Pur liquid foundation

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Pur Minerals Liquid Veil 4 in 1 Spray Foundation | Review & Demo

31 605 views | 14 Oct. 2014

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Products mentioned:

Pur Minerals Liquid Veil Spray Foundation in Light

Pur Minerals Liquid Chisel Brush

Pur Minerals Liquid Ink Disappearing Concealer in Light

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Creamy Natural

Pur Minerals Miracle Mist Setting Spray

Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in Light

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Disclaimer: The products from Pur Minerals shown in this video were sent to me by the company. This is a sponsored video, however all thoughts are 100% my own. Some of the above links are affiliate links.


What moisturizer
Do you use? I have dry skin and my foundation always looks a little cakey

Tammie Weiss

I think is was a very nice demo but I think the foundation itself wasn't med/full coverage. In my own opinion it looked like light/med coverage.... Everyone is different and I personally need a little more coverage than that. You're beautiful and heck you got the products free anyway. I'm glad you told us about them:)




I've been using their pressed powder for years all of their products in my opinion are amazing, and a plus in my book is that they contain skincare ingredients, plus spf .... Love love Pür ❤️


How pretty are you!!? Im thinking about trying this n found your video... still on the fence but you look AMAZEBALLS so I'll probably try it out @ Ulta! Keep up the good work! ;) Subscribing..

Amy Denton

Your skin always looks so flawless. I started getting into beauty gurus and makeup like half a year ago, and I am excited to get my hands on some brushes. I will start with Real Techniques and then get some high end stuff too.

Ashlyn Kayla

This is why I don't like sponsored videos...

Glitter Bitch

Could you do a review on the Aerominerale foundation and/or concealer? It to is a spray foundation.

Haley Webb

New subscriber! I love this video because I recently purchased the Pur Liquid Veil and I think you gave some tips that would help me to like it more. I didn't realize that the suggested brush would make such a difference but I am thinking about going back and purchasing it. Oh and can I tell you how gorgeous you are! Stunning!

Brianna Soza

I wasn't paying attention to the title and I thought this foundation was the hourglass immaculate foundation! The packaging is so alike; I really enjoyed the Demo. Although personally I don't see myself using these foundations in a spray form.


This looks great on you!

Bear French

loved this demo girl! thank you for sharing. are you still into this as your everyday foundation?

Kittenx kore

Is this more pink based or yellow with the shade light???

Courtney M

I have this same makeup and let me just say, this stuff works great the only bad part about it is it stinks really bad and the smell never goes away. You will literally smell it all day. ? but other than that it works good. I’ve got to finish it bc it was very expensive but after its gone i’m definitely trying something different. By the way it looks really good on you, you’re absolutely gorgeous ?

Lauren Vance

Zoey I just have to tell you that red is definitely your color you look so beautiful. ????


Could you please do a video on what moisturizers you use? Or just comment pretty please :) My skin gets that dry crack look and i hate it.

Katherine Jones

I can't find your moisturizing routine on your channel, do you have one? I have such dry skin!

Gena Lewis

Beautiful! I really like the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup so I think I'm going to try this one out! Thanks for the review!

Sandy Garcia

Can you do a skin care video for the winter please.:)

The Pretty Life

So glad you did this video! I was looking for a review of this exact product and couldn't find one. This is so helpful :) 

Elisha Renee

I just found you recently and I wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous honey! :) I love you already. You're hair is amazing, too.

Chelsea Megan

Your ombré looks really cool in a braid. :)


You're so pretty ?

Rosa Sasges

the dewiness comes from the ceretin complex which has ceramides. Ceramides are hydrating and antiaging. By spraying the foundation you are creating a light airy consistency that glides beautifully across the skin. This is product gives you a great coverage that you don't end up using a lot. Not only that but it is a 90ml bottle. Acne scars will always come through. I have the same problem but the consistency of this product is light  and doesn't feel as if you have such a thick makeup on.

Kathryn Jeremiah

Your so pretty

Michael Thornberry

Well done, the verbal tutorial paired with the actual application very fluidly, and thank you for tips very useful, convinced me to stop just spraying my face :)

Sarah Nichole

Thank you so much for this video. I randomly picked this up at Kohl's on a whim and your skin matches mine exactly so now I'm really excited to use your techniques!

Jennifer LaMilza

Great video!

Chester Soto

Random Chester was here. (05-24-17)
Nice video by the way.

"The clairvoyance of smugness is in reality quite obtuse in its empiricism."

Xoxo X

I just had a girl apply this on me at ulta and OMG ! I love this! I have A LOT of red spots from acne scars and this is completely full coverage. But her trick was to apply a compact powder then the spray as then another layer of powder and it doesn't feel Casey at all! I'm so happy and I've never even heard of this brand ??

Christine Noel

I absolutely love pür cosmetics! I have a question, I have very dark under eyes just naturally and I wanted to know what else you put under your eyes at the end to create that look of no dark circles? Was it multiple layers of the concealer? I've just never had luck trying different concealers and getting rid of my circles like you have accomplished. Thank you so much for this video! Have a great day!


I really don't see the big deal about this video being sponsored, her thoughts are still her own, she would tell us if she didn't like it


I had purchased the 4 in 1 pressed powder and unfortunately I ended up returning it...it did not cover anything on my face! It claims It's like a Concealer but I didn't see any coverage...


I usually love your videos but this sounded like a commercial. The "satin finish" just looked wet and unnatural to me. I'm all for giving positive reviews but the way you went on about this being the perfect foundation for everyone? Too much of a sales pitch. I'll carry on watching but I hope videos like this are few and far between, because you can do way better than pandering to sponsors!

Vivita Olivia D'Souza

I have oily skin, do you think this foundation would work for me?

Shelby Wise

I've been using this product for a week now, and I'm completely OBSESSED! Great Video! I love how light the aerosol foundation feels compared to normal liquids! At 3 FL OZ I feel like I'm never going to run out!!! I've been spraying it in the lid to keep it from making a mess, but I'll have to try spraying it directly in the lid! :) Thanks LoeyLane!

Monae Wild

Has nothing to do with the video...but you look like elsa from frozen


Thanks for demo. I just bought this today. I had not heard of the product before just seeking something I liked better than what I had been using. I did try to spray it on my face and realized I needed to blend it. I am a hairdresser and I desire coverage that lasts all day but most of all, doesn't look like foundation. I am pretty stoked. Thanks again!

Laurie Jolicoeur

I pass by this foundation at work and you are right, I have not heard anyone ever talk about this! It looks really lovely on you Loey. I am a fellow dry skinned girl so it's nice to see what it looks like on you!! Thank you for sharing!

Luz Ivania Hernandez

what stores sells purminerals?

Shannon Traynor

Thanks for this review, and demo .
 I just ordered this foundation , so I'm curious about it .
Have you ( or anyone watching ) ever tried to apply it with a beauty blender ?
I don't have the brush that is suggested , and I just wondered if the Beauty Blender would work .
Thanks :)

Gaby Laba

Have any of you noticed the clay-like smell of the makeup after applying? I start with the spray mineral veil and follow with the pressed powder. And feel like my face smells like dirt or something after application... :(

Lindsay K

It looks so flawless!

Pur liquid foundation

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Products Used:

Purminerals 4-in1 Liquid 14-Hour Wear Foundation SPF 15 in Blush Medium (www.purminerals.com and www.tsc.ca)

Brush that comes with liquid foundation is a foundation stippling brush.

Pur liquid foundation

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Hey there, do you have this channel info in all of your hair channel videos? I just happened to watch a video that stated that you had this channel and I didn’t realize you had it. So excited that I found this!!!