Make up and skincare

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My makeup and skincare after 60.

23 422 views | 16 Oct. 2018

Less really is more when

Less really is more when it comes to makeup. Skincare is much more important to me now that I'm over 60.

#1 Brightening Facial Oil https://www.beautycounter.com/susanstreet?goto=/product/no-1-brightening-facial-oil

Instant Eye Makeup Remover


Nourishing Day Cream


Sheer Lipstick Poppy


One-Step Makeup Remover Wipes are the best!


The Precision Brush


Ann Richardson

Hi Susan, You are just soft and lovely, I love watching you. Were you ever a blonde or light brunette when you were younger? I have always been a light blonde, blue eyed girl. I am 71 yrs old now and I don't know if my color pallet for my clothes changes with my change in hair color?
I always wore the Spring colors, and now my hair is dark brown with some graying starting at my temples.What is your opinion, does our hair color change the colors we wear? Thanks for your help, I have been binge watching your videos, since I found you. Thanks, Ann

K Ham

Great tips, everything you mentioned about our faces changing is honest. Sniff. You are my new role model for aging with grace and beauty. No botox! Awesome.

Agie Castro

Couldn’t see what that oil was cannot see products

Patricia Gabrielides

Thank you, Susan.????

Pam Fridell

I have only just discovered your site Susan and I'm just delighted by the things you talk about in your videos. I have never been able to get a decent closet-full of clothes together and have no eye for what goes well together or how I can use things to enhance what I'm wearing, so I am excited to watch all your videos. But tell us, you have beautiful things in the room you're filming in in this video. I bet the rest of your house is equally nice. Maybe you can make a video giving us a tour of your lovely home? A person as well in control of her life as you must have exquisite taste in furnishings too!

Hazel Smith

I just watched a video from 2020, and you look so much younger now. amazing!

Vicky Wright

Goodness your skin is beautiful. I am 61 and recently I am having trouble with clogged pores. I have never had acne so I don’t know what to think! Would these products be good for my dry mature skin.


Keeping it simple is often the best way! You look beautiful. I always look forward to your videos. Thank you so much!

Ruth Ward

Good morning Susan. Your execution, diction and tips are wonderful. What is your sunblock routine? I use every day FIRST and then blend, blend, blend everything else. Check out Lisa Eldridge, a wonderful makeup artist. She has some great "mature ladies" videos! Have a fabulous day.

LpsPuppyLover 521

Sorry! I meant to say I have been looking for a site like yours for a long time. Thank you!.

Yacky Snacky

Very nice.

Faye Cox

Susan, your skin is beautiful. I have age spots now and I have to wear foundation to even out the look of my skin. What do you recommend. I, like you, stopped coloring my hair several years ago and now I get so many compliments on my hair color. I have a good hair style that I’m staying with. Thank you for the eye makeup tips. I am 71 years old.

LpsPuppyLover 521

Susan your beautiful ! I love your beauty techniques. My hair is just a little darker than yours. Basically similar. Your just the site l

miss kitty

Do you use sunscreen? I can't go "naked". I have dark under my eyes & spots all over.

Carol Weadon

How do you keep your lipstick from going into the lines on top of your lips. I have a hard time wearing it.

Kathleen Wilson

Wondering if you would share what eye pencil you use in your waterline? Everything I have tried ends up under my eye and looks rather raccoon like. Sure would appreciate it if you would share that product also! Thank you! You are appreciated!

carrie johnson

Thank you Susan for telling me about Beauty Counter. I have been so hesitant to use anything but Jojoba oil on my face because of bad reactions. My nose and cheeks get so dry and peeling, I so hope that your recommendations work. I ordered the lipstick just for fun. You have lovely skin and I have been enjoying your videos, they are very inspiring.

Vicky Wright

Thank you very much.

Timeless Beauties Studio by Jacqueline

Hi Susan great tips! Great advice for mature women - I am the same age as you and have changed my makeup routine as I have gotten older. My friend sells The Beauty Counter and I have not tried the products yet. She wants me to apply makeup to her guests for an open house next month using these products so I am looking forward to checking them out. Your skin and makeup looks beautiful xxoo

Nikki Craw

Great advice. Thank you, Susan. Happy fall!??

cindy j. Timelesstreasures77

Thanks, Susan. I was glad to read that Beautycounter products use organic ingredients and some safe synthetic ones. I have been using organic and mineral based makeup for years and it has helped the redness I have and has improved my skin tremendously. I use 100% organic Shea butter under my eyes at night and lightly during the day. It softens fine lines and keeps that delicate skin hydrated. I use the Shea butter on my lips and also insist on using organic lipsticks usually fruit or mineral based. Your skin is lovely and your tips are appreciated!

Nancy Joseph

I love the tip about using oil during the winter. Great video - thank you for sharing :)

J Moffat

Hi Susan: First off, you look amazing and I loved your tips. I’m 64 and I am aware of most of the things you suggested, but when I get in the mirror and put on make-up I gradually slip back to what I was doing 10 years ago! Today I will apply shadow etc the way I should be thanks to you. Do you use a tinted moisturizer? I also want to start using an oil in the cold Canadian winters. I’ll also check what you have listed below and subscribe. Thanks again for your tips. Judy

Bambuzel Na dache

Expensive cosmetics. I hope it's natural.

S Goins

Great beauty tips. Thanks for sharing!

Heather Brown

Susan, you are so beautiful ,thank you for all your idea's

Kathy Burton

Your skin is beauty ful!

Paradise Creations

I'm 63 AND still have oily skin and I use powder mineral makeup. Here lately it seems like it's not working.

Ann Jackson

Susan, you are beautiful, elegant and just all over stunning! Love you to bits. Keep the videos rolling. You have changed the way I see things. Would give my eye teeth to look just 1/2 as good as you!

Rosemarie S. Kikel

Thanks for your tips, it's so refreshing NOT have someone list 20 products to use on their face. I would love to let my hair go natural, however it's not half as thick as yours and I am afraid my scalp would show through!

Make up and skincare

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Beauty Busters: I Tried a Makeup/Skincare FRIDGE! (AMAZING!)

1 126 392 views | 27 Mar. 2019

okurrr a makeup/skincare

okurrr a makeup/skincare fridge!? obsessed!!! But will it be a woop?

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☆STAY WEIRD. SHOP MERCH https://nataliesoutlet.shop/

☆STAY WEIRD. SHOP MERCH https://nataliesoutlet.shop/






Makeup Fridge: https://makeupfridge.com/

Kiehl's Since 1851 Mango Lip Balm - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3j/

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3l/

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - https://go.magik.ly/ml/jj6h/

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate - https://go.magik.ly/ml/jj6f/

Savannah Bee Company Royal Jelly Body Butter - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3q/

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3r/

Sweet Chef Ginger Vitamin C Fresh Pressed Sheet Mask - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3t/

Masque Bar Gold Foil Peel Off Mask - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3u/

Tarte Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3v/

Thayers witch hazel rose petal toner spray - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lu3y/

Not sponsored. see you every week for a new video on this channel! love you ♡

Kim Coatney

I litterly watch you every day


Her: *Shows the fridge*
Me: Omg! I'm gonna buy this!!!
Her: it was 79 dollars!
Me: shouts mom! Give me a 100 dollars for Christmas!
Mom: *throws shoe at me*
Me: ow mom

Addyson Moore

This is now on my Christmas list lol?

grace kamami

She is so spiritual

Marcia Berg

I'm too little I'm only 9 I'm probably to do self-care and probably that little cooler refrigerator thingamajig he is still going to be here so I'll think about that my parents think about that

Sydney_ Playz

its hard to love yourself when you get bulied

Phoebe Kerr

2021 anyone

Lydia Peppin

You should get a shih tzu


Who else is watching in 2021

Zeiya Dos Santos

do u have any tipes on things to use for acney

Uni12corn Nice

I’m your biggest hater I don’t like you bc you have brown skin


face masks

Vanessa Hernandez

did any one just click on the video and was like her eyes are lighter just me ok


you r so luky that you have a freg

Morgan Greer

who heard the repeat at 5:33?

mackenzie roberts

i love you your asome

H E Y . H O W . Y O U . D O I N G . have a good day

11:53 lol remember when she said not to roll it back and fourth lol xx

Bethany MCCABE

Who’s here in 2021 like if you are ❤️

Rashel Ontiveros

Can you try hair kind of related?


I love the background

Deborah Awotwe

fun fact: this video was posted on my birthday

Roblox Siblings

I have a Pug and they are soooo cute and amazing!!!! Xxxxx ??☁️?? mine is called Daisy xxx

Gaby D

Instead of adding makeup I would putt food!lol


I want Russian subtitles!!!!??

Analy Yung

I want to see u do a makeup and hairstyle tutorial

Jasmina St

When you started to cry I have started to cry too .
Love you

Hello Sunshine

I wuv the fridge it's just cutest wittle thing the wold ?

Kara Jackson

I can keep it clean for face. ????

2029-Stella Van Every

# done ❤️

Anoopa Nair

It’s a ????

Just Hanna

My parents rules are
“NO FRIDGES IN BEDROOMS” So ima buy it but have it shipped to my friends house and pick it up

Kara Jackson

I wish I can get that!!! ???

Alannah Dexter

I swear hyram is gonna have a heart attack when he sees that skincare products... there's fragrance


You can buy one on amazon for £15 - £30!!?

I'm an anime weeb And a ARMY7⟬⟭

Is it just me or does her eyes look a bit purple...? ??? ???

Katie Thomas

Your eyes look different

Pepper Currie

Here's a tip Natalie when you use the jade face roller use an upwards motion and it makes your skin look younger and healthier ?

Alpha Galaxy

How to join I try I can't see it

silly Jello fish jk squad

There was a repeat she said the same thing

Sakina Jamal

Omg l am sub

Abi be Gone

Girl do me skin care give awayS

Marcia Berg

I meant I might have skin care when I'm 10 years old because 9 and I'm too young and my parents will think about that

The littles

You make me wanna go the extra mile of taking care of my self whenever I watch your videos but I love it soo it’s good

Serin Josiane Metin

I love your videos

Caroline Smalls

There’s no join button

Sophire 07

You should test out Florence by Mills!

Katie Taylor

I love you

Mary Watters

God loves you and will never stop loving you! Repent of your sins and want to give your life to God.❤️❤️❤️❤️??

iRrEleVAnt TRasHCaN

She has contacts in and she looks gorgeous

Jackie Castaneda

5:31 I think when you edited it you put those two clips 2 times!? Also I LOVE YOU AND UR CHANNEL ❤️♥️

Mackenzie Samways

I know this is like almost 2yrs ago but I mean I need this cause I love skincare to and like this is soooo cool I keep seeing them every where and I also just need a jade roller lol!

Madelynn Greenway-Justice

Your a amazing girl and thank you for the advice.????☺️

Amirah Fiaz

i swear to god she was naked under that dressing gown hahhahahahahahah

Charlianddixiefan #1

@hyram... plz react

Relax And Motivate Yourself

I have found the best skincare fridge. It’s soooo cute with its LED mirror ??? https://amzn.to/2FJCuX9

Jadyn Warrick

I I have a fridge and it looks like that one but I spent 50$

It’s Ava’s Life

I have watched the video more than 3 times!! Lol it’s is so good

Sasha villeneuve

where did you get the stickers

Ava Marie

the stickers ruined it~

panda oreo heart

I love you nat

Aline Buque

Natalie has grown so much as a Youtuber ?

Shelby Jeffers

Your eyes are beautiful

Gaming with Kaia

Best vid I was one minute in and I just know its gunna be amazing please do more skin care videos nat

Lianne _marin

Her eyes changed

Anushka Panchal

Love you

Dante Lambert

i want toe chon may name chloe lambert


it’s kinda crazy because i’m not even joking when i say this

i feel like we are so alike like we look the same, we have the same problems, and even the same skin problems, and even the same personality and emotional problems i’m like a mini you ?

Batman Bun

I got basically the exact same one at Walmart but the one from Walmart has like a button to light up the front, comes in black and mirror... under 30$

Midnight Scales

*inhale* And I thought I was cool putting my lotion in the fridge ^_^

McIntyre K


Analy Yung

And a skin care routine

kylie lynch

yess girl

Jacqueline Martinez


Baking With Lilly

Who noticed the hair in her face mask

Aesthetics Esterhuyse

Wouldn’t it be so cool if hyram reacted to natalie’s scincare

Claire Alexander-Schimpf

Does it get as cold as a real frige

Janelle Galbreath

supper cute setup

Hannah Wetzel

Her eyes are so pretty!!!!

Sheela Sharma

Natalie u can even take a husky

Amna Iqbal

5:31 she said the same thing twice.... or is it just me?

Life as Megan

i just got one it is coming MONDAY!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pinkx moon

Natilie:"Im gonna roll the tears away" But I love your videos!

Dancer Girl

5:35 is it just me or did it repeat

Hope Beroth

They have mini fridges this size at Walmart for 30-35 dollars

Risha Nana

I love your ''new'' background.

b.b_62_xx X

hey yo are my idollll natalie it was so sad when u stared crying i have been watching u sicne i was 5 and also i was supossed to go to disney and universy in a few days but covid 19 got it canced love u

Shams Altahhan

Hi I love you so much

Doan Truc Loan


The first two words say it all!

Leanne Yearsley

I’ve had two surgeries

Bored Forever

I like how they is she pregnant and her voice changed so fast to “no I’m not.” And got my happy I was like Oop- how she do that it takes me a few mins to get back happy or energetic if I get annoyed-


i actually started putting my skin care products in the fridge and ohoho my skin was glowing from then, worth it but i think its not very sanitary to use the ‘fridge’ which you store food in but if i could i would absolutely get this mini fridge!!

Ma. Jessica Fajardo

Oh my natalie! I came here because of skin care curiosity but I didn't know that I could learn such inspiring lesson from you .haha love you?

Abbey Awesome101

My favorite beauty products are the tarte shape tape foundation maddision miller highlighter morphed beauty blender morphe concler



Shaganaa Gunarajan

omfg u were posting three time a week with ur amazing content id be fine with 1 a week

Emily Price

Rlly cute

Skye Kennan

Omg I love u so muck NATALIE

Natalies Outlet

welcome back familia! ?I answered all your instagram questions towards the end! also stick til the end for the giveaway ✨love you guys loads!!!

BTS lover

Ahhh with her contacts in it looks so good on her!!!

J_p Films

I don’t see the join button

Make up and skincare

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Futuristic Skincare & Makeup Routine / Tutorial ?? The Welsh Twins

102 430 views | 7 Feb. 2021

The Double Cleanse Podcast

The Double Cleanse Podcast - Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/50qINiCRnshb7WqPuiRV21

James' Channel (skincare):


Robert's Channel (Makeup|):


Today we take a look at some Beauty predictions and try out the popular skincare and makeup trends of the year 3500 AD.

With skincare and makeup trends forever changing, what will the future of the cosmetics world look like?! We dont know...at all. Watch us make terrible predictions and what your cosmetic future might look like!

This video is just for funziez!!

Heather Cox


Tania pitBran


Taylour Steeves

Are people disliking it because of the corn? ?????

lunachick613 88

You guys are pure genius lol!

Crystal Holcomb


EB Baumer

I like how tin foil is the future. The. Future.

Emma Buckley

Heee-you-manz ARE killing the earth and are shouting into tubes wearing pigmeats on their eyes, which they've been doing for yaaaaars ?

April Rants

“Ju Par Dar” was probably when my soul left my body I was laughing so hard ?


This was just the absolute best. The sun protection at the end was the cherry on the cake. You guys kill me ??

Destiny Skorup

“I refuse to believe I have a grey hair” ??

Keeley Dart

Marcus' editing on these videos is next level!

Anne-Marie Stevenson

I've just nearly wet myself I was laughing so much. Must get some incontinence pants before your next installment.


i loved it in the film the fifth element when she put her nails in a thing and it changed the colour of them


At first glance, that corn on the cob did not look like a corn on the cob ???

Christi Nunya

Oh Gawd, I love how goofy y'all are!!

Gisell Anahi Jaime Torrero

Some things i just don’t understand! But I’m just laughing with them ???

Kim Husbands

Robert and James give Brad and Eric Mondo hair colour and hair cut tutorials.

Abigail Michaelis

Still have migraine, still watching. How to smile with a headache from hell :D

Nurnabila M

The sun protection won the entire video ?

corry guffey

Love it! ?

Annette Madfox


Sweet E

Funniest thing ever! Btw what did you use are your eyes. Link the products below!

Dalenna Perez

How much footage gets cut out of you guys uncontrollably laughing?

Christal McCollim

My girlfriend & I will watch these for some of our date nights ?

Khiara Christnot

The way james's eyes go in diff directions when saying they dont care??


15:36 i can’t ?

Dominique Siwulich


Anna Schneider

Oh my god you are the best kind of crazy, I love you so much! ???

zanchi_13 anas

Actual ppl of the future be like: “ huh..”

Leanne Packer

"is this the future or year 7 disco " ???


Water soluble packaging? But isn't water one of the most commonly used ingredients in skin care...? ◔̯◔

Shell Sourpatch

This is beyond skin care and makeup. You bring me joy by the way you interact. My sister Melissa and I used to giggle and have this unspoken humor, with a look we would bust out laughing with almost telepathic jokes. I lost her a year ago. I miss her everyday, watching you two brings back beautiful memories❤ Cherish every second with each other! Thank you for bringing a bit of sunshine back to my days? She would have loved your channel!

Tammy Stiletto

I just can’t clap hard enough you guys are the absolute best ??

JasonFan 26

Best way to wake up ever!My face hurts so much from laughing the whole time!! You two are amazing!❤️


This is what I call quality YouTube content ?

Laura Vega

I love you guys so much ????? this is great!!!!

Vanessa Huskić

this is just iconic ?❤️ my favorite place on the internet! ?❤️


Nobody: How would you describe the Welsh Twins' videos?
Me: Sublime chaos

Sherri Garcia

James struggling with his bangs is all orr nightmare of what happens when we decide to cut our bangs and then grow them out. Poor baby lo siento ??

Trisha Salazar

How do they make laugh sounds without moving their face!? Lol ? Love the video so much!!


High key Robert's eye makeup looks hella nice
Kinda like something you might see at an edm festival ??

Stacy P

I just can't with you two! ???

Isabel Maria

Omg you guys are hilarious

April Rants

Please collab with Trixie and Katya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Christi Nunya

"We've had so many requests for this video"

"Actually, no, no one has asked for this video"


Nicole Oyarzún

Jenna Marbles would love this

Lisa Lee

Their content is hilarious. I want to see the outtakes. I bet they’re even funnier. Love you both so so so so much!!!!

Dominique Siwulich

I'm fuckin dead

Kim Husbands

Robert and James give Brad and Eric Mondo hair colour and hair cut tutorials. Skincare mist mean skincare breathed into lungs. Just like smoking it.


The sunscreen was the best part lmao

Johana Jácome Soto

All I see is Lady Gaga and Ross Geller as Sputnik in Friends ???

S P A C E D _ O U T

Imagine clicking on this and not knowing who they were


Tammy Vipond

The funniest people on the planet right now. FACT!


Just when I think they couldn’t make me laugh any harder, this video comes along.

Kathryn Murphy

I live for these videos and hope that if there is an apocalypse and they wonder what the past was that they find this video ? also your cloaks look like what you wear during a hair cut!


You guys are hilarious!!! Love love love !!!

Destiny Skorup

James was so scared and concerned about the lip mixture

Lindsey DeLany

I'm imagining your partners walking in to tell you dinner is ready and just being like....?

Dominique Siwulich


Nicola Robb

We didn’t ask for it because we didn’t know we needed it until you gave us it!! ? Thank you for this ..... this wonderful gift ?????????

Tiana Senn

Why am I sort of loving the eyebrows? ???

Chelsea Coull

This is not the content I knew I wanted but it’s the content I needed

Mike Fleming

You people are completely and certifiably insane, and I am here for it.

Paola Rodriguez



i always laugh so hard whenever i watch you two! ????

aaditi Thorat

Robert's face when James selected Purple 11:05


"please tell me how you made this... r o b e r t" ??

Hannah Puzzar

I exist for you guys

Clara Solomon

You know what....I think you are the same person

Feroza Mahzabin

The synchronized laugh at 19:08 is just too good ?

April Rants

The Myst ?????

Lindsey DeLany

Petition to have Mugglesporf and Frettlewhiff merch!

Estelle Getty

This guy seems really lonely, making videos by himself all the time.

Willow Moon Wolf

Living bicuriously through the Welsh twins during quarantine ! My life is complete !!! Love the ? necklace !!!!!

Rose Santana

LMAO the montages kill me. That corn , i think i pee a lil' lol


Hands down my fave YouTube channel ????

Amy Beth Godwin


Jennifer Autum

Ummmm I have no words

Sara VM

you guys are hilarious. watching you cheers me up!

btw!! i need to know what’s the ‘colour dust’ product you used! the pink one looks fantastic.

Kendra Mazahreh

It’s the glasses for me ?

The Beauty Files

Your mummy and daddy must be oh so proud ?♥️♥️

Inge Nysten

That fashion shoot gets me going.

Aimee Grober

Absolute psychopaths.


The synchronised giggle at 19:08 has me cracking up!!

Hilary White

The last bit reminded me of clubbing in the 90s! Ohhhwa ohhhwa

Shannon Rowe

This made me cry laughing. Omg.

Mi Lala

When both of you begin to laugh, I must laugh automatically ?❤️ Love it.


I think skincare in the future will be customized, they will ask for a drop of your dna so they can figure out what diseases you have and if you have dry skin, etc. They will then offer you a product made just for your DNA

Lizzie Singer

I love how much fun you guys have with these videos!!! It makes me so happy?

Holly Johnson

Why does that cape look like something Robert might really wear?

arin emiko

Y’all’s level of foolishness has peaked and I’m here for it. ?

Lindsey DeLany

"She listens to it" (holds up to chin)
"No one asked for this."
"Oh I'm just gonna make shit up"

How is this already my favorite episode in the first 3 minutes?

Stacey mazzella

The welsh men giving us what we didn't know we needed again.

L Lewinski

I legit thought it was foil until James said otherwise .... silly me ????‍♀️


Youuuuuuu two... Are literally my favorite thing on the Internet ??

A. Hernandez

I am dying right now.. trying to be quiet but, I can't .... I have a restaurant of people staying at me ?????


You guys could give Katy Perry a run for her money with those costumes, lol ???

comments reader

I watched everything on this channel! When’s the next one ? ❤️ ❤️

No No

Your videos are basically the only ones I watch here anymore.

I'm so happy you guys got that misting device! I've been waiting for someone to review it.


Let's talk about how I'd pay actual money to meet y'all and I wouldn't for anyone ???