How to tie a shirt around your head

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How to tie a t-shirt on your head to make a durag????

84 views | 16 Apr. 2020

Day After Day by Joakim

Day After Day by Joakim Karud

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How to tie a shirt around your head

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108 111 views | 25 Jul. 2019


A quick tutorial for how to tie a turban BLACK MEN BEAUTY TIPS. #blackmencare #turban #selfcare#melanin #diy

Jenus Page-Franklin



what kind of scarf did you use? and where can i get them??

Denvaa Sylve

That’s sexy af ! Lmao .

Anokhiy Rama

Shalohm Ahk great video ??

Nick Wilde

Thanks bro ??great tutorial

Don Ali Duran-Figueroa

Not gonna lie this video pissed me off lol


Where did you get your scarf


Aye bro what was the size of your fabric? You think 47x47inches would be too big?


Where can I buy one of those bro ? Or what’s the original name?

Terrell Starks

Follow my IG acccs @lifeofstarks


Where do you find that initial black hat or if it has a name ?


Where the fuck you get these types of turbans... mine are too wide


what material is the scarf?

Sie Kaay

But let’s talk about the fact that You is fineeeeeee ?


Did u tie it in the back

divine chocolat3

Boy you is fine thanks for the tutorial

Ahavah Solii

Shalom, Toda raba brother I needed this video for my 13yr old son. Much love???

Season tea

That reminded me of a ghetto girl named Tasha with the long nails

Emilio Mason

After Pop Smoke did this I want to


Can white boys do this?

CertifiedBoy Dom

That’s that asian swag not no black people

Jockees W

Where did you get the scarf

Don Rashad

Thank you!

Chris Medrano

Now this is da video


This is not a Turbin. This is a Shahmagh. Learn your shit.


This harder than tying a dui smh

jesse gonzalez

Awesome shemagh??


Finally someone taught this on point, u a king

Cam Whooo!

Drop the skin care routine


i wanna do this but i dont know what kind of scarf to buy, i wanna buy one from gucci but i dont know if I should buy the shawl or the jacuard scarf

Vill N’ The Field.

Where did you buy the turban?

Shawn Myrelle

This is good. Immediate like ??

Karlin Mckinnon

What are the exact measurements of the cloth?


Where did you get this scarf from ?

Chris Medrano

Imagine this w a fire ass cut a chain n a valid fit

Bodrul Ali

That Arab style not black


U think it looks good on a latino?

Herioc Fan

Is this also how to wrap a scarf headwrap?

Funkadelic Stylez

Been looking how to tie it like this, good looking bruh

Joshua Woods

Thank you so much!!! I love this head wrap tutorial!!! I'm bald and durags always cut into my skin and needed a more stylish look!!! I have a black scarf and a green now looking to purchase more!!!

hotlinebling is a good song

Who else black and smacked trying to put a scarf on the head top

Oneway_steezy _

Why do u call it black man it ain’t only blacks who do it

Owen James

Why it say black men in title im white and wear this ?

Chris Wilson

This video was the best help I found.


What's going on Terrell, new subscriber here! I'm also a YouTuber in the menswear and grooming space. I really like your content man, more guys need help from channels like ours! Keep the content rocking, looking forward to seeing more of your work!



A Love Letter to Asia

Proud of you. Ik you’ve been busy this summer booking gigs and making shit happen, so I’m proud of you for finding time to get back to your Channel. Keep grinding♥️

Eleisha Tamiya

You're very good looking, thought I'd just say ?

Jozsef Marton

How on earth ? can have somebody a beautiful face like his :)

Lachlan S

You cute bra


Cool ?

Quelll !!!

The likes was at “666” had to rebuke and break that shi ??

Daniel DeLuca

Can the native American do it

Janeiro Richards

Thanks for the video? you fine asf though

HorrorStory VinnciEl

Thank you for the black man tutorial

2x Myaa

Ur really handsome ?

D. A. Jones

yaaaasss brotha come on and show out for the brothas, keeping it short and sweet keep doing ya dang !!


Damn cuz yu made this sht easy

Cool Kid

Is it gay for men to wear head wraps?

John Partary


E Breezy

Where can you get this head wrap from ?

deez nutz

The roPE!

Maurice Haye

Where can I buy this turbin at?

Latoya Bell

Where do you get your wraps from?

Arthur Mockabee

Thanks for the vid. Very Helpful!

Afghan Lion

Black people don't wear turbans


Where can i find these kinda scarves n are they certain sizes

Rasheeda Patterson

Where did you get this turban from?


"black men head wrap"
Middle eastern people : whatdefok

Andre Harris

Thank you! This was the easiest video I could find! Been wanting to learn this for awhile now


Where do you get your scarf from?

Jojo Ispakol

Whats the name of the scarf?


He lowkey look like pop smoke?

Isaiah Ice

I want to do this with a Burberry scarf do I get the thick version or thin ?

Ahsan Masood

Back home in Pakistan they do this if your scarf is long enough you can cover your face to

מתן עוזרי

What is the name of the black thing on your head before you put the headscarf?

G 3ee

‘Black man’ head wrap

veric lang

You say symmetrical like ole boy says gingivitis lmao

Jevon Grant

Thanks bro


Dope video but i just wasted money on a scarf that was 42x42 in the comments and it was too square and short in my opinion. I would advice every to get a scarf that is not a complete square. I would recommend getting a scarf that has more length than width and would get longer/larger than 42in length wise. Hope that makes sense.

Empress Jay

Damn ?.


Boy at tuskegee ??

Rehmanmalik Gameing

amazing video

Terence Masters

Hey bro what’s the exact length you have? And what’s the name for those because I can’t find them anywhere


Does this have to be for black men bc I mixed black and Mexican or can I where it I'm not trying to sound stupid?

Barbiee Gal

Hmu on snap Chynaicey ??

A Floxks

What do I type in to find these head wraps or scarves?

Brian Powell

Appreciate it T......now I'm gucci???

jestina spaine

Where you from my grandmother is a Starks

How to tie a shirt around your head

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1 801 891 views | 25 Jun. 2017

A simple guide on How To

A simple guide on How To Tie Arabic Scarf Emirati Gulf Style Headgear, Shemagh. If you're reading this, comment below with: '’Eid Mubarak".

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Joseph Hernandez


Luchie Bernardo Alvior

I ❤️it thx for sharing ?

Imran Haidar

Thank you. Love ?

Hosam and Mama in germany


kkk ooo

لك تؤبر البي مأحلاك تحية ئلك من سوريا ?⁦??⁩⁦

Marcin Børoń

Two masonic symbols just on beginning of vlog :-) ?

Зарзанат Касумова

Бляя как я люблю бородаты ?? мм Ма ША АЛЛАГЬ ? Арабы люблю вас ради Пророка МУХАММАДА СЛАЛАГЬУ Г1АЛАЙГЬИ ВАССАЛАМ ??????


Could have been an informative 1 minute video

K It

Does it keep you cooler in summer? I had heard 40% of our heat is in our head so it seems like that might get hot!

kkk ooo

انت كتير حلوووو?

yousuf amin

Lol my brother said "boom"

G.M. Sajjat

Excellent headgear

Aamir Faheem

bhaijan ap ney ye jo 200 rupey ki pyari kameez pehni hain iska kia naam hain.

James Davis

They did notice at beginning of video you through up 666 ???? who ever is he in to some other stuff....


You sound like you have lived in England UK

Anas Arif

Video starts at 1.52 ?
Please stop talking

intercourse enjoyer 420

I'm watching this for Purim

Khairi Anwar

Your son must be so cute

Abdul-Hakeem Burns

Lookin real ma sha Allah right now

Charli D'amelio

I'm girl why I'm here lol

Fajrin Abd Samad

Gw suka cara penjelasannya, simple tutorialnya.
Buat warga +62 silakan kunjungi channel gw untuk tutorial sorban berbahasa Indonesia

Waheed Malik

Now go and race them Lambos!!!


Dang so many indians in uae ?? thats how u guys learn arabic nice

Luka Ukic



Whos there on 2020 world corona virus

Dr. M. Khalid Shaikh

too much talking...pls learn some manners...come straight to the point

Thoni kamarga

Dijakarta ada yg jual gk yaaa

simple food secrets

Arabic people's looks are like kings

Rk Rizwankhan

Kebal hal modir

Joko Santoso

matur suwun sanget ?

Wiangchai Sungkhasuth

Thank you,I like this style.



as weizngsicht dript

Yallah Goodbye

སྤང་གོང་མཚོ 0887 我們愛中國。

انا من الدوحة قطر تحية من الدوحة قطر ????????احب الامارات ????????

Sera pal tv

Mashallah and thanks.


Lived 8 years in Dubai and never learnt this.

azad mohseen

Wow. Pretty simple. U can be a good teacher

Ali Asgar



Instructions unclear just got cavity searched by TSA

Adrian Bellucci

As Salam Alaikum brother. Thank you for sharing this. Now I rock my shemagh everyday in this style in America.

Great 1


Zarrar Chafekar

Beautiful sir

Nathanael Nunag

thank you so much for the tutorial


What is it called??

nasir Ji


Omazing Omar

Eid mubarak 2 years later

Trym Couriers

Wow l love Arabic Clothing style

Rk Rizwankhan

Ana rkam. 9528833172

jimmy olympiakos

How do you call that thing that your using please anyone tell me


Can we wear it while praying salah?

Mohd Khan

Masha allah

Shine Star


Gogo Jali

Talk too much , quick trick

carolina carolina

Thanks so much for the easy understandable tutorial.. jazaakallahu khairan

Hamze Abdiwahab


Giovanni Gjeto


mastan vali

Lovely ??️?

lab technician

Wow awesome
So beautiful you are so mashallah...
Keep it up
And make more videos for us ...????

roni 11

Very nice ♥️♥️♥️♥️????????

Che Annache

All the positive vibes and positive thoughts to you brother

Nirmal Singh

Very nice g


Does anyone know where can I buy one just like his, online?

Kesol Kesol


Thapa jendra

Nice dressing??

Nkurunziza Abdoul jabbar

Thanks Bro...this way is the easiest one

Mohamad Gaus

Nice ?

Rk Rizwankhan

Mmasha Allah

Mohammad _

Ur cringey

William LuSunt

Where can I find one like that one online?

Hernan Tames

I like the arabean cultura

Motas Andres

Thanks man

Shafiq Ahmad

Kamal ha

Nikesh Poolchand

Is this a specific type of scarf? What are the dimensions and material?

Mohammed Abdulah

Peace & blessing .. thanks a lot Bro ?

Rehan Mansoor

Ever since i have become bald... cold winds in winter freezes my scalp & bright sun in summer scortches my skull ?
Now i got a remedy.

Cabelo Concone


m y l k !

Bro u look super cool


Im Lebanese ❤️❤️??

Daryl Fields

I want one they seem better than durag

Erwin RL

Wearing it now :) thanks made it easy.

Kim Wilson

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Suresh Kumar

I like very much arebic

Neto Sampa

“Caneta azul “

Mazhar Abbas Bukhari

Good presentation.



jorge guia

Bro that come handy right know in texas thank veatiful culture dont listen to stereorype ?


This is honestly the best thing I have bought for personal use! Specially in the summer this thing keeps you so much cooler. You would be surprised.

Mariam Kallon

Salam from Great Britain ??

special secret


Elizio Cantio

One reason I enjoy going to the Middle East.. some beautiful people over there ?

Tanveer Siddique

Eid mubarak

Pranshu Sachdeva

Its too easy i thought
It was to hard

atsya romantika

Do tutorial MBZ please, he wore that the bond is beside

Hmid hasmi

Miya miya ya habibi

views of gods own country

I love arab culture

Ирина Кондаурова

Да главное чтобы голова была покрыта от палящего солнца....???


It's neat that he showed how to do it twice, but people could actually just go back in the video...XD

Sameer 19teen


Andras Feszthammer

I love how elegant this looks. When I am in the Emirates, I always took notice how nicely they wear the headgear. Thank you for the video.

Abhijit Bhardwaj

Hi I'm Hindu and I'm watching this?