Straighten hair without perm

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How To Get Natural Hair Bone Straight Without Using Relaxers

309 076 views | 4 Apr. 2015




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I used a Remington 1inch flatiron!

My hair stays straight until i wet it or begin to sweat in my head m i touch up my hair when necessary. But by wrapping my hair at night it helps keep my hair straight longer. I dont put any oils or products on my hair while it is straight so that my hair wont be weighed down. My hair is naturally shiney.

Straighten hair without perm

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How To Get Straight Hair Without A Relaxer : Try A Smoothing System

147 098 views | 14 Aug. 2013

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I have been asked very frequently How To Get Straight Hair Without A Relaxer. And I always say Try A Smoothing System. I am natural and have been for about 3 years. I had issues with having a relaxer. So I went through the transition to natural. I was shown a Smoothing System about a year ago. And I have been using it ever since.

I use the Naked Smoothing Systems. It is Formaldahyde and RELAXER FREE. It is designed to make natural hair more manageable by softening and loosening the hair's natural curl pattern. It has amino acids and proteins in it. The system allows for the natural hair to not revert so fast when it encounters moisture or humidity. The system is not permanent. It usually wears off in 6-12 weeks. There are other companies I've seen as well that have Smoothing Systems like Design Essential. So check with your stylist to see if this is something for you. http://youtu.be/hLhDRxYoobg

No more relaxer, Natural Hair, Black hair styles, Transitioning from relaxed to Natural

Tamara Tanika Glover

Thank you Dr. Angela. yes those days are of the past.

Style Domination

Your hair looks incredible! Love those smooth curls. Love your lipstick too!


Stunning girl she should be a film star she is really pretty rare to see a girl as beautiful as this

n M

You are beautiful

Tommie Picklez

Thank u for this post, this is what I need! I do the relaxer and color thing, but I want to try being natural. I have noticed breakage after I put color in, that was the last straw! I want my hair to be healthy without the harsh chemicals. I'm glad there's another way to straighten your hair, thanks again!

Jean Williams

Do you still use this product if so could you email the name of it thanks. [email protected]gmail.com

Tamara Tanika Glover

Angela I am quite sure you definitely could benefit from it.

Nancy Brown

My beautician came across this line at the Bronner Brothers hair show. She applied this to my hair and that was the worst thing she could have done. My hair was natural from growing out my relaxer for two years. I wanted to have options and she applied Naked. My hair hasn't been right since, I had shoulder length thick hair now it thinned broken off. It is more like a relaxer than a straightener. It was applied in my hair Oct 2014 and my hair is still straight. I miss my curls badly!! Now I have to grow it out like a perm.


I'm too scared to try it :/ I don't like putting chemicals in my hair but I REALLY need my hair smooth otherwise I will look like a friggin wilderbeast!

The Realistic Beauty

What smoothing system do you recommend?

Tamara Tanika Glover

Thank you :-) You can contact the rep Mr. Charles Dozier at 678-855-2343

Lezile Whitehurst

A lot of people don't know there are formaldehyde free relaxers Thermal or thio relaxers used by Japanese mostly. People with straight hair get ther hair treated I was surprised when I learned this.

Jaeden Jones

ok so my son always has nappy hair when coming home and I am just tired of it being so nappy, it coils up and shrinks after its washed and he wants it straighter so he can see the growth. we have tried all the natural ways to get it softer and to make it look longer but nothing works. he wants to use a chemical on it because he thinks there is one that makes it straighter kind of like a perm but not really a perm. do you know of any chemical product that will straighten it out some and make it look longer and softer and make it more manageable?

Tamara Tanika Glover

Thanks Lorilia. Awww to bad you didn't know about the systems

Jada Tillman

I use that same thing in my hair too and it makes it so soft and glossy and shiney

Shasha Sonhouse

Hey is the naked relaxer. .do I have to add liquid to it ..on is it a cream I just put it in my hair ? .. I will like to buy it ,and my hair is natural I want to make it more manageable


can you post the links to these products?

Andreiona Hume

do you still use the Naked product or just the Basic one step. I'm in Alabama, how can I get this product?


Thank you so much


Hi I'm interested in a smoothing system for my hair but i went to the website and it says professional use only is this product harmful and if not how do i purchase it


How much

Lesha Mack

Hello I'm in Dallas where can I find this product? I'm having a difficult time with my hair, I've been natural over 2yrs and hair isn't cooperating and I really thinking about going back to permed hair. just easier for me to manage.

Shasha Sonhouse

thank u


What is the product and where can I buy it online? I am in the UK.

Lu Ash

You’re soo pwetty ?♥️

ms kp

Hi please email me the information to purchase the product. Oh and your hair looks awesome!


So it's a keratin treatment. ???girl no

Erica Hollins

Hello my Erica and I have natural hair and I'm look for the Naked Smoothing  System. Can you help?


You're really pretty! thanks for the information.

Officially___ Tamara

Who else's name is Tamara here

Tamara Tanika Glover

Tasha and Ashlee I emailed you lady's the representative' information.

Aesthetic Suicide

Does it has any chemicals ?

Deanna Ardis

Hello Tamara!??? your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I’m just hearing about this smoothing system. I’m NATURAL & seriously thinking about this. My only concern is I WORK OUT! & I’m afraid it’s going to frizz up! & also when I shower it’s going to do the same thing.. could you please assist me with this? I’m afraid it will be a waist of money.., please help! Hope to hear from you soon.. Dee

Ashley George

i dont trust putting that chemical ish in my natural born hair

Valerie Jarrett

Wats it call


How can I buy it ?

~Daphne Amy's World~!

Were can you get this?

Lorillia Brown-Phillips

Glad how you narrow down, who would be interested in the process. I was too excited to go natural, so i only transiton 8 mth, then BC. I just had too much permed hair to wait to my whole hair was natural. great vid.


I've been natural my half/ my whole life perms just made me have hair loss my mom noticed when i was little and we went natural


Thank you, Tamara. I've gone natural and you've now given me another option without burning my scalp, etc. Love it!

Marlena Mack

how can I buy the products

Elle Caramel

Yes! Is this still around???

Angelia Walker

may i have the information ASAP please. I would like to try this

Toni Talks

Thanks Miss Lady, this very informative and we'll spoken, chaos:-)

S Wilson

Omg...ive been searching for videos about how to get straight hair without relaxing because I too just recently started getting sewins with that piece of leave out AND I'm tired of feeling like I'm over flat ironing that small leave out piece ?? this the 1st video I found on my exact situation. Now all I gotta do is find out what tf this smoothing thing is an I'll be straight LOL..literally, from what I hear ?

Angela Carter

Glad to hear about this option. I never heard of a smoothing system before. I'm natural too so it sounds like I could definitely use.

Gracy Bou

Tamara , you should make a tutoral of your makeup. You look beautiful.

Jocelyn Conley

Hi, what hair type do you have?

Ossie Vaughn

i agree with Nancy Brown. I used this same product on my hair and i loved how it straightened my hair. However, my hair did not ever revert back to its natural state. i basically had to do a big chop to get rid of all the straight hair. I would recommend this to individuals who want to have straight hair all of the time. If versatility is what you are seeking, find a professional who can blowout, press, or flatten your hair without messing up your curl pattern.

This Is Shauna

You're beautiful. Thank you Hun, for this video.

Straighten hair without perm

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How to Straighten My Roots Without a Perm

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