Need for speed patches

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Welding the Bongo - Part One

716 views | 10 Feb. 2021

In this episode we strip

In this episode we strip down the front of the Bongo, including removing the radiator so we can weld some patches on the front cross member.

Even though I've been practicing my welding the end product, whilst strong and sound is not pretty.

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Chat Motorsport

I always wanted one of these, the usual Mazda/Ford rust problems put me off..

Diesel Bushcraft

Don’t know if it’s any use to you but welding with gas is much easier rather gas less. Some welders are made to be converted as an option. Got to say it was the best thing that I did with my welder was change it over to gas, what I call proper MIG (Mixed Inert Gas) as the name suggests. Good luck with your projects it’s great to watch them coming along. Looking forward to seeing your Regal take shape.

Paul Thompson

Nice to see you working on your own stuff after all the help for others , what thanks do you get a power cut


As always buddy, great fun to watch. Have to say though, after years of doing the same, I now take mine to a garage!! ☺☺


Ive got one of those no gas welders and its really tricky to get a nice weld

Al-fresco Garage

The joys of working outside you be pinching my alfresco garage soon lol good result and as long as it passes the mot it’s perfect

terry atkinson

Welding looks fine for a flux core welder. Mine is from Lidl and it's not as easy as it looks. Stick welder is easier but not really suitable for light sheet steel.

Paul English

I bought a band File gets you into where the angle grinder cannot.reach.

Community Kev

Welding wasn't bad fella at least your having a go you will only get better great job I reckon ???

Ali Mack- Mechanical

It's a repair not a resto mate nowt wrong with the welding for an Mot. Yeah hot metal dripping on you is not fun. I use a can of compressed air to cool the welds down when am using no gas.?

Need for speed patches

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Let's Play Need for Speed - Underground 2 #019 [Grafik-Mods] - Drift die am ersten Tag

274 views | 19 Oct. 2011

Ein Let's Play von und

Ein Let's Play von und mit ReileM.

Patches: http://needforspeed.onlinewelten.com/underground2/patches.php

Widescreen & FoV Patch: http://widescreengamingforum.com/dr/need-speed-underground-2 ( für den FoV Patch wird Version 1.2 benötigt! / für den Widescreen Patch eine gecrackte .exe )

Grafik Mod: http://needforspeed.onlinewelten.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19831&page=2 ( vorletzter Post )

Texturen & Settings für den Grafik Mod: http://www.nfscars.net/forum/showthread.php?t=32188

Need for speed patches

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Drag Races in 8 different racing games (NFS Underground, Most Wanted, The Crew and more)

5 962 785 views | 28 May. 2017

Today I can finally

Today I can finally present you one of the many bigger projects that I have been planning for a while already, a comparison of the Drag modes in all of my racing games that have one besides NFS World and Shift 2. I recorded two Drag runs in each of the games, which should give you a good idea of what Drag racing is like in each of them. I also applied widescreen patches to the older NFS games to make them more enjoyable to watch on YouTube.


0:09 NFS Underground - Main Street with Eddie's Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

1:11 NFS Underground - 14th & Vine Construction with Mazda RX-7

1:59 NFS Underground 2 - South Runway with Nissan 240SX

2:53 NFS Underground 2 - Bayview Bridge with Mazda RX-7

3:42 NFS Most Wanted - Riverside & Terrace with Razor's BMW M3 GTR

4:25 NFS Most Wanted - Seaside & Camden with Porsche Carrera GT

4:57 NFS ProStreet - 1/4 Mile Drag with Subaru Impreza

5:47 NFS ProStreet - 1/2 Mile Drag with Ford Mustang

6:33 Grid Autosport - Detroit 1/2 Mile with Ford Mustang Modified

7:27 Grid Autosport - Autosport Raceway 1 Mile with Dodge Charger Funny Car

8:08 The Crew Wild Run - Salt Flats Drag Trial with RUF CTR-3 (Solo Run)

9:11 The Crew Wild Run - Miami Drag Trial with Ford Mustang (Crew Run with Akor)

10:15 Need for Speed 20 - Pedal To The Metal with Dodge Viper

11:45 Need for Speed 20 - Speed Tunnel with Porsche 911 RSR 2.8

13:08 Forza Horizon 3 - Drag Strip with Class C Mercury Coupe (Rival Mode)

13:55 Forza Horizon 3 - Drag Strip with Class S2 Dodge Dart vs Class B Ford Mustang (Showdown Race)

In the first 3 NFS games with Drag your goal is to hit the perfect rev at the start and at each shift. You can also use nitrous and you can draft but you have to watch out to not overheat the engine at the end. In Underground 1 + 2 the traffic can be turned off but in Most Wanted it is always on and the cars are also in the same spots every time, so for each track you have to learn the route that avoids the traffic.

In NFS ProStreet the tracks are a lot more simple and you have the additional task to correctly warm up your tires before the run. This is pretty trivial though.

In Grid Autosport you first have to position your car at the start line. There are several stategies here but it would go beyond the scope of this video to explain them. I could make a separate video about Drag in Grid Autosport if many people want to see more of it.

The Crew added Drag spec cars with the Wild Run expansion and in Drag Trial events you also first have to correctly warm up the tires. Unfortunately the Drag spec physics were messed up with a patch in April 2016 and were never fixed again, so now your tires always get too cold during Drag Trial runs. You can also play Drag Trial events in a crew with collisions turned off, so you can easily reach faster times than solo because of the drafting. It is not possible to do Drag Trials against AI opponents in The Crew.

Need for Speed 20 got Drag tracks with one of its free updates. Here you have to warm up the tires by doing a burnout for the correct amount of time. Unlike in the older NFS games you can freely control your car here during the run (as far as the physics of the game allow it...) and not just switch lanes.

In Forza Horizon 3 the Drag Strip is just a regular track. You can either play it in Time Attack mode or against other players but not against AI. One poor design decision in this game is that there is no countdown before the start and you can't even see the rev counter during your first moments of driving, which can be annoying with cars that want to shift up very early (not shown in this video). And in multiplayer Drag races cars in lower classes actually get a ridiculous head start. For example class B starts 12 seconds before S2, even though it is only about 2 seconds slower, so I have no chance to win in the run that is shown here, even though I am using the fastest Drag car in the game.

Feel free to let me know how you like the Drag modes of the different games and if there are any particular ones that you would like to see more of.

I could also do a similar video for Drift but this would be a lot of work, since Drift is included in a higher number of games and it would also take me some time to learn it to a reasonable degree in each of them, so I would only do a Drift video if a lot of people ask for it and if the Drag video turns out to be very popular.

Thanks to Akor for helping me record The Crew. You can find his channel here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqSlTbajBFKQJXY6bUxB8eA


1:41 holy crap that car got fucking wrecked XD


4:14 cool fast and furious moment


Nga Nguyen

Cylde Jayker

Mizan Choudhury

I never really understand why they dont bring back drag races in NFS??



Anthony Ironmonger

Nothing beats the drag race of NFS underground 1, with the train At the end


Stefane daj 5.56

Aline Fazioni


Apollo Entertainment

I've always thought that gta 5 driving is it's own version too. They did make midnight club and their first pirson is identical to the midnight clubs I played but better graphics. Great vid nonetheless ?


NFS Underground and Underground 2 has the best drag races till date.

Aurora Gameworks

there's also a drag race mode in the Juiced game on PS2

Danillo Sousa

Esse foi o melhor nfs que já joguei foi esse 2003

Paragleiber (Gleiber)

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Anthony surya p Semarang

Where NFS carbon?

grown kid

Underground just kills them all

Alfii Maulana


Phúc Nguyen

Race Aread

grown kid

When gaming was intense but fun as wel rather than a pocket rob

GG_Floxks 28

Undergraund 2 ??

Heru Doang

Bang cara naekin gigi nyaa pencet apaa bang di android?

Thunder Zenny

1:42 "It was at this moment that they knew, they f*cked up"

Serhat Altun

1:41 WTF!! ??


pro street has the best drag mode

Nga Nguyen

3 chiếc xe trong thành phố.


Underground 1 and 2 shit on all other NFS games.

Toby Ghost

1:41 GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Roadkill Films

1:40 How The Fast & The Furious really ended...


In drag o still prefer underground 1,2 and pro street.


I am dead for all these games lol:(?

Brandon Robinson

LOL the game that did it first (NFS:U) is the game that captures the drag racing thrill the best and was the most fun.

Races were mostly straight, but even if not you simply did lane-changing rather than turning. Combined with the nighttime elements, sometimes wet grounds, active traffic, great HUD, NOS, listening to Get Low between races, right off the heels of the first two Fast & Furious movies... it was perfection, and apparently it still is.

Егор Кларк

Thomas said choo choo motherfucker. 1:41

Blubberblase 10

There is a bug in need for speed underground that after a drag race, you have the normal racing perspective. It just happened once to me

Alperen Usuflu

Pro street is the best for me

Aurelio Lio

I don't know why nfs 20 had the best graphics than payback-_-

Scooby Gaming

I loved your gameplay

Ammar Steelkehed

Underground my favorite NFS... ITS the real street racing

Riski pratama Putra

4.25 suara mobil nya gila seh?


где карбон?

Данііл Нікіпелов


Cookoo 4 Coco Puffs

1:41 HA gottem

4:14 That's illegal


1:42 XD


Wrong pro street is the best raceing game


1:41 LOL THAT MAde me laugh SO HARD

Peter Alexander Vera Espinoza

1:45 ???

Rosanna Orrego


Eleilson Oliveira Silva


Nga Nguyen

✂ Races 8 trò chơi đua xe khác nhau
và thế hơn nữa!


NFSU is #1, and waaaay ahead of NFSU2!
I remember I hated NFSU2 at that time (I enjoyed new content though), AI was so shit and ez compared to NFSU1 campaign!

Miguel Bernardo Magboo

bruh imagine going 600+km/h

IWC Mods

I just trow a netw NFS Most Wanted 2005 version with diferent cars. The video its pretty crap but I promise that the game is good. If anyone wants to tryit you can find it here


wilson danao

5:10 basically it's sultan vs bullet

SSG Preston

Considering just how awesome the Grid Autosport Drag Pack looks, I don’t understand why the NHRA still hasn’t offered Codemasters a videogame license. Codies would probably accept it without thinking twice.

Sponser eagle

Csr racing 2: I m main


First UG will always hold a special place in my heart, I bought my first car a Skyline R34 in 2002 and got it recoated to mocha gold just like Eddie's car. Couldn't afford to wrap it tho unfortunately. Had to sell it in 08 during GFC. I still think about that car :(

Milo Cylium

i wish fast n furious revert back to old racing car like this...fast and intense ...im sure they can do more with all this high tech media nowdays...

Josh & Joshy Photography

1:40 2020 in a nutshell


You see the challenge of nfs games fall years after years


There is right way NFS U>NFS U2> FH4 evry other games is just crap :/


I love Underground 1/2 and Most Wanted, their graphics still looks so good especially most wanted has the best in my opinion :)

chi wa7d hh

1:41 fast & furious 1 in real life

Random Land Rover

4:14 Jumpscare

NOOB Gaming

Carera GT sound is so cute

El Cutipa xd

4:14 f*ck,?

Nga Nguyen

Never Real

Frbrbr Grblgrr

The first clip just sounds like a whole shit pile of stock cars, lol.
They really didn't try with the sounds on that one but it's still a classic.

Rizky Bagaskara


Aldreigh Christian Carreon

Most wanted and Carbon is the best

Stephaun The Don

Underground ?????

Alejandro Mendez

Another final ending fast and furious 1:40

KillerCouple Gaming

Underground 2003!

Mario Neto

TDU Remastered 2020

lol man

That car on the grid was so dumb ahaha

michael moreno v

good saga of need for speed and all these races

Muhamad Santri Rahmatullah

Sama game ya yg aku main dulu ,skarang gk bish


4:48 wow ok


bravo ma stefane

Fatih Sultan Mehmet



NFS 2015 looks amazing while NFS: U1+2 is THE Racing Game.


Underground 2 was the best but I actually really liked the 2016 NFS just had a really cool feel to it. Dark city lights, wet roads from the rain..hell I even kinda liked the arcade style drifting.

Danis Mision

El mejor underground 1 en sonido de ps2

Milo Wildfire

In NFS drag races are more of a highway battle than a drag race

Mukesh Lodhi

.I love you no no no


1:40 HOLY SH*T

Gas Addicts

My dude, why do you have the graphics set to low for underground.

Кирил Зубенко

САМАЯ БЫСТРАЯ ТАЧКА ЭТО ФОРМУЛА ДЛЯ ТЕХ КТО НЕЗНАЛ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahtwo Gaming


Train Yeeting a car

Fedias Vsm

U Forgot Midnight Club ...one of the best car racing games...?

Daniel Stepaniuk Kobylecki

love underground

The xXtoni hex bgXx

5:30 subaru just kicked in

Roblox Pro Gaming

1:42 Last one Finished!

Jonny Allan

Shems tik toks are balls ...

chi wa7d hh

6:10 so you tell me that the mustang is better that the skyline ?


Nfs Underground 2 most good drag race mode


Taxi xD


my heartbeat went fast when i was doing this in most wanted

Серёгин интерес Seregin interest

Пссс парень, синяя красавица 1018 л.с ))))))))))) PSSS guy, blue beauty 1018 HP : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNHEVajhNMA&t=41s)))))))))))

Z a n e s o



So we just gonna ignore the fact that this guy at 1:40 literally died.