Luma rx ipl reviews

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LumaRx Mini IPL Skin Beauty System

376 views | 7 May. 2018


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The Full Body IPL Skin Beauty System uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology for permanent hair reduction.* This device is ideal for larger areas of use, more intensive treatments, and power users who require the highest number of flashes available.

Luma rx ipl reviews

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LumaRX Results + Tips & Tricks

5 285 views | 19 Apr. 2017

Many of you requested an

Many of you requested an updated results and tips and tricks after using the LumaRx for the past couple months!

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Demo Video https://youtu.be/g6MvyQpbU6E

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Olive B

If you are in Texas I do recommend you guys invest in a good package of professional laser hair removal sessions. I got a deal of $1400 for 6 sessions for full body back in 2017. I saw results and reduction in hair growth after my third session. Unfortunately I moved out of state and didn't get to finish all 6 but it worth it. I purchased the Luma RX but haven't used it except twice. I can not rate it.


Love this makeup look! If you end up going with this for your wedding I would love to see a tutorial


Tutorial please!


You look so different. Did you do something with your eyes? I'm definitely going to check out this product. I hate shaving. Thank you for doing this vid.

Devan Miller

I know for regular laser hair removal treatments in a salon you can't go in the sun for 3-4 weeks after. You also have to wait 4 weeks in between treatments. Is that the case with this?

Karlie Mymryk

Wouldn't it be more effective if you weren't shaving at all? Like with waxing, hairs get finer the more you wax but will get coarser if you shave again...

Blue Flower

I tried 5 and none worked, I doubt this will work

Olive B

Girls take it from hairy girl here. This LumaRX and other home devices are ONLY good for touch ups now and then. The best thing to do is get professional laser hair removal sessions done first. Many places offer great deals. I was able to get 6 sessions for $1500 in Texas. A friend of mine got 12 sessions for $2600 in Illinoi. Make sure they are well reputed, big cities such as Houston and Dallas. Do your research, ask around and go to a trusted place or call and ask about their specials. The friend I mentioned above had 12 sessions and she would go once every six months for touch ups and she doesn't shave her legs or arms but once or twice a year. As for myself, I had to relocate to another state so I stopped at 3 sessions. It reduced the hair great deal. I went from shaving every day to shaving twice a week now. I bought the LumaRX, it doesn't do the professionals job but it is good for touch ups for those stubborn hairs.

elsa Grace

Wow Cassie I haven't watched you in about 2 years. You plumped up you flat top lip. And some other stuff. Looks good.

cecy pimentel

Wow u look stunning !!!

Angie's attic

Sam send me

Meaghan Strayer

Do you have a discount code for this? Can you self tan while doing the laser treatments?

MomNMe Beauty

Still on my wish list for tax return time! I loved the update, but it makes me want to buy it even more.... uggghhh! Why do beauty products have to cost both my arms AND one leg?

Sherri Buttrum

Can you do another update on here? I got mine last month and have used it three times and its been great so far!


Your makeup looks so good ?

Luma rx ipl reviews

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LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device, Mini

21 views | 11 May. 2020

For more information or

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