Skin tightener

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Body Skin Tightener Strong Affirmations

33 280 views | 14 Nov. 2020

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Description: This track contains hidden positive affirmations masked behind the music which aims to fully tighten loose skin all over your body.

Download this sub ~

Music version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/11lDsGAXpIdAMVi7KlaBTXpK1FgYBsJQb/view?usp=sharing

Rain version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xe1nm_4wMNBL_zx93CEOlmOJbJMKTTWw/view?usp=sharing

Silent version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZTAODCH8t1TJMgfdDzcDhZzEULeWMK2s/view?usp=sharing


(One Day Formula Deluxe)

- Built in mini booster

- LoA accelerator

- Blockages remover

- Entire body skin is completely free from loose skin

- Entire body safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter body skin all over

- Super youthful, taut body skin all over

- Firmer, perfect body skin all over

- Neck safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter neck skin

- Super youthful, taut neck skin

- Firmer, perfect neck skin

- Arm skin on both arms safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter arm skin on both arms

- Super youthful, taut arm skin on both arms

- Firmer, perfect arm skin on both arms

- Torso safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter torso skin

- Super youthful, taut torso skin

- Firmer, perfect torso skin

- Chest safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter chest skin

- Super youthful, taut chest skin

- Firmer, perfect chest skin

- Waist safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter waist skin

- Super youthful, taut waist skin

- Firmer, perfect waist skin

- Upper and lower abdominal skin on both buttocks safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter upper and lower abdominal skin

- Super youthful, taut upper and lower abdominal skin

- Firmer, perfect upper and lower abdominal skin

- Buttocks skin on both buttocks safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter buttocks skin

- Super youthful, taut buttocks skin

- Firmer, perfect buttocks skin

- Entire hips safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter hips skin

- Super youthful, taut hips skin

- Firmer, perfect hips skin

- Thigh skin on both thighs safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter thighs skin on both thighs

- Super youthful, taut thighs skin on both thighs

- Firmer, perfect thighs skin on both thighs

- Leg skin on both legs safely and rapidly undergo natural skin tightening procedure

- Ideally super tighter legs skin on both legs

- Super youthful, taut legs skin on both legs

- Firmer, perfect legs skin on both legs

- Fast and permanent results

[!] Instructions:

1. Listen to a booster first.

2. Then listen to this 3-6 times. The more, the better to really embed all the affirmations in your subconscious mind.

Cute Barbie

Will this also reduce fat?

Momo Momo

Can we hear two/ three types subliminal in a day? Will it work?

sky cross

thank you so much for this!! theres not many skin tighten subliminals like thiss omg

!tw! mention of ed )

i suffer from quite alot of loose skin on my chest (though im 14) because i went through an eating disorder for 3 years

so ppl making subs like this makes my life sm better ^^ so a v deep thank you from me ?☁️✨

ill try n update! cant promise it, but ill try to use this for a few months ?

Bunny Girl

Is it normal if I listen to him and I am not fluent in the language?

Aruna Pitale

Thank you ?


Perfect timing! Just what I needed because I had 2 pregnancies and my belly skin is saggy. Thank you for this! xxx


my dream come ture

Reddy Shanta



Can you listen to subliminal while your sleeping or should you be awake

mockingjayy yy

Hii! Can you do a subliminal to become like Elizabeth Bennet? Personality and face?? I would be so grateful if you would do it!

big smile

Thank you thank you alot ?

Barbie Tingzz



Wow thank you.

White Feather 1111

Wow I was looking for skin tightening sub.. could you please make one for breast lift ???

red rose

Can i convert it into wav?

The Hidden Shadow

How to request?

Ajay singh Nahar

Can you please make a subliminals for straight and small teeth pls

Evyn Finn

Your other subs have worked so well! Can’t wait to try this one. Hope you are well. ?


100k coming soon
We want 100K special ????

red rose

Will it work for loose breast skin tightening?


does this also mean no like armpit lines or neck lines


watching at my arms sagging skin now i see this!!!!! Love yaa


thank you its unisex or not?

ñáhéd á

ممكن إضافة وصف بالعربي ???

Evelyn Roque Rodriguez

I love u so much! ????


i’ll update in a few months!! if anyone sees this and it’s been a while, please reply so you can remind me lmao. (no promises though)

started: 11/28/20

12/5/20: my skin feels softer?? and smoother as well?? idk how to explain it but it feels wonderful!

12/23: my skin is more shiny! it’s glowing! and my skin feels really smooth! im listening to this overnight on loop!

Lucille Loo

Ima sleep with this and wake up looking like a newborn?

Toko_ _sho

Does this also remove stretch marks or only wobbly parts of the body?

Regina Roxas


Jenny K

If skin is tighter does that mean you look thin?


im going to save up to buy a custom sub from you to do with confidence! i may be able to this weekend.

Vic Riddle

Thank youuu ❤❤❤

Targaryen Targaryen

??????????Específicos: (Fórmula de lujo de un día) Mini refuerzo incorporado - Acelerador Lok Eliminador de bloqueos La piel de todo el cuerpo está completamente libre de piel suelta Todo el cuerpo se somete de manera segura y rápida a un procedimiento natural de estiramiento de la piel - Idealmente una piel corporal súper tensa en todas partes - Cuerpo súper joven y tenso piel por todas partes - piel corporal más firme y perfecta por todas partes - Cuello sometido a un procedimiento natural de estiramiento de la piel de forma rápida y segura - Piel de cuello súper tensa idealmente - Piel de cuello súper joven y tensa - Piel de cuello más firme y perfecta - La piel de los brazos en ambos brazos se somete de forma segura y rápida procedimiento de estiramiento de la piel Idealmente, piel de brazo súper tensa en ambos brazos Piel de brazo súper joven y tensa en ambos brazos - Piel de brazo más firme y perfecta en ambos brazos - El torso se somete a un procedimiento natural de estiramiento de la piel de manera segura y rápida Piel de torso súper tensa idealmente Piel de torso súper joven y tensa Piel del torso más firme y perfecta El pecho se somete a un procedimiento de estiramiento natural de la piel de forma segura y rápida Idealmente una piel de pecho más firme y súper joven, piel de pecho tensa

roro t

Can your videos be used with water technology without hearing?

Pretty Pink

Are you going to make slient versions of your desired body and total weight gain subliminals?

Sumana Bhandary

Ohh thank you so much???I was waiting for this and Finally I get

Emma Baker

I don't actually need this but i'm here to support my queen UwU?

D o k u s e i

Wait i already have tight skin-


Aiyla B

Can you make a get spoiled and loved by everyone please


Yessss I love you

이레 아

does this get rid of wrinkles?? please answer it?


thankyou ???????????????1111

Soundbyte Subliminals

Almost at 100k! ?

Kim Miyara

I can't understand do u read my mind ??

Mystic Subliminals

Art ??

sara hamu

i ve been thinking about this skin tightner i knew there was no subliminal about it so i manifested it i love u so much my queen i cant express a thank you in words but thank you

klara couteau

Face is in "Facelift" svp ? Merci !

Alpha rays

Xanxie Heidern

Please make one for forward mandible

escaping einstellung

for chest/breast tightening, does it also include cooper ligament tightening & shortening? And like always, your silent downloadable ver is what sets you apart from ALL submakers, they are a gem! Thanks for that option!!!

Kusum Jadam

Can i listen your subliminals without earphone?

Lotus Affirmations

I predicted this ???


thank you so much, kylie!


Thank you very much ??

Aiden Louise

I need this for my breasts only ! Can you do a sub to make breasks skin tight and firm + toning firming lifting breasts?

I have lose breasts skin and they are sagging.. it's just a suggestion ....


Can you do one for evening out your whole skin?

cat women

I think u guys are the most beautiful person in inside and outside. Wish u all get ur desired results faster. Bye bye see u later ?


Please share something for curing depression and anxiety ?...


Can you make one to get rid of eyebags and dark circles please??!

Myriam S

This remove stretch marks?

Indhiga Senthil

Can u make one for nasal septum deviation dear... Plzz

Buy Now

Hey lumiplay can u make a video on business

introvert asmr

Thank you so much ? one only for face would be also great ❤

red rose

My goodness!!what the heaven!!yesterday i just wished if luminal play had a skin tightening sub!!my goodness!my goodness!can't believe!! Thank a ton..thanks infinity.thanks thanks thanks ??????????????????????

Mxxn _ Sxt

Um i didnt need this i just saw the notif and clicked on it and i felt the skin on my neck tighten so- (guess i needed it a little-)

sad potato

This is the subliminal I needed thank you so much queen

cheery said

Thank you please make feline beauty I need it and I trust you please like it if you want ?????

Soulgent Yaruha

20 seconds in and I aready feel my face tightening

Covers For Life

Can we get a skin softener as well??

anicajewel hadap

For collarbone


This is awesome, will you make something identical for the face too?

Satori XXX

I love this

Poison Pumpkin

so this basically stops skin from being wobbly? if so my stomach and arms really need this. i'm tired of feeling like ive hit menopause at 22

Fatima Demba

I need this thank you soo much!❤️

Sakura kitsune

My play list is cussing


Does cracked finger help?


ight, anyone with results yet?

Undecisive Angel

I think i used to have a Christmas booster sub from you in my playlist? I can't find it

rotten potato

Hey uh do you have a personality sub like uh.. perfect personality? Independent woman, strong willed, humble, funny, easy to get along, pure without any negative traits on like insecurity, negative thinker, arrogant, boastful, etc

Himanshu Raghav

Okay ....idk where u all subliminal guys get connected maybe on insta or anywhere but i have a grt idea that we can get connected on clash of clans and we will make our own clan where ony subliminal users will be allowed ????
Soo who all are ready then plz download coc and then give their ID code in the comments I'll send frnd req to u guys and make a clan asap ❄❄
Btw here's ur angel number
I'll copy this comment on many other comments section soo many people can join

Bang chan best leader


caxandra venice


Andrea M.

Do you have a sub for people dealing with nasal polyps caused by sinusitis?

Lots of people dealing with this these days and others thought they got corona because of loss of sense of smell and taste.

Myriam S

Please make a subliminal to get golden tan skin ????

Sweetlike Candy

Yessss.. Imma use this rn!
Tnx for putting it on drive google ? ❤️❤️❤️???????????❤️❤️??????

jix wuv

i feel like you be reading my mind when it comes to new subs. every single time i think of a sub idea or just something i need. you pop right up on my screen. what a fucking genius. i needed this.

Lapis Lazuli AYN

This is really helpful coz after weight loss one needs help to treat the saggy loose skin


Omg I was just thinking about this and you uploaded this video..Tysm ??


can you do this only for face and really detailed?

Skin tightener

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Saggy Skin Tightener Frequency - POWERFUL Future Channelled Binaural Beat Plus Isochronics

32 826 views | 1 Jul. 2019

Instructions: Lie down,

Instructions: Lie down, Turn-off the lights, Relax, and Clear your Mind. Breathe deeply and let the beats put you into a meditative state.

The video contains binaural beats technology requiring BOTH left and right stereo channels to work. A single speaker or mono output will not work. There are no or minimal natural background sounds for maximum effectiveness.

Please use good headphones or earphones to improve the effects.

These are experimental samples used within our group of tester's for over a year. It is as perfect as we can get it now so it was decided to release to the public. We found it is a code for unlocking the spirit. And the spirit can do anything! Use the two basic beats stated below as a daily regiment for a minimum of 30 minutes to see the good benefits. Seriously, no pain no gain!.

To get the full version of the Ascension Beat and Solfeggio Harmonics, just sign-up to our forum below, as you can find us there! Please support our efforts!

Please sign-up and join us on the paranormal forums, and post your feedback/experiences there:


Members may get chosen for free energy scans and clearing services if they post the most feedbacks. So sign-up today and become an Awakened member!

Our website: Awakened2012.com

Other Full length binaural beat brainwave entrainment tracks are available in iTunes:


Consult with your physician first if you are using these beats while on any sort of medication or have any kind of medical condition.

These Beats by King-Louie AKA Ascension-ArchAngel

Sharing is Caring...More to Come!

julia Otero

4 day i see a little

Brooke Little

This is outstanding. Many thanks ?

Mary Cisneros

It works on my neck


Loui - does the trauma removal frequency include removal of sexual trauma ? Childhood based trauma ..

nightshade eclipse

Can you make one to reverse brinual beats results like if you got bad ones


Will this work without headphones



Nadia Raschella

444 vues that s a sign thank you

Brian Eads

deffenetly feel it


I n feel my skin tightening!! Whaaat??

Valéria Zsadányi

Thank you for this wonderful frequency therapy.

julia Otero

3 day

Sarah He

Bro.... this worked.......I have double eye lids and my left eye had the curve of the eyelid much lower than the right one. Listen to this for like... five minutes while focusing on the left eye lid, went to sleep, woke up, and now my left eye lid is higher than the right one

revind fareng

Hello King-Louie!
Please tell me this video is suitable for tightening sagging skin on the face?

Fairy Frequency ASMR

Thank you for this wonderful frequency therapy. Wishing you a beautiful day ♡

Ascension-Archangel King-Lui

Newest videos now here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Awakened2012/videos/

Please give a Like and we will get new content there! Out ta here for good!



Donna Bettencourt

I will lisen to this one 3 times a day or 4


This music has restored my soul

Lilac Peonies

Thank you. Does this address skin only or also include underlying muscle tightening, especially in regard to facial muscles? (Muscles give the youthful lift.)

Star Ruby

I feel it tingling in my cheeks I am using it for the under chin


If u turn it up all the day over and over again is “Skin retraction frequency” ? in a males voice and than a women’s

Jo Anne

I can feel this tingle in all my problem areas as I listen. I’ve received immediate visible results. The affirmations and subliminal messages are awesome. I hear them even when I am not listening to binaural. I love this track!!! Thank you.

julia Otero

My 4 day

julia Otero

2 day feeling good ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Donna Bettencourt

3 times a day

Tiksha Meshram

Will this help to tight skin after lossing weight???

Barbara Harrison

This is working I can feel a difference in my stomach area especiaĺly ! I have listened for 3 days I'm excited!!!!

Al Ray


introvert asmr

Does this continue hgh frequency?

julia Otero

3 day


I can feel this in my cheeks,

julia Otero

It my first time

Lisa Payne

It's so campy when we see young ladies completely wrinkle free modeling the dream of tight skin. Just saw a new and improved Kardashian. I just don't know what to make of all this. It's like the new robot lovers men with money are buying. Strange times indeed.

Edit Bors

dear Ascension Archangel King-Lui :-). i would like to use daily - beside your eye program - the saggy skin, the wrinkle remover and the droppy eyelid. Is it possible? :-) Love and Joy, Light an Laughter dear :-)

Maribel Santander

I can feel it working on my jaws and neck. It goes straight there as if it knows! I have a lot of faith in your frequencies as I have augmented my breasts before with the Breast Booster Frequency ( could have used a breasts equalizer one in tandem, I still had to have cosmetic surgery, but it did work with getting bigger), and the healthy teeth and gums always stops a toothache, as for the wrinkle remover and this one, just wow! I'll stick to it and be 25 again. Universe bless you with eternal youth, love and prosperity for these uploads.

hi there

this is Amazing !!
i have loose skin in my stomach area due to pregnancy,
and Just tried it yesterday and Im already feeling and seeing improvement !
tried other subliminals for skin tighting but nothing really worked,
this is the best and so fast !

thank you so much

Jake Bernal

I look 10 years younger

J Kunnel


John Padrick

Wow, I meditated on this twice last night, my face finally revealed my beautiful facial structures I used to have in my early 20th..I normally woke up in the morning had puffy face and feel old;( Yet, today, I felt young again. You earned my heartfelt gratitude:) --(From Lauren L)