Rose hip seeds

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Grow Roses from Seed: Start to Finish

180 211 views | 23 Mar. 2019

Let's go through growing

Let's go through growing roses from seed, all the way from seed collecting, stratification, germination and transplant. I have another couple of vids on the topic of rose seeds. The first one covers the question of what to expect:


The second one shows how to clean the seeds from rose hips:


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A Person

so you put the seeds into a refrigerator or a freezer?

Therese Ortola

I have some seeds I collected this October and they're now out of their hips. Do I have to soak them before I put them in vermiculite? I see you have glasses with water and seeds soaking. Thank you.
PS. great video, just what I was looking for!

Tarannum Meher

How can I germinate rose seed in Bangladesh?

Mister Kaos

One trick for moistening large batches of vermiculite is the "pudding method," where you fill up a burlap sack with vermiculite, cinch it closed with a cord, and dunk the whole thing in a drum of water for 20 minutes. Then you pull it out, tie a rope to it and swing it around to get the excess water out. Make sure your knots are tied tight, otherwise the whole thing might go flying and smash into something!

David Alford

I have put my rose seeds in the fridge. Can you post a video on care after initial transplanting. Amount of water used and how often. Fertilizers?


I found some wild roses in California. Small blossoms, amazingly fragrant with small leaves and lanky branches. Can I cross this with a garden rose?

Boj Backyard Fabrication

Hello, is this process applicable to all kinds of rose seeds? Would you know if roses from tropical countries (only rainy and sunny seasons) grow with this process? I watched this video twice already by the way. ?

Kien Hong Ng

Do you need to check whether it is too dry and need a bit of water in those 3 months? Thanks.

Annalee Altavilla

So it's February, and the rose hips have been out in the cold all winter. Do I still need to cold stratify the seeds of I want to plant this spring?

Rose Frazier

Just in the fridge or in the freezer ? Thanks


Wonderful, helpful information as always. Quick question- if I harvest hips in January ( instead of November) could I shorten the stratification in the fridge? Thanks!

P Natty

Hi Jason are you located in Calgary. I was wondering if you could strat the process of my rose seeds and I would compensate you for the time.

Shaoming Hong

Thanks for the video. May I know if I can use vermiculite as well for the transplanting?

F Dickson

Hi Jason, thank you for the video. been binge watching your channel. Anyway, pardon my ignorance, but do you wet the soil where you put your germinated seeds? I don't have green house, can I just cover the seedling trays with bottles or containers? Or just leave them out under direct sunlight? Thanks heaps!

Katie's Yarn

I don't have enough time to wait for 3 months!

Ghost Dzair

Hi i just found that my seeds are sprout? what should i do and how to take care of them?

Mr. juice the beetle

What kind of potting mix did you put the seedings in?

Amanda Lee

We recently just moved house,and we have loads of rose hips..im definitely going to try this. Thank you for sharing..new subscriber over here??


Hey I have a question. Why do you have to put it in the fridge? Shouldn't it be warmer? I'm a new to botany and I have many questions.

Roselyn Scott

I purchased seed for climbing roses. I received 10 seed I don’t know if they have gone through stratification process. Would the same directions work for me or do I do something different? If so, what? Thanks

Leyna Abbey

I have a seedling from a mini rose bush that I planted, from seed, in early May, and it's now the end of June. It has 1 bud on it, but not tons of leafy growth. Is that normal?

Taylor Joy

Out of curiosity, how long do you expect a bloom from the seedling point? I just planted a Mini Pink Rose about 3-4 weeks ago, and nothing was sprouting so i thought it was a dud, but this video helped very much. How long should i expect it to start sprouting?

Jeuni Ceff Umali

im trying to grow some roses from my girlfriend for her 18th birthday

Boj Backyard Fabrication

A newbie here, but very in love into growing roses. Basically I need all the help I can get. I live in a tropical country, Philippines. Would these kinds or varieties endure and live here? You also said that seeds sold as "rare varieties" are fake, and I guess you're right, because I already had three attemps with zero success. It could also be due to the wrong process I did (did not put it in the fridge). I will purchase more and follow the procedure in this video. I really wished that I can see success on these in my lifetime of trying. Please help. Thank you very much.

Freddie Hill

can I use pumice instead of vermiculite?

Jo Sheridan

Question I’ve stratified some hybrid tea rose seeds looks like with success one has leaves and few have rooted so imminent sprouts appearing :) . I now have a centifolia that didn’t have ripe enough rose hips until last week . So if I leave them cooled for 3 months it will be too hot here. Is 6-8 weeks be too short? Mid/ late September shouldn’t be too hot here so they may have a chance of rooting after I take them out of the fridge? By mid October it will be too hot I think in Australia.

David Jones

Very helpful video. Apologies if you have answered this before. What is the potting mix you are potting on to? Cheers David

Jayden Maxwell

Can you recommend two effective techniques to break dormancy of rose seeds. It's for a horticulture assessment.

Berta Morgan

Great video... QUESTION: you were very specific about vermiculite...what soil mix do you use for seedlings and seed starts?

wendy daigle

I just did this the other day, but I didn’t soak the seeds first. Did I mess everything up??

Grunge horton Ampa

How long it takes in ref?

Arthur Ablett



Hi Jason, thanks for the video. I never knew that roses produced seeds even though I was aware of rose hips. Now my sister in-law who lives in the Philippines (elevation 980' or 299m)would like me to send her some rose seeds which is what led me here to your video. May I have an answer to the following question? If I send her rose seeds from my area (10a in Southern California) which are growing on our community garden chain link fence ( Small yellow flowers-variety not known with long stems 6-7' ) probably a climbing type rose, if she follows your advice would she be able to get them to germinate and grow there in the humid tropics. Of course I'm aware of some of the challenges to do so and would guide her to the right websites etc; to help them hopefully thrive but, primarily I just want to know if they will germinate and grow with your method? Thanks


Thank you for this video! Would it also work to plant the seeds in the fall and have them go through an actual winter outside?

enu shalu

After you collect the Rose Hips from the tree how long can the Hips be kept before you should harvest the seeds ?

Nici Corps

Hi Jason ? i have just realised i made a mistake and i am not sure what i should do now. I have collected my seeds and followed instructions but i forgot to put them in the fridge :( it has only been two days and they have already germinated! Should i put them in the fridge or should i pot them up? It is late August, will probably get our first frost in november.

Audrey Coupland

Thank you I found this very interesting, I will try with my grandson to follow your video.

Argo Naut

Hello. im quite new to planting roses and its nearly the end of sping towards summer. I bought some roses seeds from a local garden store. When is the best time to plant them? should i wait until winter?

Reyettah Israel

Great video!
Question: after the germinated seedlings are potted do they need to be covered? I saw a video of planting rose cuttings and he used a cut soda bottle to rent them. Is it necessary for the seedlings?
I’m new at this and have gotten the bug to collect seeds and grow them myself. And I just came across a rose pod(hip)?.

hersheyqueen Lisa

I love your videos! I have red rose hips on my bushes right now. Can I pick them, open them up and plant the seeds right away? Or do they have to dry out first? Thanks!

Ali Ismael

Many thanks for your video. I wish to grow some double delight roses from seeds ( from eBay ), but I am in Mauritius, which means winter from May to October 16 Deg C to 33 Deg C in full summer.
I did plant two plants which I bought in pots, was of height 30cm, they did bloomed, but then some birds ate all the leaves and they died...Waiting for some help from you as winter will start in about 4 months.
Thanking you for replying.

Joe Franks

I am trying raising roses for the first time from seed this year (2021). I followed your video and hope by the end of April to see some germination. I used a couple of containers to help spread out the number of seeds that I had, and put them in the frig. I am expecting a couple other kind of rose seeds in the next couple of weeks and will set them up the same way.


Thank you very much as l am so eager to try to produce a healthy rose from a hip that l picked myself.

Grace Homestead Farm

QUESTION: What was the soil type you planted the seedings in? Is there a special kind to use?
Thank you for your information. I am for sure going to be trying your method with my rose hips. :)
Hapoy Growing ~Shaina~

Terri Sylvester

what did you soak the seeds in

christine wowjow

I have these gorgeous roses! They are orange and yellow. Like fuzzy peach candies. I can't for the life of me clone these things!

Mazen / Giveaway Elmawardi

Realy thank you for your valuable informstion

Dream big reef Big

Yeah it’s a cooking show with pro mix soil beside you LOL great video by the way really educational and entertaining keep it up

Cherrie Dignos

Matagal pala eh plants ang seeds Ng rose

Bella Inger

When u buy seeds in a packet how long do u soak em water for before u put in the vermiculite ??? Been trying to grow roses for 3 years now with no success.

Lisa Powers

Do you have a reputable place that you buy rose seeds from? I am running into a lot of fakes and cant seem to track down a real seed company not selling full plants. (I am also in Canada)

Alan Roberts

Do roses breed true? I know with apples (same family) you can plant the five seeds from one apple and get 5 different trees, and none of them would be like the parent tree. Is it the same with roses?


At 8:26 were these germinated seeds straight from the fridge? Or had they been sitting outside the fridge for a while? And at 9:00 what is that soil medium? Also are the seedlings watered after transplanting?

Time and Chance

If you live in the north can you just put them in your garage instead of your refrigerator? Thanks.

Creepy CoOl

Hi, I thought your video was very informative, and thank you. I do have a few questions. When the seedling is in the refrigerator and covered in that Tupperware container do you water it again, after a few days or a week? What did you have in the pot when you transferred the germinated seeds into? It looked like moss? And do you water that? and how often? Thanks again looking forward to your advice.

Lin R

What is the temperature of your water for soaking them? Is it warm water?

Gema Lopez

Thank you for sharing! This is very helpful. What kind of media do you use for the seedling pots? it does not look like regular soil. Thank you! I

Joan Campbell

where did you overwinter the 1 year old seedling?

Caleb McLaughlin

Is there any reliable online sources for rose seeds?

Florina Sas

I planted seeds directly in the ground, I didn't put them in the fridge because I collected them in January so they spent November and December in the cold. They have been closed in a plastic bag, like in a microenvironment, for a month now. Do they have any chance of sprouting? I hope you will answer me, I really care about these seeds..

Deb D

Mine started to grow while moist in a cup of water . I soaked them and drained them .

Michael Constantine

Nice video, but this is sucks ! I preffer to plant them from cuttings instead of wasting years to see it about a foot long ! Planting it from cutting is better, it can be one foot long with many leaves in three months no more, thanks for your video

meeka raine Romaquin

do you think paper towels would work for germination?


after putting the little seeds in the tiny box pot do you water it?

ratna rusli

Helo , I am from Indonesia, just wondering where can I get the roses seed , that I can buy?

Deb D

Would you like to sell some rose hips ?

Tia Maria

I don't have perlite or vermiculite. Can I use cat clay litter?


Awesome...thank you.

Mike L

Great video, Jason...thanks. I have a rugosa ('Hansa'), which i would like to grow from seed, as the original bush is now shaded, thanks to the growth of neighbors' trees. I have a few started from cuttings, but seeds would be my backup plan. Only one hip formed this year and it is now orange/red. At what point can i be sure the seeds are ripe? I don't want to take it too early, but i don't want any critters eating it. Does the softness of the hip indicate ripeness, or is the color enough? Thx

Robin Orcutt

Love your video! Collected 2 bottle shaped hips from a ? Species rose growing in a state park here in Vermont. I plan to try your method. It was growing in the shade, in the mountains, on the side of a ditch but had obviously bloomed?. That’s a rose worth having whatever it is.


If I have a rose bush outside in minnesota, will the winter kill it? It can get to -30f (-34 c) i want to grow a rose bush over my pets burial area

Charisma Kang

Hello Sir is that a climbing roses..I wish I could have some seeds from u..

Thilaga Retnam

Hi, Can we use cocopeat?

kieron stirrup

Is there a way of using a heated propogator to grow the seeds from scratch and if so, how?


Hi. When you said you soak the seeds overnight, does it need to.be warm water or room temp. water would do?
Does it go the same with climbing rose seeds too?

Nancy Ward

I have seeds. 1st step is soak the seeds for 24 hours right? In the refrigerator or out?

Anthony Webber

Hi When can I plant a germinating plant out doors, in the UK.

Rick Monaco

do rose seeds come true to type? Will I get exactly what the parent looked like or will there be variations in the seedlings"

Jean Sylvain

How to produce rose serds

Amanda Kay

I just moved into a house on a beautiful lot and I noticed ripening rose hips on bushes around the house. I'm going to use your video to hopefully grow more! :)

Marco Tiberii

Once the germinated seeds are transplanted, what are your suggestions for watering? Or rather any advice to avoid overwatering?

Xheni Hysa

Is it a good time to start this process now (second week of June)? If yes, is there any advice that you can give me?

Jas k

Hi.just wanted to know whats the best time to pot the germinated seed ,spring summer or winter.thanks.
Do I have to pot the germinated seed as soon as I see the root on it.

Mr jason

Thanks for shareing

Joshua White

I'm attempting this for the first time and found your videos quite helpful - they are well-paced and provide clear instructions on what to do. Thanks for putting the time and effort into making these!

Amy MH Chan


Sahand Mozafari

Hello there, thank you for the great video. I started mine in Nov 2020 with 4 different types of roses that I found outdoors, and according to your instructions, and now I have at least one of each type, germinated with the fuzzy roots. I'm ready to transplant them into small pots now. I'd like to know what type of climate do they need now to grow well, do I keep them indoors or outdoors? how much water? I live in London, just so you know what sort of weather I have here. I will appreciate it if you can advise. thanks :)


Hi very informative video,what soil is used when u transplanted the root to bigger containers?

Jenny Cline

Can you propagate from seeds that have naturally stratified outdoors?

Wayne The Seine

Hmmm...... guess I need to quit deadheading all of my blooms and give this a go. I noted in the comment section you recommend watering. I assume the medium should just stay moist mostly. I have no green house. Light requirements for seedlings?

wendy daigle

Do y’all have a Facebook page?

Nick Nicholas

Where do you buy your rose seeds from? Could you recommend a place?

Mariah Angelo

Great video well explained. How do you grow the red rose hips to get the seeds?

Junior Douw

Hi, i have sucessfully grown my first rose seed, but it looks like it is starting to die, some leaves curl and some are yellowing and one has died, please help i dont want it to die, as i have put so many effort into it, its 2 to 3 inches tall now , it has enough water, i t was in a closed container since it sprouted, but now its not ok, i have moved it into a bigger pot and cut abottle and put over it to keep the moisture.

Mariah Angelo

How do u start the seed from pollen?

Saeeda Hakim

Hello Jason
Your videos are really helpful. I stay in Toronto, when is the proper time to put mulch around the rose and hydrangea plants for winter. The soil that you have in the containers, what is it? Looks like some kind of mulch

claudiu hirsovoiu

Hello. I buy from internet 5 seeds. If I will try now ( 09/07/2020) it will be ok ? O I should wait until November?
( it is my first attempt to obtain roses from seeds) .
Thank you

Tarannum Meher

Do you have any idea about hydrenza seeds and orchid seeds germination?

Troy Yarbrough

Great tutorial on growing roses from seed, but it seems to me that growing roses from cuttings is much easier. Which is your actual preferred method?

YouMe UsWe

Again, thank you my boo for the keep it simple minds like me : ) Very informative indeed!

Rose hip seeds

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How To Grow ROSES From SEED: Easy Method

79 273 views | 15 Aug. 2019

If you'd like more Roses &

If you'd like more Roses & Garden updates, pls visit https://www.andulairah.com/el-noor

Happy gardening!


When can I move into ground? Outdoor

Sunil Kumar

video is very good, which country do you belong.

deswita wasti

Is it fast flowering??

Tokyo Soseph

Thank you so much for sharing. I picked up rosehips without knowing what the rose look like but just to try planting them from seeds. Good news that today my first and only batch of seed that I stratified for 6 months started to sprout. I would love to see how the ones you planted in this video are doing.

Merlisa Sabobo

What kind of soil can germinate my seed roses.


could you winter sow outside? I live in 4a in the USA and I am wanting to give it a try. How are these roses now?

myjourney 22688

Please subscribe my YouTube channel about travelling https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnGnD9EdRNP_hU3Fy0K6Ong

#Saksham Khatri#



I love the climbing roses there sooooo beautiful I live in a rainy part of Oahu Hawaii and I was wondering how to get them to grow without root rot I was going to build a raised bed what you think ?

Phyllis Phillips-Clower

Do I need to do anything different for seeds I have had for 4 years?

Jennie Lunn

Thank you. Just trying this in Auckland. I stole a hip from a garden, (naughty me) it was Australian Felix. Fingers crossed.?

Mầm Xinh

Thank for your guilding! I’m in a tropical country. I afraid of teamperature doesn’t suit for rose seeds germination

Germana Ferrao

Loved your video and it was interesting to know how it feels!! As I too have been trying and have never had success!! So I will try your method... thank you.

Yuvraj More


Lorraine Bijou

Just harvested rose hips a few days ago from a friends house so I dont know the type, cleaned them and have put them in my fridge to start stratification. Will germinate and plant in February, it's late November now here in Canada.


What will happen if I planted them but dont cover ?

Javier Gomez

It took me over 1000 seeds from some nursery in china to sprout this rainbow roses. But i think i did it!!! Only two sprouted from 1000!!! Cant wait for flowering!!

kavindu dilshan

I bought some rose seeds from ebay and i planted them but still not planted what can i do for it?


You should call it LD1. Lucky dip 1

Stace Strace

Thank you for explaining the problem of over watering the seeds! I used vermiculite, but kept this soil medium way too damp. Wish me luck w/my next batch!

Mohamed Azzam

Wow.. that requires a huge patience and time and work... and finally the results are not guaranteed.. I am happy you succeed at last... and wish you get beautiful roses with beautiful scent ..
All the best..

Amit Bhosale

The mould eats through the seed coat and AIDS in germination.

Nuôi dạy trẻ ở Mỹ

Very interesting! I always thought that the seeds needed moisture. Thank you. I have subscribed to El Noor Gardens.


Such a inspiring video ?☺_I am into gardening from last year and love to do experiments ?_Recently got some amazing seeds, manure and free grow bags from https://theaffordableorganicstore.idevaffiliate.com/164.html
Loved the results❤
Those maure very organic including cocoa peat!

Daksha Patel

Found your video very informative! Loved to see rose plant seedlings with true leaves! It was a treat for my eyes!

Lyn Top 10

Thank you.


You should sell seeds on eBay

Herminigilda German

Did a climbing rose grow in tropical country?

Benoit Daoust

henne ;)

Molly Lawrence

Thank you for sharing! I loved your video and found it very informative.

Lea H

Hello, thank you for this video!! I've collected a few rose hips and cannot wait to try this! Can you please film an update on your rose seedlings :) Thanks <3


Can i grow rose seeds in tropical country?


Thank you, I put some in the fridge. With coco peat. I want nothing more than have a farm . Hopefully soon,

Flute Player Victoria

Hello from MS, USA! Great video!

Rose hip seeds

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Part 1 Harvesting Rose Hips: How to Pick & Make Rose Hip Pulp

4 634 views | 13 Oct. 2018

We couldn't find much

We couldn't find much information on how to harvest large amounts of rose hips, so we decided to make some videos on how we harvest our rose hips. Hope you are inspired to go find some rose hips near you!

Check out our family website and online store: https://www.thebiegelfamily.com/shop

If you enjoy a wide variety of music (ie: hymns, worship, traditional, dance, composition, musical theatre, testimonies and more) check out Biegel Family Music YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXS-Zs4YU64Ep1_pirqVfQ

Bob and Linette Biegel and their children; Breanne, Brooklyn, Amberlin, Linnae, Julia, Jenessa, Charles, Sarah and Simon

We'd love to hear from you! You can contact us at: [email protected]

Matt S

A bear would be surprised to see some one competing for one of his favorite snacks in his territory:)

Wilma Carter

Awesome information! We have a cabin in the mountains and they are everywhere!

Dale Calder

Very interesting . This photo is the large hips that we have here in certain areas mostly along the coast . Nothing in the photo to compare them to but they are more than an inch across. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dalecalder2003/2801691988/in/photolist-8ZqJVr-ao4gsM-8ZtJeC-5gzpqh-956aj8-74fjpq-74bgMn-8CAfgb-74bgki-8ZtLR7-8ZqDtM-8ZqJb4-8ZtMh3-8ZqE96-6CtaV8-8ZqJJe-8ZqDdB-8ZqF4K-6CxjRN-6Cthzn-74bfPg-74bcWF-8PQECc-74f94m-6CxjnL-8PTKJu-74beXe-74bdAR-74benP-74fb6u-74bg1t

The Biegel Family channel

Check out our family online store: https://www.thebiegelfamily.com/shop?page=2

Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Great info on this useful resource.


I love the video! I searched your channel to find how to make rose hip jam (my favorite) but no result. What is your recipe for making jam from the the pulp? Thank you.

Fatima Rahman

Can I just pick any kind of rosehips?

Debbie Wood

Hello Biegel family! Have you ever used a food mill? I have a crank one that I use to make apple sauce. It makes short work of removing seeds and skins.