Walmart womens razors

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549 views | 15 Mar. 2020

Hi guys! Today I ran into

Hi guys! Today I ran into the Walmart Neighborhood Market for a few quick deals and wanted to share them with you all. Yes, I am rocking those fashion forward blue gloves lol ? I hope you all stay well and safe and hope to bring you another video soon? we shall see! Thanks for watching

Walmart womens razors

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CLIO Electric Shaver REVIEW ONLY $8?!?

3 123 views | 18 Apr. 2020

Hey loves ?


Hey loves ?

This is the Clio electric shaver from Walmart. Ehhhhhh not all that good but it’s not bad either. It only cost $8 so what can I really say ??‍♀️

Walmart womens razors

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Woman sues Walmart after being cut by razor blade in cart handle | KVUE

9 954 views | 2 Dec. 2019

A Cedar Park woman is

A Cedar Park woman is suing Walmart after she says she was cut by a razor blade lodged in her shopping cart.

STORY: https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/walmart-razor-blade-cedar-park-woman-lawsuit/269-ae9730d0-dc6c-48f7-9117-609274eecb7a | Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/kvuetv?sub_confirmation=

KVUE is Austin's ABC affiliate station, and has been delivering local news for Central Texans since 1971. Today it is owned by TEGNA, Inc., which reaches approximately one-third of all television households in America. http://www.kvue.com


She's milking this for all it's worth! Imagine that! She can't open the fridge!


I was there when it happened

Taylor Moore

She got a cut on the knife edge of her hand from a razor shoved into the part where your fingers go, and never saw her hand bleeding the entire time she was shopping, happened to be the only one injured, and just happened to be on blood thinners?

What a crazy rare sequence of events.


Woman is loaded with bruises that are huge and you are telling me 2 small cuts along 1 hand is disabling her full use of both hands to the point of not being able to open a refrigerator..... Someone is just trying to cash in.



Glade Hatch

No wonder these corporates lawyers making so much money. Having to deal with these losers . She's seems fine. If you watch her interview, she's smiling about it. Really lady ?

Linda F.

The cuts are seriously not that bad, unless it cut the main artery in her wrist. Why didn’t she feel it when it happened, but instead let BOTH hands get cut up. Doesn’t make sense, and wasn’t deep wounds. I was once pushing a basket at Walmart, where the plastic was broken & a sharp end had poked into my hand. I immediately pulled back & found the spot so I wouldn’t hurt myself any further. I guess I should’ve sued? ? just kidding. Common sense, people!

Kelly Morgan

She should get her apology and that's it. A small check maybe for her trouble. Any person w sense would feel a razor cut them, and it be a superficial cut, and pull back. Something is wrong with her story

Bloom Blakie

It's not fake.

Angela Busby

What happened to her is horrible no doubt. But she's being overly dramatic and Walmart shouldn't be the one to take the blame for this. It's not like they did this to her. Walmart is a victim in this too. I can't believe I said Walmart was a victim of anything. Walmart doesn't owe her anything

Greg Corwin


Benjamin Thompson


She is the exact definition of a Karen ?


So she grabbed the cart enough times to warrant multiple cuts and didn't think to look down to see what was causing that hot stinging feeling? Kick rocks lady.

Ruben Mascorro

How do you not notice the pain?

Jasmine Watson

I’m convinced she did this for the check. You won’t get anything. It’s not negligence on Walmart’s part. I always look at my carts.

classic white bread

Are you kidding me? Grow a pair lady.

Brady Orlowski

You did not feel your hand getting sliced, ok buddy


Unfortunately she isn't the only case, there have been several over the years, it's best to check your shopping cart as a safety precaution.


Lol so fake

Zane Carson

I go to that walmart and there was no razor blade ever on the carts. This is so fake


Did you purposely cut yourself? It’s clearly there! Come on lady before you pick a cart you look at it !