Pantene bad for hair

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I'M BACK | Pantene Gold Series Review on TYPE 4BC HAIR

3 308 views | 23 May. 2020

Hi guys I know it's been

Hi guys I know it's been a while but here's a new video for you all. My hair was actually suppose to be the main focus of my channel but yannoe....Life.


Intro Music:

Nakhaz - I'm a Bahamian (Official Lyric Video)


Background music:

Will I? by ADERIN https://soundcloud.com/andrei-burcea-20972653

Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0

Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/aderin-will-i

Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/F0qB13gOqf0


- Hydrating Butter Cream: https://www.target.com/p/pantene-gold-series-hydrating-butter-creme---6-8oz/-/A-51180798

-Moisture Boost Conditioner : https://www.target.com/p/pantene-gold-series-moisture-boost-conditioner---8-4-fl-oz/-/A-51180471

- Moisture Boost Shampoo: https://www.target.com/p/pantene-gold-series-moisture-boost-shampoo-9-1-fl-oz/-/A-51180413

-Detangling Leave On: https://www.target.com/p/gold-series-from-pantene-sulfate-free-leave-on-detangling-milk-treatment-with-argan-oil-for-curly-38-coily-hair-7-6-fl-oz/-/A-51181153

- OGX Morocaan Argon Oil Extra Penetrating https://www.target.com/p/ogx-renewing-moroccan-argan-oil-extra-penetrating-hair-oil-3-3-fl-oz/-/A-13924881

Victoria Simpson

Good video, thank you! ??????



Dorin Woods

Your back at it yayyyy love it ?

Natural Kingdom

Black consumers tend to be ignorant even downright irresponsible consumers, Pantene Gold is One of the most toxic roll out products to black consumers, look at the ingredients??? they will destroy your hair, it contains substances that will be absorbed through your scalp and make you sick, The rating on many of the ingredients are IFY, BHT alone is shown to be a tumor promoter in one study. i recommend you research your ingredients before purchasing. Do not fall for the illusion on your hair or the glitz and glamour, move to a more natural based product for you hair or at least one that is healthier for your hair and health.

arts قناة منوعات

love your armpits

It’s Just Niecey


Pantene bad for hair

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Pantene Gold Series on 4c + 4a Hair | The Truth

151 737 views | 1 Dec. 2019

Hello KINfolk! Welcome

Hello KINfolk! Welcome back to NaturallyPhilo! Today, Performance and I review Gold Series from Pantene. This is an in-depth, honest review of all the products. This is part of my 2 Different HairTypes Same Products Series. I hope you enjoy!



15% Off Discount Code: KINFOLK

Send us something: POBox 20096 Philadelphia, PA 19145

Performance's channel: https://bit.ly/2qa0lY9


Sulfate Free Shampoo: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9o9/

Deep Hydrating Co-Wash: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9ns/

Moisture Boost Conditioner: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9nt/

Repairing Hair Mask: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9oe/

Leave-On Detangling Milk: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9nu/

Hydrating Butter Creme: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9nz/

Curl Defining Pudding: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9pp/

Thermal Heat Protector: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9ok/

Intense Hydrating Oil: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9o2/

Edge Tamer: https://go.magik.ly/ml/s9q0/

Products available at Family Dollar!


Are you Ghanaian? Yes

What is your hair type? 4a combination

What is your hair porosity? Normal to High

When did you big chop? March 17, 2014

How long have you been natural? 5 years

Have you texturized your hair? NO

How old are you? 24

SOCIAL MEDIA_______________________________________________

Instagram: @NaturallyPhilo


BUSINESS INQUIRES_______________________________________

Email: [email protected]

Thank you all so much for watching! Have a blessed day & KEEP IT NATURALLY! :D



Full Pantene Gold Series Review #2DifferentHairTypesSameProducts

Monica J NYC

how about 4b hair? :)

Eli Ellz

You two have insane onscreen chemistry! I was cackling with glee from the beginning to the end. Thanks for teaching and entertaining us❣️❣️

Samantha Stewart

I love your channel so much, it's fun to see two different hair types. I'm a 3B and C and you've sold me on this line.

Aireanna Cabrera

Y'alls hair is gorgeous! I need to try more of these products. I'm a fan of the cowash.

That’s So Zy

where y’all from ? & are y’all sisters ?

Natural Kingdom

Black consumers tend to be ignorant even downright irresponsible consumers, Pantene Gold is One of the most toxic roll out products to black consumers, look at the ingredients??? they will destroy your hair, it contains substances that will be absorbed through your scalp and make you sick, The rating on many of the ingredients are IFY, BHT alone is shown to be a tumor promoter in one study. i recommend you research your ingredients before purchasing. Do not fall for the illusion on your hair or the glitz and glamour, move to a more natural based product for you hair or at least one that is healthier for your hair and health.


The shampoo made my hair feel hard too. I got nervous as hell.

Blake Riley and Co.

What type of blow dryer is that?

Ted Ehioghae

Good morning, please, what camera + lense do you use?

Vee Mitchell

Hello I'm new to your channel but I was wondering do you have any issue of fairy knots with your wash and go styling?

Ijeoma Merenini

New Video Idea: Never Have I Ever: The Natural Hair Addition!!!

Whitney Simpson

I might be a little late but....what was that you used to stretch her hair? I really need that contraption in my life

Caren Rogers

Omg is this hair?

MJ Bridges

I would be too scared to review products the way you do.

Jasmine Johnson

I need that hair dryer!


Great review! Never thpught of using edge control for a twist-out o.

Mandisings 23

?? just came across your channel, you guys are super hilarious! Love this video, very informative? love from a fellow Ghanaian??❤️

Taheerah Rochelle

water is a hydrator. the conditioner is a moisturizer. adding oil after water holds in hydration then adding leave in conditioner adds moisture

Peta Findlay

I was skeptical but imma see

Sarah's Korean Korner

I wonder if they reformulated recently. I used it when it first came out and my hair hated everything :(


Am I the only person who can't use a brush to curl their hair? It just frizzes/straightens my hair. Idt it's because I'm type 3 either because I've seen it work for some type 3 ppl.

Neli J Thango

Quick question, anybody know what hair dryer/straightener she used on Performance? Really need it.


What’s the difference between behentrimonium chloride versus the methosulfate?

LaTonya Odeh

I'm glad I'm not the only that does that I have to make I use lots and lots of water

Dolly Bouzi

The moisturizer is bombbbbbbbbbbb!!

toy toy

That's not 4c hair


Lover this duo!

Ange Lowery

The Evelyn From the Internet meme killed me ?

Mia Orange

WAIT!!!! What kind if dryer was that? The one that gave performance hair some length. Never seen anything like it. ?

Jied Cghlm

I think Pantene has the money to make higher Quality products but for less money. It is not fair to the target market.

Constance Cohn

I want performance to try the curl defining pudding and let us know what she thinks.....

Alexa Jean-Poix

I thank you guys everyday for making these videos! They really help and you guys are funny, much love!

Tenia Green

What kind of hair dryer did you use on performance’s hair???

mya 125

I have 3c curly hair and the Gold Series works amazing with my hair...haven’t changed from using it for a year now

Carmen Harris



We don’t have the same hair type (I’m 4c) but I love your videos❤️❤️. You are a blast to watch! Keep up the great work ?

Love Bernice

Can someone tell me what it means when u put water on ur hair and the water droplets just stay on ur hair it doesn’t like penetrate into your hair ?

Christabel Mateta

Wow that product works omg wow !!!

Aïssatou Diallo

Shrinkage ?❤️

I’m_so_plantbased Tumi

Pantene is a good product I know

MaeMae Conteh

the conditioner ingredients list gives me anxiety

Imani Strong

I never understood the need to co-wash. Just wash and deep condition.


You says the video was sponsored? I still love how you tried to be objective, critical, and informative with the silicone and the drying effect

Sharea Crowell

Y'all had me with your twist outs. I'm about to go buy these products!

Love Bernice

What Philo short for !?????????

Luli Mau

Review DOVE hair products. very line trying to get our money with sketchy products!

Cara J

I have enjoyed watching these type videos. I recently used Miche Beauty Products (the one with the black label, only), the full line and I found it to be awesome for me. I am 4c, thin strands, low porosity, high density. Would you guys be interested in doing a comparison on the Miche Beauty Products?

GoldenState Lolita

I can't believe black women don't use Pantene! I only use Pantene curly line (especially once Creme of Nature sold and changed their formula). Its so conditioning. Its that Pro Vitamin inside.

Tamara S

I wanna name my child Performance. I love it!! So unique and powerful

Sax Up Your Life

Please can you let me know what kind of hair dryer you are using thank you

Cindy C

Great job on the video ladies. Where did you get the blow dryer?

Inayah Clay

What is that contraction she used as a blow dryer??? ?? nah but really what type of blow dryer is that?

charlene lawshea

?‍♀️You ladies seem to be so much fun ??I really enjoyed your video lots of fun ????

Chiny Zurc

It would be AAAMAAAZINGGG if you can include in the description if the video it’s sponsored or not. “_”


We are different 1:25

Claudia Okyere-Fosu

Golden ??✨

Sequee T

Thanks ladies, this was very informative!????

Shakira Hollis

I am a fan of the Gold Series by Pantene too! Affordable! Quality! Natural haircare products. About $5 a product, finally no black hair tax. Great review!

Portia Syas

I can not wait till I save up for that blow dryer. My daughter is afraid of mines and hates them. This will make it soooo much easier. Now to get her use to washing her hair lol. And I use this product on my both of my nieces hair. They are half Mexican and it brought back life to their hair. They have dry hair and it really helps.

hafsa shire

the amt of energy y'all have ?? when i wash my hair i do everything as fast as possible cos i jus wanna get OUt & be done w it

Crystal Browne

Performance is hilarious ?

Jubilee Whaley


Simone Ruzario

What hair dryer did you use on performance when you when you used the heat protector oil...it was blackens green? Thanks ?


Great review ladies. Your heads of hair turned out beautifully ?

Stephnaie Gordon

I love the whole Pantene series it's great on my hair.

Renee Armstead

I too have purchased two items hydrating butter cream and oil.very impressed so far

Lívia Ribeiro de Souza

Great energy, ladies!

Hope-Keisha James

I tried @performance’s detangling method and it really works on my 4c hair ??????


Really like the concept, of two differnt hair types etc...But sometimes I wish you would just get straight to it.....instead of longing out the intro by gurning and twisting up ya self.

Danielle ASMR

I have low porosity and detangler under running water too


Five months ago “Reporting live from Philomena’s bathroom was a joke.” Now it is where the weatherman works.


Thank you for the review it was really insightful. Where either of you sponsored by Pantene?


if possible, would you please show us the back of your head with a shake and then without a shake? it is very difficult to see the results with the head moving back and forth.

Phire Tiger

I have 2c hair in the front and 3a/b in the back. Medium porosity. This product line made my hair hella dry! It smelled good but nothing worked for my hair. I knew it had to be the gold series products cuz after I went back to my Lotta body products. My hair instantly returned to it's normal state. I did use the co-wash, shampoo, conditioner, leave in, and curling cream. My hair also felt hard and stripped after using the shampoo and conditioner.

Chy Daniel

I've really been binge watching your channel ??

Sarita Williams

Has pantene finally got it

Tiana Thaxton

I need to know where my good sis got her wig

Qiana Marie

No shade at all because I like your videos. But please consider not yelling. I have to turn my volume almost all the way down because you are literally yelling. Great content though. You don't have to be loud to appeal to your audience. You don't have to scream to be interesting and exciting.


I love these videos ??

Belle Fabulous

Detangling under water is life ? and hair is high porosity

Carmen J

I have 3c/4a high priority and my hair hates water. To detangle my hair after shampoo I use a leave-in conditioner and a wide-tooth comb. Anything else or too much water causes me breakage. And I can only part my hair when it's dry. Odd right? Love my hair though.


Pantene did THAT with this line. The cream and 3 minute deep conditioner is amazing

Monique Miller

Oh how about mielle!

barbara Walker

This works so good on me and my girl's 4c hair it's everything i need on our hair.

Taylor Boatwright

Water is $free.99 until that water bill hit , lol


You guys are hilarious... Thanks for the vid

Yolonda Taylor

Love the two of you together ❤


Hey KINFOLK! Hope you enjoy ?#2DifferentHairTypesSameProducts ft Gold Series by Pantene. Let us know what line you want us to review next!

Monique Miller

The shrinkage is real! My hair be like down my back then jump up to my neck when it see's water.

Sabrina Fife

You guy are wonderful crazy

Jayjay Thelisma

pantene .. i feel like youre too late(------------ we got this now


Finally somebody with my hair type ??

Ania Johnson

This the only line I use I LOVE IT my favorite it the leave in and the hydrating oil ??AND THE SMELLLLLL

kimberly landrum

Where did yall get the blow dryerrrr

Junnior Souzza

pantene é a UNIVERSAL

Monique Miller

I would have never imagined. Pantene?! Come through...now imma have to see for myself.

Devin L

Loved the review. Thorough & entertaining. You 2 are great together! I will try the shampoo & curl pudding.

Chantelle Montgomery

Wait a second, rewind. Where did that blow dryer come from!!?? I need it in my life!

Tina Wilson

I've been looking at this product line. Took away some great feedback. Tho I don't have 4c hair, more like 3c/4b combo I think it'll work for me. ?

Chloe Jones-Lee

I love these videos !!

Pantene bad for hair

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146 439 views | 30 Jun. 2019

Brand new wash day video

Brand new wash day video and today we are using the full Pantene Gold Series Range!

I have not washed my hair for 4 months and I believe in little- no manipulation it has worked very well for me majority of my life.


Fifteen years in the making and co-created by a team of black scientists and dermatologists, Pantene Gold Series was created specifically for afro hair and formulated with Pro-V Nutrient Blends and innovative technology. This haircare and styling range provides both deep moisturisation and damage prevention, for all afro hair types.

Taking research from studies on afro hair in the United States, Brazil, Nigeria and Kenya, the Pantene team worked tirelessly to decode the biology of afro hair to formulate a collection of specialised products suited to its uniqueness. Pantene Gold Series is designed specifically for women with relaxed, natural or transitioning hair, because Pantene believe in celebrating strong, beautiful hair in all women! What makes this range particularly exciting is that it has been formulated by a group of black scientists and dermatologists, spearheaded by renowned scientist Dr Rolanda Wilkerson - AMAZING!








Ebony B Salon London




○ Instagram: @estaregrams

○ Snapchat: estare

○ Twitter: @estarelive

○ Periscope: estare

○ Facebook: estarelive

Get in touch!

Business enquiries only: [email protected]

For collaborative inquires only: [email protected]

ashley fowlkes

So gentle with your hair . I love it. It looks as satisfying as it probably felt . Especially in your case where you haven’t shampooed in so long

Latanya Bradford

I just subscribed. I like your video.


Now i can stop feeling bad for not washing my hair so frequently


My mom told me as a kid she would braid my hair and she would go 3-4 months without washing/ re-doing my hair. (She put her self through school and was taking care of two kids and those two kids didn not like other people touching their hair. Even till this day I don’t let other people touch my hair ). Our hair is long and healthy, mine 4C and my sister 3b texture. I did do the big chop and cut it plenty of times styling it and now I’m growing it back out. Feels like the little me all over again, hair is growing faster than expected with very low maintenance of styling my hair.

Sonja S

This definitely shows that all hair is different. When you showed your scalp at the beginning it looked fine. A few flakes but healthy. And your hair looks very healthy. I know a lot of people are saying you can’t go that long without washing your hair but your hair and scalp looks healthier than most. I wish I could go longer without having to wash my hair because it takes a lot of time. And because my scalp gets itchy and flakey, I can’t do any kind of weaves or braids because I need to wash it every week. Sometimes I can stretch it to 2 weeks.


My hair has grown a lot and became thick when

1. Kept cornrows for a month
2. Moisture and put oil every night
3. Sleep with something in my head. Always a satin or anything so my hair doesn't touch the pillow
4. I wash my hair or just pour water into my hair every 2 days or even every day ( because it's hot here and I like hair to smell good)
5. I also use pantene because it smells good

This only happen for 2 months. When I undid my hair when people where around, everyone was surprise to see my hair has changed and became healthy and thick

Water, heavy hair cream mixed with pomade and not doing your hair everytime will probably make your hair thick and grow

Ayanna Lowry

Beautiful hair!!!


I wish i could find me a natural hair salon that could do this for me?

Angela Gomez

“She’s is having a good feel of the hair”
*wearing gloves

K Aaron

I wash my hair maybe... once a month... twice a month at most.
My hair is flourishing.

Stella Shanelly

Your hair is beautiful love from a YouTuber in Ghana ??


I want 2 see u style all that beautiful natural hair of yours! With that length & the thickness of your hair I’m sure I can do a lot with it Always enjoy your vids ?

Lydie Nguimbock

Your hair gives me life, laaawwwd! Why are you hiding all that glory under a wig young lady?! I've tried to access Ebony B salon website but there seem to be an issue with it :-(. I wanted to see the hair treatments they have and price list.


Shit the lovely growth from the Nov 2015 vid is Beautiful!

Tapi CIK

Why is this me to a tee. I was my hair every 4-5 months


Your hair is beautiful

Angelina Rafael

I want to try 6 months without washing ?

Katrica Doby

I’ll like to know what kind of blow dryer that she was using on your hair. If you know and don’t mind. Thanks

Sonata Shinome

I had to follow, your hair length is beautiful


I honestly wish I could leave my hair in a protective style for this long without any washing/manipulation. glad you found what works for you!

That's beverly

I also wash my hair after I have had my hair in protective styling for 4 months and my hair is soo long for someone that has just been natural for 3 years..little or no manipulation actually works for people but not everyone


Her hair is so healthy and lovely my God ?

Rae Talks

I would love to work with Pantene. I have tried the detangling milk and honestly it is one of the best detangler I have used on my 4b 4c hair! It makes the hair easy to detangle and does not leave the hair dry.

itsnotme itsyou

I usually go 5-8 mths without washing my hair but im relaxed, its just that i am abit lazy. When i tell my friends this, they're usually really shocked n attempt to smell my hair but my hair always smell good cus the only thing i put in it is olive and i dont even do so everyday. I think its about what works for you, ik im too lazy to ever consider washing every 2-3 days. If i go to the beach often then thats the only time i wash my hair often. Ive been spacing out my wash days like this for years.

Alexis Jones

Nice video but 4months without washing your hair is way too long.

Candied Little Yams

This is the most respectful salon blowout I’ve ever seen on YouTube, I would seat in her chair any day.

Kemi .A.

I do that a lot usually when I have braids on or weaves or crotchets. It does help my hair grow. I oil the scalp well and when I take it down my hair is so soft and moist and I wash .

Topaz B

Song at the end?

Candice L.

I think I will be purchasing That Pantene Gold Series
Your hair probably grew crazy from not bothering it for 4 months

Its Ohemaa

Great products beautiful hair

Brittney Nicole

Idk if I want the hair products or the setting spray/powder that you used more. Can't believe your face was still beat after all that ?


Pantene Gold series might need to check that out as I had no idea ??

Shawn Houston

Wow.. I wash my natural hair every other day... four months and my hair would fall out!

TheWayOf Cailinn

You should get an edge up in the back, it is a game changer for hair

Thembi Mogala

Gorgeous hair in the hands of a professional hairdresser.

nr cm

Your hair looks great and I adore your makeup ?. I will try the products if I can get hold of them.

Cook With Ezi

Do you have dandruff? 4 months is long o!!! Your hair is long and beautiful sha. Wehdone ma!


I honestlt wih i could find a stylist who cares about hair and the health of her client hair

Braids by Raayonne

Nice and neat ...Beautiful❤❤❤

Lah Body

It’s a bunch of trolls in these comments who definitely have recessive genetic textured hair?
This ain’t ya video SUS..I’m sure Jeffery or Nicki got y’all covered


Her shrinkage is so disrespectful ??.. Also, would anyone know what's the reasoning behind twisting the braids at the end vs braiding them all the way down?

Adure O

When i blow out my hair out home it does not come out like the salons do it, wonder what im doing wrong

Malina Seidu

The hydrating oil smells SOOO GOOD and it works very well, it's good for wigs and natural hair. I love it. The whole line is really good tbh

Tiffanie McMillan

Estare, you have such a striking face. Gorgeous.


Don’t attack me and black my eyes for this people BUT dirty hair makes your hair grow. I go months without washing, Hair still healthy, all my perm has grown out and the new growth has been wonderful (length).

Cedrica Daniels

Those cornrows are so pretty, I would wear them as my style ?

Rachael O

Hi estare...can u plz give us the full regimen for ur hair, when u have ur braids in? Do you co-wash or water only wash for 4-6 months before the salon visit?

***Also plz ppl consider there are many factors that influence hair growth..like what you eat. Iron is very important in hair growth and length retention. Most women are anemic for obvious reasons

All black All day

Some of you are really mean girIs. Geez. Its just hair.

Alecia FavoredbyGod

New subbie here? your hair texture is just like mines.?❤?❤

Idara E.

I love washing your wash day videos ❤️

Nthabiseng Wessie

love Pantene products, will definitely try this range out.

Kayla Warner

4C hair in the house!! Represent!!


Love your hair

Pauline Wilson

I love the fact she put the hair in twists before steaming to prevent shrinkage. A lot of people don't realize you can loose a lot of hair strands to shrinkage if hair is wet

Gigi Amore

So many of us have been conditioned to behave , think and act like the masses. We are unable to think for ourselves or even take some time out to truly understand what works for YOUR hair and scalp. Estare has discovered what works WONDERS for her and we can see the results. Let's celebrate that rather than continue making insensitive comments. My hair is similar to Estare's and it doesnt like too much manipulation. Not everyone sweats from their head or suffers from itchy scalp.

Luna X

what are the songs playing throughout the video?

Jo-Anne Jackson

Estare can we get links to the music? Your hair is growing ?!

Jane Thomas

Your hair is so nice and doing so well. That shrinkage though! Just like mine lol.

Madame Mystique

I just love seeing a fresh wash and cornrows set for a protective style. Low manipulation makes black hair grow so fast and retain length so much easier without much effort!

Barbara Peller

Does the Pantene detangling product works? I am currently using VO5 conditioner to detangle giving to me by someone and it works better than the Shea conditioner I had been using.

Kerry Stewart

Some of you are really showing jealousy and it doesn't look good on you. Whatever she decides to do with "her hair" is HER decision. That's why a lot of people avoid doing natural hair videos, some of you are the most bitter people I've ever seen. You all so concerned about washing hair. Guh wash unnu dutty heart!

p m

Amazing video love it thank you beautiful

kieona allen

I only wash when I take my crochet braids out which is sometimes 6 weeks, it works for me even with working out. I deep condition and keep my edges oiled up. Also no heat, all air dry. Her hair is healthy, I might try this line

Lolade Opeyemi

Mtchew come and teach my hair some manners ?


Esther you hair has grown and it looks beautiful ! I really enjoyed watching this video! ♥️?

kennifer browne

With this braid pattern,do wear side part wigs? Or only middle part?

Expert Writer

I really loved this video. I think a lot of people have been conditioned to think their hair must be washed often. I wash my hair every 8 weeks. I use a dry shampoo that neutralizes any odor and cleans my scalp. I have 4b hair and washing often totally strips my hair if it’s natural oils. My hair grows like wild fire with less washing and no manipulation.

Dolled-up jen360

I wear wigs as protective style and lazyly left my cornrows braids in for a month without washing.. I was stunned at the rapid growth. Now I wash my hair once a month with good results.


To each is own...Working for ya, Sis????????

Keeks Phillips

I am relaxed and started using this range nearly 6 months ago. My hair loves it and the movement and shine it gives my hair is amazing. Great video and love your hair and make up ?

charlette jordan

Can you do a video on how you maintain your wigs while your traveling?

Kadeisha Janay

This is so refreshing to watch ?


I do a similar method, except I go for 2 months and this has definitely helped my hair grow!

I Psh

How much was this procedure at the salon?

Chanelle Booysen

Your hair is so long and gorgeous and those braids look so neat

Z Beauty

I would just purchase this line on my own bc If I go to the salon I’m paying for them to use salon products not Pantene. but I do love the brand so I will be giving them a try!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing. You have such beautiful hair. Peace and Blessings to all!

Aurore Njifakoue

4 months....does your hair not smell ( really, not to shady,,,) l understand why the hairdresser used gloves...

Maranda Hansbro

BLACK PEOPLE (WOMEN) plssss stop acting like y’all grew up getting y’all hair washed on a regular.. I’m tired of seeing y’all bashing the next cause they don’t wash their hair as often as you do and saying “I can’t go two weeks or a week without washing my hair it’ll start to itch and flake etc etc”.. anybody born in the early 90’s and 80’s 70’s and so on know DAMN WELL OUR MAMAS NEVER WASHED OUR HAIR on a monthly bases we used grease and water, and to straighten our hair we used a hot comb and wouldn’t dare let a single water hit our hair because we were afraid of it frizzy back up.. this whole new generation need to stop acting boujie and remember where you came from especially when it produced results and we would have long thick beautiful heathy hair. All this new natural shit is getting out of hand!! Oh and let me add if y’all start using GREASE AGAIN THEN MAYBE YOUR HAIR WOULDN’T ITCH AND FLAKE UP.. cause grease haves all that under control.. y’all get on my nerves..


Shrinkage is real. Esther your hair has flourished, so happy you found what works for you - know you've been doing this a long time now.

Anna J.primus

Everybody's hair is different...calm down ppl. Personally I see a lot of hair growth after not doing much to my hair for 1-2 months but obviously keeping it oiled and moisturized.

Marian Drayton

Ok inches!!! ??????

ayeni sia

This range is amazing I tried conditioners /deep conditioner they re amazing I'll give try the others stuff new subie


Love Zuwena and her salon. I only wish I could go 4 months without washing my hair, and for it to actually grow lol ?


Pretty girl


I need this salon and hairstylist in Toronto.

Fabienne Cadet

I can't even go two weeks without washing my hair

Jodie-kay Gordon

I like Shampoo , conditioner , leave in detangler and the hydrated buttercream. I do not like deep conditioner it makes my hair feel dry after using

Jacquie Sutton

I understand about protective styles. I usually will wear a protective styles for 3 to 4 weeks. I'm am shocked that you wore a protective for 4 months and you still have hair! WOW is all I can say.

Haitian Natural Girl

4 months I wish I could

Zanana Pinas

I don’t understand people’s obsession with getting at people who decide on a low wash regimen. If it works for her who cares. Geeeze. Some of these commentators are so annoying.

Ari D

I would be in that salon once a week

Exclusiv Lady

I do the same thing. I started going months with out washing my hair because I noticed it grow faster when it’s unbothered, keep it up Ms Lady ???? ya hair looks amazing ?

Karmen Lewis

I loveee the Pantene gold series it leaves my hair sooo soft and moisturized I just wish the conditioner was in a bigger bottle

Faelle Bien-Aimé

I Wish i could go 4 montes without Washington! I would save alot of money lol but my scalp is too itchy

Urban Pearl

What type of hand blow dryer does she use ?

Diamond Laing

Y’all love telling people what to do with THEIR hair. What works for her may not work for you and that’s okay but y’all don’t have to be disrespectful. I wash my hair weekly when it’s in its natural state and if I’m in a protective style I keep my braids in for 2 months without doing anything to it besides greasing my scalp and my hair is bra strap length. She’s not telling y’all to not wash YOUR hair she’s just doing what works best for HER.

Shonta Taylor

Absolutely beautiful hair

Marka Cadey

How is this possible? I’m trying to keep an open mind and I know the title is click bait (she probably cleaned her hair in other ways). But that isn’t healthy people! That’s so nasty in my opinion and I don’t like that this has become a trend ? it’s presenting black women in a terrible way smh ??‍♀️

Marie Dodry

Wow 4 months without washing your hair, I wish I could go that long. Your hair is nice and long I can't wait for mine to get that length.