Is coloring your hair bad

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Hair Colour - Pros & Cons | Skin And Hair Academy

21 567 views | 12 Sep. 2016

Fine-tune your luscious

Fine-tune your luscious locks with hair colouring! Learn all about it in this video that talks about how the colouring your hair has moved on from being just another cosmetic procedure to an important step in boosting your self-confidence.

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Kirsten Alegre

Why avoid permanent?

Hemakshi Patil

Suggest something to smooth hairs

Kulwinder Dhaliwal

Non chemical hair dyes

Skulled Wolf P.V.P

thank you

Maitri Trivedi

My mostly questions were answered ! Really Happy with it ! Need to know what is the duration of temporary hair colours ! Please suggest

Mega Styles vlogs

Agr acne h face pr to coloring se koi dikkt to ni hogi mam??

Roopam Singh

Which is the best non chemical hair color you would like to suggest?

Is coloring your hair bad

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Hair Myth: Is coloring your own hair bad?

7 228 views | 22 Jan. 2013

Do you want to know if

Do you want to know if it's bad for you to color your hair at home? This video will help you understand what might happen if you do your own color and safe ways to try it out. Check it and let me know if you have any questions? you can also find me at

www. thepowerofhair.tv and Pintrest "thepowerofhair" Come join the conversation!

Mr. Sensei

I dyed my hair blue and everytime I wash my hair the water turns blue is that normal?


Just to point out my hair is naturally super flat


Shut up racist bitch

Ooga Booga


Peter Kermack

If you dye your hair would it grow the colour you dyed it?