Jade benefits

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The magic behind Green JADE Crystal of Love | Prosperity | Healing | Manifestation

3 829 views | 2 Nov. 2019

Let's talk about the

Let's talk about the magical crystal Jade

Pay attention to the signs around you ?

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?Kiris spiritual journey:


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Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self (Earth life)


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-Flowers from The Dead by American Obscura and artist Misha Huntting.

-The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck by John Holland

-Radiant Rider-Waite

-Angel Answers Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

-Romance angels By Doreen Virtue

-Fin de siecle kipper fortune telling deck

-Lovers oracle cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

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Alexandria Machuca

Please note of these videos! This was amazing

M Singh

I got a New Jade stone today. It’s beautiful


i found a jadeite jade when i was younger...i still have it it's dark green, light green, purple and blue...it's raw condition(not polished) u have any information on those colors???i'm searching but can't find any...thx!!!

michelle nason

Is there a black or really dark green jade ? I just bought some crystals & the lady wrote down what they where . She wrote down jade but mine isn’t green .

Ice Sentence

I have a white jade budda

baba ogunda begi

I don't take off my Jade band from my hand ,it just like the black one you have

Martin Christian Aguilar

My Piyao is made of Jade

Alaia Janelle

Thank you ?????



It’s the Rah Rah

I was finally able to visit my favorite boutique and found this beautiful gem. The irony was I had other gems in my hand but gave them to the cashier before touching the jade. The color caught my eye and as soon as I had one in my hand my heart jumped. This was the first time I’ve felt a connection so strong. The definitions you listed made me tear up because in less than 12hrs I have two parallel testimonies. Thank you for this knowledge ❤️

Ratnajit Jadhav [Manjit]

Very interesting..

SpiritReadings Gigi

I love Jade, I saw once "Jade by the door, poor no more." Ever since then I have placed mine on a table by the front door! Its also so protective, I love Jade's overall energy!

Shruti Samal

Can u please tell me the difference between green jade and aventurine? Which one is better for good fortune??❤️

Ratnajit Jadhav [Manjit]

My life has improved.. a lot with green jade since I am Virgo Moon..


Jade benefits

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Demystifying The Jade Egg (Part 1) Benefits

11 211 views | 16 Feb. 2015

Saida Desilets, PhD shares

Saida Desilets, PhD shares what lies behind the Jade Egg practice. Benefits of a Jade Egg practice are conducive to: pelvic health, pleasure, sensual awakening, aliveness post-menopause, recovery from stress incontinence, recovery from birth, profound sexual healing, life-long libido. To learn more, get your copy of our FREE ebook all about the Jade Egg: www.TheJadeEgg.com


Are you saying not to put all our eggs in one basket? ;)

Mz Nurú

Thanks for the great info on this. I've been using mine for about two months now and I've noticed a difference. They are great!

Jade benefits

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Jade: Uses & Purpose

28 590 views | 21 Feb. 2016



Styl Propr

Sooooooooo Aquamarine is not for March?

Hangsang BTS ARMY

I’m so proud of my name (my name is also Jade)

Life with Pineapples

The music for this video is horrid

Riz One

wow you are Beautiful

Vikram Bardwaz

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What a croc of shit.

New Zealand maori NEVER EVER worshiped jade.

You dont tell me and my family how WE used jade.

A few other things in here are shit to.

The "red jade" you depicted is not jade.

No red jade in the world ever looks like that.

In addition to all that there are no healingbproperties or any other mystical shit about jade.

In New Zealand jade was definately connected to the heart "chakra" .....with strength and explisive precussion but it did not promote health-in fact it usually killed the person hit with it.

Most people prefered to aim for the head though.