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515 views | 1 May. 2020

#homemadelemonoil # DIY

#homemadelemonoil # DIY

Nancy Ebere

Lovely and good whiten cream

Pretty Grace

Wow this is nice

Earl and Ava

Wow! It's very easy to prepare. Your skin looked better when you rubbed it on your body.

sexyosas Tv

Nice 1

Grace Jenny

I know lemon is really helpful

Mhiz JENNY'S World

Going to try this out thanks for sharing sist ❤?

Pretty Lisa


Queen Denis TV


Queen Denis TV

Thanks for sharing

iyore and family tv

I will try dis

Joy Osas

I love lemon oil

bela empire

Nice one

Tina beautytips

Can I use microwave instead of cooking it

pretty_grace oliv

Thxs for sharing ??

Dynamic JoeVee

Hello friend can l use vitamin E oil, instead of coconut oil?

mummy nat tv

Wow I will try this out???????

Sivia Grace

Aboner vous

osasu family Tv

Please can you tell me good creme i can use

Creamy Petra

Wow??Thanks For Sharing

Lighteninglemon com

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How to remove pimples & black spots natural way at home | natural home remedy

318 views | 18 Aug. 2020

In this vedio we will see

In this vedio we will see how to remove pimples & black spots natural way at home


?Spirulina powder

?tea tree essential oil

?Rose water

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?natural body scrub


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?For ur enquiries

[email protected]

#spirullinafacepack #removepimples #mahahealth&beautyworld

Jamunah Satheesh

Hi unga vedio regular a watch panra tipslam supper
Tamilnadil irundhu jamunah

Banuja Banu


Shivani Shivani

Useful tips

Sinthu Sinthuja

Ithu eanka kidakum


thanks for the tips.

Siva Sakthi

Super helpful

Suganya Selvarajah


Ajanth AJAN


Yuga's Kitchen

Very helpful

Keethu Keethu

Sis enaku pimples irugu intha vedio enaku nalla useful thanks sis

Anusha Mohan

Rompa thanks mam ithu share paninathugu enda mugathila niraija pimples irugu ithu enagu nalla useful vedio mam

Hari Nam


D Series Kids

Very useful tips.. thanks for sharing.. ??

Yathurshika Yathu

Useful information

BlendAll Tamil

Super tips maha??

Kanapathi Selvarajah

Supper tips

Samanthi Suthakaran

Supper vedio sis unga voice good

habbers kitchen


Amsu Kutty

Enaku pimples iruku kadayam pokuma intha kadal paasi powderku

Tharmini Tharmini

Nijamave pimple pokuma mam

Lighteninglemon com

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DIY Lemon Highlights Experiment

54 179 views | 4 Jun. 2020

Thanks for watching! If

Thanks for watching! If you liked this video please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up and subscribing for more fun videos. Also, comment below any video suggestions or thoughts about this little experiment!

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- Jackfruit Tacos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD2Ykij4qGs

- Raspberry White Chocolate Banana Bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkT-eOgphkk

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Vibe Check

Are you French? Because you got some strong French genes?


Does it work with medium hair with Boys ?

Michael Joseph Jackson

It really works


Wow your hair ???
Can you please tell me ...can i get silver hair or grey hair with lemon juice ???my actually hair is dark brown ....

Prutha Upari

How much time does it takes for change colour??


Girl you are so pretty!

alan yeah just alan

Your cute ☺

Yuhh ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ



Just because it's natural doesn't mean it won't fuck up your hair

Savvy Hollow

Do u have a lemon tree and why are they so big?? Frm Tx and never seen such ?

Foriya Foriya

Can I use it to color my facial hair golden?


Does it work without the sun..? I'm tryna leave it in for 2 hours but without sun because were I live much sun isn't here :(

Nicholas Biddle

You can buy lemon juice goofball

Adeine Venice

I like ur videos

kazuya_ masumi

Um question please ?‍♀...
I consume lemon water, will that do the job...??

Nicole Guzman

but for how long do you do it im gonna do this em i gonna apply lemon for a week or how many days?

J Jjingn

wouldn’t it have a smell?

Nurul Natasha

Will try this lucky Malaysia is only have summer season

Annabel Outdoors

I naturally have light brown hair similar to yours and it works but it takes like a week for good highlights to start showing. I always wet my hair first in a pool(chlorine speeds it up) and then spray a TON of lemon juice in my hair. I let it dry in my hair for 3+ hours and try to stay in the sun. I got one of those huge water bottle sized things of it and 4 days in its all out lol. but it works eventually!!

kaira adisya

can i dry it wth hair dryer?


you’re beautiful and i’m sat with lemon juice on my hair right now

Debishtha Basumatary

If we Use ? lemon in hair it may cause our Skin tone ( Darker skin ) ????

everyone left but depression didn't

She's pretty af

Monish Chandanshive

Is it okay to let it apply and soak overnight coz here in Norway there's no sucha thing called sun we barely see it tho.. Olivia ?

Emily Guido

Love this! It looks a little lighter! I wonder what a good length of time is? Maybe the one week you mentioned would do it

Reagan Guido

The loud sound LOL

Hanna Kim Buenafe

Does it work without the sun? Because I'm asian and I easily get dark when I'm under the sun btw you're really pretty ?

Agnes Kratochvílová

You are absolutely beautiful

Yasmine Dwedar

what nail polish shade and brand please <3

Itz_NicoNico _LilBeanッ

Apply lemon juice then rinse do it twice a day

Aki Iwata

Hi you are so pretty!!!!!!! I did a video on bleaching my hair too!!!!!

Just Jana77

Will it work if I put lemon and then shower?

craig etherly

your were supose to wet ur hair then apply the let sit in the sun 1 or 2 hours

RJ Sai

You look like Anne Hathaway at first glance tho. So pretty~

Layan Attili

If we used a hair dryer will it work ?

Masher Sounds

I just thought if you kept the lemon juice in spray bottle and did it over a week or two in the english "sun" would it make up about 3 days of doing it with the sum ya get me or like nah


I'm gonna use this! But I have a question: do you have to wash your hair before or right after treatment?

eighteen special



So after you put the lemon juice and go outside do you take a shower when you come in like when you do it everyday or just take a shower normally?

༺ alex ༻

does it damage your hair? i want to try it since i dyed my hair days ago but it didn’t made any difference

lyrics club

Can i use it when my hair is wet?

Kimmy Lee

She looks like brent’s friend——— Jeremy


you are so pretty omg

Longing Heart

You’re drop dead gorgeous!


I saw a diffrence... In the thumbnail


I don't have to do this, my hair gets naturally bleached which I find bothersome, during winter it's chestnut colored but during the summer everyone thinks I dye my hair. One summer I was completely blonde which was weird

Abagale Bundy

I'm gonna try this later! My hair used to be really blonde, but as I got older it went into a dirty blonde!

Payal khurana MakeupArtist &Hairstylist

Vry vry nuc mam ??

Fabian Calzada

Does it work with Lime?

h a r r y

Can i use lime? cause we don't have any lemons


I just wanna know if it stays forever if not i will try this


bruh i want to so bad but im afraid ill screw up my hair

4 P

It look lighter to me looks like it works I’m just scared would my hair frizz

리 조영 7조

Does the colour stay?

Ach ouak

We want that videooooo gurllll ^--^

Brody K

That tiny lemon is a huge one to me

009 009

Does lemons help in lightning skin i heard if you ho out with lemon on your skin in the sun itll get darker already tanned alot dont want mote plz reply (;-;)

321 321

I’ve recently bleached and toned my hair, it’s like a yellowish blonde right now and my hair is naturally black. Will it work in this situation?

pizza panda

yes there is difference , try mixing the lemon with chamomile tea it helps

Jinnamon Roll

i/ve been doing chamomile and lemon juice on my hair for a while, its made my hair super-shiny and its definitly a bit lighter

Oliv Jerry Tom

What should I do to get my old hair colour?

Nazir Hossain

Hey I do this today at 11:30 apply and leave for it 12:30 but I didn't saw any difference why it's happened? Can you please explain to me? And one thing I have black hair but I also coloured my hair 5 years ago and I want to do it again so before that I want to highlight my hair naturally please tell me.

Riri Gghi

hi girl my hair was already very light brown (dark blonde)and now it looks more light blonde especially in the sun i did tumeric 2 tbs and lemon juice and 2 egg yolks i really recommend u try it ❤?

Noor Alshehabi

Does this work on black hair?


Girl you need a spray bottle for that lemon juice!!