Microblading hair loss

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Girl With Alopecia Gets Microblading (Emotional) - Episode 69

329 views | 25 Aug. 2020

If you have alopecia or

If you have alopecia or know someone who has alopecia or cancer that stops their hair from growing, text us directly to 310-446-7878 and we will take care of you for a discounted rate!

Website: elitepmu.com

Address: 11961 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90025.

Ritza She Angler

Beautifu workl!!!! I know her heart was jumping with joy :)

Microblading hair loss

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Scalp Micropigmenation: a Solution for Women's Hair Loss and Thinning?

13 276 views | 3 Jun. 2018

This video is an

This video is an introduction to Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) as a solution for women's hair loss and thinning.

Topics Discussed:

What is Scalp Micropigmention (SMP)? 0:09

SMP specifically for female clients 1:19

Is SMP permanent? 2:10

Longevity of the tattoo 2:35

How does SMP fade? 2:50

How many session does the full procedure take? 4:05

Is it painful? 4:47

I am an SMP artist working out of Ink Barber in Langley, BC Canada who specializes in restoring women's hairlines and density.

Instagram: @tinypokes

Facebook: Tinypokes Micropigmentation

Email: [email protected]

*All video images are of my work with the exception of the bald male head, which was done by my mentor, Shannon.

Kathleen H.

Thanks for the most informative and best presented / articulate explanation of the process.
I'm in Toronto...Know of anyone out this way? Thank you!

Michael Keith

I would like to get this done but I’m wondering what happens when your hair turns gray? Can you then put in a gray color so that you don’t have to always die your hair especially when you’re 70 years old. Thanks

Domestic Violence

if your natural hair color is dark brown, would a dark brown pigment shade work as well?

G Morrison

Does scalp micropigmentation damage existing hair follicles in women with long hair?

Ranjani Manoj

hi thk u for this video..i would like to know post SMP
... if we can continue applying oil for 2 or 3 times a week which i usually do
..and is there any chances for hair to grow back naturally in the areas where SMP is done

Jae Chung

Hi, I dont have an instragram account but would like to widen my circle of smp technicians. May I get your email address?

Michelle Conway

Excellent! Thank you. Where are you located.

madison foster

What do you use to sanitize the scalp to keep away infections? This is for when woman have longer hair and scalp has not been shaved down.

astha singh

Hello mam
I am ur new subscriber from India
I have a question
I have fine hairs...(not very)
So I need a fuller look...
Is this procedure undetectable....

Serena Jimenez

I’m interested in training!!

Shari Brown

Hey! Great video.. just wondering what course you completed to do this procedure? I’m interested in training! Thank you

Ava Funderburk

Wow very informative; I have a small area about the amount of two quarters, how much would you say is a good price to fill that area in? Just an estimate

Fifi Groh Voice Samples

I'm studying smp and you are the only artist to use grey pigments I've ever found. I really am confused as other artists who have smp for many years and train use warmed pigments. They swear the pigments must be warm and grey is cool so it can ash out on some skins... Confused as hell now. But I'm going with my knowledge of pigments in pmu and going warm to be safe. I see no grey in my root colour sorry.

HomeTown Flavour

hair grow on scalp pigmentation area