearing neck gaiters, scarves or just pulling their shirt or jumper up!

Angie M

A gaiter with filter pocket helps & a nose clip.

Pavel Paul Davila Garfias


Sarah Lofton

Masks don’t work there’s tons of videos that prove that to

Kory Arnold

I'll take my chances with the gaiter

Jesse Carliner

The researchers at Duke University have stated that the conclusions that are being publicized about gaiters misinterprets the purpose of their study.

MJ cad

Its not the style of the neck gaiters.. but the fabric used to make it. There are new neck gaiters today made from fabrics good in filtering.. others even have washable inserts.


Everyone just watch this video? https://youtu.be/qXTG0a53MzU

Kc P

All the neck gaiters I bought are cotton. And long enough for me to double it up over my mouth and nose. Sooooo according to this report, 2 layers of cotton is good! Just don’t buy the athletic style synthetic gaiters. The cotton ones are cheaper too!!

hasan faraz

No you are wrong bcoz most people wear same material cloth mask like gaiter


This is so ridiculous.... Duh!!!!


-- Mask wearing is nothing more than submissive compliance based on irrational fear and ignorance, Not science or logic! Outside of a medical setting, utterly useless in mitigating viral pathogen spread. Masks only potential benefit is in minimizing the amount of large particulates of saliva from a direct forceful blast from a sneeze/cough. However, (and this should need no explanation) Wearing a mask has no more effectiveness from stopping these large saliva particles then simply covering your mouth with your handkerchief, in arm, coat, shirt etc. )

-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_bM1y1IpJY This video experiment that literally altered all of world health policy, is nothing more than the most blatantly obvious, junk science and slight of the hand trickery, ever conducted on the entire human global population! - WOW! - what revolutionary ground breaking science, exactly what our Moms taught us and we've all understood since childhood... "Cover Your Mouth When You Cough"

-- The complete absurdity of so called experts now calling to wear multiple layers of masks. One thing is certain, increase the layers, increase the moisture build up and discomfort level, and with all mathematical certainty the constant touching and fidgeting with the mask will increase by magnitudes. This creates the perfect conditions for viral Fomite transmission from leeched saliva moisture through the mask fabric. Mass population viral spread and contamination is inevitable and guaranteed with improper infectious disease mask protocol and sheer ignorance !

Fauci flip flopping on double masks playing Simon says with the global simpletons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMQZdwiCmik

-- Cloth and fabric masks are beneficial in an acute medical surgeon setting for minimizing bacterium size pathogenic contamination, but have literally zero effect in stopping infinitesimally tiny nanometer viruses, suspended in micro moisture particulates or aerosols. Essentially viruses piggybacking within your breath vapor, passing between the fabric weave, with almost zero obstruct filtration whatsoever, which carries no significant viral load to begin with. (in the world of nano micro molecular size comparison, literally equivalent to using a hockey net as a window screen to keep out mosquitoes.)

-- Empirical facts on masks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mgMmDfJn00

-- Must watch! https://www.sott.net/article/442455-German-Neurologist-Warns-Against-Wearing-Facemasks-Oxygen-Deprivation-Causes-Permanent-Neurological-Damage

Nothingfor Nothing

Honestly if you get the cotton ones, then you’re fine, I wear those, and with the one layer ones I just wear a mask under it

Caramelcandy good night

In thailand first thing ,we teach our people and children to wash hands ,wear mask in public place and throw it away and use alcohol70% to clean your hands,have hot cook food, do not saliva spillover to people when you speak.
Before covid19 we wear mask everyday to prevent pm 2.5 ,so Thai people feel comfortable with wearing mask,we always donate masks for poor and people who forget their mask.
when you speak ,shout and saliva spillover to other people faces ,clothes and food that not just your business anymore like smoking...smoke everywherr to other people lung.
SELFISH.We love our doctors and nurses try to help them not get in to risk. no mask all bacteria and viris on your face instead.

a frog

you can wear a disposable mask under the gaiter, problem solved

Stephen Michael

I'm not saying this isn't true but why you gonna do an experiment by blowing a candle but change the angle for the viewers right when you use the gaitor mask? Like...be consistent to show us your point.

Kermit 168

But, they don't care. It's almost as if this is all about submission

Jacquelyn Saenz

Okay now I'm confused I just bought a neck Gator mask yesterday and I don't know if it's protected from the coronavirus

Pete 2

I wear a gaiter then a cloth mask over it.

Banned Me

I usually just find a mask at the Walmart parking lot

First Last

What if I just grow a really dense mustache?



OG Contra Band

Anti competition at it's finest. Those transparent ones are not trapping the air it's just all leaking out the side doing nothing in a room full of people. The cough is just fully directed to the sides.

Becca Wold

This is so misleading. Go look up this "study." They weren't testing masks, they were testing the box they were using to test. Look up the sample group they used, look up how they tested and what they filmed with. These people were in no way testing the efficacy of masks, nor did they intent for any conclusions on masks to be made from it. THIS is why people have trust issues with the news.

Dino Zografakis

She tries so much harder to blow lut the candle in the gaiter just to prove her invalid point. None of them are effective, the only thing they are effective in is limiting freedom.

geezys den

How about everyone not talking. That should be 100% effective


I do wish they tested the effectiveness of things coming in through the mask, as opposed to things going the other way. For objectivity.

Frank Liam Anass

I'll stick with my nylon mask thank you, even more breathable than those gaiters.


Youtube needs to take this down. Old information.

Dylan Conn

Fvck it, I'm gonna cough and sneeze everywhere

Saesae Saesae007

Layer up for 100% protection..Wear 2 N95 masks , then 2 medical surgical masks over them, then a gater over all. At end of each gater use , spray w >70% alcohol

TeriAnn Tate

I have several neck gaiters that I wear.


Oh no! Run! I stopped watching the new 8 years ago and I'm a much happier person now.

Tanner Basinski

Also made to be breathable


How about if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. If you don't want to wear a mask, don't wear one. Let the virus run its coarse. You have what, a 98%-99% chance of surviving? People need to stop being scary.

VeryTalented Channel Name

Everyone over here talking about how easy it is to breath in masks, But i'm over here chilling with my gas mask breathing as if it weren't there.

La'Quantayviondre Aka Captain Save A Woman

I got other kind of gaiters which is cotton but I do got 1 soft gaiter mask. I agree its no good I wore one outside in the cold and was breathing and seen fog coming from my mask lol.

Dewey Tann

WORKING on this mask for the past couple months, but is good to have in your emergency kit... HIGH-GRADE filtration mask for covid,
Offering free shipping and 25% discount for those in need PROMO: @t​

camilo ballesteros


Bestest Iguana

Fold the gaitor and it will work better


Since cold/flu season is approaching, a mask should reduce catching the cold or flu along with possible corona

Toni Touchberry

I'm sorry ladies but those clear masks are not made properly, at all!
They leak air everywhere so they are useless! Nice idea, just executed poorly!

Lord Tydim

Looks like I won’t be wearing a gater anymote



Faera Taylor

U know what...

Screw it

Ima ware a hazmat suit over a bee suit


You just flip it inside out and fold it so there are two layers. Anyone who wears a neck gaiter in lieu of a mask already does this automatically because after wearing a mask you can see how much thinner most gaiters are. That said, not all gaiters are created equal, a lot of brands carry a winter version of the gaiter that is much thicker than your average mask. Buyer beware.

Orbo And Friends

So funny how all these makes are littered everywhere nowXD global warming


Wearing a mask is must. https://youtu.be/cfz11wqTxNA

Scott Prazak

No thanks


I wear a neck croc ? prefer over gator

Joy Isabel

If this is an issue why don’t you produce more N95s for people? so they have to wear ineffective masks.

David Montoya

Wearing a Cabeau Tape with your mask adds more protection.


Where can we find the clear masks mentioned at the end?

Micro USB

Well I literally JUST paid $19.99 for a quality gaitor cause mask+beard= annoying itch and I'm not about to waste my money. Too little too late Youtube recommendations.

Syk Syd

Worse than no mask? That doesn't even make sense.

Fiat Nikka

Now I’m questioning my gf’s underwear...

Working On Dying


Fat Tony

The only way to go is maskless if you have a working brain.

R Leb

Only criminals wear gaitor masks other than hunters or fisherman.


tape a giant pillow tightly to your face. After about 5 minutes, problem solved. No more disease transmission.

amilcar guevara

There's a war against Oxygen. The air that didn't blow out the candle escaped through the sides of the surgical mask. Take your vitamins.

Natasha Smirnoff

If the government had it their way they would have us wear a plastic bag over our whole head.

Cara Garnier

Today—Please circulate this video to local news outlets. This video could help save lives.

David P

I literally posted this like...6 months ago. The world just now realizes these things absorb viruses?

Beaulieu C

I make my own gaitor, and I have a double layer with a filter in it. My gaitor is cotton.

Lillie Nelson

BY THE WAY, this is fake, and im not just the anti government "its my right!" people. Although neck gaiters arnt the best, they are good for sensitive people, and YES, THEY ARE BETTER THAN NOTHING! The study done was a very low budget study, it was originally made just to test out the laser system, the camera used for it was a, guess what, A 2018 IPHONE! that is not enough for a actual experiment like this, there are so many other smaller particles that the camera did not pick up. Also not to mention the fact that only one person tried all the masks. Its a completely unfair study that has been twisted by media.

Steve Morrison

Stop!! Just please STOP!!

johnny llooddte

2 billion are infected worldwide..4 billion by summer.. 6 billion by
2022..1 billion might be vaccinated..show me how masks work....
dr johnny youtube.com/watch?v=sRFtVsL9dzE
masks leak around the edges.. MASKS DONT WORK......dr johnny..

Inbred Jesus

1:18 crip and blood confronts each other


Oh shut up!!!! 99% survival rate, I think I’ll take my chances

It’s Melii Marie

Most people at this point are pretending to follow the rules because we are all just over it. In Florida there has been too many lies on our numbers for us to trust the news....

Pete Puebla

Hoda thinks this s*** is stupid.


Just let you people know, the neck gaiters has been slightly debunked, they only tested it on “one” gaiter and the “setup” was done in a dark room with a green laser plus saying an exact amount of words about 10 times and the recordings were done on a phone. These are not exact “representations” of the neck gaiters. Much like these two who gave us the news on this, was blown out of proportion and was misleading about the mask

John barfneck

meanwhile on yahoo news today - Neck gaiters can protect against spreading COVID-19, study finds....by Korin Miller
Thu, October 8, 2020, 12:12 PM EDT.............. the site that doesnt want any comments from readers/viewers on their site because the commenters mite just mite tell everyone the unvarnished truth about other topics like this and the false attacks on Mr.Presient Donald John Trump every day ..

Michael O'Donoghue

Not all Gators are Unequal

Rimmy Ponticelli

Neck gaiters are for like hunting and fishing and are a fashion accessory

Darrin Chipps T.V.TM

I wear Jason Vorees Gator nask.


D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. I'll wear one of I want

Michelle Rosado

Then why sell them

Claudia Reyes

My son got one of those "gaiters" in March, we did the "matchstick" (instead of candle) test...gaiter failed


I think the title is irresponsible.

Cameron Padron

That mask looked horrible lol


4:50 so, it's all just going to go out the sides now...

Liam Rencontre

Gaiters do actually work, I wear them because they are more practical and breathable


They were NOT trying to compare masks. It was a proof of concept.


However is making money off all these mask; someone should investigate them. Feels like a scam.


Really like the painting behind you when demoing. Wonder about the copper fabric gaiter. Since with the clear mask, some air is coming in from the sides and guessing the possible "germy" air from mask wearer, is dropping onto your hair and clothing?


I wonder where all the Mainstream media coverage is of Event 201.. October of 2019 - A Global Pandemic Simulation that was sponsored by John Hopkins, World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.. where they role-played this whole thing out, including public trust/mistrust, media, distancing, masks, info/misinfo, the internet. Where is the coverage of that???
I cannot imagine how the human race ever managed before.
Have you seen what is happening to democracy in Australia? People arrested, fined, pregnant lady arrested for posting on facebook to attend a peaceful anti-mask event.
The Media and the PAID SHILLS who are promoting this narrative are killing people and our freedoms. Covid PAYS... for diagnosis, ventilators, deaths by 'covid19'. Soon, you can make money, too... as a Contact Tracer.


Glad i saw this. I was going to order a gaiter

Claudia Reyes

Instead, I sewed a bunch of masks for ourselves. I took a twin size cotton sheet and cut it to size (N95 style). Then I used a thin canvas curtain with a funky/whimsical print, and cut that one to size as well. I sewed them together (cotton sheet and curtain) OMG! The Best!!
1. Looks great
2. Comfortable cotton lining.
3. An extra layer of protection.
4. N95 style, so its not so pressed against your face, easier to breathe.

Alexander Gauthier

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Ethan White

Jesus just cut it out, none of them do. Masks are causing the covid spikes, I dont understand how one cannot simply see that. Before you go in to public you put your mask on, go use an atm or purchasing a sports drink, even cashing out. Then when you leave and get into your car what do you do take of your mask. How many times a day do you think you touch your face these days.

Phoenix Storm Jr.

But the virus is AIRBORN so spit drops aren't important. ?


The answer is none

It works face mask

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Why the CDC says you shouldn't use masks with exhalation valves

43 517 views | 27 May. 2020

Here is what you need to

Here is what you need to know.


The CDC has recently announced ( Decemeber 2020) that they have undertaken specific research regarding the filtration efficiency between valve and non-valve facepiece respirators. After testing 13 FFR models from 10 different manufacturers, the results have shown that valve masks "can reduce particle emissions to levels similar to or better than those provided by surgical masks, procedure masks, or cloth face coverings" as well as providing "respiratory protection to the wearer".

dragos columbeanu

fuck you

Michael Holopainen

True. But at least the valve in most models are directed downwards. So if you sneeze or cough it contains that your immediate vicinity. I think valve mask is improvement over the social distancing and if others adhere to social distancing it keeps them safer than not wearing mask at all.


The curve isn't flattening. Can't seem to figure out why.......?


If everybody wore masks to protect themselves then yes this mask would prevent the spread of covid. The people who do not want to protect themselves would not be protected.

Bunny Bleh

Good, if they arnt wearing a mask then they should go ahead and get corona since they dont believe its "real".

Bri C

So they are admitting the non-valve masks ensure you are not breathing fresh air which will cause hypoxia. The CDC is a joke.

Donny Wisor

So if I wear it, it keeps me safe? Ok....perfect. You do whatever works for you and I'll do what I need to do for me.

Jared White

If the other is wearing one like mandated. Then they are protected ?‍♂️

Tonya Kauley

Nope buy these my mask protects only me!!!

football legends

Well to bad I guess I'd rather breath than have my damn throat burn

Shaian Harris

The fingers masks you show only have one layer or maybe two and a valve? but other have around 5 to 7 layers before the valve which is filtering the breath which is why you have to change the filter because it gets filled up and harder to breathe in the mask if you don’t. The mask is safe if it has enough filters whereas some poodle make there own one filter mask. Ban those before you come at the ones with multiple layers.

Lindsay Roberts

They do not address the masks that have filters in front of those valves. That is five more layers onto of the cloth layer that holds the filter in place. MY valve is placed so it has to go through that filter. I find this overall report not accurate because they do not address that. It makes sense if there is not filter used wiht these masks. The filter makes al the difference. And a good fit makes a difference.


There’s a 98.6% survival rate!!!! Only 6% of ALL DEATHS were from covid exclusively!!! What the fuck do we even need a mask for?!?!?!

Mark D

This only negatively affects the idiots not wearing a mask....


Bruh those masks don't even keep you safe, It would have to be an N95 respirator to have that perk.


What they don’t mention is many with these valves have filters that you have to slide in. You’re really breathing through a piece of cloth, a carbon filter and then another piece of cloth. Yes, the breather valve lets air in and out, but it’s more effective that a regular surgical mask that many wear. Especially ones with their noses hanging out.

Mr. Biscuit

We need a mask that filters in and out. Oh wait

Luz En La Oscuridad

All masks shoukd have a breathable hole. Otherwise anyone can get sick. Breathing our own air is not good for the lungs.

Thomas Grofcsik

Ya this is such b.s.

After months of wearing my mask with valves, I was told yesterday by the Resident Manager where I work that it was unacceptable. He tried to make me wear a blue mask and said that was safer. Probably after watching this video. I was like dude can you not feel the air seeping out around the sides of this?

So I wore my mask over it. Today I'm gonna test him with a faceshield and see what he says. Just a faceshield is within mandate laws as well as a valved mask.

BokimaneZ co

Thts tuff yall mfs better wear ur mask because I don't feel like buying a different one. Jk?

Stephen Davies

I am new to this mask thing as they haven't really been needed in Australia up until now. Don't the valves themselves have some kind of filter? Are they worse than ordinary reusable cotton masks? For now I am using some surgical masks. But I have ordered a variety of mask included some with valves. I figure I'll just us the valve masks if I am walking in the park or similar and save the surgical mask for indoor environments like supermarkets and my K95 masks for public transport (on the extremely rare occasion where I need to use public transport).

Tina Berry

So in so many words they are saying protect other people and not yourself wow

luiz martinez

valve mask n95 are the best safest mask . dr nurse wear them all the time hospital and kussner hoard all of them. cdc lie to you

andrew bisset

Your blood masks are s*** you can even go through them

Francisco Bongon

Not all masks with breathing valves allow UNFILTERED air out?! Many re-usable masks with valves have two physical layers before the breathing valve: 1. PM 2.5 insert and a 2. a soft inner cotton lining. This is a sweeping comment that "all valves" are ineffective.

Gene Williams

So if I breathe out with a valve on my mask I breathe out unfiltered air which could be contaminated but they say I protect myself because I breathe in filtered air. Doesn’t that mean everyone could wear Valves as long as they had a mask on because they’re going to be breathing in filtered air. And someone who doesn’t wear a mask at all has assume the risk and that’s fine too


Idec I will not suffocate myself


Yeah this information is out of dateThe CDC has recently announced ( Decemeber 2020) that they have undertaken specific research regarding the filtration efficiency between valve and non-valve facepiece respirators. After testing 13 FFR models from 10 different manufacturers, the results have shown that valve masks "can reduce particle emissions to levels similar to or better than those provided by surgical masks, procedure masks, or cloth face coverings" as well as providing "respiratory protection to the wearer".https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2021-107/?mc_cid=6f5df6b83e&mc_eid=1e6d070ba5.

eda mame

Here is another BS lie from the CDC. Real n95 and n99 masks have double filtering layers first of all. Meaning they filter both in and out. A flimsy surgical mask or any cloth mask lets all the air that a person breaths out. Underwear doesn’t stop a fart right? Surgical masks leak all around the face the top, the sides and right through. They are like wearing a feather. Do people really have no common sense and logic to figure this out?

Edgardo Chavarria

The only reason why the CDC is saying that about vented filtered masks it’s because they know that there are millions of dirty ass COVID infected people wearing whatever vented masks, and the truth is COVID is still being released through the vents. Solution keep yo nasty ass infected selves at home. For those that don’t have COVID the vent filtered masks such as those made by Respro are ideal because they filter better than N95 and you could breath better through the valves so you are protecting yourselves. The key for survival is protection. Believe me just do the smell experiment. Go to any grocery store and grab a pineapple, if you could smell it through your CDC required mask, then kiss yo ass as infected. Now go and try that with a Respro mask. You will notice you can’t smell it nor that stanky lady next to you. Why because it actually filters and the superior valves that expel that hot non infected breath you have. They are known as allergy masks. You can’t even smell a fart CDC!

Dan Skubel

Just buy an non valve N95 mask and you will protect yourself and others. That is why medical people wear them. Remember that the SARS COV 2 virus that causes COVID-19 is 1/10,000th of a millimetre. It will aerosolize and hang in the air for hours just like a fart. Be well everyone. Do what you can to let this virus die.

Fe Ro

I don’t see the problem. I’m not wearing a mask to protect other people. I’m wearing it to protect myself. Other people need to wear their own mask if they want to protect themselves. Other people are not my responsibility. This is turning into a leftist, NAZI state.

Mike Watkinz

Exactly what I have been saying the same goes with painters maskes with these valves if only protects the user from dust particles but it doesnt prevents lead based paint particles or narly chemicals which is safe to say they also wont work for viruses...

Hiten Asher

So in a mask without valve.... Were does the exhaled air go out from?
Exhaled air has to go out... If not through valve but thorough sides.. Of mask...
Sides are not hermitically sealed.


If they dont wanna wear a mask thats there problem im actually losing weight thanks to the mask @[email protected]


All I want to know is which is the most comfortable to wear? It needs to allow moisture and heat to escape efficiently.


Even with a valve the air would lose most of its velocity escaping the mask.


meanwhile those basic disposable mask have holes that can fit your finger on the side

Mark D

Given the theory that this virus can get to you through your eyes, a "valve" is a moot point. When you consider all of the idiots out there who think that the appropriate way to wear a mask is BELOW the nose ?, AND, surgical style masks DO NOT keep you from breathing in the virus.....this all becomes really stupid....


I'm asthmatic, my mask has the valve and 6 layer filter protection, that protects me and others. I cannot wear the other masks I've tried, they are suffocating to the point that I could pass out and collapse. I wear my mask all the time, I see some out there who don't, I know who I'd feel safer to be around with.


The mask at 0:23 have a filter that cover the vent so they are ok:

DEMETRIUS Avenger Ironman

Mr Ron Jones looking good man. The big show of reporting congrats. I have several I use them better for not breathing own hot air and glasses fogging up they for comfort so you can breath the human thing we do

Arizona Sky

They're a violation of my rights to breathing. Aka life, and pursuit of happiness.
Natural Rights ✅ we have a constitutional and Bill of Rights as human beings and those shallow unalienable Rights will not be infringed upon.

Gaming With Kjuan

It’s either me or u???

Kelly M

So the CDC is trying to tell me, wearing a proper mask that protects me and not the people around me ,who refuse to wear a mask and gets sick it's my fault?

DeLorean 12

Put a sticker over the exhalation valve like I did

The Meatballs

And in response to this stupidity we will continue to buy and use with confidence masks like these https://www.etsy.com/listing/809734667 ???. The idiocy of sweepingly trashing valved masks when the majority actually filter exhale ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ Meanwhile there are people that refuse to wear masks at all. Nice one CDC.

Big Tasty

Fuck the population

Jacob Ward


P. Patrick Tukkers

Please tell Hamilton or the FIA this!

Marty Thornton

Im getting one of these and taking the rubber part out. Give me liberty or give me covid


Just imagine if the virus didn't have a 99.86% survival rate. The masks were intended to slow the infection rate. They would never stop it regardless.

bikelife gabe

i have a mask with an exhalation valve BUT it has a removable n95 filter

Mark Dee

Cdc stated exhalation mask should not be used in a sterile environment ie surgical room or hospital

Stephen Roberson

Be smart cover your blow hole. Just put one of those less effective blue masks that let out even MORE unfiltered air over your blowhole and your ears won't bleed where they meet your dome piece.


This political correctness is getting out of hand. People need to be concerned about keeping themselves safe first and foremost. This concept of "you protect me and I will protect you" is insane. If this kind of mask provides better protection for people than a cloth or disposable paper one then they should be free to use it.


This only applies to N95s. Google it. No warnings for N99s anywhere. N99 have two way filtration.

The Mexican staring frog of southern cali

People should wear a mask that protects themselves. Which are the ones with valves. The cloth ones don't protect you

Beverly McFarlane

Can't breathe with the other masks... especially cause I exercise (play basketball)

Kommon Cents

They have realized that people can take the filters out of these, and breathe normal fresh air and we can't have the public doing that.

Vidhi Kumar

Idiots who don't wear a mask will get infected, can't help anymore. Wear whatever mask you want, think about yourself first


I mean, NONE of the masks keeps US safe. We use masks to stop our own exhalations and sneezes and coughs from being spat out towards other people. Nothing stops those without masks to cough into our mask-wearing faces and in taht case with that mask we are still vulnerable to that other person coughing in our general direction.
So, the masks are not really personal protection, but to be responsible to your surroundings in general. Simple. Perhaps medical personel and researchers and whatnot should jsut stop lying all together and inform what the masks are really for.

No Mob

Like ANYBODY in the world is going to sneeze in their mask, get it all wet with SNOT and keep wearing it!

luiz martinez

3m n95 mask valve and non valve protect u better than no mask


My mask has a valve, but it also has a carbon filter and a layer of material before and after the filter. How is that not safe? Its a lot better than those thin plain material masks I can tell you that. Also, you say it protects the wearing, not anyone else, well, if they themselves wear a mask, then they are safe right? The CDC just contradicts itself but actually a mask does absolutely nothing to protect you from a virus.

semployées doiveselavi

re inhaling CO2 in each breath, will destroy your health, and makes you very tired and you can fall down

Anthony Hernandez

CDC wants too choke us all out is all

Davey Tur

Do u think I care about other people ?

gail drake

The blue surgical masks are safer ? Is that a joke air seeps out the sides of those masks


damn I wasted my 4 dollars I was saving all week for :/


Honest to God I'm going out into the street one of these days and I'm burning these damn masks

Sbejebenebe NenenenenS

They look liek gas mask


bruh my valved mask it has two layers the filter pocket and the mask itself and my valve doesn’t feel like air is coming out

Mr. Nando

The mask is great along as you don't have the virus!

Mark D

It's perfectly clear the government knows what it's doing...???


Your report does not include masks with exhalation valves that have filters between the mask and the exhalation valve. The filter usually has 5 layers - 2 of them made of melt-blown material - very similar to N95 masks. N95 masks are made of 5 layers and 2 of them are melt-blown. The advantage of cloth facemasks with a pocket to insert the 5-layer filter is that the user can wash it and reuse several times and change the filter as needed; N95 masks are intended for a single-use. Therefore, the exhalation is filtered and offers much more protection for the person wearing it and the ones around as well. The 3-ply blue facemasks (surgical) have only 3 layers - one melt-blown layer - and offer less protection and don't fit well on the face; with these, you can feel how your exhalation flows around your face, those who wear glasses notice this when their glasses get cloudy with breathing.

Will Carryu

This is total bullshit. This maskmania is just for display to keep the C19 hoax alive. We can no longer participate in this madness. I’m sick of the media continuing to push “surge in cases” propaganda. It’s all lies. Now they want to ensure you can’t breath. Maybe that’s the goal- hypoxia for all.

jemma Scannell

This is fake and it SUCKS


This video is misinformation. @11Alive should revisit this one.
The first mistake is, the person wearing the mask still may have unprotected eyes, a vector for viruses to get into the nasal canal.
The second mistake is, if the exhaled air will pass through a few layers of fabric and a filter.


I use a air filter mask like that and even more than two weeks I’m fine. I don’t understand what you guys mean.

luiz martinez

california ban n95 mask they lead nation cases

The Golden Sword

@gail drake and @Editoons Guys you are so self absorbed you don't care about other people!?!?!?! Just buy a normal mask!

Tara Schemelia

This is a load of crap!! Stop spreading lies. The mask does not keep you from getting the virus.


LOL. OK well all of that was factually true but it missed context. If we all were wearing those masks we would be much safer. Those carbon filter valve masks are amazing and are much more effective in protecting the wearer. So anyway call me selfish I will keep wearing the valve masks particularly if I have to do so for a long time. Also if you are not wearing eye protection as well then you are just having a false sense of safety.

T Bone

Your breath can still get out but it's not droplets as if you weren't wearing any kind of mask at all. The story keeps changing day to day. I call bullshit.
My glasses fog up so you're damn right I will wear a mask that has a valve on it!

Pat D

I own several valved masks. The so-called "Sports Masks" have two valves and have nothing covering the valves. In that case, I can see where unfiltered air could get out. The cotton masks, however, have the valve on the outside and, between my mouth and the valve is a layer of cotton fabric (right next to my mouth), a 3 layer carbon filter followed by another layer of cotton fabric. Then there is the exhalation valve. 5 layers between my mouth and the exhalation valve. That is more filtering than many folks with their homemade single layer masks have. No lack of filtering for the exhaled air but I do find that my masks gets less hot and less damp from my exhaled breath.

Hans Heini

High standard FFP3 usually have valves. So CDC wants people to go to a lower protection for themselves to have a higher protection for others. I doubt US citizens have such an socialist/altruist mindset ?. Maybe Bernie Sanders...

Wilbert Ng

Valved Cloth Masks with POCKETS is more flexible than ordinary cloth masks. For one, these type of masks can be more suited for people who easily panic and have difficulty breathing when wearing a mask. Second, they can modify the protection when they finally learn to calm down and cope with his/her issues next time by inserting a filter and/or surgical mask inside the pocket to block exhaled air. Wearing a face mask is a shared responsibility. If we all wear one in public then we should not worry so much of those folks wearing valved masks. If you want to be exempted from wearing a mask publicly or do not know how to properly wear one, you should definitely be scared and worried. I can see some people wearing face mask on their chin or sometimes their noses jut out of their mask especially when talking. A constant reminder from the media and CDC to correct these silly practices would be better.

But now, I actually don't believe any type of cloth, surgical, or even N95/98 face mask can protect anyone from these super small viruses... unless the mask is HERMETICALLY sealed to the wearer's face. I can still smell scents in an enclosed space like an elevator even when wearing these types of masks so something must be passing through any tiny open gaps. So what we're aiming for here by wearing a basic face mask I guess is lessening the viral load we breath in. That may be the reason why there are more mild cases of COVID infections as the viral load these folks breathed in are just small doses. That might also answer why most frontliners have more severe cases of COVID infections as they are constantly more exposed to the virus.


This is funny and stupid at the same time! some mask don't even seal properly causing glasses to fog and moisture to just leave the Mask. SO WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?


"more harm than good"?. Valved N95 has a lower relative droplet count than a bandana. Don't know why they keep saying these "don't help anybody" any facial covering reduces spread.


Here's how you protect yourself in the general population with one of these actually put a surgical mask on first then the exhalation valve mask on the outside.

Garrett Smith

But if everyone is wearing a mask it shouldn't matter.....


Masks with exhalation valves used with 5 layer filters (2 of these layers are melt-blown) allow exhaling the C02 and make wearing the mask more comfortable and secure to the person wearing it and people around. The way the one-way valve is constructed allows the flow out to go against the outer layer of the mask (shell) not freely out to others around and the air expelled is already filtered. Before the CDC and experts give an opinion they need to consider the type of filtration used. Masks without proper filtration are far more dangerous. For instance, Costco is selling face maks made of polyester and spandex with no filtration at all, Walmart sells Hanes cloth masks made of a single layer of cotton with ho filtration whatsoever. Also, 3 layer cloth masks do not offer effective in and out filtration. These examples of face masks offer more danger than masks with exhalation valves WITH adequate filtration.

Goldie Lara

They know that when we wear a mask we are causing self harm by exhaling carbon dioxide and inhaling it back. They know the masks are harmful and that is what they want. No they don't want you using one with a valve because you my just get some oxygen. Thank God that He will soon judge this evil.


The best thing I can do to not spread the virus is to not get infected in the first place. This is the most protective mask that I can stand wearing all day long.

Hayley Kitty

I’m still gonna wear the one with my valve because it’s not my responsibility to keep other people safe. It’s other people’s responsibility to protect themselves

The Meatballs

Do you even understand how certain valves work? Very few valves go directly from USER to External. There are layers of filtration in between. CDC really?

Focus on general mask awareness.

Thales Nemo

If there was authentic adult leadership from the getgo the virus would have been crushed already! The US is 4% of the world’s population yet has 33% of the cases with 23% of the deaths ! Obviously this has been and is done wrong !

Matt Daniels

I use an n99 with an exhaust vent and use a triple layer homeade mask over that. Best of both worlds.

It works face mask

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Son buys Mother a Food Truck and now it's one of the best Mexican Food in the area! Tacos Mexigo!

40 364 views | 10 Feb. 2021

In this episode I head to

In this episode I head to Tacos Mexigo located 307 ridge road in Claymonth, Delaware. This food truck is based in the parking lot of a smoke shop and has people lining up to try out their authentic mexican cuisine. They have a wide variety on their menu such as your classic quesabirria tacos as well as newer additions such as pizza birria, surf and turf burrito, burger burrito. Watch the video to meet owner , his mother and their story behind this Food truck business.

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Devina Janae

Love them, the best in our area!! Service & food are amazing. Glad you enjoyed.

Sharp and jenitta’s food lovers

Yesssss that Food looks ?


Quesapizza birria is my new fav way to eat this combo!! I don’t even do the tacos any more ? definitely adding this place to my list when I visit fam.

Martin Granderson

Lmfao. U should see your face the whole time. That food looks amazing . U really made me hungry.??

Tanya Bovell

I’m in Wilmington the food looks great I’m gonna come and support definitely..it looks very good and clean for me that plays a major part I noticed ur mother’s cleanliness will support ????

Shineta Elliott

Everything looks delicious, and it's the chewing for me. I'm not the least bit bothered by it, keep doing what you're doing!

Slothasaurus Tex

Man I need a channel like this for Texas, I live too far from you lol

Tyler Rose

why not stab and twist at the food instead of scooping it out and making a mess ?

Joshua Koonjisingh

U know it’s boomig

Fetti Co. François jiovanni

Lmao at the guy yelling in the background lmao I feel his pain ??‍♂️


Omg I'm hung over and this looking fire everything - mouth drooling .... Road trip 3 Hrs and 57 mins from me ..

LX Being LaQuintalyn

Peace Brother... Thanks for Video!!!

Bill Lowman

I am no where near Delaware, but I’m plottin’


Hello brother. jL jupiter...all good here in Melrose Park Illinois...?

Eat With Mark The Shark!

My mouth was hella watering. ?

Sam B

The fact he heard conflict — and still kept eating.. food must’ve been good. ?


Wow look real tasty

Dr Pharaoh

Thank you soooo much for another disgusting shit hole man delicious shit



Happy Hour Girl Kola

I’ll tune in just to hear you sing. Wow... a lot of hands on one food truck... that’s family love there. It’s the Mexican pizza/quesadilla for me.

Wait... did she say murder gang 88 ?... DAAANGER lol.

Homeboy on phone arguing with his girl was hilarious ?.


I'm telling myself my Doritos are JUST as good as everything you tried - soo jealous! I need to find someplace like that in the Dallas area.


I would love to hit up this truck for some grub but the pandemic is holding me back. I from lowell ma, can't wait for things to get better.

Taste The Blessings

This place looked ??? sounds like I need a road trip! Baltimore not far from Delaware! Mann all that love in the food I could tell. What happen to game changer???????? I was waiting! ??

Jose Garcia

The hood got the best food !!!

los V

The 23 dislikes are from people who only eat cheese sandwiches and tomato soup tf is their problem haha

Tony Minor

That food looks amazing I’m going to have to hit up that jawn word!!

Bill Lowman


anthony mcdowell

yo JL u killin me right now! This food looks fire

veronica rickard

Please do more singing

Jerz White

Damn JL that really has me missing Jersey


nice food ? that van would be famous in my town for sure. ? JL wanna hit that blunt after go for round two ?

Anthony Bruce

Fire bro ???

Nick Roberts

Went there today, at noon they were at a 1.5 hr wait for walk ups. My suggestion is to call and order, that way you dont have to wait outside or long in your car.

Also i did the birria pizza which was amazing and highly recommended. The birria tacos were good but needed the flavor kick like the pizza had.

That also said, for those two it was $38 dollars. The pizza alone could easily feed four.

FeFe C

JLOhhhhh the anointing you, have on ur life!!

marion taylor

That pizza is a masterpiece to look at

melvin hamilton

Give this man a chance on tv, damn he is good!

Evan Jones

Wow! This is well deserved... this chef works so hard if only y’all knew!!! Damn amazing to see

FeFe C

I reallllly enjoyed this episode!! I felt that brothas soul!! He shared the struggles, and hardships. And triumps!! And brotha the music you had goings on!! (Bernic Mac voicel) this was really a good one!!



tamar Bryant

You gone make me take the drive from jersey bro dammmm..

Peya Soern

"""GOD BLESS ?"""

Ant Talks Sports

Intro is tough!

Jezreel Smith

I’m from Delaware thanks for showing love Fam

Dewayne Williams

That food looks so good

Tamir Cortez

Soo what do you with the Leftovers kinda curious ?

Graduated Money

Let me find out JL hired an editor!!! Hahaha ???

Darrien C.

Might have to ride that hour up 95 to check this spot out...

kazumo maeda

Wow wow wow wow

Sourguy12 -YT

Try Harolds Chicken

Jesus Ortiz

If you guys are in San Diego you guys should eat at the taco shops and food trucks they practically sell everything they have on this menu and more. The food looked fire and this is something we eat on any given day in southern California. Much love from sd ca

Martin Granderson

You know food is off the charts when u start looking around for no reasons at all.


I’ve been to places here in CA that don’t look half as good as the taco spots you’ve been showing.

Jayflexnnn333 Springs

Man that looks good Asf

Debra J

J.L. I need that surf and turf burrito but all the food look so good. I have to say they don't skimp on the food.

Tina So Blessed

May God continue to bless your family and business! Thank you Jupiter for another awesome restaurant! ?

Beverly Williams

Go again with Miz!


oh my Irish head does that pizza look bad ass.

Karon Lackland



food looks FIRE!!!

Creole from Damsko !!

Where i'm from, 98% don't like cilantro !!!!lol

Beverly Williams

Where is Miz?


The last few places I went to that JL reviewed were just ok or trash, but this spot was fire. I suggest ordering ahead and calling to confirm. Prepare for an 1hr+ wait too.

Justice 1

That first bite is always the best!! Game changer! I Love this episode, ????

Grace Arline

Miz gonna be mad he didn’t come for this one ?

Col3 Hearted

Not murdagang88 ??

ASMR Mysterious Girl

Nice ❤ watch my videos ???


Jupiter gots some pops. Wow

Gizzy Hinds

idk who complaining but we cosign the smacking and all that heavenly eating b u good thats what makes the food more appetizing keep it up

Grace Arline

Game changer!!?????????????

Free on Jubilee's Trumpet

The Induction

Jeremiah 50 and 51

May 2020
A rumor in the land the angels report.

There are many Christians who are inducted by the elites and don't even realize it. The psyche of the inducted is programmed, recorded and monitored. A disciple of God has the most powerful weapon no creature under heaven can match and that is the power of the Holy Spirit of God, the truth, His word, and the presence of His love.

At private schools, the top students attend a convocation where they are given nullification. There a rules in place to keep nullification from endangering others. At the convocation, they are baptized and inducted.

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The large hadron collider CERN is responsible for the thinning/lifting of the veil across the world. The elites want to release the adversary into the world. Nullification can also corrupt the bones of the deceased. Trust in God and He will deliver you.

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The concealed 36 "righteous men" will go to Jerusalem and pay homage to their

Revelation 1:7

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The Bacterium

Sometime in the future most likely, the CDC will release bacterium into the air. Even now the Covid vaccines may contain a prototype of this virus. The vaccine is creating Manchurian candidates who will when the demons or aliens come, begin to worship/ lose their humanity. Do not donate your blood, the doctors are taking the samples form the population to research facilities to discover who is Hebrew and can overcome the vaccination. The vaccines contain strains similar to the rabies vaccine. Indestructibles are those who when exposed, have developed/transitioned from human to demon. Each person becomes susceptible to the adversary and can become a host for the "aliens".

Tanner King

JL that hoodie is ??? and of course the food looks out of this world

Emmanuel Ulloa

This is dope !

Onebullet Gaming

man that pizza holy fuck..


JL lowkey getting addicted to all things birria ?

melvin hamilton

The Cambodian Guy Fieri of YouTube give this man a tv series.

Valerie Underwood

Where at in claymont


Com'n man, this spot lookin legit!



Darrin Johnson

I hit the thumbs up it won't move


If you ever go back there again, get that queso pizza with the chipotle chicken next time.....oh my lawd!!! ???

Grace Arline

? I want be noisy ?

Contessa Nowacki

Dame!!!! JL I was having a not so good day today. But you definitely changed that with this video...... Great find ?

Grace Arline

Aww god bless that family ??


I'm about this, and I may have to go to Delaware tomorrow. Always looking to support some comida mexicana

Debra Robinson

Looks so good I'm watching from Washington State I wish this was here❤

Arroz Con Pollo

Watching this while fasting is torture

Elisa Goldman

Awesome. Im living in Claymont. Gotta try the Burria ramen! It's right off Naamans Rd and 495.

steven lowe

This was dope, I never seen him give the whole menu a "Game Changer" stamp..... This might be the 1st time on him doing that...

Caesar Fiorini

Family affair. Love it!

steven lowe

The intro's on this channel are hella dope...

Tyson 23

Im down at total wines right up the street all the time .....definitely gonn have to check them out

Ariel Hernandez

If you want good mexckan Taco you need to go to Berlin nj at la Nueva fogota and get some steak and spicy pork tacos


Damn! All that food looks bomb! I wish we had that truck in L.A. It would be a hit. Good for them.


Son was trying to get airtime

Grace Arline


Alvin Bates

Gotta get tinted windows j

Denise Lewis

That looked ???

Larry Burgs

That food truck slamming food looks delicious


That looks BOMB!!!!!

Pamela Fierro

This food looks fire. They would have had me after the pizza