Sting hair transplant

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Safe Protocols in Body Hair Transplants | Dr Bhatti explains in DETAIL

5 885 views | 25 Apr. 2020

Dr Bhatti explains his

Dr Bhatti explains his safe protocols in the use of body grafts in hair transplant in his practice and discusses various aspects of body hair transplant in great detail comprehensively from his rich experience of over 10 years in this practice.


You may like to check extensive baldness videos where body hair transplant was used in this Playlist- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL369T6qyYsuGCi4kzF3DoCmmdRRi9vbP3






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prakash prakash

Sir ji ,
you are saying that Donor Dominance Theory is Not True , as the Grafts Taken from the Beard area (Anagen grafts) Do acquire the Character of the Recipient Area over time and loose their Old Character as we change their Location . So in that case it will be safe to assume that Even the Anagen Grafts removed from the Donor area of the Head and transplanted to the Recipient Bald Area in the front would get the same characteristics of the Recipient area AND in such become Susceptible To " DHT " and fall out over time as the Recipient Area would change the Anti DHT Character of the donor hair as the Location Now stands Changed ? So Recipient Dominance holds more substance .
Sir ji as you are vastly renowned and respected in the Hair Transplant Industry , who better than you , could Help us understand this Better .
I request you please address this Query, As this will of Great Help to us .

Shrikant Singh

Thigh hairs do appear same number always on thighs. So, same should happen on scalp. If you permit I can send you thigh hairs photo as I think I have very good double grafted terminal hairs on my thigh. Then you can take me for case study if you wish.

maldives-joshua joseph

I still do not understand one point. Anagen phase and all these 3 phases. Does short anagen phase of body hair means they will fall off after some months after transplantation to the head ?

Sahil Balouria

after lockdown Dr bhatti is going to have a lot of customers. As he have experience and vast knowledge.

Reina Verum

#askdrbhatti - your video included a graphics showing the various anagen duration rules for the various types of grafts. It would be very helpful if you could explain the various curves so that everybody can understand what you are trying to convey.

Shomy Redman

Do you plan to make a video about microneedling/dermarolling (either for better absorption or stimulating growth) ?
What's your opinion on prostaglandin analogues like latanoprost or bimatoprost for hair growth or topical antiandrogens like RU58841 or CB 03-01 more known as clascoterone (Breezula) ?
I'm currently using 0.5mg per day dutasteride (Avodart),1x day 5% minoxidil+ 0.015% tretinoin,2-3x a week 2% ketoconazole shampoo and other days Neutrogena T-Gel or other shampoos with selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione,also using dermapen 1x week at 1.5mm and a couple of days with 1mm gently to increase topical absorption.After a year results are great and still improving !

Kartik Work

Hello doctor , I am going to be 23 this year! Even I'm facing hair loss! I mailed you my images you told me to wait so that we could know the pattern of baldness! I wanted to know what should I do in the meanwhile time like so I can have the best results? Should I use minoxdil? Or something?

mokka channel

Pls u upload frontel line hair removel topic sir plssss so many person affected lower Hair line sir plssssss

Reina Verum

#askdrbhatti - Another bht expert Dr. Umar claims that his patented Ugraft intelligent punch is far superior to other punches when it comes to extracting grafts from very challenging areas (eg. leg, abdomen, nape ) resulting in very low transection rates and very healthy grafts. What is your take on that when eg. comparing with your punch?

Dennis Mwangi

I love your honesty in your presentation. Yu tell it as it is from your experience and knowledge and not just to please would be clients.

Vikky Vats

I use minoxidil regulary . Can I use dove shampoo on alternate days for cleansing minoxidil

Suman Luckyrukta

Sir, what is the life of body hair after transplant

Sameer Grover Sirsa

Sir Hindi mai bhi bnaoo vedio

J International

Hello Dr. Thank you for another excellent video with information I have not seen anywhere else. I have a few questions:
I am taking oral minoxidil 2.5 mg every day and it is working well. I have noticed the common side effect of an increase in body hair. For some this is undesirable however in my case I have mostly body hair transplanted on my head from all over my body so I think this is helping my scalp density in unique ways. Some people have suggested I use finasteride too however since my scalp is covered mostly in body hair which seems to thrive on DHT I am worried finasteride would actually make my scalp hair which is mostly body hair thinner and that oral minoxidil is actually the best drug for me? Do you have ay opinion on taking oral minoxidil vs finasteride for those who have had extensive BHT to scalp hair transplantation?

You mentioned scalp, beard, chest are the ideal donor sources. However when it comes to the hairline would nape, abdomen and even leg hair be good candidates so that the hairline has a soft and natural appearance?

cov fan

#AskDrBhatti Great video Doctor. I have met and spoken to a few really happy patients here in the UK and I am impressed with your success using beard grafts. With a limited scalp donor I think I will have to go down this route, can you tell me when you are likely to reopen and how do I go about having a consultation bearing in mind my location.


Dr Bhatti thank you once more for another fact based video (with your added sense of humour). I was wondering what is the most amount of beard grafts have you used in the appropriate candidate? Also has your opinion of using body hair changed over the last few years? Thanks for sharing!

John Pickering

Dr Bhatti could you please do a video of why FUE is better than FUT and if this is still the case for grade 5/6 on the Norwood scale

love infinity ya lo pondré

Hello sir ¡ i have very thick hair on my body and large with densty is that posible apply on my scalp area .I have 6 grade baldness?

Ankit 6strings

#AskDrBhatti sir cost of transplant in ur clinic w.r.t procedures?

Dear friend

Can pubic hairs transplanted in chicks area! As Both area have same anagen phase...

Shrikant Singh

Why not doctors are thinking on buzz look ( one cut on scalp top) and zero cut on side and back of scalp. Top scalp will be covered with side and back scalp hair through transplant and then doing smp for fuller look. Side and back scalp will be covered with SMP.
This technique should be in case of high grade baldness.

maldives-joshua joseph

BEST. This is the BEST hair-transplsnt video I have seen. I want hair-transplant, so I have seen hundreds of videos including Dr. Suneet Soni's. I can give 100 out of 100 for this video, because of the clarity of explanation. God bless you, Doctor.

Akassh Kocharr

#Askdrbhatti Dear sir in one of your videos you told that we dont have to worry if a bulb shaped transplanted hair comes out. Sir if the donor hair is from beard and if it comes out in slightly bent shape, will it regrow ?

Darling Buds Clinic

In case you wish to ask a question so I can be alerted fast, please add this hashtag just before writing the post-
For those who wish to see a particular part of the video for guidance after they have seen it once, you can click on the timeline below-
7:25 When is BHT indicated
8:24 Can it be done in all cases?
8:50 Arm and leg BHT
9:24 Preop prep for chest BHT
9:58 Minoxidil use for preparing for a BHT from chest
10:17 Will scars be visible?
11:35 Beard BHT in Caucasians
12:04 When can I shave my beard after BHT
12:27 How many grafts can be harvested from the chest?
12:45 Cost of body hair?
13:28 Do grafts change their characteristics when relocated?
15:23 Is BHT painful?
16:02 can BHT be done in a single day session?

Kashif shobhi

Hi sir
Maine transplant karwaya Tha face value clinic se bt sir wo sahi nhi Hua Mai fir se karna chahta hu Mera donner aria weak he sir plz help me

Shubham Dubey

Sir graft rate bataye

Reina Verum

a quite revealing video. Thanks a lot for the information. In terms of the transplanted body hair adapting to existing hair of the recipient area:
1. does this adaption include all hair characteristics in particular thickness and duration of anagen phase?
2. does this adaption also apply to body hair being transplanted from less advantageous areas such as armpits, abdomen and leg hair?

Masud Bhuiyan

My God i just fall in love with your videos and informations... so kind and honest advices and informations you are giving to the world... God bless you sir


Holy hell this was such an informative video! Subscribed

Reina Verum

what do you consider the optimum ratio between beard hair grafts and scalp hair grafts when doing a treatment for a patient with advanced hair loss? (NW5, NW6, NW7)

Raminder Jit Singh Bhatti

#AskDrBhatti what would be the life span of the the grafts harvested from beard? Thanks


Beard hair transplant is last forever? Or what is the life time for beard and chest hair extraction?

John Pickering

Always a thumbs up from me ?


Which size of punch is safe???make a video on this Topic

Tarun Sharma

Dr i traplanted my hairs before 20 days. Hairs also extracted from the beard donor area. But my existing hairs of beard getting grey for last 10 days. I apply sonamate ointment 0.1% .can i stop this medicine
Sir please give this solution of this problem


#askdrbhatti What If you transplant legghair to the back of the neck, will they in time (2 years) become just as good as normal neck hair? This could be an unlimited supply of good donar hair. Does all type of bodyhair become like the "native" hair, in enough time?

rohit saini

What’s your take on hair regrow by cupping?

om pandey

One of the best video on BHT, learned a lot?

nirmit yadav

Sir what about pubic area hair they can be used or not


hi Doc.
you haven't answered which is best oral minoxidil brand in india or do i have order it from thailand?

Reina Verum

#askdrbhatti - Sir, if I wanted to have also hair transplanted from my abdomen and armpits being grafted in the early anagen stage: what is your experience with those grafts in terms of transection rate, survival rate and potential scarring such as hyperpigmentation with caucasians?

Bryan Bloom

What about the back of the neck, below the hairline. Is this a good region?

Sting hair transplant

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Norwood 5 Hair Transplant Before and After | Surgery & 1-Year Results | Dr. Matt Huebner (Corey)

4 900 views | 26 Dec. 2019

Watch as Corey undergoes

Watch as Corey undergoes a hair transplant for his Norwood 5 hairline and then follows up with Dr. Matt Huebner 1 year later to show off his remarkable hair transformation by Natural Transplants | CALL NOW 844-327-4247 | VISIT https://naturaltransplants.com/

Dr. Matt Huebner talks with Corey prior to his HUE+ hair transplant procedure. Starting at a 5 on the Norwood Scale, Corey mentions that when he started to lose his hair earlier than expected it impacted his personal confidence. Corey decided to take the initiative and undergo a hair transplant procedure with Natural Transplants. Corey mentioned the procedure occurred without any issue, saying it was painless beyond the initial anesthesia.

For his 1 year follow up, Corey calls in to speak with Dr. Matt Huebner. Corey shows off his new, full hairline - a full night and day transformation that has positively impacted several facets of his life, including in love, work, and his general mood. Corey used Finasteride to supplement his hair transplant, which helped him keep this current hair and add to the coverage of his hair transplant.

Corey is very excited about his results, and his before and after video speaks to his outstanding progress, making him look better than ever.

But don't just take it from us: Natural Transplants has proven results visible across hundreds of videos and has touched the lives of hundreds of happy patients as evidenced by their testimonials! To watch patient follow-up videos of before and after hair transplant results, view our playlist here at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDvvkHRnoovfQhdla-MWe1FG9Ie_dC2fP

Want to learn more? Talk with a hair transplant doctor for a FREE consultation:

Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic

Toll-Free 844-327-4247

Local +1 954-372-8824


Our team of expert doctors has the experience necessary to help your hair look young and full again, no matter your age. Many doctors are marketing hair restoration without any training or experience in the procedure. At Natural Transplants, our results speak for themselves. Our grafts are permanent and will last you a lifetime. Our exclusive High-Yield Unit Extraction® (HUE) Method achieves unprecedented density for our hair loss patients. This is what sets Natural Transplants apart from the rest of the hair transplantation industry!

Do not underestimate what a hair transplant can do for all areas of your life.

Curious how much a hair transplant costs? Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6-RJYyc2YA

Contact us now for a free of charge hair transplant consultation at 844-327-4247.

Sting hair transplant

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Bryan's Hair transplant didn't work

1 058 views | 12 Jun. 2019

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