Matcha for skin

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?6 Simple Drinks for Clear, Glowing Skin & Healthy Immune System: Cacao, Rooibos, Matcha & More✨

149 072 views | 5 Apr. 2020

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Heellloo our favorite people! ?Today we have another awesome video and Ro shares her personal favorite simple recipes!! We look into antioxidant rich ingredients help with inflammation, anti-aging and overall healthy and glowing skin from the inside! Some of the best ingredients containing antioxidants include matcha, mushoom, cacao, goji berries, rooibos and more! ?Find out how to make these delicious recipes, let us know your favorites below and try for yourself! Have a happy weekend guys!!

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Akira Matcha Organic Matcha powder ($25 USD)


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Mung Bean ($15 USD)


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Reshma Panjwani

Hey row try this in beans soup: beens 1 cup, turmeric 1/4 spoon, black salt as needed, and black paper as needed and cumin seeds 1/2 spoon and water 1 and half glass.. Keep everything together close the lid and cook for half and hour for low flame..

Lakisher Binti

I love green tea ?!!! I didn't know am in a safer side all that long!!!

sana beg

Is it necessary to add longyan to gogi?

Sharon Lee

Totally see the asian ingredients origins in Rowena's recipes hahahah, esepcially GOJI !

Lale Brook

If I make my matcha with milk is bad for the body ?

Nusrat Choudhury

I can do all types of tea except green tea, man I just can't stand it, it's too bitter!

Aminata Abdouramane

I've been buying American products since 2013 and NONE of them worked. The ones you recommended are awesome!!! I might as well marry an Asian man.

Bahija Aaninis Pion

Merci beaucoup docteur ??

Nat Blue

Hi! Do you eat the godgi berry once you drink the tea from it? Thanks!

Ngoc Mai Dang Vu

Are you chinese Rowena? Your chinese pronunciation is great

Angelica Perez

Reaching the point of ginger black sugar, I came to ask similar thing. Is drinking ginger water (whole ginger soaked hot or warm water) effective is losing weight? It has similar rationale as your example, just without the sugar. Thanks in advance for the answer!

PS. Hi, Rowena! You have the same name as my mom! ❤

Emily Raskett

loved this video!!!

Mika Ehrlich

I read about it more after the video. The main and official difference between cocoa to cacao is that cocoa is: both are beans that have been fermented. While for the cacao they make sure it is fermented at the lowest heat possible and the shortest amount of time, with cacao it really isn't a factor. Also, cocoa is roated and cacao isn't. voila :)

Elizabeth idk

Coronacarion? Thought so

Ayesha Bashir

I love you Rowena! love from pakistan

Allyson Mora

You have such beautiful and healthy skin!✨


I can't source apricot kernel powder anywhere where I live (UK). Nothing comes up online... does anyone know where it can be bought in the UK?

Norma Sue

Disclaimer: these recipes might not taste as good as they look but you want clear skin and a healthy body, right? Right! :)

Saira Rashid

I really want to know if adding plant-based milk such as coconut milk to matcha is as bad as cow's milk? I mean coconut milk isn't really milk, it's basically plant juice. It shouldn't have the same effect on tea as cow milk.

Jisa Johns

do you eat the goji berries after you finish the drink or throw it away?

Stephanie Whipple

I love that you get into the science. Some people just say that something is healthy without telling you why; so thanks!! ?

Rida Khan

HEY CAN YOU PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON BENZOYL PEROXIDE AND WHAT TO USE IT WITH (like idk if I can use It with the ordinary niacinimde stuff)

Heidy Kramer

Black sugar will still have the same effect as white sugar though.

Stephanie Torres

Can i switch the coconut sugar for agave ? I read it has antioxidants too

Kiera Ballweg

The Hot Chocolate is so goooood!!!!

iffer L

Black strap molasses is high in iron. I wonder if it's the same as black sugar. Im using it!

Eva Anh


Angelica Perez

Oh! Mung beans are a very known "ulam" (viand) here in the Philippines! ♡

Marissa Olivia

As a south african literally all I drink is rooibos tea lmaoo

Armiah Aiyanna Masapol

4:20 Rowena made me giggle immediately XD, oh and thank you for the recipes that you and fel made. These drinks helped (and is still helping) me to boost my health and relaxes me everytime


i loveeeeeeee these types of videos girl!!! im a huge tea drinker and all about herbs so this video had me explore new drinks to ty out! i would love to know more on traditional medicine and foods/drinks based on hot/cold. ????

Happy Saini

Plz speak less.

Diana Ordonez

This is AWESOME ?

Daniela Escobedo Aguillón

Do you know where I can find black sugar in Mexico or the USA?

Natty Rey

Where can i find the black sugar?

Shanata Alfika

I just realize that I ate a lot of green bean soup that cooked with ginger in my childhood

Angelica Perez

I am so amazed with this channel. You are always giving us science-based info about health, skincare, and beauty in an interesting manner and graphics! Plus, two beautiful ladies as hosts, Rowena and Felicia! Truly teaching us that mantra if "Beauty Within"! Kudos, BW! All the love! ♡ Philippines

I'm a Danganronpa weeb

When you wanna say your first
but your late.

Cecilia Corona

Another tea video. You guys are amazing. I enjoy my teas. More to include....
Oh a shark...
Baby shark, shark, shark shark, shark, shark,?
Baby shark, shark, shark shark, shark, shark...?

Brooke Brandon

Will you guys try Naturally G4U it’s available at ulta! I love the glow girl collection! I love that it’s a natural brand and is affordable with good ingredients!

Laura G.

anyone else having a hard time finding the longan dried berries as dark as the ones she's using?

Sofia Mauras

Is like ginger brown sugar drink like ginger ale old style?? . I love ITT!!!

shooky suga

Mung dal/soup + rice = ❤️


Do you have the recipes mentioned anywhere so I can quickly reference it instead of trying to rewatch the video every time? Thanks !

ewa glab

OMG!!! Girl you look amazing...I love all of those mum's recipes....X

Carmen Hartzenberg

More Chinese medicine videos please

bla blabla

I would love a Video on the topic of "cold" and "warm" food, which you mentioned shortly! Sounds super interesting :)

Nadia Anwar

Hi, i have been watching your videos for quite a while. You have been educating us about the skin care science, which i really appreciate. But on the other hand you use yourself and kind of impose things on us too, which have questionable ingredients in them. It would be better if you tell us not only what’s good but also what’s bad in these products. Glow recipe just to name one, has fragrance/perfume in all of their products. It really pissed me off, but i already had spend a lot of money on these products. Can’t throw these out now. And since i am new to skin care, i came to know about it much later, that the products that i have been using are not all good . I hope i made my point

Heggins 1234

For the siting part of the mungbeen soup drink do u turn the stove off and let it sit

Reshma Panjwani

Mung been soup is something which i have almost everyday it really helps for protein muscles and weight loosing
Edit: I will try ginger black salt one i have both at home

four. muffinteers

For the longan and goji berries drink, I actually did something similar long before watching this video.
1. grab dried goji berries, dried longan, and dried red date. (red date around 2-3 more than longan)
2. wash them
3. put them in a pot with hot water and boil for 20 min. on med heat
4. add some hard sugar (kind of looks like ice, but sugar, not sugar cubes)
5. cook for another 20 minutes and your done!
you can eat the goji berries and longan once you finish the drink, (red date also edible) plus this drink can also be drank cold, but usually and traditionally drank hot. Probs not as healthy as the one mentioned in this video cause of sugar but it's still really good!


So glad you're loving Rooibos! Regards from SA :)

I Big Pretty

3:08 Matcha with manuka or collagen powder or southern apricot kernel powder from taiwan
6:30 Chocolate rooibos with honey and oat milk
7:16 Hot chocolate
9:30 Ginger black sugar
12:20 longan and goji tea
13:51 mung beans soup

Jessica Sosa

Yes! I would love more of this when to eat certain food, cold and hot stuff.


Please make those series of videos with the Chinese medicine! 冬天喝的和者夏天喝的。

Emily Onizuka

I miss seeing my partner once a week when we would go to cafes or tea shops. Maybe trying to make these at home will be almost the same until we can see each other again after the quarantine.

Siti Hepibesdey

My mom usually boil Ginger with Turmeric and Lemongrass and drink it, i think you should try it

Umm Hurairah

Yeeeesss puhleeeassse - for the hot and cold foods

Beth x

Hi guys i love your videos so much! I was wondering if you have any tips for a damaged skin barrier


Please make more of these. I love your recipes ?

Olga Starovoit

Girls, could you please make a video about healthy meals for healthy skin¿ not smoothies ? like from what food we can get enough protein, minerals and antioxidants, etc. Cause I’m vegan for a long time, and struggling with the acne since I’ve started. I really think now that my skin needs some animal protein and I don’t know how to start and what to eat?

christine frazier

I actually really like this content with health and nutrition incorporated! My skin definitely sucks when im not eating right

Violetta Wong

The ginger tea with black sugar does great job for your period! I used to buy those black sugar ginger cubes in Taiwan and I loveee them...

A-3257 Tanisha Jain

As an Indian I've been eating mung beans for breakfast everyday, along with drinking the water in which it was boiled. Trust me, you will never experience protien deficiency in your entire life

Vampi Reka

Yes pls, more chinese medicine tips!! <3

Priyanka Rathod

I want matcha but the shops here don’t have it and online delivery is closed ?

Heggins 1234

How to put hot water in a mason jad without it cracking

Jenny Blume

Where do I fined longan?

Jess N

Where can you buy affordable goji berries? They're always so expensive D:


OMG Ive literally thinking about tea




great video, your skin is so glowing and beautiful

Bts Infires

I wish i found your channel earlier but i guess its never too late


You should review the andalou naturals skincare stuff!

Stephanie Whipple

I tried the mung bean water recipe. I enjoyed it a lot. What can you do with the leftover mung beans? Salad, or other ideas? ? thanks.


When I was younger my mom would make SOOOO many of these Chinese drinks for me and I would refuse to drink it unless she forced me to. Now that I'm actually more aware of my health and skin, when I start making these drinks for myself my mom would laugh at me ??? thanks so much for this video ❤️



Shania Tran

I'd really love to learn more about the hot and cold foods thing, I think it would be useful to know!


Longan, and Goji Berries I actually found them on Amazon.

Heidy Kramer

Girl how is this good for ur skin when there is milk and chocolate.. like whut?

Allan Machado

hey guys in comment section, do you recommend beautyboxkorea ? please I need some advices before buying all this skincare stuff!


wait- is hot chocolate from your local grocery store okay for your skin??

Monica Casas

I love all your videos!!! They have important information and they help a lot!


Sucks when u don't have any if this at home!!?

sana beg

There is lychee available in my country which is similar to chinese longan..taste n appearance both so I was considering adding lychee to gogi berries instead of longan

Larissa Fall

Great video!! Awesome work.

Joanna Kowalska

I am confused about coconut oil. Dr neil barnard and dr esselstyn (heart dr) say that in whole foods there is enough fat for the body. And that pure oil promotes obesity and heart disease not to mention alzhaimer. Worth to investigate


Please can you do an updated sunscreen video as we coming into summer ?

Michelle Joseph

This video is packed with so much information

trisha dude

We need your hair style tutorial

Luiz Herrera

Did anyone ever find any Taiwanese almond powder? Lol, must have!

Marybeth McDonnell

Where do you get the dragon stuff? I have Gogi berries

Abby Sewell

I currently live in China, so I'm enjoying learning the way to make these delicious drinks that I drink quite often over here! Yum!!


I can't express in words how deeply I covet that navy silk top.


suddenly feel super healthy after eating an avocado and drinking a glass of kefir ?

Kalpana Poonia

That's moong not mung i guess??

gramila rajan

Would the ginger tea make you get ur periods ?? Desperate for an answer pls !!

Christian Cañamaso

Can you guys do a video about types of pimples and how to treat it plssss

Ada The Spa Plug

I hope its tasty?... I'll try it and sip while filming my next video...❤

Lena Flores

Hi! I just found your channel tonight! I really appreciate all your info and recipes! Where can I find black sugar?..in an Asian grocery store? And my mom gets nose bleeds for "apparently no reason"..doctors can't figure it out! ?

Matcha for skin

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Collagen Matcha Latte For Skin, Hair And Optimal Health | Mommy, Model, Holistic Nutritionist Tips

99 292 views | 22 Apr. 2017


Hi Loves,

This drink packs so many benefits to our health! from aiding digestion, weight loss, skin elasticity, curb craving, inflammation in the body and SO much more!

After my Insta story so many of you asked about this so here is my collagen matcha latte!

* To make it taste more matcha-y, combine 1/4 hot water with the matcha, blend well and then add the almond milk and rest of the ingredients.

(1 serving)


Vitamix Blender: http://bit.ly/2pOSOsA

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (I use So Nice company)

For hot latte warm almond milk and for ice use it from the refrigerator.

1 TSP of matcha - http://bit.ly/2pMuPu1

1 TBS coconut oil- http://bit.ly/2pMhC4J

2 TBS Collagen- http://bit.ly/2pM90Lf

1/2 TSP natural sweetener (I used maple syrup)

Blend well!

Mason Jars I use: http://bit.ly/2p6AjSC

Let me know how you like my unicorn drink!

Follow me on Instagram





Alisa Orlova

Hi, that sounds great! But I've heard that you have to blend match in hot water, so it will work. If you blend it with cold milk, will it work too? Oh, maybe, it does not matter?! ))

Mahesh Kolan

love ur healthy drink

Engelia Soei

Can breastfeed mommy consume collagens?

Sunny Freedman

I love how you have books and plates in the same cuboard ❤️

angel who likes adventure

hey can you share ur delivery and pregnancy story . i love u soo much ☺and congrts for 60k


Hi Valeria! I recently became a huge fan of yours and you inspire me so much in every way. thank you for that. I adore your humor and love to watch all your videos. If you don't mind I'd like to ask you how you became a holistic nutritionist. Did you go to school or did you complete a program? Perhaps you can simply write a comment if you can or just talk about it maybe in your upcoming videos since I'm going to watch it anyways. :) Keep up the positive energy that you spread around! <3

Elvira hadi

i really enjoyed it and i love that simple way u explained❤


"Free radicals are those little bitches that make you look older than you actually are" LOL best description ?


Matcha smoothie with almond milk is my absolute fave too. It's my don't lose my shit drink. I put chia and spirulina in mine. Helps me stay awake for baby ?

Daisy Loya

What do you have in intern in for? :) Must be Cool to work with you!

Leonie B.

let's be real, who doesn't want to be your intern now? ??


I love your videos, you make me want to get my shit together lol

salwa ahmed

l love it. keep thinking and i will keep watching (-;


what if i want collagen for my skin but i dont want to loose weight can i still drink this ?

Tina Teng

Hi! I was wondering what other milk I could use to substitute almond milk due to allergies :) I really wish I could drink almond milk because I have heard all the benefits of them, but I hope there are also other beverages/milk that may be just as good as almond milk! Thank you!


Will this be a bad idea if im still growing?

Shy at first Kd

I love you Valeria ❤❤❤❤❤❤ you Make awesome videos ?????

Avital Sand

This is so cool , I'm Canadian and Israeli! Just discovered your channel and I love it ! את מהממת ! !

Foggy lighthouse

What could be used as an alternative to coconut oil? it's actually quite bad for you.

Zara Bird

I just purchased this Collagen after reading your blog post about it.  Excited to try :) Thank you!

Lisa K

How old are you, lovelie? ?


Hi, do we have to drink it straight away?
If we drink a couple of hours after preparing it will the nutrients still available?

Weronika Skowrońska

hey girls! I just want you to know something before buying collagen :)
collagen is a protein, so i it is digested in our stomach ( cut into aminoacids ) so I'm sure it is not going straight into our skin...
make sure you use product that contains few types of collagen, which can actually rebuild itself after being digested.


I love the recipe. Very mommy-friendly. Tried it and loved it. I love the fact that you make mommy life can be so healthy, glamorous and fun. Thanks again
Keep on filming videos


What lip product are you using here?? You look so beautiful!


Hi, do you recommend this particular brand collagen and how often do u take it? Tks


Hello, great video, I drink collagen and water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach however I been wanting to create a morning elixir containing lemon juice, ACV, turmeric, black pepper and collagen. Will all those extra ingredients prevent my collagen from absorbing as effectively as if I drunk it by itself?

gonza makemezommeataballz

I didn't even know she was a mom I thought she was like senior in high school bro wtf


have you been taking collagen for long time?

Eileen Kuhl

Is it okay to swap the coconut oil for coconut butter?? By the way I️ love you and your content! ❤️❤️❤️

Anna Florou

Valeria can you do a sunglasses video? I really don't know what style I should buy and I fully trust your recommendations ?

Rhea Bergeron

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! ?

Camila Messmer

Hi Valeria! I was just wondering where you've learned so much about health/nutrition? If you took a course, where? I am interested in learning more too and am willing to take courses for it! Thank you :)

Annette Lozano

Oh geez I thought you were some 16 yo Youtuber until I saw your gorgeous engagement and wedding rings! I was like, "she's married? And a mom??? But, but, isn't she in high school?" That collagen drink must be working really good for you! Thanks for sharing this. A first-time matcha drinker here! :)))

Leddy Fdz

"...the little bitches that make you look older" ?? I love it ?

Kortney Ma

Can I please give me a shout out in your next video?plz

Vatsala Srivastava

What maple syrup you r using

rachel Fong

i love your videos so much. is there any collagen powder (or similar benefit) that s suitable for vegetarian?

Arthur H

Collagen that is ingested has absolutely no benefit to the skin. It is simply digested like food.

Jaana Olnev

is there any difference between unflavored collagen or beef one?

Sharifeh mansouri

No problem that uses 2 spoons of collagen l hear just one spoon use it ??

janeth leon

You are my favorite !! ????❤

Simu Shahin

The little bitches, omg I'm dead ???


were on the same wavelength, i just bought collagen today for a beauty tonic! xx

Jessica Gold

This is a godsend, thanks! :)

carlota martin

does it taste good?

study w me

why you are such beatiful and naturel?! love you babe


@valerialipovetsky coconut oil is actually not healthy, ask a nutritionist. It is a fad and not healthy especially unhealthy for cooking.

Yasmeen Karam

Ok youre so cute

Rosalba hamer

Trying in morning mmm

Sylvie Sivabalan

can you talk about your love story with your husband. <3
love you so much!!!
your videos are awesome!! <3 <3 <3

angelica hughes

Hi Valeria! I did this smoothie with all your secret ingredients just now! Much tastier than I thought:) I will be doing this every morning and taking to work:) thank you!

Vanyza Sarveswaran

Please share all your tips & tricks of looking young! You look so beautiful & youthful ?

Juelma Fernandez

I'm adoring all of your videos.
I just suggest the canon g7x since you do lots of casuals videos and lookbooks

diana amy

you know what?? u r sooo cute

Angela Hernanadez

Aw thanks so much

Jan Jacque

This energy ??? "the little bitches that make you look older" Living for it!!

Mattison Gibson

I’ve started adding cacao butter to my matcha lattes and it’s so delicious. Gives it a creamy “chocolatey” flavor. ?

Julia Camino

Hi Valeria! I was wondering what is your waist line? Because it is so hard for me to find jeans that fit. Thank you so much if you reply! Love from the Philippines!

m m

So pretty

Erika Ingelberg

Buuuu very good video but I’m disappointed that the collagen you use is not vegan. Animal collagen is disgusting and cruel. So this recipe is a no no for me.


Here is my anti aging and super energizing immune boosting recipe. I mix collagen peptides, 1 tsp matcha, 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp 1,000 mlg vit C powder and i blend it all together with frozen bananas and almond milk and it really will give you sustained energy! I have been taking it for about 4 days and i noticed a difference the next day! ?

Ja Gu

is this why you still look 18!? how long have you been drinking this for? (question from a 19 year old girl who lives in Australia where everyone ages VERY QUICKLY)

Lola Bear

Do you use spiralina in anything? I bought some and added it to a smoothie but the taste is so bad I couldn't handle it. What does matcha taste like?


I just realized your from Canada' I'm from Toronto!!


is the collagen vegan/ do they make vegan collagen supplements?

Gisel Ramirez

Where can I find the collagen that you use? ?

Tallulah Bilton

By heating the drink, will it kill the lattes beneficial properties? Love your videos by the way xx


Please make more videos about nutrition and how to stay looking young like you! I'm 27 and people always think I'm about 21-23, but recently I've been getting smile lines around my mouth... what to do?! I already wear SPF 30 daily.


I heard collagen cant be absorbed in our bodies from these powders.


A Russian Beauty she is

Deedee Valdes

How often do you drink this?

Maria Prince

Hi, I was wondering how you make matcha taste a little better because I have tried it and to me it's so strong even if I put a little bit. Also I do add maple syrup. Andddd I love your videos ❤

Latashia Cassadine

This looks good!
Can the coconut oil (or any oil for that matter) be left out?

Siobhan Crosby

I just started watching your videos and omg you are the cutest mother!!!

Irene Quiñones

hopefully I wont sound too creepy but in the course of this weekend I must have seen like half of your videos... Its been a while since the last time I found someone who inspired me. Thank you for that! love from Malaga, Spain :)


I just found you and I am doing a marathon of your videos ❤❤

Trinh Nguyen

Where did you get the bangle bracelets? they look so beautiful. And I love every of your videos <3

Gypsy Moon

??? she said the little bitches that make you look older ???????? I can not!!! I love this girl, keep it ?


That looks so delicious. Love Matcha. Some time I make choc matcha. Make it exactly how you made it. One heap teaspoon of organic matcha and half a teaspoon of raw organic cacao powder. And what ever else you added.

Zoe Julianna

That was another great and really informative video?? I'm definitely going to try that out!!!❤️But where do you get your matcha and collagen powder from?

Gemegin Kis

Do you eat Collagen everyday? (Is there a side effect if we have too much of to etc..)

Kortney Ma

Love tour videos! Please make more wellness videos!

Dr Palasha Sardesai PT

Is there any substitute to collagen powder? I can't have it coz it's beef.

Khue M Ta

I'm on the way researching about collagen powder. Can you tell me why you choose this brand, please? Thank you

Laurine L

I just discovered your channel and I thought you were 18 years old ! Omg
You're so pretty xx

Echo Lyris

I just found your video today and wow. 1. You're very beautiful 2. Thank you for getting straight to the point. so many speak more than they need to when sometimes all we want is just a quick recipe ?. 3. I made this drink and oh my! It is incredible! Thank you so much!

m m

I just made this drink. Turns out it isn't bad or horrible. I am a fussy person and it tasted alright. I need to add a little extra maple syrup for the sweetness and it is perfect.

Mariah Kristine Realtor

YUM definitely making this tomorrow morning ❤️

Tatiana Ciobanu

Hi beautiful Valerya!!
I love your videos... And would love to ask you if you can make more videos about the pregnancy (delivery day )

Love you so muchhh..keep going ?

Daria T

по твоему мнению, что является доминирующим фактором в том что ты так молодо и прекрасно выглядишь? гены? стресс-фри жизнь? спорт? или уход за кожей и хорошее питание? (эмбриолисс тебе должны платить в таком случае за шикарную рекламу))

asmaa ali

can i replace any of the ingredients i can't find the collagen or the matcha

Jasmine sivels

The little bitches hahaha? new subscriber!

Caitlin Boucher

How often do you drink these?

Lau Ferra

very nice!!! I mean you are very nice and fast in explaining!!! I will reproduce your recipe!!! thanx!!! Cheers Lau

Kimberley M.

"The little bitches that make you look older than you are" ????

calliope teo

could you please make a video on how to avoid belly bloating ,when and how much water should one consume reagrding this ?



Carolina Prexl

Girl you are the reason im going to unsubscribe from other youtubers!

Jinling Liu

Shit. Why can she be beautiful in every form ?!

Matcha for skin

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22 030 views | 25 Jan. 2019

MATCHA: In your skincare

MATCHA: In your skincare and diet! THE INGREDIENT THAT CAN HELP YOUR BODY WEIGHT, MENTAL FUNCTION & SKIN ELASTICITY?! This video discusses the 5 benefits of Matcha, and how matcha green tea can help your overall body and mind, as well as be beneficial in skincare!!

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? You are beYoutiful inside and out; I love you!

Kay Nicole

This video should get way more likes


You could make me buy anything

Jaji Preme

You made the best video on this

Bee Wana

i have major breakout now and yes i do drink chlorophly & use it as my mask to reduce itchness & blemish ?

Nicole Ernst Boris

:) Green tea and even better matcha! Good stuff. Looks like subtitles are in Dutch? lol Not that I mind actually. Cool language lesson! Dr. Dray is great.

Tami Weber

Dr.Dray Rocks ?

kayla jade

Honestly my favorite person on YouTube you literally saved my life when I was in middle school and had horrible skin I loved watching your videos and getting advice also not feeling so alone keep being awesome ??

Anthea Krieger

I loooovvvveee matcha and green tea!! ???

Amanda Modesto

I love how informative your videos are, how do you feel about apple cider vinegar?

Lisa Michele

I love hot green tea!! I try to drink 2 cups a day. One in the morning and one b4 bed, while I do a face mask or studying.

sunshine arefin

Good discussion. Deserve more likes

mami meme

I love your energy, it gives me life

Aniqay Sethi

Please love i m going to try new foundation Loreal pro glow ..i have combination to oily skin ..my T.zone is very oily!!so should i try it ?


Great video thank you!!


Thanks so matcha for this informational video! ^ . ^

Shahhed Abuhamdeh

i totally thought you were gonna be talking about apple cider vinegar!

Kim Basciano

I learn so much from you and your videos!! Thanks so much Cassandra!! ❤️❤️

Ammaar Sayed

Wow Thanks a lot.


Where is the matcha mask from?

Kelly Brinkerhoff

I’m sold! Thank you, I can’t wait to try both the Tea and the Mask! ???

Alice Official

I'm a big fan of herbal tea
and got matcha tea for the first time to add to my routine. Thanks for this video ?

Cinnamon Girl

After looking at Teami's ingredients, personally not a fan of the phenoxyethanol in it. I typically purchase an organic high quality matcha powder and will use a bit of organic turmeric powder and rosewater with glycerin. Simple easy brightening mask.

Maike Liebl


whatever lol

Yaay! I guessed it before you said it lol

Reina Cedeño

Dicen que tomar limonada caliente sin azúcar o vinagre de manzana en ayunas hace bajar de peso. Lo he intentado y me ha dolido la cabeza, me da eructos, diarrea y acné en la mandíbula☹

Myranda Elissa

hey Cassandra!!! I was wondering if you’ve looked into the Korean skincare routine/any products specifically made in Korea or something along these lines? I’m very interested in your take on it!!!

Clara Aguilera

I will definitely try this... I have very old acne scars, all the different types... ?I'm on my fifth micrneedling treatment and have seen some improvements. I've also have been following Dr. Dray and Dr. Davin Lim.. where were they in the 80's. ? I really enjoy your videos.

Abdullah Alkharji

You are so fucking enthusiastic! Is it good or bad thing? Or is it the caffeine.


You're truly wonderful!

Fatema Shobnom

u are welcome...Dr Dray nd You are Angels for us.. ????

Kassidy Wilson

Your videos have help me a lot thoughout my and journey. They are so informative. After many many years of acne, I have finally cleared up my skin so far. Now I'm stuck with scarring. I wear makeup to cover them but unfortunately they are deep so they are still noticable. I am not sure what to do. I have sensitive oily skin. I'm nervous trying new things since I have my fair sure if horror stories.

Mehak Fatima

Cassandra please do rply me....plz guide me is ornge juice is bad for acne prone skin?if it is....then plz sgst me 1 drink for my acne excpt green tea plzzz???

Kristen Perez

I love Dr Dray. I found her last year and love her too.


Matcha has a lot of caffeine since I don’t drink coffee, are these benefits unique and not found in regular green and white teas?

shreeya 111

I will try matcha mask tonight ❤️ bht macha is so expensive ?

Poulami Dutta

Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! Early!!!

Abdulla Saleh

?that was halpful thanks?


so green tea is different than matcha?

karthik mudiraj

Matcha has 10 times the nutritional value of regular green tea and up to 137 times the amount antioxidants. Matcha is very high in antioxidants, especially catechins. Its most powerful catechin - epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) gives the powder great anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties that help with acne prone skin as well. It protects skin from sun damage and reduce photo-aging, which means less wrinkles & sun spots. Use Detoxie matcha rich products: https://detoxie.in/pages/matcha-for-skin

Luke Houston



I love learning from you

a-wanderingcloud 0-0


Netzy Navarro

I work at a Japanese restaurant and I’m constantly making people matcha green tea, now I’m totally gonna take some home and use it for myself ?

Anna Flores

I love green tea but I never tried matcha green tea. I love using masks for my face. Aloe Vera works really good on my skin. I’ve heard about another clay mask called Aztec clay mask.

karthik mudiraj

Matcha is very high in antioxidants, especially catechins. Matcha is packed with chlorophyll, and multiple other nutrients like Vitamin A, C, K & B-complex, a combination that prevents cell degeneration and premature ageing. It protects skin from sun damage and reduce photo-aging, which means less wrinkles & sun spots. Use Detoxie matcha rich products: https://detoxie.in/pages/matcha-for-skin

Aleksandra Andrianova

I need diy mask or tonic or lotion with green tea

Innocenzio Jimenez

Love this video btw your gorgeous

Sreyashi Ghosh

What about DIYing green tea mask? Will it be good or not so good?

Anna Eve

I just started my diet With drinking Matcha with Raw Honey and I'm Not Really lowering my calories But Ive so far lost 4 pounds within two days not sure if It was All the way Matcha doing the Job but I can totally tell Its helping my oily skin so far!!!

Sam D

Interesting... You look beautiful ?

shiza akram

You are gorgeous ? ? ? ❤

Gargi Wakjen

Didn't know whr to comment but I vote for meet up on Sunday... If ur doing it on Sunday I'll be beyond happy to see u and hug u omg I attracted it... Ur an angel ❤️


Clorofyll USES carbondioxide, it doesn't make it!

Krypton Quero

*Watching this while drinking green tea *

Sarah Miller

1. You are my favorite skincare goddess on YouTube. You are smart and REAL. Thank you for being you ?

2. Have you done back/butt/shoulder acne videos? Help plz help! Also, you have talked about hyper pigmentation but have you talked about texture from acne scars?

sara burdett

Hi Cassandra I’ve been searching around for different things and came a cross one of your videos and then watched several more you seem to have great pointer tips and tricks and definitely doing your research I do have a few questions to ask if you don’t mind. What kind of green tea and other things do you put in your tea ? Any brand names you can share maybe I missed it? I’m about 32 yrs old I have been struggling with oily skin and what I think I have cystic acne that started when at the end of my pregnancy at the age of 21 since then it’s been on and off for me I’ve tried many things I did find one product a lady made that I purchased from a farms market near me and loved it but when I went back she wasn’t there anymore and I was back to square one, except going to a dermatologist because my insurance did not cover it and nothing has worked or works for a few I do know stress is related my life has been a roller coaster and I’m hiring a point that I need to figure something out with my life and my appearance and how I feel. I found a lot of what you said very interesting and dermatology has been one of them I know the schooling processes is very long and I have completely because of my age I am curious to know if you are in school for it and for how long and was wondering how old you were? health has also been another interested of mine but there’s just so much stuff out there these days that trying to do some research becomes overwhelming . So I guys I asking if your able to answer my question and give me any pointers or recommendations that would be great!

Adi D. Duță

And if you carry a crystal in your wallet, you'll find more money each time you open it.

Jananana Hhhh

Youth to the people green tea cleanser, please talk about

Try Truth

Is it okay to drink matcha on an empty stomach?

Vladislava Atanasova

Girllllllll you are amazing! I can watch your videos all day! I'm still fighting with acne marks and your videos are soooooo helpful for me! Love your voice and your energy! ? Greetings from Bulgaria!

Caitlin Bee

You look like you had a good time doing this video. Thanks for the great information! ???

Karson Bruce

You tell that microwave.

Stephen Bailey

I loooove matcha. I am obsessed with applying it as a mask. I brew a super strong cup of it with hot water and thicken it up by adding more powder after it brews to make it into a thick paste and apply to the skin. I let it sit for as long as I’m willing to wait. Then I gently rinse it off to try to leave some behind. Then if I have tea leftover (I usually drink the rest) I will dampen my face again with a little bit more of the tea as a toner. Then while damp I’ll apply a hydrator and then moisturizer. It’s so good for your skin.

Aniqay Sethi

I never tried matchh tea...but now looking forward to it hopefuly my toung love the taste ?


I guess I'll finally try Matcha :)
thanks Cass <3 <3 <3 :)

Teami Blends

WOW! This video was seriously SO informative! Thank you so much! I'm so happy our mask is on your list of awesome Matcha products! Seriously, it is such a game changer! :)

Shannon Rivera

Do you also use the Matcha tea from Teami?

karina tumanov

Has anyone tried the matcha mud mask from the Reserve? I think Im going to buy it because I also want to try the matcha from them ?

Emerald On The Moon

You should try turmeric “golden milk”, pretty great drink for your health also


Cassandra! I just did a karate kick in my kitchen as I clicked on this video...I was in the middle of making my matcha latte already! ? I’m about 4 months off coffee... I was always a coffee enthusiast, drinking 3-4 cups daily. One day, I had enough! I didn’t like the speedy jitters, my heart beating fast, and I wasn’t sure if maybe my coffee consumption had something to do with my insomnia & anxiety. After I drink my matcha, I’m energized and motivated, but not speedy or on edge. The energy lasts me throughout the day, there’s no crash. I don’t have mood highs and lows. My teeth are whiter. I’m sleeping better. My skin is looking more hydrated and less dull. My jawline hormonal acne heals faster than it used to. I’m in love! There’s so many ways to drink it, too! I mix mine with ashwaghanda and Maca powders. I sometimes add cinnamon or nutmeg or vanilla, and I use a hand blender to make foam so it’s artsy and pretty. Thanks for the information... this made me love my matcha even more!


I love how you explain complicated words with real life examples lol. Definitely ordering that masque now!!And what brand matcha green tea do you use?
Great video❤️

Michael Valdez

I'm early for the first time :)

Ani Ta

I would like some videos have subtitles in Spanish or English. It's difficult for me to understand when you speak. Saludos from Argentina

Gabby Cruz

Can you please share the link of the matcha you use for your face mask?? Thank you!

Sarwat Aleemjee

Thank you for this detailed review ?. I bought it today and will definitely give it a try.

Aniqay Sethi

This is not fairr gorgeous i m still just hoooked in your eyes make-up!!!

whatever lol

Oh god you said chlorophyll and my brain screamed "mItOcHOnDriA iS ThE pOwER HoUsE oF tHe CeLL"

Mani Gill

0:35 - Lol, you look like my sister.

Belle Rosa84

I just love your channel! You rock mija !!!!!! And yay.....I love matcha!

Akanksha Agrawal

I love you geeking out like this. It gets me geeky self all revved up? live your videos!! They are so scientific. And well.. I really wish people talk about antioxidant like you do. Love ?

janet williams

Ok Dr Dray is doing it!! Hey Cassandra!!

uǝʇʇoƃɹoɟ uosɹǝd

okay it is exam days so ... everything is irregular

Spread Love

Matcha changed my life! I’m down 20 lbs in 5 weeks. I’m going to implement it in my skincare routine. My husband said my skin looks “glowy”. I’m now thinking that could be Matcha!!????