Skin on your elbow

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Elbow Bursitis Relief - Reduce swelling & pain naturally (Olecranon bursitis)

145 037 views | 21 Feb. 2012

Natural elbow bursitis

Natural elbow bursitis treatment - Learn how you can reduce the swelling and associated pain due to elbow bursitis whilst you sleep. Thanks to the OSMO Patch, this can now be done simply from the comfort of your own home.

Direct Page Link: https://www.osmopatch.com/conditions/elbow-pain/elbow-bursitis/

For the first 24-48 hrs after the initial onset of elbow pain or the visible swelling due to elbow bursitis (olecranon bursitis) it may be appropriate to apply ice and then immobilize and rest the elbow (This should hopefully help minimize the initial swelling).

Unfortunately most people either miss this initial window to treat their elbow injury or their elbow bursitis still continues to swell and cause increased pain.

When this happens your doctor will normally offer either; anti-inflammatory medication, an injection with cortisone or aspiration of fluid from the elbow using a syringe, assuming there is a visible lump (this is usually rather a painful procedure for the majority of people).

If you are currently suffering from elbow bursitis then there may be several reasons why you already feel that any or all of the above treatments are not really a viable option for you. This may include;

- You have already tried one or more of these and they provided you little to no benefit.

- You may not be able to take these medications due to age or a pre-existing medical condition.

- Alternatively you may consider such procedures as being unnecessary, painful and invasive.

Then again you may just prefer to first try and use a natural treatment for your elbow bursitis.

Fortunately… The OSMO Patch now offers an Intelligent Natural Alternative! Together with proper rest the OSMO Patch is the ideal way to naturally relieve the inflammation, swelling and associated pain caused by bursitis.

Wanting to know more about elbow bursitis or the OSMO Patch... Kindly visit our website www.osmopatch.com to learn more about:

- Causes, symptoms and treatment options.

- Essential Tips on how to avoid further injury and how to expedite recovery

- and much more!

If you would like stay up-to-date with all the news and promotions about the OSMO Patch then be sure to subscribe to our channel.

Skin on your elbow

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Weenis: skin on your elbow

118 views | 19 Jul. 2017

we sing about weenis

we sing about weenis today

Skin on your elbow

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How To Cook Lobster Tail | How To Feed a Loon

355 views | 9 Feb. 2021



Lobster tails are incredibly delicious and so easy to make at home for that special occasion meal! We show you the tips and techniques to make gorgeous lobster in your own kitchen!



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Chris Gauris, Sr

I absolutely love lobster. My mouth was watering looking at them!

Anita Dancer

Love lobster

J-Roc D

Your oven mitt looked like a lobster claw lol

J-Roc D

I just did lobster tails for my mother's birthday! You always show the type of recipes I like to make. You are both just wonderful and make me smile. Thank you so so much!

Richard F

Heading to HEB in a couple of hours to stock up for the Great South Texas Blizzard of 2021!!! Did not have lobster on my list, but I do now! Will post and tag you guys on IG.


Good Lord ,forget surf and turf,throw another tail on the plate and a stuffed potato! Done and done!????♥️♥️??

Bonnie Thurman

I love y'alls videos! That lobster looks delicious.

Jay Skinner



“Impress your lover” ?? You two impress. Every. Single. Time. That lobster. Oh, my!! Fabulous. ??❤️❤️

Robert Beining

LOL. The Loon got as red as a cooked lobster. It's always great to come out of your shell. Yummy. Lobster one of my faves. Thanks guys!

Peter Lee - Let's Celebrate TV

Great stuff guys! ??

Kate F

Oh, yum! And perfect timing. This coming weekend is my birthday and Valentine's Day, and my husband has ordered two lobsters. I have got to do that special drawn butter for it! Beautiful. Much love to you two for sharing so much with us all. ♥♥

Kristina geyer

Not to be stupid, but was this a frozen lobster tail that you thawed? I really don't want to get a whole lobster and have to kill it ?. But just like everything else you guys do.... it looks amazing

Claudia Weidman


David Dickson

Looks delicious ? I Wish
I worked with you guys on Fire Island when I worked at the Monster Florida USA great job guys.