T shirt curls short hair

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Curly Girl Method for Short Hair | New Year's Eve Q & A

24 657 views | 1 Jan. 2019

Happy New Year! Today I

Happy New Year! Today I try styling my new short hair for the first time using the curly girl method. I want to share how I have modified the steps to work for me! Also I answered some of your questions in a fun Q & A!

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All of our hairs respond differently, and so you can pick and choose what steps will work for you ❤️

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Jamie Rego

You have such nice skin and beautiful eyes ? just thought I should tell you ?

Uncharted Waters

Yay for going all vegan!! I’m trying my best to get there too! Hair is super cute!!!

Zahra A

You look so edgy now! ?


I think you should continue on with the curly girl method I remember when I first started I chopped my hair to the same length as yours and it would only slightly wave. needless to say I was very disappointed because I was positive I was going to have more curls because I cut off a lot of damage but I was wrong. I guess there's something called curl memory the more that you do this the more that you scrunch the more that you finger coil the more your hair is going to want to curl. I have been straightening my hair and blow drying it straight for 16 years since I was 4 years old my step Mom hated any texture in the hair she hated curly hair so she wanted me to straighten mine I had like afro ringlet curls when I was little. and so I straightened it and then when I turned 18 I wanted to try the curly girl method but I gave up when I chopped off my hair and I only had a wave because I was disappointed. two months ago I tried it again I had the same haircut I bought some new products from my hair porosity and my hair type and that's two months later my hair is much more curly it's trying to form ringlets. and when I say trying I mean I have bleached my hair three times since last year and have not been keeping up with my trims so my hair was breaking off and splitting but my hair was still trying to form the ringlets cuz I still was taking the time to do hair treatments every week and I only wash my hair once a week and all that fun stuff but now my hair has gone from a barely 2A wave to a 2B and 2C wave with an occasional damaged 3a ringlet.

Amilia Bogalho

Please make a video about how to handle short hair in the gym... I would like to cut my hair similar to yours but not sure how to handle it in the gym as yettt???


Luv the volume and looks beautiful?

Josh Oman

Absolutely sexy gorgeous haircut now try a angled Bob with clippered nape or side shave or 360 undercut ??

Hannah B

I’m a little confused... isn’t skylar your boyfriend?

Nishka Nachappa

Cute short hair! Currently, how often do you wash your hair in a week? P.S. I absolutely adore the color of your eyes!???

Christina Clos

"Nope. Just not the same. Not the same. But you gotta drink it. What else ya gonna do? Not have coffee at all? NOPE."

Oh my gosh yes girl lol!!! So many of my mornings have went that exact way! We live about 30 mins from anything and I all too often find myself out of creamer and it's the worst!

Livi Smith

Your hair turned out lovely! It looks good styled as well as unstyled. I liked this Q&A, I got to learn a lot about you and can say I relate to a lot of what you've shared with us. I feel you on the coffee creamer thing, I could taste the awful bitter flavor as you talked about it & sipped. Blech!

Eden Garden

But you did stick with the curly hair routine!! Looks amazing

Laura S

Hahah 1/2 cup of coffee. I would’ve done the same. Your hair looks awesome short. Love that you’re still CGM

Beverly Booth

I really like the hair. I'm totally jealous of your eyes! The color just pops! I need to get back into the whole exercise thing. I'm a lot older, than I was, when I went to the gym, 5 days a week and 3 to 4 hours a day! Now I just look horrible, with my muffin top! I like your videos, because you're real and it shows. A lot of videos I watch.... They seem so forced. Maybe it is just me. Best of luck for you, in the new year.

Shannon Brunskill

This hair frames and shows off your face so much better, looks great.

Deborah Zelaya

Your hair turned out sooo good. I absolutely dislike working out, I am trying to improve that this new year.


Would you ever consider having your head shaved? It seems like you're going that route ?

Alicia Buenrostro

Gym hair plz!

Aleksandra Grąbkowska

The curly girl method is really good. Short hair suits you, but I think short and very curly hair makes you look a bit too mature (maybe because you have a strong jawline - which I like though). Personally, I prefer short&straight or short&sligtly wavy. ;)


Its 3am for me and watching this is making me want coffee lol.

April B.

I’m an introvert and last time I was at a birthday party with loud music and most people drinking, I had a major breakdown and needed to leave. Felt bad since some of my boyfriends close friends were there, but they were totally supportive and understanding. Your hair looks awesome ?? Happy New Year ?

Lo Cruz

You did it!! Same with the anxiety and introvertedness!! I would love to go plant based, but my fiance will not be convinced! And I'm not cooking two meals.. any suggestions?! I love your openness about yourself and your life, any suggestions there? Cause I don't think anyone should know anything I'm thinking, mostly because I don't think what I have to say is important or ppl want to hear, even relatives or friends.

Sandhya HJ

Such a useless video..

Jays C:

Are you still doing curly girl method ?

Arielle Losar

My hairs about your length, similar style. why did you clip your hair? Is there a method to it?

Lori Vasconcellos

Your hair isn't curly, it's wavy, but it is beautiful!!! There is more definition because it is so short, longer hair always weigh down waves and curls... I cut my hair like that before christmas and finally got to see my waves and a few curls, I have 2C/3A hair.

Lidice Diaz

Hey girl! Could you do a video on losing body fat tips video for us ladies? Btw you have great eyebrows!! ?

Qistina Ariff

Giiiiiiirl your hair turned out great!! Love love love it. Was surprised you didn't seem as stoked as I am ahahaha

sarah ferguson

Would LOVE to see natural short wavy gym hairstyles!


I love your chill energy and personality! The Bob suits you amazingly and I request a mix of fitness/nutrition and hair videos please. Happy 2019!???


What products did you use on your hair in the shower? Your hair looks great!

April B.

Plant based diet is mostly what I’m doing. It’s a great idea for many reasons: health, environment impact and animal compassion ??

Brenda Geier

Hi Evada! Youre hair looks beautiful, you are brave for getting it cut. I look forward to your videos. I wish you the best in 2019, you are awesome!

Izzi Gallegos

Have you ever had to deal with dandruff???

Kathleen H

I think your hair turned out great.

Jessica M

Your hair turned out so well! And your natural brows are gorgeous! I would personally like to see some more fitness videos. Glad I stumbled upon your channel


Yes!!! Please share more on your plant based diet. That is one of my goals, I have RA and I'm learning a plant based diet will help with my symptoms. I love your hair, BTW. Always gorgeous!

Kayli Swindall

Your hair looks so awesome! It was so much easier to style mine and consistently get good results after I cut my hair short. Long hair is pretty but short curly hair is so fun!!! Love your videos!

Krystal Vee

Looks really cute!

Katie Hellman

Your hair looks so cute!!! Would love to see some gym hair styles!!

Sara Lamus Quintero

I get so so so excited every time you post ahhh? love love love this video and loooove your new haircut I’m obsessed!!

Alexa Michelle

I love your hair!!! Beautiful. I want my hair short again and your cut inspires me to cut mine even more!

T shirt curls short hair

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No Heat Curls for Damaged Hair

120 726 views | 16 Dec. 2016

No Heat Curls for Damaged

No Heat Curls for Damaged Hair! If you have damaged hair, short hair or natural hair, this no heat curl style is just for you! Watch me get this cute curly afro look with only a t-shirt, some hair product and overnight drying. I’m serving you some 80’s realness with this look boo. This is Day 2 of my 7 Days of hair week aka my version of vlogmas, so stay tuned and turn them notifications on! Let me know what length your hair is in the comments below! Are you rocking extensions, a bob or your natural curls?

SUBSCRIBE to my channel for the latest videos: http://goo.gl/AlZhsT



Wig Collection: http://bit.ly/d6collection

Wigs and Weaves for Beginners: http://bit.ly/weavesd5

How to Make Your First DIY Wig: http://bit.ly/d4wig

How to style finger waves: http://bit.ly/d3waves

Short hair routine | From frizzy to straight: http://bit.ly/d1shorthair


FTC: Not Sponsored



Old T-shirt


Blow dryer



Leave-in Conditioner http://amzn.to/2hABHax

Moroccan Oil http://amzn.to/2hKWkng

Setting Lotion http://amzn.to/2gDEZbp











Executive Producer, Maya Washington

Producer, Nati Perez http://bit.ly/shamelessnati

Editor, Tyler Hall http://bit.ly/shamelesstyler

Music by Jay Ellyiot https://soundcloud.com/jayellyiot



Camera: Canon 5D Mark lll http://astore.amazon.com/mayasworld-20/detail/B007FGYZFI

Audio: H5N Zoom Mic http://astore.amazon.com/mayasworld-20/detail/B00KCXMBES

Lighting: Westcott Flex: http://bit.ly/westcottflex1

Diva Ring Light http://astore.amazon.com/mayasworld-20/detail/B00HQ6I1JS

Editing: Premiere Pro + After Effects




If you do I'll earn a commission!


About Shameless Maya

"What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?" My channel started out as a social media experiment and now it's a lifestyle. I hope my journey from shame to shameless inspires you and others to not be ashamed of who you are and to share and celebrate that shamelessly. Here on my channel, you'll find videos on lifestyle, inspiration, fun transformations, techie vids for aspiring geeks, beauty, fashion, and so much more.

Nathalie Simpson

awe maya can you bring back this series i know you probs dont have it because of everyone's schedule but it was so good

Amma B

Luv da vid!!

Gayle Brown

My hair is short cut out the perm and starting over. And your hair looks good. I really enjoyed your video


looks absolutely gorgeous on you ??

tatiana nolen

I have a Texturizer now but imma go natural again because I like my 100% natural hair


WOW Maya! How beautiful! I have 3 textures of hair. 3c 4a & a little 3b. It is currently bleached. I am wearing tracks, because a section of it at the top, had broken off. w/o weave, my hair is past shoulder-length, but it is uneven. I am wearing it straight, currently, but as soon as I sweat (which is everyday) my edges retract and there I go, wanting perfection, putting a straightening comb to them. What should I do to keep my hair's (currently straight) edges laying down, w/o out adding water? I would LOVE to do this!! Maybe in March, when is isn't as cold. (DMV area)

stacey herard

Yassss!! You are giving us Minnie Riperton with an ice cream cone realness! I love it. My hair is short just like yours. I was natural for 6 years and then I decided to wear it straight for a while just to switch it up. So I'm rockin the pixie cut for now.

Sahara Sisk

I would've turned up on her ass. Relaxer? B, I need all my money back.

ShesBlessed x3

Love these and you!

Christian Pinder

Love this video. My Mom just went natural and her hair is your length, so this is super helpful. I have long hair so I didn't really know how to help her get a cute look but I think I'll try this on her tonight...I'll take pictures.


i LOVEE this look ??????‼️

Kiara Pires

Hey! Love your videos btw?❤


My hair is shoulder length and natural. Can I do this?

Helen Short

Bra strap length, natural, dark brown, wavy rather than curly. After years of perming, relaxing, texturising and hot combing I discovered that I didn't need to do any of that stuff! I went natural 10 years ago and I haven't looked back!

Hadassah Holder

still living for the intros

Charles Bolling


Leti Tridento

i have naturally 3b curl texture, and had dyed hair that damaged the curl. so i shaved it all off, and now im rocking the buzzcut in my natural brunette, just waiting for my natural curls and natural red and blonde highlights to make their reappearance!

Mark Tomaten

you are so fab <3

dee clear

SO I have almost shaved on bottom half but I have about 7 to 8 inches on top. Was trying to grow it out long on top then Neon Blue came into my life and so did death to my curls. Now it is just damaged mostly straight and breaking. I am going to try this and hope it works because I am going to a concert tomorrow and I cant not be going in a tiny ponytail look. I just cant. Wish me luck!!!!

Thea Alleyne

I love watching your videos <3_<3 they're so entertaining and I'm really enjoying this series :D

Nicole and Ava

This was so awesome!! I've never heard of this method until today. So cute!! :)

Ashley Rodriguez

Girl I need to know where u got the shirt from , pretty please with suga on top ? Needs that in one that says "BROOKLYN" ?

Lil lina 123

Shameless Maya I just started to look at hair tutorials for curls without heat and you pop up so I just wanted to ask do you have to use setting lotion ??

asia thompson



Self-cutted and working it?? IG: @smply.greta?


This is SO helpful! My hair is in a weird shoulder length stage. I'm gonna try this. House of Shameless:: the editing on this is absolutely RIDIC.

jp rheinfrank

Mine is short and partly colored ??‍♂️??‍?

whatever lozer

i'm already in love with her, she's just like me

Raven crazeradio


Dessie Palmer

Doesn't work??

Swarthy Daisy

Cute! My grandmother used to do that but with brown paper bag pieces and wire.


Luv your tutorials and your energy!!! ???

P Moore

What are your styling suggestions for transitioning hair, shoulder length, with about three inches of relaxed hair?


Would you be able to do a video giving info on texturizing your hair? The do's and don'ts. What to look for in a stylist/how to consult them before getting it texturized. How often do you need to get it done and the upkeep, etc. Thank you ^_^

Tyler Owens

I wish I saw this video before I cut all of my heat damaged hair off :/
Now, my hair is down to my shoulders 4a texture. So freaking thick it won't cooperate

l alex jimenez

You hot


I like it. Good job! And your not boring. Ya

The Nerrdpit

yasss! thank you so much! most tutorials are with those weird spongy rollers and no way in hell can I go to sleep in those! I have super fine white-girl-hair to about shoulder length and destroyed them with bleaching them twice. My method so far was to curl them with bobby pins but now my hair is so damaged I cant. T-SHIRT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! gonna try this tonight!!

LUKE 1854

Dang girl, thanks for all the videos. Yay! This worked like a dream. Happy Holidays.


damnnnn see this happens to too many people ! we gotta fully communicate w/hair stylists

Shantelle Tucker

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine Austin-El

You are so much fun to watch! Great video. I'm definitely doing that style. Thank you


I love her

Adele Reed


It’s Kat

This is so smart??

Chetna Chhabra

My hair is long just above my hips. I did my hair color fews back. I dyed them ombre n now everyone has been asking me from where i got them done. Random People are complementing me for my hair. I had also undergone texturising for a few time n now i have pledged that i wont do that again. I love you maya you are my inpsiration. Love you. Hope you get want you wish for. Stay shameless❤️

Ameda Brown

she looks like boo boo kitty (empire) pretty!!

Rachel Zaleski

my hair is bushy, frizzy, and dry! i need to re-watch your videos on how to style your curly hair?


would this work on a kinky afro without the relaxer? what products could I use to help my hair take on the form of beautifully defined curls?

Austin Casby

Man. Some how I got unsubbed. & I keep up with u on IG & was like dang where are all those videos. Found them! Ha! Missed them. Time to catch up. U look stunning as always ❤️


Im living for this 80's themed video Yass. Even though I was born in the 90's lol . Sleeping with flexirods are a pain in the butt, I feel you maya so I'm going to try this out. I recently had gotten my hair cut into a bob and I dyed it wine/red about 3 years ago. Now that my hair is shorter in the back with layers this will be perfect! I have natural hair too but I prefer it straightened most times, natural hair is SO high maintenance for me


U make me want To cut My hair ????


Grandmother use to use paper to get those curls lol sooo funny❤? Talk about old school !

Kim Rumph

Love the T-shirt!!!


Thanks Maya for the tutorials. I tried this one and curls turned out great!!

Amethyst Hecate

could you do it on longer, thicker hair , because none on the curling things like curl formers ,flexirods or perm rods works for me

Stephanie Adele

I have long thick curly hair. I've been spoiled in wearing goddess locs for 2mos now so I'm dreading taking them out and having to do my hair again lol. Wish me luck

Shamica West

How dope!!!! I'm definitely going to try this curling method! How much did your hair get tangled in the t-shirt upon taking it out?

Wyhesia Deal

Where did you get your gold necklace from ? @Shameless Maya It's gorgeous


Que pena que não entendi uma palavra!
Amei o resultado do seu cabelo! ?

Luiza Vaz


Kiara Pires

Do any new YouTubers like me, want to do a collab for natural/curly hair

vaneshia Hedrington

man i have missed your hair video's

Lynae Pinder

Im definitely subscribing to you . You showed me how to curl my hair with nothing but a old shirt

Anayah Watson

she looks like annika from empire

Cheyenne Baines

you are funny thank you for the thank you ???✌?


Follow me on IG swankcurls ???? love your vids! True inspiration

Jane Doe

I’m going to college in the Fall and I want a new look, and also something easy. I have long blonde hair, but if I got it cut and got a perm do you thing it would look like yours?

Miss A. De Jonge

Can someone please educated me because I must be missing something here!
How can she acknowledge that through "having fun" with her hair creates damage? but then say in the next breath that she has been texturising her hair for the past year as to not create damage from heat?!......I mean I get the fact that she seems to be trying to minimise the amount of damage being done, but through texturising? which is the same if not very similar to a relaxer which is the same a perm as they use the same chemicals which breaks down the protein bonds in each hair shaft but utilises different techniques for the desired end result! That's creating more damage than just heat on it's own. It doesn't make sense. What I'm trying to get at is that if she wanted to minimse the amount of damage to her hair then maybe it would've been better for the hair to just use heat.

Assilem Arreis Otirb

Thanks, my hair is getting straight like yours and im going to get crazy. Thank you soo much! ??.

balanced women

Love it Maya! Soooo beautiful! Keep shinning!

Amanda Walker

Love this! Cute af and love the editing!

Kim Parren

could you do a video on keratine vs. texturizing. Because I do keratine treatments but im not sure if I should step over to texturasing (because I dont know how my hair will look with is it and if I dont like it it is permanent) so I would really like you advice! great video!!!

Ashley Santiago

I'm on The twa train!! lol it's long enough to finger wave, but not long enough to put in rollers or straighten without a pressing comb!! I want to bleach it and dye it lavender, but I don't want to damage my hair!!

Yasmine Tezeno

Sooo I wanna try this but I'm scared ?

Shana R.

so the curly girl wash and go...

Wash a texturized wash and go?

Massimo Bongiovanni

That t shirt method tho ??????

Vident Productions

This editing ????

Cheyenne Baines


Shamica West

I'm a ? follower and couldn't keep up with the emoji. Tech talk request with these dope FX openings! 7 days of hair are everything!

Martha Atakora

It's the same length as yours just differnt style


You don't need to texturize in order to wear ur hair straight. Texturizing is already damaging your natural pattern, so why not just be heat damaged? Or attempt to straighten the healthiest way possible? Your natural pattern is no longer a part of your life, after having beautiful healthy long curls, why did you decide to throw it all away? I know why you cut it, but that's different then never growing it back and then deciding to no longer be nstursl

Hadassah Holder

ok but that LA shirt is so cute

Brenda Nebe

im so doing this

Lina Tejada

i missed the hair videossss

Pamela R.

Hey Maya, I have kinky coily hair and I wanted to know if you think this would work on my hair. I get it pressed once or twice a year and after its straighten I don't like to keep putting heat on it to maintain it so I pin curl it. However, that is a lot of work as well. Tell me your thoughts.


I HAD THE SAME ISSUE. my aunt was my stylist and im guessing she didnt have texturizer the day i showed up at her salon and she put relaexer.. and that wasnt the first time! so...i chopped off my hair and will be giving my hair a break for a VERY long time

it's Dawn Elle

Those curls are everything! I never knew about the tshirt method....that's super cool!!!

Maya A

this seems wayyy more comfortable that flexi rods!!

Sara Mohibi

i have straight medium length hair ?


My hair is in a length that people think they really need to remember me of cutting it ??
Still not as long as I wanted to, I have a hip length hair, and it goes from black to ocean blue and green .-.
Well I'm a designer I have crazy hair ??
I'm new to the channel, I'm loving your videos!!! You're a
so funny and beautiful ?


I'm trying to transition and I'm hoping this works on longer hair

Soulfully Sierra

<3 <3 <3 GIRL! Per usual thank you for this

Jasmine Franklin

I recently got a pixie cut. ? I've been looking for new ways to style my hair! I love your videos!

immortal x2

My hair is around my shoulder when stretched out but at my jaw line because....SHRINKAGE

Epharodita Jean

Anything for dry hair???

Gabriella Voltaire

my hair I long and wavy




I'm a new subbie and omg I'm already in love with this channel ? the editing slays

Dionne West

my hair is short-ish. Not quite short, but not quite medium. Lol i did a big chop last year but now it's growing back.

T shirt curls short hair

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How I Curl My Short Hair

197 601 views | 20 Jul. 2019

After MANY requests, I

After MANY requests, I finally filmed my curly hair tutorial. It might not be quick, but it’s pretty easy!! Hope you enjoy, XOXO ??‍♀️❤️

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Cameo - https://www.cameo.com/xkatherinerose

For business inquires:

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najma dahir

She looks like danileigh or Star


When you watch this video knowing you would never do this because ur curly af?

Blasian Doll

I love your personality, youre so petty girl ?

Angel Roak

She look like winter from bad girl club


Your so beautiful ??

Doren Jackson

When she took out the bun??


You look very pretty..?❤️

_-TNA-_ 13

The reason with girls who have naturally curly hair-

Genesis Löpez

Bosnian ?? ???

Mikayla Ferguson

I really hope mine turns out this pretty

Leslie spigles

I subscribed I love your vibe!!!

Queen Elizabeth

Look like lil Bebe

Jayna Cabrera

Girl you look like tori kelly! Slay!!!❤️

amber joy

She looks like tori Kelly!

Alexandra Rose

Bomb and easy asf. Thanks for the share ??

Kaitlyn Mckeithan


Wilson Wilson

She literally looks like Hannah from PLL.

Perla Jurado

I have those exact blue ones from Sally's and I have short hair and have no idea how to use em!

Dr. Pepper

i love your energy your so adorablee <3



Destiny Øk

Love your vids so happy you finally did this ? curly hair suits you so much. Girl I’d love to be friends ?


If the Summer is over can you maybe make a video of ‘How i Workout after i ate all the Junkfood i wanted’ i’m curious ? btw love the video xo

Constance Connie

Girl you're gorgeous =)

Stephany Mariah

Omg I needed this video

Lynette Mdluli

I love your new hair cut❤❤you look amazing as always ???

Bailee Byrne

You look just like danileah with this hairstyle girl?

Kate Potter

You act like you've been raised by powerful and independent black woman, love it! :D

Jordan Perfect


melly joy

Maybe because I don't use enough rods that's why it never works

Debra Van Dyk

Great video! I must try. Love it.

Christina McKay

I loooove your vibes ❤️

MAY1432 7


Not Cayla’s

every bottle of product u used in this video was small

Marcia Ham

Beautiful. Thanks.

Tuğçe Cakir

I from Germany and l want to learn the English language very well and she speak so clearly I like it so much and I want to learn English each day better than now can you give me a tipp? Thank uu

Jasmin Ahmatov

I wanna hear your updated playlist

That ASMR Girl

Side note. Watch on mute to save your brain.

Christina Garcia

Love it tho?

snow white

Wow it’s amazing

Emma Wood

You just saved my life girl

Essemce Cannon

Wtf is the background song??

Kieffer Keepin' On

HOW do you sleep with those in?? ?

Melissa Ortiz

This is literally my natural hair ??


i watched the whole video...some else asked me to so i watched it for them...

Kasia Picur

? ues

Sparkly Pink Diamond


Liliana Delgadillo

Ur hairline reminds me of jojo siwa’s hairline ->receding ?



Iliana Morales

If she would’ve done a red lip she would’ve reminded me of Marylin Monroe lol

Lil Kookii

3:00 ?❤?? cracking me up

Yaricsa Zaragoza

Does it work with thick short hair ?

arianna feliciano

God bless you beautiful <3


you looked like the mayor from the grinch with the middle part lmaooo

Robyn Peters

where can you buy these in australia

Christina Garcia

Dude your hilarious ?

Miranda Luke

Jenna Marbles circa 2010

Chris Key

Damn girl, lookin like a fresh pack of oriental noodles

Kaylee Elenbaas

F-ingggg adorable!!! Omg I have short hair, you make me want to ambrace it now

Angelica Martínez

You look like scarlett johanson ❤️

Cassidy Coleman

About How long did it take to do???

Dynasty Figueroa



Yay!!! Finally

Arii Pizano

She kinda sounds like baby Ariel

PiXxieStiX 666

Omg girl this is perfect!! ♥️♥️

Panda Cynic

as a guy, I will forever be unable to fathom the patience females have in preparing themselves.

Tanya Castaneda

Me watching this while having curly hair:???

Itz Desiree

She looks like stassiebaby

laayla mariee

she deadass look like DaniLeigh ?????


0:27 . but never late is better

Daisy C

Do you just wrap it around or do you twist it too while wrapping it around

s sJ

This video makes me soo happy ? such a joyful personality

ayeni sia

Are you Katy Perry sis?????almost like her twin new subie I ll try those rods thks 4 tech 4???????‍♀️⚘??

liyah lopez

she looks like tori kelly ?


yo fine ass self

• daisy •

She always gives me the wild desire to chop all my hair off and go short again?❤


Where did you buy the flexi rods?


Loml ?

Rhett Welding

What’s up!!! Sweet content.

Tee Hee


MollyNicole Mercer

Beyond annoying

fan de Ariana Grande

i love your curly hair

Pooh T

It came out great?

Alyssa Roth

Where do you get your hair done !!! I live in manassas/gainesville !! Also do you do meetups?? Pls let me know about your hair girl I will book that shit like this weeek!!!❤❤?

• seal seal studio •

But this isn’t short hair.

Maria Ware

Reminds me of Dani Leigh’s hair

Wawa What’s Good

You can tell she has black friends ?❤️

triniti brown

So cute?

Antonio Mitchell

I think Katie is the ONLY Youtuber that I would actually go out and see ?

bill Millers

That’s a cute tattoo behind your ear

Alyssa Wilson

she looks exactly like star in the first season omg!!

Bibi Darlene

I LOVE your personality and you’re so funny and drop dead gorgeous! Ily ?

D niinii

Niinii likes this?? my hair is this length too.

Torii Dena

She ain’t got nothing on ??

Carissa La Rue

Do you have the exact size for the “medium” curlers?

Just Me

wtttfffff IM OBSESSSSSSINGGGG BOO !!!! YAAAAAASSSSSS BITCH !!!!! LOL i cannot wait to try this ..

†Dramatic soul†

I need this for a wedding! My first one ever I'll be going to! I'm not too excited for It but Excited for me to cut my hair myself JAJA JAAJAJA!

Gabriella ASMR

Man you look like Marilyn Monroe lol


When she was tryna figure out what she looked like I’m thinking Shirley Temple

zoyla luz de tus ojos

Que hermoso se te ve el cabello,te quedo genial,me has dado un tips maravilloso te felicito tienes un cabello muy bonito.

James Power

God damn you look fine with curly hair...