Korean oil cleanser

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How To | Korean Oil Cleansers for a Flawless Complexion

24 205 views | 4 Nov. 2016

Oil Cleansers are the

Oil Cleansers are the first step to the Korean Double Cleansing Method. They are suitable for all skin types, ESPECIALLY oily skin. Learn why these products are essential to a flawless complexion and how to use them.

Product Used:

Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil: https://goo.gl/W7ybJD

Shop all Oil Cleansers: https://goo.gl/a6pYa6

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Music by Shyyness



These videos are a great help! Which Shyness song is this? I would love to buy it for myself. :)


where's part 2?

Erika Elizabeth

I love SokoGlam, but I wish they would use Asian females instead of Western females. I mean, it's a Korean company...
I still like the video though!

Petite Jan

Sometimes I'm worried that a Korean product may not work - or it may be less effective - for me because I know that, in general, Koreans have a thicker facial skin. Because of that, I feel excited seeing Western faces using their products because it encourages me to try them too! (I must say that I follow and trust every Korean beauty vlogger thought, haha!). Beautiful video and a lovely actress! :)

Leah Kauffman

Is the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfecting Cleanser Oil good?

Korean oil cleanser

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Beauty Guide | How to choose a cleansing oil

77 172 views | 6 Oct. 2015

A quick guide to the

A quick guide to the mysterious world of cleansing oils. Click open this info bar for more details below!


Shu Uemura | Blanc Chroma Cleansing Oil*

Shu Uemura | Pore-finist Cleansing Oil*

Biotherm | Biosource Cleansing Oil*

DHC | Olive Cleansing Oil*

Clinique | Take the day off cleansing balm

Shiseido | Creamy oil cleanser






Instagram | @thebunniehole


*Select items shown in this video were provided by PR for testing and review consideration. This does not distort my opinion in any way, I'm not otherwise associated with the brand and all thoughts expressed come from my personal experience. I use them in this video either because I am in the process of testing them out or they just work really well and fit what I need for the day. My priority is to provide a space where we can all explore, learn and live a more beautiful life. Thank you.

ann melendez

I use dermalogica precleanse oil ,but i do add a few drops of hemp seed oil to it. I feel that with my combo oily,acne prone,mature skin i need alittle more linololic acid. Hemp oil is 0 comediagenic,so it works perfect. What can i add to hemp oil to get it to emolsify ans only use hemp seed oil by it self. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ty

ultra violet

is a creamy cleanser a cleansing oil?


I have the same problem with mineral oil: it breaks me out. I used the DHC cleansing oil in the past but I discovered The Body Shop cleansing butter and I love it because it's easier to work with and feels lighter on the skin. It does the job and it's more convenient for traveling.

Joan Lee

This was a great video! My favorite is the Sulwhasoo cleansing oil but recently have been using balms.

Chen Chen

love shu uemura pink bottle , it's good for sensitive and acne prone skin

pixsie doll

Can I use the cleansing oil even if I don't wear makeup

Laura Andersen

Olive oil works for me (y)

Jessica Schalburg

How would you compare the Clinique take the day off balm to the DHC cleansing oil? I really like the Clinique balm but would to try a new one. Thanks!

Neha Bhatnagar

What's the difference between using these formulations and say, 100% grapeseed oil? Which would be much cheaper, clearer in terms of ingredients, and not necessarily comedogenic. I'm just wondering why


My favourite is the Clinique balm??


I dont use a cleansing oil but im very interested! Is there a cleansing oil safe for removing makeup around the eyes?


Do you prefer the Shu Uemura or the Dhc?

ლელა მურადაშვილი

Hello darling. Does cleansing oil melts the blackheads when it mulsify with water? Please reply me. Can we melt and remove blackheads with helping cleansing oil?

Michelle M

Your makeup here is extra beautiful! (Always looks beautiful though:))

Sabrina M

Hi I am soooo late to the party but i have 2 questions, i need a really deep pore cleansing oil for mature combination skin. Where do i start and do you currently have a fave?
Thank you for your videos they are really good


I love the Tatcha cleansing oil. My skin feels baby soft after using it. There's a new brand at Sephora called Farmacy and they have a cleansing oil that I'd like to try. Never know if a cleansing oil emulsifies well unless I try it. Thanks for sharing!

beanitos xd

Hi! I have sensitive skin so im choosing my cleansing oil but im not sure im between three the zero balm( for sensitive skin the green one) micellar cleansing oil by neogen or the palmers cocoa butter therapy( i like this one because it says that it give you a nice glow because i want) which one do you think is better? Which others you can say?

Yesenia Garcia

Do you find the DHC cleansing oil to remove EVERYTHING (from waterproof makeup to mineral sunscreen) without leaving ANY residue? :)


I use The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil to take off my sunscreen everyday, and I love it! It emulsifies really well, and it doesn't leave an oily residue on my face!


Does the DHC Cleansing Oil clogged pores? i have combination and sensitive skin type, what do you think?

Lucrece von Kasm

Great video! Personally I swear by Su:m37 cleansing balm!

rheeana gupta

begins at 1.48


I'm currently using the new Neutrogena cleansing oil, and I'm enjoying it so far. It has a pleasant smell, it feels very lightweight on the skin, with a lot of slip, and it emulsifies and rinses off very easily. I just looked at the ingredients on it, and mineral oil is the first thing on the list lol. My skin is rather oily and prone to break outs but since it is only my first step of cleansing I don't think the oil is causing any break outs for me.

Ju Yeon Lee

Months late, but your makeup is so on point here omg

Choco Robba

I really like the Jose Moran Argan oil to cleanse. I had the Shu Uemura one as well, but for some reason, I just didn't like it. Before I would also try just regular Olive oil or even coconut oil. Then I realized maybe coconut oil might clog my pipes, so I stopped that. Thanks for this video!


Omg, what lip color/brand are you wearing? It's beautiful on you!

Hhhh Boss


Cay Cthulhu

I've found a lot the western cleansing oil are just mineral oil.


I just started using cleansing oil and love it.

Donna Cheng

Just got back from Korea and one of my new toys is a cleansing Balm called Clean it Zero by Banila co. So far so good! Cleanses so well without drying! If anything seems to help hydrate my skin~ I can't read the ingredients since they are in Korean so can't tell if there's any mineral oil in the content.


I've tried many cleansing oils and my holy grail is definitely the Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil (light/watery version). It's very affordable and it works so well. After rinsing, my skin is super clean and there's no residue at all. As for the worst, without a doubt the Josie Maran argan cleansing oil. That stuff is terrible. Way too much fragrance (don't even try to use it to remove lip products!), super thick and doesn't rinse well at all (leaves skin feeling sticky). Doesn't emulsify well either.

Mary Kelly

I've used DHC products for many years, but have never used the Cleansing Oil. Scared of it because of my sensitive rather oily skin. Right now I use VaniCream. It works really well for me. And I use Thayers Rose Water Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Toner. For spf & moisturizer I use Eucerin. I really enjoyed your take on the different oils. I may even try DHC now. Thanks!!!

Supisara Pumma

I have very oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin. I just recently found out that the cleansing oil I've been using contains mineral oil. Of course, it broke me out like crazy. T_____T Right now I have to find new cleansing oil that suits my skin type. I'm very interested in the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil because I believe it doesn't contain mineral oil and it's also quite affordable for a student like me. This video helped me so much. Thank you!!! <3

Patty Sisk

You mention Clinique Take The Day Off in your video but no review of it. Do you think this is a good oil cleanser? I looked at the ingredients and there are a lot in there so it's a little confusing to me.


DHC, DHC, DHC! I LOOOOOVE my DHC cleansing oil! I've been using it with the Innisfree 'The Minimum Facial Celanser' foam. I'm waiting for the Jeju Volcanic Foam to arrive and going by the sample they sent me (which are fantastic and re-sealable!) it's going to be great!

Joanne Tran

Thank you for the video. My favourite is the one from the Body shop