Signs of damaged hair

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1 373 views | 14 Apr. 2017

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Thanks so much Kimera. I love your channel very helpful!!

Hago G

Sis said a wet dog I died At that part ????

Tori Child Of The Most High

Very informative!

nina moon!

wow, thanks! i didn't know abt the breakage sign. My hair is so unhealthy!

dedainti browngirl

Great tips! Tfs. I gave it a like and subscribed! Please check out mine and sub back for support. Thank you!

Signs of damaged hair

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What Does Damaged Hair Look Like | Hair Damage From Split Ends, Single Strand Knot, Fairy Knots

168 112 views | 25 Nov. 2014

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Abby wants to know if she has hair damage or not. Her ends look split and the ends of her hair are knotted and rough even with she is straightening her hair.

Hair Tip #1 Identify What Damaged Hair Looks Like Off Shoot, Right Angle, Taper

Damaged hair is not dry hair but rather damaged hair is broken and or splitting hair. If the ends of your hair are constantly dry or and frizzy no matter how well your take care of or keep your hair moisturized. Take a closer look at the ends of your hair and pay attention to whether or not your hair is thinning as it nears the ends (disregard this if you have layers) and if your ends are broken or splitting. For your best trim, seek a professional hairstylist out for your trim or teach yourself how to trim your own hair if this is better for you. Refer to my hair care website to learns step by step how to cut your hair to trim your split ends.

Hair Tip #2 Deep Condition Your Hair with Humectants

Deep conditioning with humectants repairs the dryness that your hair is experiencing so that you can clearly see after deep conditioning, where your hair needs further assistance at whether or not you need protein or trimming. Doing a deep conditioning treatment and a protein treatment is NECESSARY before trimming your hair because this will repair what is repairable and leave behind what needs to be trimmed. Only use shears that are used to cut your hair for your hair only. If your shears have been used for other purposes, this will dull them and give you a rugged cut (usually not seen with the naked eye) and cause more damage near the ends.

Hair Tip #3 Protein Condition Your Hair With Greek Yogurt or Hydrolyzed Protein

For your best protein treatment, you have to identify whether you need a mild or intense protein treatment to avoid protein build up on you hair shaft. It is difficult getting rid of protein build up because it is attached to holes in the surface of your hair shaft as well as lodged internally within your hair. Read The Black Hair Manual for more information on choosing your best hair care products especially when it comes to protein treating your hair.

The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Products http://goo.gl/leUCoq

Thanks For Watching!

DISCLAIMER: All suggestions, tips, prizes, techniques and advice given are for informational purposes only and should be used at your discretion and best judgment. I highly recommend conducting strand tests when trying or using new products, hair appliances and product mixes. I am not responsible or liable for adverse or undesirable effects including hair loss, hair breakage or other hair/scalp/skin/body damage as a direct or indirect result of the suggestions, tips, prizes, techniques and/or advice given.


FTC: I am not representing, being paid by, or endorsing any of the product brands in this video & I purchased everything with my own money - UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED in video/blog content. There are links to products that might be helpful based on the content of this video/blog. Each of your purchases via our Amazon affiliate links supports our cause at no additional cost to you.

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does anyone just wanna shave off their hair and regrow them ;-;

Ann Lipede

wish I could have some visual

Outstanding Innovation

Pointless video no demonstration what so ever

Smiley :D

How do you know you have split ends?

Ayesha King

+Breanna Rutter How do you know split ends have reached the shaft does it look or feel a certain way? Doesn't frizzy hair mean split ends? I have frizzy hair at the scalp is that new growth or split ends?

k kk

NOTHING can repair/rebuild damaged hair. Hair is building in head in follicles after its built this is the end it's over, they won't ever repair themselves. Most people don't accept the fact. It's like throwing bomb into building and after that throwing beton, water into this half destroyed building ruins and counting on that it will regenerate/repair itself. It is IMPOSIBLE .This beton is needed when building is being built it won't repair itself, somone need to go and start rebuilding/repairing it. In case of hair nobody/nothing will come to hair to build it because hair is only building on head. Hair DON'T need minerals vitamins to build itself but HEAD need it ( in follicles ) . SO EVERY conditioner which repair/rebuild hair it's a bulshit, it's a lie to take money from you. This is like 1000 times repeated lie by TV commercials. Having problems with hair loss? Eat magnesium. Having problem with split ends? Stop using your towel to rub your hair and don't dry hair in 100% dry , make it like 90-95% dry and after that stop using hairdryer. I had 1 inch ( 2,5 cm ) splited hair ends now I don;t have even 1 mm I don't have splited ends even in minimal distance. If everyone stop choosing product that lie people there will be less lies in Tv comercials

Sze Lok Lau

About 2 weeks ago, my hair ends started to get into nots and my hair looks "thicker". Do I have damaged hair? ?

Kimberly Eli

You can't repair ends that have split. They're not going to magically bond back together. The best thing to do to repair split ends is avoid them altogether. And trims. I trim at least once a year and I have relaxed hair. And I rarely get bothered by split ends. Moisturizing and caring for ends with protective styling will help retain length only. I Dont know how it works for others but it works fine for me

Donna Henderson

Ok so I have ALOT of split ends, I don't use heat often at all maybe once or twice a month. The only thing wrong I can think of is that i use gel every week for my braid out, since my hair is uneven i would have to get a pixie cut to get them all what should I do.

Prettyredd Bri

My hair came out straighter, fuller, shiner, and stronger. The heat protector helped detangle my hair as well. But unfortunally i was so excited about my long hair it was heat damaged but i hav 3c/4a hair n my curls looked beautiful damaged becuz the curls were looser but i still use Aphogee n i wear my hair in box braids n do the Inversion method. Hope my story helps :)

Noor Hussein

never dye ur hair

DreamWishTake Forever

I have honestly tried my hardest but I still don't under stand why my hair falls out as much as it does or continues to thin out. When I was little, I had extremely curly long hair that was always thick but ever since my mom introduced a relaxer to my hair, my hair has never been the same. My hair grows rather quickly but it falls out even faster. I honestly like to keep my hair straight but I only do it once a month. No matter how many products I put in my hair it just continues to dry out. I no longer have my curls. They are nothing but waves. Protective styles do work for me but everytime I want to leave my hair out, it just falls right out. It's thining so much and I don't know what to do. What am I doing wrong? Even my hair stylist is unsure of the cause. I just want my hair to grow back and be thick and curly again.

Angela Winrow

How can I tell what's my hair type so that u can work on it

Breanna Rutter

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Sade Wilson

my hair is split to the shaft is there any way I can fix it besides cutting it?

massah koker

What is 1+1

Nathanial Barrows

you are very beautiful??

Anshika Nagori

I don't have split ends but after washing the hair they get out of control and frizzy. I use TGI Bead Head conditioner and Matrix serum. Also I don't have a lot of hair so what should I do to get them in control and at the same time not make them look oily?

Kennedy Simone

im nit trying to me rude if you feel that i am being mean please forgive me but may you please speak louder i am being respectful as possible no disrespect ma"am.

Leondra Clayton

i take care of my hair but i never get it falter or my ends cut is this a bad thing


im white but i have black people hair


I went to the hairdressers and she must have straightened my hair for too long because now I have a long strand of hair that practically looks permanently straightened

natural_ hair_jai

I'm having this problem. when i first started transitioning so as time past I cut it. it was good for a while then I stoped wearing sew ins and braids and just natural hair styles now it is back. so I cut it some more. it's frustrating because I don't want to cut all my hair. if this is just natural girl problem I will stop cutting and just detangle as best as possible


Am I the only one that has a really hard time knowing what damaged hair is? This is like my 5th video trying to understand..

Prettyredd Bri

I straightened my hair the last day of my Junior year in HS and my ends were dry, crispy feeling and not shine. My rooys were shiny n soft feeling. I knew i had damage so i trimmed off only 1 or 2 inches and when i went bak curly it looked shorter n i was upset. BUT i have been using Aphogee 2-minute reconstructor for the whole summer until the beginnin of my senior year i decided to treat my hair with my protein treatments. I straightened it again for Homecoming n used Loreal heat protector

Je' Je'

damn I thought pics would come along

Doppe the Elf

Ok so I'm young and I haven't cut my hair for 6 years and its split tangles easily and very very sorta still thick but I I'm so scared to get it trimmed help?


Do I have to cut my hair if I have heat damage?


do you realise the noise is louder than your lovely voice?


i love your videos! they're so informative and straight to the point!

Jacqueline H

I can't tell if my hair is damaged or not... transitioned for 3 months, an big chopped back in March so I'm 4 months natural. (7 if you count transition period) and I have never used heat on it once, no blow dryer or anything. But especially on the sides and near the back it feels dry and thin and the ends and doesn't curl but it goes back to normal when I wet my hair. Is this normal?

altaria manning

Hi my name is Altaria question how can I bring my hair back healthy my hair is very damage, split ends nd I want to no what can I us to get my hair health again thank you God bless nd be safe


Love your hair and  your makeup is beat!!!!  Thanks for the tips.

Adella Smith

Her teeth are brighter then my future hair

Kei'A Mitchell

I was the 1000 like lol im soooo happy


Tip.. use more illustrations and visuals.

lil ggs

Wait did she cut her hair like to the bottom ?

your ugly

Time to chop my hair off

Candice Perry

I think that I have damaged hair because I always wash my hair

Anita Bell

My granddaughter hair is dry she ad long hair now it's gone really short and she 14yrs plz help tried everything

frieda leah

i wish you would show us by using pictures ect. but thanks for the video :)


I've recently started have very bad breakage on my sides? How would I help this?


thank you I wish you can show examples of the hair but I got all the info


Im a guy, Ive been growing my hair for 9 months now. The ends of my hair on the sides look frizzy if I don't shower in the morning. I can't tell if this is split ends or its just gets matted. I don't mind it much, is it bad if i do not trim it? I want to grow it for another year and don't want to loose any length. Very professional video

Jody Anderson

if u r transitioning, will cutting of the perm ends make it grow faster n healthier??


No, until I grab the scissors and then every Fairy Knot Disappears.......... maybe that's Why their called "Fairy" knots because of their almost Magical ability to disappear-until you put the scissors down. Also that's why it's called the SEARCH & destroy. Oh I still get 'em >:) but I just wish it was more Search & DESTROY!!  

Wahbi Yassine

I have a question
Iam a 19 years old boy with curly short hair that use a ceramic flat iron that uses no more than 200 degrees
i use it weekly after shower then every 2 or 3 days but not for long time
can i suffer from hair loss Please i need an answr
ps i ve been using it since a year and a half

Gypsy Gyz

There are various factors to consider with hair ends like, where u live. Sun, sea and salt in the Caribbean have diff effect but your tip about stretching to dry is very true no matter what part of the world we live! Thanks!

Signs of damaged hair

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Signs Of Protein Overload + How To Fix It | HeyLayah

28 610 views | 6 Apr. 2019

In todays video I'll be

In todays video I'll be sharing the signs of protein overload and ways to correct it. If you're going through this and follow these steps, I promise your protein overload will be gone in 1 month. As always, I hope you all enjoyed, thumbs up if you did and I'll see you in the next one ✌?

Make sure to watch in 1080p!


? snapchat: heylayah

? instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heylayah/

? tumblr: http://yugyeotme.tumblr.com


camera: iphone 8 plus + canon g7x mark ii

lighting: natural lighting

editing: imovie


Lakey Inspired: https://www.youtube.com/lakeyinspired




location-PA, USA


[email protected]

*not sponsored homies ✌?*

Thanks for watching!

xo, Layah ?

Jazmine Torres

I’ve noticed when my hair is protein overloaded my curls will be stiff, look like my ends are fried, even after conditioning my hair is insanely knotted up and although my curls will still curl the same they will flat and become a huge frizzy mess within a few hours ?? (currently dealing with this rn)

Sarah Richey

STAY AWAY FROM COCONUT OIL!!! it ruined my hair within 4 uses :(

Whitney Love

Great video!



I'm a first time viewer and I just came across your video today. I have been seeking a remedy and explanation for my current hair state. After watching your tutorial, I'm hopeful I have some resolve. I thought I was balancing my hair w/moisture and protein but, apparently, not. On a regular, when I try to run my fingers through my hair, it's a project. Like, there's zero slip! My fingers get caught up in my hair strands, no flow and it tangles terribly. I dont understand, my weekly hair wash routine, entails cleansing, conditioning, deep conditioning (with heat). Then, spritz it with Aphoghee Keratin & Green Tea Restructuring Treatment, layer it w/a leave-in, jelly/custard, styling lotion and oil. A few days later, my strands are dryer than I could imagine and sometimes soft, dry and mushy?. It's confusing to me, which is my overload. Moisture? or Protein? Please help me. Tell me what you think??

Bajan Mum

Oh Snap! TIMU- I hennaed my hair which is usually fine. HOWEVER...I didn't realise that the leave in I use a boat load of, has panthenol (protein) in and is number 5 in the list of ingredients. Breakage galore! ?

Sarah Richey

does olive oil fix protein overload?

Margaret Fraser

Has anyone found a way to regrow the hairs that shed? I got rid of the protein overload but my hair is thin now.

Happy Happy

Black rice jacked me up too. Honey & avocado helped me.im going to use honey avocado and aloe Vera as a overnight mask. I’m trying to find the most moisturizing products. Olaplex #3 almost instantly stoped my breakage but trying to make sure it’s severely moisturized before I get my protective style

BamiAm IAm

Dang I have been using protein hair products for years... but my hair is still thick and never breaks or dry out. idk but I am going to stop...right now?

yung twinkie

my curl pattern is completely ruined. it doesn’t curl like it used to anymore now it has no pattern. it’s dry, stiff, i never had so much shedding before in my entire life and i don’t know what to do. i was told to cut my hair and let it grow back naturally and i don’t know what to do.


As you listed out the signs of overload I kept nodding. I realised this two months ago and stopped using those products. Thanks for confirming my suspicions

A l

Rice water ruined my hair?


5:38 thumbs up for this reaction ?❤️ seriously what are you doing!

Shakira Jonay

I guess I’m protein sensitive because I only did one protein treatment and my hair went crazy

Doaa Senada

Love you ..like I just want to hug you right now...save my hair sis

Sound Reign

Thanks for these helpful tips sis?

Andeisha Carbon

Smh now imma be checking out the definition of ramen noodles ??? THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO!


Can you do a tutorial on this hairstyle?

kalena Glory

A protein free deep conditioner and protein free products if you have protein overload. Mielle and TGIN make a great one.

Asha K

Aloe vera helps!

Chloe Easley

I just can’t win :( had hair done 9/25 it did nice for 2 weeks then I feel I over moisturized but now I’m protein overloaded :(. I lost more hair yesterday it was on a small ball but it’s more than I have lost in a long time. Help

Rionel L

I've never had it before until recently (used to never do protein treatments even though I'm high porosity... Shame on me) actually I just got it yesterday and it was wash day.omg I thought I was gonna break my hair I just put it in a bun until my next wash day ( I wash every 3 days). I thought it was protein overload but wasn't sure. Thank you!

Emily Butt

This video absolutely saved my strands!!! I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my curls felt and looked like straw ? after one wash and proper style with your techniques my hair looks 1000x better than before.

Coilee B

I struggle with trying to find hair products with no protein ? I have 4b low porosity and it’s a STRUGGLE!!!

Ана Петровић

Can anyone recommend me some good affordable products for getting rid of this problem? Are shea moisture and herbal essence products good for moisturizing? My hairs pretty bad, dry and frizzy right now because of too much protein, but im not sure what the right products are.

Little Won

Just suffered from this. I just shoved my leave in conditioner on, used a custard coupled with Blue Magic Indian hemp and i did mini twist. I don’t wanna see my hair for now ? what is worse is i also did henna treatment forgetting i had added a deep conditioner with protein in the mix ? My ends fell out like crazy.

DAsia Seright

Crazy part is I’m experiencing all 5 signs

Salma Dildar

yess this video has all the information i needed... thankx buddy

Amber Rapp

i cant imagine not having the internet for times like this. I've never thought about protein overload but it all matches up when i saw the signs. I was going crazy! I was so upset with the condition of my hair! on the way to fixing this and making my curls healthy!

jasmine hughes

Wish I seen this before cutting off all my hair. ?

erica mcneil

Hi Layah and Thank you for the tips! Question about not putting your hair in a bun to help lock in moisture? What if you twist it and put it in a bun wouldn't that be a protective style?


Pls Suggest a shampoo for this?

Samantha Alphonso

Omg thank you

ItsJust MY

great video!! thanks for the info... I just recently realized that I am going through protein overload after doing a protein treatment because I was dealing with moisture overload. Biggest mistake I've ever made! I am going to try some of the things you mentioned and hope I can get over this ASAP! fingers crossed


Oh lord I think I used too much protein and I’m experiencing the excess shedding. It’s scary!!!

erica mcneil

Thank you! Unfortunately I clarified my hair which was good but then noticed I put a conditioner in that had protein! Ugh the struggle. Starting over but also I color treat my roots too so when I deep condition with heat, I loose the color?

Brett Dillon

Thank you Delilah!

Qpon Blue

Which deep conditioner?

M Y A !*

What oils should I avoid with protein overload?

Josh May

Could you still have protein over load with thin fine hair ? Do you still have to moisturizer


what are some deep conditioners that you would recommend that doesn't have any protein??

Karen BellyTribal

I just wish that I have realize that was protein overload earlier :( now I have less hair :(

Kaybrii See What I’m Sayin

can silicones fix protein overload?

Sardey The Unicorn

I know nobody has done something as stupid as this, but I was actually going to sleep with rice water in my hair, wrapped up. I wish I had done better and more extensive research. I started growing it out and noticed some thinning, shedding, dreading, etc. Not noticeable, but noticeable to me.

Life With Krys

you are so cute!!! :)


Thank you. I think I got protein overload, because one part of my hair in the front went from soft silky natural curls to looking and feeling like a cotton ball and a brillo pad had a baby.

Samantha’s Beauty25

I just automatically like ur videos before I even watch them ???

Samantha mother of cats

Ugh ? im so confused

Angel A.

Thank you for making this video! Although, I'm still kind of stuck and confused. I don't know if I have protein overload, moisture overload, need moisture, or need protein. I did the big chop on April 21 so now I have a twa. I don't know what my twa needs though. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure it out. The products that I usually use in my hair are Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and conditioner along with the Mielle Organics Avocado daily moisturizer hair milk but I currently (very recently) am switching to Shea Moisture Low-Porosity Protein-Free Shampoo along with the Shea Moisture Curl and Shine conditioner and the Mielle Organics Protein-Free Mongongo oil conditioner which I use as a deep conditioner (I still use the Mielle Organic Avocado hair milk as a daily moisturizer). I switched products and most of them are protein-free because I was afraid that the reason why my hair is the way it is was because of protein and that I needed moisture, but now I'm really confused. I wash my hair once a week and have only used the new products once so far but I haven't used the shampoo yet though (because I ordered these off of Amazon and the shampoo didn't arrive yet so I replaced it with the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo as a substitute haha). My twa has kind of been crunchy when dry, soft when wet, it has this strange almost (I think) frizz but it's like some hair sticking up straight. It stays like that when my hair is wet and dry. My twa is gets dry and kind of crunchy hours after moisturizing it with Mielle Organic Avocado hair milk that I use everyday. I also want to mention that I sleep with a satin head wrap at night. Does anyone know what I need and what is wrong with my hair? Here's a list of the products I use and my symptoms:

-Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo
-Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Conditioner
-Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk

-Shea Moisture Low Porosity Protein-Free Shampoo
-Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Conditioner
-Mielle Organics Protein-Free Hydrating Mongongo Oil Condtioner
-Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk
(I've only used these new products once so far though)

-Hair feels kind of crunchy when dry, even hours after moisturizing with Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk
- Is soft when wet though
-Has that strange type of frizz like thing/ some hair always sticking up straight when wet and dry
-I'm not sure if I should include this one but my twa curls aren't very defined either

Thank you so much for reading this whole thing! If anyone has any advice, tips, or ideas please let me know. Have an amazing day! :)

Angelique Dinnall

Hi what exact products did you use??

princess adora

Any recommendations for shampoo / conditioner brands?


Ur Absolutely Right

Meg meg

I could cry from relief ? I've not used heat on my hair for 4months and looked after it by using hair friendly products yet it felt and looked fried! I couldn't understand why ? thank you so much!!!! My hair is up to my hips and I thought I was going to have to chop it all off !!!!