Increase sebum production

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What foods produce sebum?

63 views | 30 Dec. 2020

00:00 - What foods produce

00:00 - What foods produce sebum?

00:39 - Does sugar cause sebum?

01:10 - What vitamins reduce sebum production?

01:46 - How do I reduce sebum in my head?

Laura S. Harris (2020, December 31.) What foods produce sebum?



Our purpose is the importance of education in our society. This video was created under this goal. We would like to give you complete information on the subject, so unfortunately we can also discuss elements that may be hurtful to people.

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Increase sebum production

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Top 5 hair oils that mimic sebum

2 410 views | 23 Jun. 2018

Kesho Mbahe

How do you spell the first oil?

Healthy Hair diaries

This is so helpful, keep it up ?

Alexis Williams

I didn't know they were penetrating oil. I just tried using my Grapeseed oil in my conditioner mix and that left my hair super soft and moisturize, will be adding it all the time now, my hair doesn't like oil directly on it or does it like heavy oils.

Eschina Orcel

I googled the word. I believe the first oil is squalane oil?

Princess Cupcake

Can you link where you buy these oils from?

Shantil Wallace

Notification gang?????


I've never heard of squalane oil but I'm definitely going to check it out! And I already have some MCT oil so yay! Thank you for this interesting video topic!

Sparkle Stone

Top 5 hair oils that mimic sebum:

1- Squalane oil
2- MCT oil
3- Macadamia nut oil
4- hemp seed oil
5- Apricot Oil

Increase sebum production

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Sebum Production (Triple your hair growth NOW!)

1 235 views | 11 Feb. 2020

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Nafisat Suleiman

Thanks a lot... So would products like shea butter clog pores too

Glitter 26

Oh I love your voice

Candice Klein

I didn't know this ? ? this is really informative

Jane here

Thank u for this video!