Oil free conditioners

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No Coconut Oil Curly Girl Hair Products - Curly Girl Method

2 152 views | 24 Jul. 2019

Hello! Welcome to my

Hello! Welcome to my channel! My name is Leah and today I'm sharing some Curly Girl Method approved products that have NO Coconut Oil.

Check them out!


- Yesto Haircare Line - https://go.magik.ly/ml/ori6/

- Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm - https://go.magik.ly/ml/ori9/

- Vo5 Strawberries & Cream - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orib/

- Broo Thickening- https://go.magik.ly/ml/oric/

- Acure Mega Moisture- https://go.magik.ly/ml/orie/

- NYM Purple, Green, Pink, Yellow, Black, Red - https://go.magik.ly/ml/gwix/

- Acure Argon & Pumpkin - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orie/

Leave In Conditioners

- Kinky Curly Knot Today - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orio/

- Curls Creme Brulee - https://go.magik.ly/ml/oriq/

Deep Conditioners

- NYM green - https://go.magik.ly/ml/oris/

- Mielle Babassu Mint - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orit/


- All the LA Looks Gels - https://go.magik.ly/ml/gwiu/

- Herbal Essences Totally Twisted- https://go.magik.ly/ml/oriw/

- Kinky Curly Curling Custard - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orix/

- Curls Blueberry Bliss Jelly - https://go.magik.ly/ml/oriy/

- Aussie Instant Freeze - https://go.magik.ly/ml/oriz/

- Jessicurl Spiralicious - https://www.jessicurl.com/product/spiralicious-styling-gel

- Orange Marmalade - https://www.ecoslay.com/products/orange-marmalade

- Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orj2/

- Deva Curl Defining Gel - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orj3/

- Mielle Ginger & Honey - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orj5/

- Mop Top Curling Custard - https://go.magik.ly/ml/orj6/


Some of the links above are affiliate links, and should you decide to purchase through that link I will earn a small commission on the sale.

Jennifer M

Great video! Thanks Leah!

Anastacia N

Thank you so much!! I'm allergic to coconut and castor oil. As you can imagine, it's a nightmare in the Curly hair world. Have you tried the Orange Marnelade yet?

Guera Cabrera

Ur videos are so helpful

Megan Exby

Thank you for this! I'm I'm definitely going to try some of these out. Have you gotten a chance to try orange marmalade out yet?

Hailey Lewis

Why do they have to put coconut in Soo many products?! Thank you for posting this. ☺️

Leah Wachna

Hey gang! I hope you like this video, and I'm sure there are more great coconut oil free products out there, so share them in the comments!

First name Last name

This was great! Thank you so much!! Do you have any shampoo recommendations that are free of coconut? Did I miss it in the video?

Finding Joy At Home

Thank you thank you! Coconut oil ruined my hair

Claire E Rodriguez

Thank u sooo much for sharing this!! I have been following the CG method now for almost 2 years but for the past year have been struggling with getting my wavy/curly hair to look as good as it did when I first started the CG method and I think my hair has changed to no longer working well with coconut products:/ so have been trying to find a list of coconut free products

Mariposa 89

Pretty Face :)

Oil free conditioners

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Natural Hair Products WITHOUT Coconut Oil I've Been Using!

258 554 views | 9 Oct. 2016


*PRODUCTS LINKED BELOW | Answering the TOP question from my video where I stopped using coconut oil: what products are you using now!? I've been pretty busy lately, so these products are LITERALLY just what I've been able to grab quickly and locally, and use on my hair. Of course, I'm still pretty new at not using coconut oil in my natural hair, so this list will definitely be more streamlined later on, but for now, I just wanted to quickly answer your question and show you what I've been using! I hope it helps! Xo!! Nap

WOW... MANY of my OLD favorite products contained coconut oil... ?? So my next "Favorite Products Video" is sure to be COMPLETELY different... ? Anyways, check out the few that I could salvage below, along with everything else listed within this video! XO!

----- LINKS -----

Favorite Ingredient Vendor https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/#AID=130628

DIY Homemade Natural Shampoo With African Black Soap | Healing Recipe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr9D0LNVZwc

Amika Triple Rx Shampoo http://rstyle.me/n/b2yv4dbansf

Sweet Almond Oil + Avocado Oil - Found at local health food store or online at http://bit.ly/1Cfl5vA

Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner http://www.traderjoes.com/stores

Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner http://rstyle.me/n/b2yv9abansf

SM Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque http://rstyle.me/n/b2ywa6bansf

SM Raw Shea & Cupuacu Frizz Defence Hair Masque http://rstyle.me/n/b2ywf6bansf

Pure Oils Intense Conditioning & Hydration Masque http://rstyle.me/n/b2ywg5bansf

DIY Mango Cupuacu Butter Hair Cream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BChInQf9TeU

Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter http://rstyle.me/n/b2ywmhbansf

Camille Rose Curl Love Milk http://rstyle.me/n/b2ywqhbansf

SM High Porosity Moisture-Seal Shampoo [Filmed this vid prior to trying this line, so adding it here] http://rstyle.me/n/b2y4zsbansf

SM High Porosity Moisture-Seal Masque [Filmed this vid prior to trying this line, so adding it here] http://rstyle.me/n/b2y42hbansf

CD Black Vanilla Conditioner http://rstyle.me/n/bhecaebansf

Eco Styler Gel http://rstyle.me/n/bheci5bansf

Amika Triple Rx Mask https://loveamika.com/the-line/triple-rx-mask-171.html

QUICK Holiday + Corporate Updo | Fluffy Natural Hairstyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0IKFoaor2g

DAILY VLOG : http://Youtube.com/DearNaptural85

JUST WHIT : http://Youtube.com/WhitneyWhiteOfficial

FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/Naptural85Official

INSTAGRAM : http://instagram.com/Naptural85

SNAPCHAT : @HeyWhitty

PERISCOPE : @Naptural85

TWITTER : http://twitter.com/Nap85

BLOG : http://Naptural85.com

*Not Sponsored


Can u let us/me know what body lotions deodorant face wash that are coconut free

Unicrnland Queen

I'm so glad that I found this video cause I have such a hard time finding products that are good.

Natalia Pola

Grapeseed oil is a holy grail!!

Clarelle Dublin

hey naptural85

hi my is Melissa and I can not use coconut oil because it is itches my scalp so bad I stopped using coconut oil because of the problem and I do hemp seed oil now hey my favorite olive oil and I like your videos and your family and love to you and your family

Symone Rumay

I know you don't do coco but but for those of you that do the Shea moisture coco but and hibiscus curl and shine shampoo is a very good moisturizing shampoo

Gabby N.

Can you do an Updated video about Coconut free products?? Please??

Heather Leigh

Thank you SO much for this! My MIL is a recent transitioning natural and she is allergic to coconut so this was a huge help to her!

Queen Rai

The strength of the fragrance in Shea Moisture products always makes me wonder if they're not fully natural like they claim to be. It's just too heavily perfumed imo, but some of the products work. Aubrey Organics has a phenomenal line though.

M Lampkin

such stunningly luxurious hair


I can’t use coconut oil either it takes my hair out as well ???‍♀️the story of my life


I think you turned me on to TJs Tea Tree Conditioner and I'm still using it years later.

Aika-Grace Wangwe

Thank you for this. Any update on? I'm looking for a coconut free leave in conditioner. Would really appreciate some direction.


Yay!!! Needed this thanks!!!!


Have you ever tried Devacurl One Condition? How did it work for you?

tina mcclain-patton

Amika has many great products

Carol Mroz

Cocamidopropyl betaine in the shampoo by Amika is a coconut surfectant(?) and is present in most all soaps and shampoos. The only thing I've been able to use is Cetaphil facial cleanser on my hair and my body. It's very gentle. I use Feria Conditioner that I buy at Sally's which is hypoallergenic. I'm really interested in hearing what others use. I have had to change every aspect of my daily routine. As bad as coconut products are the next worse offender for me is Sunflower Seed Oil and Nuts in general. If anyone knows of hair products without these items I'd be ever so grateful for your input. I am ready to lose my mind.

Ossie R

I love the SheaMoisture raw Shea mask

Amber _

I cant use coconut oil either. I love sunflower seed oil. Its light yet very moisturizing ??


i never tried coconut oil until recently and it had my scalp itching like crazy. dont think i will do that again. i just looked at alot of products i use and many of them have coconut oil in them but they did not have the same affect as putting pure coconut directly on my scalp & hair. i will try a non coconut oil regiment and see how my hair does. i just need a really great detangler with alot of slip as i have mostly 4c hair. I need to try that tea tree from trader joes as my hair has always responded well to tea tree products

Carissa Dennery

I have a coconut allergy and it is a pain fondong products. Chagrin Valley does have a shampoo bar that is coconut free.

china francois

What coconut free products would you recommend for a 2 year-old with 4c hair?


Hey @naptural85 is this video and all the products still relevant?

Sonya Mauldin

Hey Naptural,

I've been having issue with the back of my hair for a long time. When I was 13 the back actually was chemically burnt off. But I cut it all off so it would have the opportunity to grow back strong and healthy. I'm still having issues restraining length and growth in general with the back of my hair. The rest of my hair grows just fine and is ALOT longer then the back. Do you have any advice to how to solve this issue or could you create a video dedicated to the back of your hair?

Simply Being Nina

Thanks For Sharing These Finds Luv


I was right again. 1st I saw pregnancy in your future and initially I said girl, but when you confirmed you were pregnant you looked like you were carrying a boy so I changed to "boy". I must say I'm good.

Khimirah Crichlow

Hey I've been trying to find a good moisturizer for my hair. I was using Cantu hair products before & I found it realllly dried my hair out and so did the coconut oil. I recently started using diy flax seed gel which I like but I'm still looking for a moisturizer. Any recommendations??

Janeen Lewis

just wanted to give you a suggestion when using the SM Deep treatment masque. I didn't like it either when I first started using it. that line is pretty thick actually. BUT my fellow non coconut users, if you add SM olive and green tea bath, body, and massage oil the slip in the mask is off the chain! Any olive oil helps but I like using the body oil because it's all natural and there are 5 oils in one. With vitamin E and tea tree. I know it may sound crazy but that is the only way I can use the masque and my kinky hair loves it. I hope you try this out. ?

Jill Day

Thanks for this! I'm highly allergic to coconut in any form, aloe, and tea tree so I've had to go back to a lot of the ayurveda treatments I grew up with to make my products.

Naturally Shai

Looking for hair growth oil without coocnut oil. For example something like wild growth


I know this video is old but I really needed this, I don't mess with coconut AT ALL since it causes severe scalp irritation, my scalp would be so itchy and red after I stopped using everything with coconut in it my hair was fine!

kendel roten

Gf is alergic to coconut oil and it is actually super hard to find shampoos and body washes with out it. Any that would be coconut free would be cool if you have any suggestions. Not sure if it's all coconut or not so the dirivitives may not work. Great video!


Ever tried babassu oil. It is similar in composition to coconut oil.

jojo v

How do I grow my broken nap back?


The reason I cant use cocunut oil is because whenever I use it in my hair products I get acne on my neck and forehead...(cocunut oil is highly comedogenic...)
So thanks for the video!! My favorite leave in is the shea moisture argan oil line (it was reformulated to be without cocunut oil :) )

helina anreasson

its really True for me about cocounut pil. My hair become dry coz of cocounut ?????


well naps if you say smtn is good then its good, no more hesitating time to get that Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter!

Moonlight Jordan

I wish I could use coconut oil in my hair but I can't use it


Coconut oil is extremely comedogenic. I have had breakouts around my hairline, on my neck and back. I am not allergic to coconut. I can eat it with no problem. Coconut oil clogs pores. The hair industry is probably in cahoots with the skincare industry, because the more people get acne from putting coconut oil on their hair, the more acne products they buy.... imo... ? Ifou have oily skin like I do, you most likely have dead skin cells built up that continually clog your pores as your skin keeps producing more oil, because it is struggling to get to the surface. Aside from looking like I have perpetual highlighter all over my face or as a coworker put it "my face could grease the entire west side of Africa" ?, I have found a way to tame the oil and dead skin cells. I do this every time before applying makeup and in the shower. Use epsom salts to exfoliate your face and body. I use the Dr. Teal's Ginger and Clay soaking solution from Walmart. It contains magnesium sulfate, bentonite clay, ginger and lemon essential oils, and limonene. It helps soften the skin and even out skin texture while regulating oil production and exfoliating dead skin and keeping acne bacteria at bay. As someone who struggles with cystic acne, I have noticed that my skin develops more hyperpigmentation over acne scars the older I get. My pores clog so easily, I have to be really careful about the products I use. When I made a DIY co-wash with organic coconut oil, my scalp had comedones all over and I lost handfuls of hair because the pores of my scalp were clogged, leading to infected hair follicles! Because I have type 3a hair, I don't have as much hair as other curly girls. I am kicking coconut oil to the curb and will stay away from any caprylyl glycol and other coconut oil derived ingredients. I currently use Shea Moisture products, but it is difficult to find items from their line that do not contain coconut. Any suggestions welcome for low porosity low density coarse 3a curls.

Geniece Leake

have you ever considered going back to terressentials?

Patbro Bro

Talk about reading is fundamental..lol. I realized that the acne was getting worst and to my surprise I never really suffer with acne in the first place. For weeks, my face getting worst and i'm taking such pride avoiding coconut oil in my expensive hair products. So looking in the mirror and STILL the acne populating, I stop to read that all along coconut oil is in both my Tallah Waajiid's leave-in and Curl's styler! SMH. I'm a bit lazy and the time between work and school but I really need DIYs. Back to finding the right moisturizing products.. :(

Deshanea Smith

Hi Whitley :) First and foremost I wanted to say your videos are awesome I watch them all the time. I just wanted to ask you if you sell any of your Dyi products? I really miss making my own but my schedule is always super hectic :(

Deyla Elliott, CHC

Thank you for this video!


i need this lipstick ?? and i hope you don't mind but I'm stealing your hairstyle here. love you naptural!!

Queens Native

Coconut oil gives me a RAAAASH!!! When I was younger it use to give me super duper flakes... recently tried it as a natural and it irritates the heck out of me! Rash, itching, the whole 9! No Bueno!

Jeanette Turner

Most of the products you recommended have these two ingredients in them Cocamidopropylamine oxide and Cocamidopropyl Betaine and are also derived from coconut oil. If an ingredient begins with coca it's coconut oil based.

Kiersten H

Coconut oil works for moistorizing my hair, but it also makes my hair fall out in clumps. Not kidding, I literally pulled a tuft of hair out of my head after putting it on my hair and scalp. So yeah, shit's not going near my head.

Chris Nicole Official

To all my natural hair ppl with nut allergies, I made a silly rap on how to make your own hair moisturizer ?(Nut Free). I HOPE IT HELPS ❤

Nikki Schaffner

OMG!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS VID!!! EVERYTHING has coconut in it, and I'm ALLERGIC!!! it's so frustrating.... Thanks again! ??????


Hi, Just curious to know if you still use your DIY protein sensitive natural hair condition with coconut milk?  Did you have to change the formulation?  Thanks

Myisha Albert

https://daughters-of-zion-crown-and-glory.square.site/ingredients For the coconut sensitive Naturals

fluffy арахис

products with coconut oil saves my hair but causes my skin to break out. sigh.

Jennifer Pierce

PLEASSSSSSSSEEE ANSWER MY QUESTION IF YOU CAN!!! So I've been a dedicated follower for 4 years now and my hair has grown sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! SO FIRST AND FOREMOST THANK YOU!!! The only thing I see that gets annoying is my scalp itches and I GET REALLY REALLY bad dandruff :( :( do you have any advice for natural hair that's prone to dandruff ??? Thanks for your time if you get to see this question!! <3


U're literally saving my life rn I don't know how to thank u ???

ashley sobers

what lipstick is that? it looks really good on you

Bri Viss

Finally! Thank you thank you! I have been looking for a safe conditioner for my daughter who is protein sensitive!


There's so many natural hair products with coconut. Hmm.


Its bad because my daughter (3) is allergic to coconut and every kids hair product i pick up has coconut in there this is nonsense

Symone Rumay

meant co co nut


quick question guys... jbco or co? ??

Kimberly Moss

Thank you so much, everybody thought I was crazy when I said I am allergic to coconut. I am already using Camille Rose Jai butter and Trader Joes Tea Tree, shampoo, conditioner, and shower. I found that I can use Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Seal it up Hydrating Sealing butter, everything else I use is DIY. This video and the Prepoo video are really saving me and my hair.

CaramelDiva7 ASMR

This video is helpful. Great Reviews


I was so sad to find the Shea Moisture High moisture Retention conditioner had coconut oil in it. It made my hair so soft and easier to detangle but I was using it for a year and noticed my scalp itching more than usually and shedding more than usual. Then I tired a organic coconut oil prepoo and a really bad reaction. That's when I found out my hair hair didn't like coconut oil and had to stop using it. Having a hard time trying to find products that are great detanglers with moisture and I'm to lazy for DIYs ??. I'll keep trying though

Frances Keller

my hair doesn't like coconut oil either! The oils I use are Avocado for hydration and grape seed oil for sealing in the moisture out of the shower

jennifer h

Am from Canada and wonder where I could find the tea tree stuff thank you

Whoo Youu

I don't mind coconut products but its literally EVERYWHERE! I'm over the smell tbh. I like neutral or fruit scented products.


Hormonal changes from pregnancy :) can change your hair texture.

Yerlen Jonson

Finally! Everytime that I reach to a beautty supply and I say Im looking for products for my hair they show me products with coconut ???


Omg thank you for this. It’s so hard to find products without coconuts in them. ?it’s everywhere.


Do you still use deva curl no poo decadence?


Thank you so much, this helped me out so much ❤️


Wow, so many products, being natural is turning out to be very expensive!

E.M Photos

I feel sad watching these videos because in Europe you can't easily get access to these products or if you find them they are crazy expensive. Also shipping from US is expensive too. Just gonna suffer here and admire your hairstyles in silence!

jamie Henson

Yesssssssss thank you so much!!!!! Coconut Oil is NOT my friend. It's hard to find products w/o it. Again thank you


omg im so happy i saw this video it is so hard finding products for my hair because most of them use coconut .


If the product has COCAMIDOPROPYL Betaine, it's a coconut oil derivative. Or versions of the word COCAMIxxxxx.

assitha fofana

Hi, what will do suggest for hair doesn't like aloe Vera.
I need to balance my hair ph but I don't know what.pleaseeeeeeeee help.

Tamia Edrington

I can use products with coconut oil but just raw coconut oil in my hair is a nightmare I'm not sure why lol I've started using almond oil and my hair has neverrrrr responded to an oil like this. Shiny soft moisturized, I use it to seal my leave in and I'm in love

Elz Nel

Thank God I found this! Everything seems to have coconut in it.

Evelyn Boyles

You should try the Jonathan "Add Moisture Conditioner" it is botanical based. It is an awesome moisturizer!


Can you do one of these videos but non-olive oil products because really hard for me to find products w/o olive oil because I'm allergic to it.


im not a hater but stop promoting no coconut oil it still good and you just want to be sponsored for money

Tessa Anderson

I just found out that coconut oil is not good for coarse hair.


What do you use for your hot oil treatments now?

Kory Kent

QUESTION: I have a bald spot right at the hairline, and it doesn't seem to want to grow back (this happened when I did crochet braids, no more braids of any kind for me). I've lost hair in this same spot before and had it grow back, not this time. There is hair there, but it's just a stubble and doesn't seem to want to grow any longer. Do you have any advice for bald spots or hair loss patches?

Jackline Mirembe

Coconut oil itches my sclup.

Virgin Citizen

Omg check out this seller on Etsy: Virgin Citizen cleansing shampoo (I Love this stuff). This is a Coconut free shampoo!

Queen Chocolate

after 3 years I still haven't jumped on the coconut oil wagon. shrugs ? but olive oil is my homie and just started using grapeseed oil.

kevin motley

Hate to break it to most of you but if you are using most of these products on Napturals list, you are NOT coconut or coconut oil free. A LOT of the products contain Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, cetyl and or cetearyl alcohol with are produced mainly from coconut , vegetable and or palm oils. Most makes of natural products use the coconut derivative as it is the cheaper of the 3 . Thanks

Kyah Brown

THANK YOU!I am allergic to coconut and have been looking everywhere for products for my thick hair


Been watching you for a while now, so glad you highlighted the Camille Rose, and Almond oil replacement...these have been game changing hair improvements for me.
I joined the non-coconut oil regime after I noticed extreme itching after about a week or so of twists. And once I switched over to the almond oil and Camille products...my hair has literally never been the same. Almost no shedding, not tangles, and a softness for weeks.

Thanks for the years of knowledge .

T.L. Simpson

I am glad to find your video. I can't use it on my hair, but every where is fine for me.

Justine Horton

I just started DIY stuff. My scalp and skin are sensitive to coconut oil and a lot of the additives in hair products. Just wanted to know where you get your mango butter?

Shante Hamilton

thank u for this video because I spent so long in the store reading labels to avoid coconut oil I have bad reaction to it

Nekita Clark

What about a treatment, preferably diy, to treat an inflamed scalp. I have multiple allergies. Luckily for me, I can still use coconut oils sparingly, but I'm allergic to most nuts. I'm also allergic to panthenol, which is in a lot of products.
Growing up, I couldn't grow my hair at all because of allergies. My mom would buy products that I couldn't use because my hair was brittle and my scalp so irritated! A few years ago, I started watching many hair journey videos, especially yours, and learned products and routines I could use for my hair and skin and what a difference it has made! My hair is pass my shoulders. It is still fine, but thicker at the roots. I require little to no heat and manipulation or my ends will break. It has been a journey, but I am grateful to you and the other ladies for directing me with these videos.

vanda niles

Love the black African soap shampoo works wonders on my scalp.

Katie Holderfield

So thankful to find someone who has an allergy to all coconut products! It's such a struggle going to the salon and reading all the ingredients to find that they all have some kind of coconut oil derivative.

Priscilla Adelle

my only deep conditioner is rosemary tea. MAN!! its awesome


you should try TGIN products i love them and you may too

Natalia Pola

I found out with low porosity I cannot use coconut oil. My cuticles are closed and coconut oil just stays on top of my hair shaft.

Lulu Labelle

My skin doesn't Coconut oil or cetyl alcohol. And on my face they make me break out when I don't normally.

Oil free conditioners

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Coconut FREE Cleansers & Deep Conditioners | NO COCONUT OIL

11 740 views | 15 Feb. 2019

In recent years coconut

In recent years coconut oil has been the new “it” ingredient to hit the retail market. It began to appear in food recipes, the beauty industry’s products and most notably the Natural Hair community. The benefits of this oil were lauded over and over and you would be hard pressed to find a naturalista’s cabinet that didn’t contain a jar of this versatile oil.

Then the “findings” began to appear, and though their were evidence based benefits of this oil, there were also real life experiences of the damage this oil was inflicting on some Natural’s hair. In this video, without getting too scientific, we discuss coconut oil the good and the bad. We also have compiled a “Coconut-Free” products list to aid those of you who must go without for the health of your hair. As we always state, we are not experts in every aspect of the natural hair journey, so we encourage those of you guys who know more than us to add to the conversation and assist with the questions. Grab a pen and notepad and let’s get started.

#CoconutFree #madcurls #naturalhairproducts



Tees, Sweatshirts, Mugs & More!


M.A.D.CURLS Amazon Store


*we earn a small % of every purchase made from our store*


CURLMIX Pure Flaxseed Gels

Code: "Madcurls" for 20% off

Our YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/htFDYnzUUCU

Alikay Naturals

Code: “MADCURLS15” for 15% off

Website: https://alikaynaturals.com

Nature's Little Secret


Website: https://www.natureslittlesecret.net/



M.A.D.CURLS = Mother and Daughter Curls

Mother: LoriAnne, 51

Daughter: TaylorAnne, 25

Years Natural: 8 Years

Hair Type: 3b/3c


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/m.a.d.curls/

P.O. Box


P.O Box 44

Stevenson, CT 06491


Our Truth Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lr-JyXWd4M

GO FUND ME: https://www.gofundme.com/zxtsm-the-wesley-family

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/MADCURLS

CashApp: $itsmadcurls - https://cash.me/$itsmadcurls


Really thank you for this video ! I hate coconut oil ! And it's so difficult to find a video like this !

***Amy LeoGoddess***

Love ur video like usual. My hair loves protein & coconut being high porosity. Thanks for more info on what doesn't have coconut oil.

D Curly

Great series ladies! Love that you did the homework for us!!!!


Very nice selection of products featured! You two definitely know how to goal out when it comes to your viewers requests always!

Also, I really love the looks that you two are rocking in this video! You two definitely look super incredible, that's for sure! ?????


Thank you guys for doing this! Because of this list I will continue to use natures little secret and I will try curlmix

Lynette Mar

Can u guys make a video of products good for hair growth


Love, love, love! Thanks again!


I'm highly allergic to coconut and peanuts (causes anaphylaxis and causes my hair to fall out), I can't even do the ingredients that are derived from coconuts. It's a serious struggle for me to try new products.

Karen Reeves

Does the CRN Lavender line have coconut oil in it? I think I am going to use the Ouidad Curl Immersion co-wash and deep conditioner for a month to see if I am sensitive to coconut oil once and for all. Great video guys, very informative.

Kenya Palmer

I’m allergic to coconut ☹️


I really am enjoying all the knowledge you are bringing to the Natural Hair community! The format is great and so are the aesthetics! Please do a video on CoWashing benefits and disadvantages as compared to shampooing. Thank you for all you do!


Cocamidoproply betaine, cocamide/COCA-related & decyl glucoside are coconut oil detatives. In my hair, they cause drying and sometimes kinking. Cetyl and cetearyl alcohols seem to be ok (for me). Strands of Faith is coconut oil free in all products; their shampoo/cleanser is the only item with a coconut oil derative. Would love to use their entire line but they use castor oil in many products.

Marcia Byrd

The best video ever!! My hair hates Coconut ?....period!!! I appreciate everything about this video. This was so helpful. Thank you, ladies, for doing this great research.

I. Gray

Thank you Mad Curls for going through all of these products. Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil line is coconut oil free too. Also their High porosity line is coconut oil free.

Carissa Dennery

I am allergic to coconut. Chagrin Valley has a coconut free shampoo bar and soap. Most Castile soaps have coconut in them. And there are 100+ coconut derivates, Glycerin, Monolauren, cocamidopropyl betaine, Cetyl Alcohol

Carolyn Shy

Thanks you! Great explanation ! Enjoy your videos!


Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Naturally Free Inc.

Naturallyfreeinc.com also makes coconut free skin and hair care products, especially for curly hair!

Bernadette Johnson

Thanks for the information. Love you ladies.


My hair doesn’t like coconut oil either. I really love this video & I didn’t know cetyl alcohol was a derivative of coconut oil. Thank you both for doing the research & making this video! ?

Erika Fleming

I am using The Mane Choice peach black tea line as I watch. I’m about to put in the mask, loving the line so far. I’m nervous about the one product mousse, hoping it gives me a good twist out. ?? I love that the mousse is not sticky at all! ? ☕️
My wash day is normally Saturday, but my bday is Sunday ?, so want time to make sure it works and I don’t want day one shrinkage on my bday. ?

Donna Parks

Allergic to coconut

Curls Vick

You ladies look so cute with those hairbands??

Black Girls Plan

I really enjoyed this video and am a new subscriber but wonder can do you or do you have a cones free video series ?


I am high porosity and love coconut oil, but these videos are great!! Thanks for the info, you just never know when you might need it. Porosity can change.

Marleen G.

I love that you guys put a drugstore DC in this video. I love L'Oréal Elvive (called Elsève in Belgium). Also Gliss Kur has a lot of masks (just called "Gliss" in the US, I think). They are awesome. I do still use silicones as well as sulfates in my regimen, so I don't mind drugstore products that much.

Julia Romy

Thanks A LOT for these no coconut oil series! Finally getting there, and getting to know my hair.. ure spilling the answers here.

Working Tulip

thank you...my boys are allergic to coconut, shea, jojoba.


I am glad that you ladies found coconut free products you got my attention because I don't use coconut oil and I try to use products that don't too much have that in it because I have low porosity hair and my hair is fine so thank you....i am a new subbie???

Daryl Blackwell

You ladies are adorable! Thank you for all these excellent tips!

sc p

Thanks for doing this series my suggestion is aloe free products . I know a lot of naturals including myself can’t use aloe.

Daisy Flower

Thank you for this. I think my hair has a negative reaction to coconut in products esp leaveins and I've been looking for coconut and aloe free leave ins


Love the headband and choker, Taylor Anne! Yes, love these videos; it’s great that you’ve done the work to see which products don’t have coconut oil ???? ?

Arlene Williams

I heard that when the hair isnt reacting well to coconut oil try clarifying or detoxing the hair.

Tina Billingsley

#madcurlsdiditfirst You guys are always so thorough ❤️. Thank you for this video.

Jus Gie

Awesome video ladies!!!

Abbie Carr

Thank you so much for your coconut free videos! I have a skin allergy to coconut oil and am starting my natural wavy curly girl journey. I was feeling like giving up until I found your videos!!

Lea Butler

The 2nd part of this Coconut Oil-Free products is so helpful!!! I like how you both went into detail about the products from each brand!

I'll definitely check out Asodara in the future! The head scarf & matching choker are so pretty!

Thanks so much for continuing with this topic! And thanks for a great vid!!! ???

Mika -

Super informative but can you list products or maybe not ramble so much? It stops feeling informative when i have to watch almost an hour long video for a few products ?

Henri Etta

Very helpful, I'm lookin for coconut free products, my scalp itches like crazy, not sure if its just coconut oil or derivatives too. Trying to find a shampoo without coco betaine is almost impossible. Camille rose has a clarifying shampoo called clean rinse and strands of faith has a coconut oil free range.

Lillian Davila

Madcurls is schooling us today ?
That was fantastic!!!!! Thank you for doing the work for us?

Cassie E

Do you have this list in a text-based format somewhere? That would be very helpful for me.

Christ, Love & Happiness

Love you guys! Blessed!

Diamond Hill

Love your informative videos Ladies??

Brenda Tompkins

I wouldn't worry about talking too fast. We can change the playback speed ;)


so coconut oil derivatives like sodium cocoyl isethionate and cocamidopropyl betaine are ok for low porosity/coconut sensitive hair since they're not pure coconut oil?

Erika Fleming

I’ve been wanting that Shea Yverdic Shampoo so bad! ? Been out of stock for a while.

Brittany Buster

Thank you for this list because I just found out I’m allergic to coconut

Jeisianne rosario

Definitely saving this video in my playlist! Thanks for the info. Super helpful. My stylist did tell me that coconut oil has a lot of protein (which I’m sensitive to). If you haven’t ever dyed your hair, your hair probably doesn’t need as much protein anyway, unless you’ve done relaxers and things like that.

Love the M.A.D. Fam! ❤️


Mixed chicks carols daughter’s and a lot of other conditions you guys mentioned maybe coconut oil free but they still have silicone is in it which is terrible for curly

Danisha Bessard

Great video as always

Sybyl Lancaster

I absolutely loved this format. It helped me so much as I recently realized that I'm coconut sensitive. Texture ID clarifying shampoo, 3x conditioner and masque are all coconut free.

Ali B

Look at Taylor's serious/attentive face lol

Miss Brookes

Coconut is not a protein. It amplifies products with proteins which is what people often get wrong.

Aray Brown

You cute in the loc soc


I know this is old, but I want to thank you for this video. I am severely allergic to coconut (effects my skin and lungs and I get hair loss). It seems to have become impossible to get anything anymore...let alone something for my curls. This at least gives me a list to start with and then I can look closely at the ingredients. I know I’m the minority here and this list is for lovely humans that just don’t like coconut. But still, thank you.

alexandra keogh

Agh a bunch of these brands still have Cetearyl and Cetyl Alcohol which is a derivative of Coconut Oil and my skin/scalp hates these too. I'm having such a hard time finding products that have no trace of coconut oil. Otherwise, my neck, back and arms breakout as my hair air dries. :(

Ms. Byrd

There is a list that is taking 'Skincare' into consideration and has pages of 'Coconut' free products, there are Shea & Carol's daughter products listed, but you have to go through the list to see how many 'curly girl' products (haircare) are listed... and some are there! https://www.skinsafeproducts.com/coconut-free/hair-care?page=12


Shea moisture red palm and cocoa ( the red container) the line is coconut free

Marchanda Steverson

Great video as always! ♥️ I don't have any issues with coconut oil but love that you're doing these videos to help those that do. And I want to try that Hibiscus deep conditioner from Soultanicals so bad but it's sold out on their website and Hattache ?

Trin Juwan

Yes, thanks for this. I have low porosity 3c to 4c believe it or not... that's crazy to me. Mostly 4a/4b and course. My hair gets hard with coconut oil. I realized this after initially using olive oil, which actually works well for me. I'm sure most of the real light oils will also work well for me. Almost every natural product has coconut oil.

Court P

Could you ladies try Naptural85’s melanin hair care line as a wash n’ go?

Stuart White

My hair only loves coconut when I wash it out. It won't work as a sealer but it works very well as a pre-poo.

Tatiana Ragland

Great video ladies! I definitely can’t relate to not enjoying Coconut Oil. I personally LOVE IT even though Am Protein sensitive. Coconut Oil is like a lighter version of protein that doesn’t effect my hair as badly as other proteins. BUT I have realized that not all Coconut Oil is the same!!! Some Coconut Oil used in products are not unrefined. Unrefined Coconut Oil works on my hair. But Refined coconut oil doesn’t work on my hair. My hair is very picky about what kind of Coconut Oil it likes ? like a damn child lmfao ???


Thanks for the video!! Nap 85 did do a vid on this and her products have no coconut obviously bc she also had a reaction as did I. My hair absorbed the coconut loved it but it broke me out, where it dripped from my hair down my neck it caused a rash and I didn’t catch it before half of my hair fell out?. Wish I could find things that were budget friendly. Id love to be able to spend 20$ on a product that is literally being washed down the drain but I can’t.

Vanessa Bristow

I am loving these informative videos. They help a lot of people who are struggling. Even for those of us who don’t have a problem with coconut oil right now, it’s still good to know, just in case...

Elexis Johnson

Hey TaylorAnne I saw your tutorial on The Asodara website. You were very cute. I think I’m going to get some chokers. I still have to practice more with the head wraps I currently have before I buy more. I love African print.

Ms. Byrd

Also, Low Porosity sisters have to get their 'hair shafts' OPEN in order for the coconut oil to penetrate their strands without causing problems, I'm sure many simply cannot figure out how to do this and I would presume have a difficult time with A LOT of products leaving 'build-up' or causing other problems with their hair...


Thank you for doing this! Both my older sister and I can't do coconut oil in our hair (causes a lot of shedding)....this list is so nice because I haven't heard of any of these brands!

Chalsey Wilder

Lol. LORI! How would she link it down while y'all are still recording. Lmao. I cackled so hard at that. I want to try the honey and sage for sure. Waiting for black Friday for that though so i have time to use everything up.


Tay: "Lemme see if the smell is growing on me.....NOPE!" ???


Carols daughter has silicones in it terrible for curly here

The Third Eye Journey

It's so great that you ladies have put together this list to make a lot of peoples lives easier. I don't have any issues with coconut oil but quite a few people do. And I feel you ladies on the price of those Curls products from the green line. It's like the prices keep going up, but I just feel like the products aren't functional enough for me to purchase. I have my faves from them and I think I'll just stick to those. Thanks for sharing!

ThickInThe Kitchen

Thank you so much! I didn’t realize till recently, a year ago, that my hair hates coconut oil. I experienced hair lose ( Edges) and breakage. I have been struggling to find a shampoo and deep conditioner. Thank you for this video, super informative and gives me options. I have found a couple products from Qhemet Biologics that don’t have coconut oil and leave my type 4c hair soft! Again thank you for making this video!

Pilar Morgan

I must have your blue scarf with the matching choker. Where did you get it? Thanks.

Chalsey Wilder

The hibiscus flower releases a red pigment, it's really pretty to me.

Samantha Scott

Thank you ! We are allergic to coconut :(

Madison Blair

i came because my mom is allergic to coconut and i wanted to help her out thank you so much!

growmycurls Iyana

Another great video!!!!!! I find coconut oil is okay if further down the ingredient list as it is heavy for my hair - but once I discovered coconut water - ♥️♥️♥️?????? Camille rose coconut water leave in!!!!

mia love

I can't help but stare at the girl on the right because you look so much like Ravenelyse lol

SuSu Monroe

I'm allergic to coconut containing products. It made my scalp extremely itchy, my hair was shedding heavily and looked lifeless! Eventually had to go see a doctor! So now I can't use anything with coconut in it .

Toni Marie Bullock

Y’all are so cute!! I needed this. Coconut has a bad effect on my hair. It’s been thriving since I’ve been coconut free. I’ve had so much growth.

Shayna Rogers

Anothe great video :) I learned something new - the reason why my hair does well with coconut oil is bc even though I have coarse hair, I have high porosity hair. Thanks for sharing this!

Chalsey Wilder

There's not a lot of products without coconut and glycerin in it. Almost all of them have it. Thanks for doing these.

PA Glace

Thank you soo much for this video, coconut oil doesn’t love my skin and hair at all. I am confident now with the ingredient info and of course the many products that I can use. Thanks again. ???

yvette Shelton

This list should be added to the Naturally Curly website which helps all of us. Also, it can be useful within the Curly Girl Handbook just a suggestion

Myya Cox

Don’t forget about the Shea moisture red palm oil line!!❤️

Taleah Hoskin

40 minutes! ?

Sheila Wright

Thank you Ladies for another enjoyable video.

I. Gray

Aussie brand is owned by Proctor&Gamble the same company who owns and makes Pantene.

Marleen G.

Is it the Pantene 3 minute miracle mask you're talking about, perhaps? Maybe it makes you think of the Aussie 3 minute miracle... do they smell the same though? I wonder about that. It would be odd for 2 companies to do that.

Lee Trader

Soultanicals is the bomb! They know their business.....

Brandi P

Thank you for these coconut free and the glycerin free videos. My hair likes neither, plus I try to keep it sulfate and silicone free. So, before I found you, I felt like I was looking for product unicorns. You ladies have made my search easier.

Christine M

A year after y'all posted, I'm seeing this video. I know all about how labor intensive reading all labels so I thank you for that work you put in. I was thankful for this video at first but then I realized I forgot my other issues with the ingredients more and more companies are filling their products with. Here's why. I'm HIGHLY allergic to Coconut (& derivatives of coconut), soy/soybean, corn, alvocodo, almonds, all other nuts/tree nuts, sunflower, jojoba & grapeseed. I have other allergies but this is related to this post. I never was allergic all my life until last few years I developed these allergies. (I've had scratch testing) Needless to say trying to find allergen free beauty products is a very slim & very tiresome hunt. So I'm still thankful, I may just learn to make my own ?❤️

Diana Leon

Thank you!


Thanks so much for info ?????????

N B.


Shante Floey

I have low porosity hair and at first coconut oil was not working for me. But I found out if I mix it with other oils. And use it as a mask instead of as a hair moisturizer I get pretty good results:) great video Mad Curls

Chalsey Wilder

I ended up hating nature's little secret. I was so disappointed. I passed it on.

Rana Banat

Thank you beautiful ladies! That’s sort one of very few videos on the subject! You helped me a lot ??