Retin a 0.025 cream

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Tretinoin Before and After | My Experience & Tips

48 802 views | 24 May. 2020

Good morning (or

Good morning (or afternoon) beauties!! Today I wanted to share my 3 month experience with Tretinoin, AND before and afters with my prescription strength Tretinoin (0.025%). It's been quite the journey so far but well worth it. I'm sharing my 3 month before and afters in this video but I've been so far using it for about 5-6 months when I post this. I hope this video really helps anyone that has been contemplating starting it OR maybe hasn't even heard of this before and perhaps I've sparked some interest!.. Either way, let me know if this was helpful and any video suggestions, comments and feedback are always welcome!!

Dr. Davin Lim's Channel:


Dr. Dray's Channel:



Lots of Love,

-Rheanie xo


Your before picture looks just like me! I also used it to harshly the first time through and am a couple months into my second attempt. Your results are so encouraging to see!!

Cutie Cat

Hi I hope you can reply me... I'm using Retin A but the 00.5% and I put on my skin every night because stress cause acne and now i got it in my cheeks only is normal that now I have more acne than before? And how many time I will see the results? And if the treatment is slow but sure? Please i hope you can reply me. Because I'm desperate my face looks so ugly!❤?

Stacey 26

Ive just started my tretinoin journey and feel like its making my nasabiol folds look worse ? Is this normal


Love your sense of humour. You’re skin looks amazing

Aisha Alobaidi

hi your skin is verry nice , i have used it more than month almost every day but still there is red pimple when i should see the result ?

Wania Ans

i am amazed??you are looking amazing... your scars have improved a lot wowww??

Gauri Shukla

Hi Rheanie!
Your video was really helpful... m just going to start using tretinoin 0.025% soon... i will be using pea size amount with moisturizer....

But is it true that "once u start using tretinoin u cant stop as acne will return worse"?? I see some comments saying this...
M scared abt this now...

Isabella B

1. Ease into it. Start with a low dosage. Twice a week to three times to five times to daily. This last stage of applying tretinoin daily should be in your second month.
2. Moisturize before tretinoin if your skin is getting dry and flaky. Definitely Moisturize after. And moisturize well.
3. Sunscreen is the key. Always always always use sunscreen even if you’re planning to stay locked inside.
4. Wash your face with a non drying cleanser. Try washing it with plain water in the morning. And a cleanser only in the evening. I’ve crazy oily skin too but my oil production has actually decreased after this.
5. Don’t use toners. Don’t use scrubs. You can use a washcloth but no other exfoliants.
6. Keep your skincare routine really simple.
7. Don’t wax or do any peeling or facials. Just don’t. Your skin will peel.
8. Don’t pick your skin no matter how tempting. Don’t touch those whiteheads. They’ll go on their own.
9. You can apply makeup. But only if you really really have to. It’s not going to be a smooth application anyway.
10. Also, you’re definitely going to be dealing with purging and dryness. You might deal with this for anywhere between 2 weeks to 3-4 months. Also, the purge might start immediately or after 1-2 months but don’t give up. It’ll pass.
11. Don’t stop tretinoin once you get clear skin. The acne will come back. Trust me, that was my worst mistake. And then you’ll have to start tretinoin again and then there will be another purge and you don’t want that. Reduce the frequency. Use it twice or thrice a week. But keep using it for as long as you want clear skin.
12. Also, you’re not going to be completely clear ever. You might get one or two zits every month. But they’ll be tiny. So don’t worry.
13. The purge can be frustrating. Dryness and redness can be very painful. Looking in the mirror would make you cry. It’ll be bad. You’ll mostly be cursing your skin during the initial months but don’t give up. It does get better. It really does. And you’ll have the skin you’ve always wanted.
Sending you all lots of love and good skin for your journey. We’re in this together!!

Anne Briones

You are so pretty ?

Amanda Wood

your skin looks so great!

Shainaz Shainaz

Mash Allah

Mandy Gump

Goshhh you're just gorgeous with or without acne


you look awesome......i love you????


Thank you sister ur skin is glowing like crystal clear ??❤️❤️I using it now waiting for skin to be like u ☺️

Kajal Chauhan

Is it work on to prevent oil production and on Whiteheads n blackheads please reply I am in depression ??????

lakambini vice

How about i use glycolic acid toner from TO 1x aweek while using tretinoin 1x aweek? Is that ok?

Amaxxx !!!

So I’m using differin which is really working for me on one part of my face lol. I want to switch to tretinoin but I’m so scared cuz what it my face goes back to how it was. I thought what if I just use it on one part of my face and differin on the other.... or use differin once a week and tretinoin once a week as well. So idkkkkk your thoughts?

Meenakshi Kashyap

Hey! U really look like Nina Dobrev?

O Kavaya Savage

HOW ARE YOUR TEETH SO PERFECT!!!! literally what do you do?! so stunning and white
do you drink coffee? haha

Arvind Dhillon

You can be a gorgeous model

Suraj Molla

Thanks you dear

Wajiha Nayab

I'm using tretinoin from 2 months my skin become more oily is it normal?


TETrinoin ????? girl I am cracking up

Stephen Romanczuk

You're stunning :O

Taytay Queen

Early 20s? Wow you have a very mature look! Gorgeous.

Samiyah Zaman

I watched your previous video on tretinoin and your skin has improved from seeing your makeup it’s smooth and no texture xx woooow

Grazz Figueredo

I started having acne at 12. 28 years passed, but the acne stayed. I have tried everything. Cremes, testosterone blockers, isotretinoin, laser, microdermabrasion, microneedling. So far no good results. I will give this cream a go now.

Mina Yoongi

i am using tretinoin also for 2 weeks now,I followed dr.dray advice,never had purging and irritation ???

bol la

U deserve so much more subscribers lol...so much better and honest Dan others fake YouTuber lol.......the way u talk...it's so soothing in my ears...❤️?


so pretty! you remind me of Tzuyu or Nina Dobrev

Elizabeth Long

Just started on tretinoin! I'm a little scared

Muskaan C.

Hello!! Im only 17 can i use it? I dont know but i have lines on my under eyes and acne?

Rohini Polimera

Does it work for acne scars...can I use along with derma roller?

Kevin Baird

Are you taking a higher than .025 now?


Does tret cause eye dryness???

Amarachi Mgbemena

So while on tretinion it isn’t advisable to use other acids? Because I use the ordinary salicylic acid in the morning and tretinion in the night but do you think it’s advisable to be using the salicylic acid? Please I really need your honest opinion

Jessica Foutz

I’m 35 and have wanted to use this for over 5 years but was too scared about “the purge”. Now because I can wear a mask because of covid I decided to start last night. You look gorgeous! Thanks for the video and wish me luck

Mina Yoongi

just found your video,new sub.here???

Kate Rivera

Your so pretty and ur skin looks amazing ! Also You really look like camila mendes ...lol

aayat saifi

Why my skin getting darker with retin a plz help I only use it twice a week

Onrie Barbanida

Love your lippie shade!? suits you


Awesome video! Very high info
I just ordered some and am finding advice online

yasa ine

Youre so so pretty! Love your makeup too, lipshade is 10/10


It’s pronounced Tret in oh in ;)


I love Dr. Lim and Dr. Dray. Your skin looks amazing.


you look absolutely amazing! I am also watching Dr Lim and Dr Dray :)
Do you know, If I can use tretinoin together with a LED light Mask?

Mousy Leigh

I love Tretinoin for antiaging. I used it some for acne but ended up using accutane which worked great!

LauraFavs LauraFavs

Do people pronounce tretinoin like that on purpose? (As in, is it one of those words that you don't pronounce it how its spelt?) Because I've heard other people pronounce it like that too. They are pronouncing it TETRANOIN but its spelt TRETINOIN (basically they're prounoucing the 'R' in the wrong place). Sorry for the finicky question, I just genuinely want to know if you're just pronouncing it wrong on whether that's how its supposed to be.

salman Ali

Your voice is like music for my ears

peace world

You are the living prove...im on retin a also.
im on the 2nd month. My acne is clearing up. But i always have doubt on getting rid of my scars..after seeing your improvement, i have a hope..my scars same as yours..thank you for the video?

cagatay erdogru

You are beautiful,thank you!

Mousy Leigh

I also love following those dermatologists on YouTube. I just love learning about skin care. I posted a video of my 10 year results on tretinoin. I’m 35 now . Keep using it and you’ll be happy you did.

a priori on toast

It gave me peeling and blisters but only give me dryness and flakiness when I quit using acids. I'm using 0.1 the highest percentage and before I was using retinol. The hardest task is sourcing it cruelty free but it's actually possible you might want to check out curology (US) or Dermatica (UK) it's legal , cruelty and prescription free and their products are much better quality than pharmacy bought products. All Purpose Creams , RX pharmacy and alldaychemist say they stock cruelty free tret as well. Your product is made by Stiefel Laboratories i'm not sure if they are cruelty free but they might not test animals on that specific product you'd have to email them. =/
Thankx for sharing (=

Sapna Shetty

Hi which brand is good tretinoin 0.025 percnt

Sergio Cantera

I suffer with horrible acne in certain areas , got this today hopefully it works):

Jesus is my God & Saviour Soldier for Jesus Christ

You are absolutely beautiful and I loved all the information you talked about. I just started mine. 0.05. Im looking forward to see how my skin goes. So glad it's working out for you. You have a new subscriber. ?

Just a question. I wear makeup. Do you have any tips about reapplying sunscreen over makeup! Or is it okay if I apply it once before makeup. Thank you for your help.


Your teeth look amazing what do you do to them ?

garima sharma

Can someone please help me. I am using 0.025% Tretinoin and my face is becoming one shade darker have no peeling just some pimples not any other side effects. Is it normal ??

Benmilu paws life

Does it help pitted scars?


Your smile amazing ?

GoldenPeach Gaming

you look like nina dobrev!!

Vicky Sharma

What about adaplene?


I'm using cerave resurfacing retinol serum for my redness an acne spots an scars . idk if I use this it'll be too much .. Also not tryna look younger . I'm a 25 male an always get mistaken for a 20 or 19 yr old? lol.

Justina N

Such a great video, thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve just started using it myself 0.05% , trying to juggle the side effects as my skin got a bit irritated. You are right - twice a week is more than enough at the beginning ?

fall riego

Did you see any changes on your indented scars while/after using tretinoin?

Shanzay Khan

Hi. It's been two weeks since I'm using tretinoin. My skin has been feeling very sensitive and red but I'm trying not to worry about it. Can you please tell me if it would help with my skin texture? My cheeks have whole lot of white heads inside my skin like bumps. Would it get better? Thank you so much for a great video ?

Asen Senz

I'm using tretinoin for two weeks now 0.025% strength. I use it every night along with moisturizer. It doesn't irritate me much as my skin is not very sensitive. Love the glow i get after using it.?❣️

Steph M

I cannot with TEtrinoin ? anyhoo I just found your channel and I love your content! and girl please do not use it every night. Make sure to use it over moisturiser. I'm 21 and also using 0.05 tretinoin for a month now, using it once every 5 days in the first 2 weeks, then every 3 days and my blemishes that usually last forever(months) to go away now only takes about a week!

Kabrea Janae

Did you use it all over your place or just certain areas?


You're so purrdy. I like your cat-like features.

Jemicah Tingzon

Hello beautiful. May I know also what you use to maintain your gorgeous smile? Haha! <3


Hi, this video and Dr. Dray's videos got me to start on Tretinoin. This is not Tretinoin related, but I could see that you are very aware of you facial bone structure and features, you are excellent with your makeup. Your blusher is on the right places, you know how to contour your face with it. Your eyes are well countoured as well. Over all, you know the makeup style for your face very well. :)

RemRemi Frost

Sis says "Tetrinoin". I can't ? Cute tho? Loves it❤️


you are so pretty, girl! your skin really cleared up ??

sizzling girl

Removes old chicken pox scars too?

_larina_ 15_

I will use it in 1 week and I’m pretty anxious about using Tretinoin... My skin is always a problem for my self-confidence and if my skin gets even more bad with more pimples and suddenly with dry flakes I don’t know how to handle it. I want my skin to become better but I’m really scared of the purge..?

Nini Mimi

it's tRetinoin not tetrinoin ;)

dj Doll

Hi dear , I have started using it .I have used continuously three days .but I haven't seen any peeling off. Does this happens ? Bcz many time I heard retinal makes dry skin but does not happen with me..

Julie Mann

Something is wrong with the sound at the beginning. Good video

Madison Porcelain

you look like Nina dobrev!

Trangg Changg

Could u tell me which types of your skin??? Oily dry or normal skin.

Habeeba sultana Abhi sultana

You look like alexa good


my skin is getting used to tret. first time i put it on i got really red and my skin was on fire. my chin exploded with bunch of pustules that were cysts before. i am now using it without any redness but i’m still peeling i’m on week 3. i’ve used it for 3-4 times probably.
i have high hopes! let’s go


Do you do your own eyebrows?

Ally Christiansen

Love the flow, thanks for sharing your why and how.

Retin a 0.025 cream

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retino a 0.025%cream review,tretinoin cream review,my experience with tretinoin,before and after

61 702 views | 21 May. 2020


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Aiasha Parvin

Mam aapki sabse acchi baten lagti he ki aap sabko reply karte ho prblm solve karte ho ...mam Meri age 25 he or mujhe 0.05 Mila kkiya me use Karu ....mere face pe ayse much prblm nhi he bus skin thodi dull hogayi he or thoda fine lines agyi he to Kiya me ye use Karu ..plzz jaldi reply kardo..aapke reply aane parhi me start karungi ...plzzz

Diksha Adhikari

Mam me retino crem 2 days se used kar rahi hu baki din me mamaaerth ka night crem laga sakti hu plz bataye

Savita Chauhan

25 age wale log use kr skte h Kya mam

Nitu Kumari

Sis ye cream m 2 week se use kr rhi hu ye cream skin ko kb tk peel krega

sona khan

mene 3 din use ki hai is cream ko raat me laga kr soyi hu morning facewash kiya 3 din use karke mera face jalan ho rhi h or khal bhi chhut rhi h kya karu mam

Seema Lohat


Kavisha Shah

Which moisturiser and face wash do you use with it?

Parminder Kaur

Mam mere face pr pimple to nai hai agr Mai ye cream use kru to pimple to nai as jaenge. Plz rply

entertainee world

Maam i m using this cream for 1 week, my skin became too dark nd pimples. ? And its peeling too.. Should i stop or continue... Please reply....my request...i am too scared...my marriage is coming ... What should i do??

S Pattnaik

In how many days we can get a healthy skin .as my wedding is in december.sud I use or nt pl tell

Kiki V

How can I get retino a cream without prescription ?

Prajakta Chidrawar

Can i use glycolic acid and retino a on alternate days?

Neha Rawat

Mam meri skin oily hn or bahut jada chipchipi h ab pimples bhi nikal rhe hai skin daal ho gai toh mam yeah cream asar karegi


Maine sunscreen nahi lagaya. Aur mujhe kuch nahi hua.

kalpana suryawanshi

Is cream ko pure face pe lagana hai ya sirf affected area me, please suggest.

Yamini Kumbhariya

All skin type pr apply kr skte hai kya mem???

Sumaiya Summu

Mam mere face pe melacare cream ka bahut side effect hogaya hai Kya isse wo thik hosakti hai Kya mam Maine ek video dekha usme unhone kaha retino a use karne se problem solve hosakti pls reply mam

Nancy Jaiswal

Please reply... Mam I am tired of trying many things on my dark spots.. with no results.. please tell me does it reduce dark spots??

girls power

Dii mere face pe comedones h kya main ye use kr Sakti huu

Neha Gaur

Ise kB to continue Karna h aur ise chhodne k baad kya skin pahle jaisi ho jayegi

Soju Moni

I can't find it anywhere how will i buy it

Namkeen & Sweet Dishes

Api ye cream to mujy kahee se b ni mil rehe hy plzz ap bta dy ye kidr se mily gi agr kisi websit se,sahe orignl milti hy to plz btye

Dr.Subham Gupta

Kitna makeup lagti ho Yaar?

Piyush Bastrai


Sathi Khatun

Mere iskin TRETINOIN Lagake Mera Skin kala pargayi ?

Sima Bhange

Tretionon use kr sakte he

Madhu Agarwal

Mere doctor nai mujhe ye cream diya tha for millia...but after using this cream mera skin khrb ho gya h..pls help me mera skin kaise thik hoga

Manju Dhiman

Matlb raat ko face wash krke moisturizer LGa ke, phir sunscreen LGa ke ye retino a cream LGa kr 1hour LGa kr Dho Lena hai raat ko.. Alter day plz btae Samjh Nhi aaya

Sowmya Chavan

Nice but i m using Bioderma Sebium Gel moussant this gel has reduced my acne.

Vicky Anand Kumar

Mam on my Face burn marks is there it is. 7 year old scar can I use plz reply


Can I use it for kp.. strawberry skin?
Please reply...

zubby zubby

Can I use sebogel on alternate days plz rply

Puypuy Selesha

Mam i use 3 weeks but my pimples coming worse n dry I'm so scared , Will i continue please reply me...

Pooja Engel

Normal skin k liye kinsa ratinol cream use kare wrinkles k liye???

karthika biju

Didi is this remove pimple marks

Shainaz Shainaz

Mere face pe pigmentations hoo gaya hai main kya a use karo retino A mujhe dr ne First month main kromalite deya ta kuch b Result nai aaya 2nd month main Hydroquinone cream USP eukroma cream deya hai eukroma ke saat retino A cream use karo

Sangeeta Kar

Mam dermatologist suggest me this cream for open pores can I use this along with this she suggest ekransunscreen


Tratinoin 0.025 ko kon si age se use kar skte hain?

bon vivant

So I am bit confused here... You said to wash face after an hour or so.

Rimjhim verma

Will it help in removing dark circles

Sandhya Gurung

How long should it be used??? Can we discontinue this cream after getting desired results???

Sakina Ansari

Maam mere laugh lines bhutt kaale hogye hai .. kya karu?

Every Second Counts

Can it also treat ketosis pilaris?

Sajid Choudhary

Moisturizer ki jagha pe baby cream use ker sakte h

Mona Dhiman

Mam i don't knw phle use kia tha y cream tb isne peeling ki or acha effect dia tha pr is br ptani oiling ho jata h face greasy sa

Anwar Ali

Face k ghadhe bhare ge ye cream kya

shree tekale

Can we use castor oil after retino A

Poorvi Chachadi

Is it good for pimples marks.. if yes after how many days it clear acne marks... Plz reply mam


After 30 min how to wash this cream with plain water or face wash

Zamara Tahir

Plz tell me that retino and accretin both are same?

jahira salam

Today my dermat suggestd this for me...thnks 4 d vdeo..it was really helpful...
But i hve to mix this cream wth another one and apply.
What is the bst moisturiser that suits oily skin and is helpful at the tym of peeling...can u suggst one 4 me ...please

Ganesh Kumar

mai storiod cream use kiya h to kya mai ab ise use kr skti hu

Yamini Kumbhariya

Raat me lagakar chod sakte hai??

Namkeen & Sweet Dishes

Api es cream k sth konsa moisturiz use krna chahye ? Jo b use kry koi problm to ni hogi?

suman poddar

Ma'am if I m always at home, even then sunscreen is required?
Please reply ?

Shalini Shalu

Mam my skin very sensitive I use this

Ankit Mitra

glad i watched the video...mai to lagake sone wala tha! :P thanks

Nahida Laskar

Can we do facial while using this cream in the first month?


I am using tretinoin cream and it has been a more than a week since 4th oct. now my pimples and marks are more visible and i feel burning sensation after using a sunscreen... it burns to badly for a while then after few minutes it settles down... I use retino A every night... for overnight. please suggest me? should i use it every other day or i should continue using it anyway.
pleaseeee reply?

Romana Akter

Price kitna

Md Kader

Mam chaayi thik hota hai isye

sona khan

mene 3 din use ki hai is cream ko raat me laga kr soyi hu morning facewash kiya 3 din use karke mera face jalan ho rhi h or khal bhi chhut rhi h kya karu mam

Sunita Rathod

Mam my tretinion usb tretin 0.025% cream use karri hu or aqunesoft with vit E moisturaizar fecial cream lagti hu 8 din hua muje jalna or peel of mask nikal raha to my kya karu pls reply me mam

Rakhi Sahani

Isy chor deny k bad kya skin dark ho jaygi?

Jayanta Kumar

Mera past me bahut pimple hua tha aur present me kafi daag dhabbe ho gaya hai ,gaddhe ho gaye hai kya mai laga sakta hoon...??

Mrs Queen

Yeh use karnese keya tiny bumps jeyega?

zubren ostumbi

can you do a video on armpit lightening please

Riya Mahobiya

Thigh par Stretch marks ho to use kar sakte h kya????

Manisha Singh

It's remove pimples marks or dark circles plz tell me????

Manshi pawar

Mam i m 22 and meri eyes ke neeche fine lines hai..toh kya mai ise use kr skti hu?

Rashmitha Singh

Will it work on.open pores also plz rply

Murugan Sandhiya

Now I'm using but I have some fear

Manju Dhiman

Dear Kitni cost hai Iski plz btae

sahiba siddiqui

Nic explanation ... Result kB tk show honge 1 week 2 week 1 month???? Plz reply ?????

Suhana Suha

Mam I am trying to get pregnant... can I use this cream???

Radha Paliya

Kya y cream kanhi bhi mil jayegi

Kajal Sahu

Mam kya neck par bhi use kar sakte hai

Anjana Sivaparvathy

Its very effective on pimple marks.got result within two week.

S Pattnaik

Does is v any effect on pregnancy or who is trying to conceive

Mitali Tarale

Everyone should go for this one.. very nice effects m personally experiencing

sizzling girl

Does it work for chickenpox holes

Preeti Verma

Mai tretonoin 0.025%one month se use krrhi hu week me 1 bar ye tube bilkul khtm hone k bad muje yei% use krni chaiye ya usse dusri dusri lu to konsi vali use kru meri age 30 h

Rohini Polimera

Hii...can we use it when we dermaroll our face... please reply

Piyush Bastrai

Completely satisfied

Nancy Jaiswal

Does it reduce dark spots on face? Due to acne?

rakib gj

A cream meri jindigi vadal dia.i love this cream❤❤❤

Suman Sultana

Mem meri age 22 hai or Meri skin pr acne or porse ki problem hai Kiya me retinol cream use kr Sakti hu plzzz reply me

Shabbu Shabbu

Mam. After delivay can use this cream

Sushma Chaudhary

But how's this apply

RNS Bilal

I have a pimple marks on my face can i use it?

Kanchan Thakur

Mam cream ke sath kumkumadi tailam oil mix krke lga sakti hu ???

Anu Lama

Im 28 yrs can i used this cream

Saleem Azhari

Aankho ki jhooriya kam karti hai ye cream ??

SMW Satyam Music World

In my nose,chin and forehead area lots of Whiteheads and blackheads.Can i use tretinoin cream??? Hope You reply

Bong Doll

Mam kb moisturizer lagau Meri skin bohot dry n sensitive n acne prone hain .Konsa moisturizer lagau

akash shrivastav

Iske sath mamaearth ka apple vinegar moisturizer used kr sakte hy

kusum tiwari

Mam i m 15 i have comedonal acne n scars can i use tretonoin 0.025 plz reply mam ❤️

sukhvir sukhi

Mam how to use moisturizer and sunscreen with retino and faceclin gel

Namkeen & Sweet Dishes

Ye cream kitny arsy tk use kry kia agr hmre skin bilkul teak ho jye to pir esko chor sakty hy

Manisha Khanna

Madam Mai toh 20-22 din se use kar raha hun but koi reaction nhi hai ?

Retin a 0.025 cream

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Everything About Tretinoin (Retin A) Cream | #tretinoin #RetinA

4 573 views | 18 Oct. 2020

#tretinoin #RetinA

#tretinoin #RetinA #retinoA #VitaminA

If you have been prescribed tretinoin cream by a dermatologist, then this video is perfect for you. I'm going to be covering everything there is to know about this cream right from how it works, to its uses, benefits, side-effects and application!

PS: Please do not self-medicate with tretinoin especially if you have dry sensitive skin. Please consult your dermatologist before starting this cream.

Hope you like the video!

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Anita Sonar M

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please create video on dramarollerr

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Will it reduce the acne open pore scars?

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goal motivational video

Any side effects


Mam mai aloevera gel aur rose water use karta hu kya mai woh chod kar tertenoin shuru kar sakata hu kya ? Plz reply aur uske sath kya nahi karna chahiye aur kya karna chahiye plz details dijiye ?

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