Vitamin c peel before and after

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Post Makeup Skincare Routine | GET UNREADY WITH ME | Manasi Mau

120 182 views | 21 Dec. 2019

Hi guys!!

So a lot

Hi guys!!

So a lot of you always ask me questions about how to remove make-up, does makeup affect your skin etc. I have answered all of those questions in this video and shared some of my post makeup skincare tips and tricks for this winter season, hope you enjoy ?


Products :

1. Simple micellar water


2. Innisfree facewash


3. Innisfree Clay mousse mask


4. Body shop vit C liquid peel


5. Neutrogena lipbalm


6. Faceshop calendula toner


7. Faceshop calendula eye cream



lipshade :

NYX powder puff : Moody


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Manasi Mau :

1. What's my age : 22

2. What's my height : 5'4

3. What's the camera I film with : Cannon g7x mark ii

4. Editing software : Adobe premiere Pro cc 

5. My education : Computer science Engineer

6. My current haircut : V with layers

7. What is the significance of "MAU" in my channel name :

Mau is not my surname it's my nickname!


INSTAGRAM : manasi_mau1


GMAIL : [email protected]



Everything on this channel is created by the owner of this channel Manasi Ghosalkar, using any of the content without my permission is not granted

Archana Jaiswal

Are your hair so smooth and silky from birth or some treatment. Cause my hair are very frizzy and tangled and I have no idea how to treat them and which products to use.

naina james

I have same night dress. Btw loved the awareness regarding pirated copies of brands! ?



Aathira Suresh

can we use this liquid exfolitor on body parts?


Where did u buy that Christmas tree

Vartika Beautube


krati dixit


Anusha Kanuri_32

From where do you get your night wear

Adriti Manna

Hi... excellent video... where I get this hair band....?

Ranu Dhami

Amazon or flipcart se le skte h kya saman????

Vaishali Khandelwal

Bought touch of spice after seeing ur video... N I love the shade...
Pls share which nail polish are u wearing

Nisha darji

Hey manasi plzz do a Christmas makeup ?


Mau u are really really doing good ✌️ so proud of you ?
And this video was super helpful. Thank u ??

Ramya Deepthi

3years nundi age 22 anta. Mundhu age marchandi

Chini & Evan

What r those dark patches on your cheeks (contouring line pe)

lalitha priyanka

Love love love this video ♥️
More power to you girl ???

sheelu's creations

Very nice tips thanks dear....ur skin so flawless u r lucky....pimple face people have to care more ? i definitely like to try some products u used....

Asherah Isa Hale

Please make a good vibes skin care routine or ny bae haul or purple haul

Raveena S

Useful and informative video. You really take care of us.??

Margi Patel

Can you give any alternative for clay mask?

roli gupta

Please upload a vedio on hands and nails.....like menicure...

Suchith S

Ur so beautiful Dr?pls do some diy videos

anuja aps

U hv got dark circles girl.. Looking like a panda???

Sakshi Nampalliwar

Hi di Aap apne lips me itna lipstick lagate ho par fir bhi vo dark khyo nahi hote lips care ke bare me bhi koi video bano how to get rid of dark and dry lips

Bhagya patil

Mainly for oily skin di

Anncilla J

This was a nice unready video but it all looked tedious n pricey

Anusha Jahagirdar

Manasiiii. A video on skin care for working women. Like, do you suggest scrubbing every night because traveling and all the dust sitting on the face, I feel scrubbing helps.. Or any good scrubbing/deep cleansing products?


u are v pretty

Anusha Jahagirdar

Manasiii. Also a video on Korean beauty products and where to buy and top ones :) OK.thanks

Anindita Roy

Lovee the way you talk!!Such a cuteheart?❤You're blessed with such beautiful skin Maudii?Totally crushing on you?

Mahima Sachdeva

Hey manasi, you are my fav youtuber and i am glad that you got your channel back❤️❤️❤️ No offence but the neutrogena lip balm that you use contains so many harmful chemicals, it also has a warning label on it for swallowing and as you know that we tend to consume anything we apply on our lips, it is not safe for us i would suggest you to switch to bodyshop
Vitamin E lip balm, its soo hydrating and also stays for a long time. Or if you want a lipbalm with spf try the sebamed one.
Love youu❤️

Saba Ali

Nice video. The product is certainly effective. I had also used it

Sanu Ekm


Riddhi Roy

Manasi di,❤️?
Which hairband you are using here?
Please tell from where did u buy it?
Reply please.. let me know
Btw I missed you

ujwala kumbhar

You look beautiful with or without makeup ?

Sanjana Singh

I'm your big fan ..? for the video it was awesome..Luv u Manasi Di..

yatharth master Garden

You are so preety

nishita mohile

Love the way you explain each and every step so perfectly! You look beautiful with and without makeup... keep shinning girl! You back with a bang ❤️ love it !!!
Loads of love to you...

Sandeshya kokani

Plz dry frizzy hair sathi kahi tri video banv na

Marzia Khalid

Makeup lagane se bada task makeup utarna?
Manasi never fails to amaze with her authenticity ?

Sindhu GH

Your explanation is so good, I love u r makeup

Rachna Pavate

Which brand micro fibre cloth u use ??

Sangita Swain

I purchased David off sea rose from nykaa/purple..it was on sale I purchased it for 2700 ..n it came duplicate ???

Hazel Desouza

Which 3 products u named purple nykaa nd dat other plz smell

Taba Yate

Teenage make up kit for beginners

Suparna Shyam

@manasimau what is your nailpaint shade name??


Manasi ❤️ Can i say something? It is the best unready with me video... Very reasonable practical one.. Luv u manasi ❤️

siddhkala gaurav

U r therapeutic ?

Shrushti dhabarde

Chan vatl skincare.....?♥️♥️

pintu sharma gorakhpur

I love you

karishma mulla

The liquid peel which u showed by the body shop...can u plz compare it with pac peel off nd tell us that whether it is as good as body shop...bcoz body shop one is expensive nd pac one is affordable than it...

Sogra Afreen

I love di ap meko bht pasand

Sahaj Sahaj

Agar aap Hindi mein baat karenge to Achcha hoga

Neha Das

Really helpful vdo di...even I use the same process for removing waterproof mascara.,by the way I really like the exfoliator I wanna buy this ...

Isha Mistry

Beautiful beautiful....!!!!

kamuni geetanjali

I would love to see you recreate some celebrity makeup looks ?

Iyra Khan

Hey!mansi please review black henna brow tint

rasula manjula

Most useful Vedio ?
Love uh dii ?

deep L

The products that u have chosen for yourself clearly shows the result after each step...and so helpful information about pores,??

Debjani Halder

Mam mask kitne din lagana hoga?

Pratiksha Kshirsagar

Dii plz make video about how you wash microfiber towel....plz

Sangita Mondal

U r literally a savior my dear Manasi ❤?? merry xmas

Anjum Mulla

https://youtu.be/EJ_AFafAOpI check it out for beauty, makeup and tips

Arpita chavan

Love your videos manasi tai❤❤


Di please do not use that gonsense baby oil because it has only and only mineral oil which can harm your eyes and skin .

assasins of the evills

Keep it up

Rajashree Roy

Your videos are very useful dii lots of love dii ❤❤??????

Pranjali Ghule

Manasi❤️your content is amazing always...and today it was simply great!Love your honesty girl..more power to you?


It was indeed veryyyyyyyy helpful?????? Please also make a video on how to edit videos for YouTube so that we can learn from uh and start creating more often? it’ll be helpful for almost all of us. ?

Bhagya patil

Di plz upload video on skincare routne for teenagers plzz


Manasi could you pls do a video on face wash recommendations for dry skin and moisturizer too

Soumya Sefalika

Please do a review on good vibes wine face mask

Tanya Shoukat

Uh look like smtime "jennifer winget"
Love frm❤??

sunita awadh

These liquid pealers don't peal ur skin but it's just it's chemical which rolls and comes like skin, I HV used years back when they were first launched

saba kausar

Thank you for the video bcz I'm learning make up and have to practise every day on self this is much needed

Susmita Sarkar

Nice mou

Rashi Bundela

???❤️❤️ossmmmm skin care dii?????

Pawan Kumar

Really enjoying the vlogmas?

Ruchi singh

Manasi... could u do a makeup tutorial on Anushka Sharma's pk look...it really looked so fresh and elegant...

Shreya Valunj

That exfoliator thing is soooo cooooool ???

Vidya shekar

Flawless u!❤

Jyotsna Shetye

Ur today's look is just so awesome ??

subhasmita rout

Which nailpaint you were in dis video...pls do reply


Hey u r looking too cute?....

zaheda saya

Nice video ??

Archana Jaiswal

Can you please make a tutorial on how do you cut your bangs(flicks). Please please please

Suchi Sonu

SuCh a NiCe iNtrO Manasi!❤
lOved yOur Skill?

Shweta Mishra

You are so beautiful manasi..

Ankita mohanty

Which nail paint dii???

Noreen Michael

tell me ur lipstick shade plz

Dusky Diaries

? you forgot your neck area ? thanks for so much details that microfiber cloth, removing jewelrys, how to remove eyemake just something that everyone wanted so helpful

Shahile Akter

Am I the only one who think that she looks like Arshifa Khan?

Hasnain Ali

Hi manasi u look amazing in this look but in my case after i remove my makeup next day i get so many pimples plzzzz help me out and suggest some tips.

Trishika Kandari

Miniso also has this collagen liquid peel in their skincare range and that too is so good at a much cheaper price..?

Mamta Chandak

Lipstick shade which you wearing in this video

Urvashi Tapadia

Hey Mau?,
I am just in love with your youthful skin, like I've said this so many times, but you know jitna tareef karu Kam hai, and also I've done this mistake before of using cheap road wala makeup products, and it's been 1 and half year now, still I can't get rid of my open pores problem and acne, like I've mud skin, like small small bumps all over my face, I am just tired now, I just don't know how to get rid of this acne, like as I eat junk/oily/fast food, and if I don't wear scarf when i step out of my house I end up with acne.
I don't have any hopes from any skincare product now.
I am just done, I've learned how to be confident in this skin also, so yeah
Ps. I am just in love with your natural beautiful youthful skin?
Lot's of Love & Support ?

The homemaker Style Corner

I always use body shop products for my face..face wash, moisturizer, bath gel, scrub n all they are expensive but super awesome.. n works amazingly on your skin

Shreya Gupta

Manasi di please tell me about your winter shower routine...
What you do after taking bath in winters?

Multifandom Trash

Oh no sis!! If you're using makeup and sunscreen, double cleansing is a must ?

Puja Anand

Is this innisfree face wash wil work for dry skin or nt

Vitamin c peel before and after

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How to Get Youthful skin |The Body shop Liquid peel | Youtuber in South Africa

23 100 views | 3 May. 2017


*****Open Me*****

Hey Loves,

The Beauty Bulletin recently sent me some goodies and I was stoked that I was chosen to review The Body Shop Liquid Peels. In this video I will showing you guys I use the The Drops of Youth and the Vitamin C Liquid Peels and how it has transformed my skin.

The products I received include:

• The Body Shop -Drops of Youth Liquid peel

• The Body Shop- Vitamin C Liquid Peel

A big thank you to The Beauty Bulletin and The Body Shop South Africa for these amazing products.

Please comment, like & subscribe :)

Namibian Blogger In South Africa

Contact me on:

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mweneniiii/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mis_Gabriella

Snapchat: Flowerchild1812

The Prospect

where do you buy?need it for my knees and elbows...

Kylee Few


SweetSimple 'Redz

How do u use them both

Daisy Girazi

great skin
btw do you think if i have sensitive skin it will work out on me


Sonja Josephs

The worst.

Sista Scrap

I purchased a few of these items a few weeks ago. I can tell the difference in the appearance of my skin. My skin has really cleared up. Thanks for sharing.

Moleboheng Annaliza Mockena

I bought this and I wanted to know what is it you use moisturise your skin?

Eva Miranda

it's the glue rolling off not the dead skin


OMGSH!! You have such great skin!!! #goals... They really did well for you skin. great video too :)

thomas ejore

My wife wants to buy body shop products in bulk..anyone please with an idea or helpline kindly reach out.From Kenya

Thema Mabuza

Im going to buy it tomorrow and start using it.

Vitamin c peel before and after

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The Body Shop Vitamin C Peel Review | How to Get Clear Skin Instantly| The Body Shop Review|

342 views | 29 Apr. 2020


#thebodyshop #clearskinfast #vitamincpeel

Hey! Thanks for watching :)

The Vitamin C Peel by the Body Shop will clear your skin instantly after just one use. If you are looking for a product that will radically transform your skin look no further...this Vitamin C peel from the body shop is a powerful, vibrant, exfoliant to get rid of dead skin instantly. This product will help to clear your acne and get rid of acne scars and will brighten your complexion and leave your skin bright and vibrant.

Vitamin C Peel:


Follow me on Instagram: Lemeagabralla

sub count: 44

Zakaria Gabralla

Great video!!!


I love love lov this product!!!