Natural hair textures guide

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A Complete Hair Texture Guide For Picture Perfect Hair - Profashion

103 views | 20 Aug. 2020

I'm Hannah from profashion

I'm Hannah from profashion hair and today I'm giving you a full hair texture guide for all hair types. So whether you have fine curly or even medium texture hair. We're first going to find out and I'm going to teach you all of the tips tricks and rules about your hair.

There are three different hair textures from fine, medium to coarse hair texture.

Fine hair:

One of the most prone to breakage and damage because that strand of hair is so much more precious it's more brittle overall.

Medium hair:

It does not break all that easy, it doesn't break as easy as fine hair and one can get the volume he or she looking for and also get styles to hold.

Coarse hair:

It is the strongest because it is made up of structural protein and the reason that this hair texture can get so thick is that it is made up of actually three layers it has three layers present.

Watch it completely to get to know all the TIPS and TRICKS.

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Bossie Beauty

great video

Natural hair textures guide

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3 316 views | 2 Jan. 2020



What's up, What's up YouTube fam! Today I’m sharing with you all my beginner’s guide to going natural and natural hair. Whether you’re thinking about doing the big chop or transitioning, I hope these going natural hair tips will help you on your natural hair journey!

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Thanks for watching! XO

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I chopped off majority of my heat damage from my natural hair. The back is all good. But, there’s an area in the front that just stay kinda loose. It even grows weird.

Immanuela Bribena

I didn’t do the big chop either, I transitioned instead.

Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom

Your braids are beautiful. At first, I thought that it was knotless extension braids. Your hair is extremely long. I guess, I transitioned naturally? Since, I'm always wearing wigs and my real hair is always in braids. I just simply stop relaxing when I was in my early to mid 20's because I used to wear sew ins a lot with leave out. I ended up getting a lot of natural products. Great tips and advice! ??

nonhlanhla zwane

Can you do S curl after the big chop

Roxy Kol

Pls can u do like a video on the hair experiment like the one u talked about the types : low, medium and high


This video was amazing! When you were talking about you couldn't do the big chop because you were worried about the shape of your head and face shape... I was laughing so hard I feel the exact same way. I have had many relaxers over the years and so now whole I have natural hair..its dry and all dead ends. I've been trying to convince myself to do the big chop to start fresh but I'm just worried about the aftermath. Thank you for this video.

Lizzie Clay

Just so you know Sis, you could carry a short hair cut too, you’re just as cute.


Love your braids !
Great tips.


I would say that staying away from heat is major! I have always been natural, but years ago I would have a Dominican blowout done or flat iron my hair myself. I had to transition my hair from the damage from the heat. I realized how much healthier the hair was that had not touched heat! Now I need to work on getting and keeping my ends trimmed because I see that no heat doesn’t mean the end of splits forming. ?

Vee Dove

You are sooo beautiful and real...I love the look and like you I do not have the head shape for a TWA either? thank you for the tips Happy New Year to you and all you love?

EnhanceWith Nique

Omg! Candi, you do NOT understand how this video opened my eyes so much! Lol, so I’ve been completely natural for like 5 years and I’ve been having issues growing my hair below my chest area, like my hair has stopped growing at a certain point. I did not know or understand how to figure out my hair porosity and i feel crazy because i bet that’s what i am needing to improve on! (Using products for my type of hair)! Thanks so much for this video! I’m sure learning my type of hair and the products that’ll be best for it will solve my problem. Plus, thanks for informing me on those Nature Bounty gummies for hair, skin and nails! I feel as if those are a life changer and i love them! Lol

Desiree Vielle

I LOVE those braids just got done watching the last video! happy new year wish u the best this year!

Tieonne Yvonne

Hey Candi! Great tips!

Jazmin B

I started transitioning in 2014 then big chopped in 2017 cause I couldn't handle the two textures. Fully natural since then and hair is thriving.