Sleep nake

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Is It Allowed To Sleep Naked? | Shaykh Waleed Basyouni | Faith IQ

16 188 views | 20 Nov. 2019

If you are covering

If you are covering yourself with a blanket or a sheet you are not technically naked and that is allowed. If it is for the sake of intimacy between a married couple it is allowed.

Sleeping naked without any cover is not a sin but it is not recommended. Covering your privates even when alone is highly recommended by the majority of the scholars. Staying naked without any valid reason is not advised in Islam.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers and explains...

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Zainab Ashfaq

OK good

Muhamad Fariz Ramadhan

I am muslim and I often sleep shirtless since I was kid, even being shirtless on my daily life when I'm in house. And now I just wondering if it is allowed by Islam or not.
Your video answer everything. Thankyou. Allahua'lam

Han Tai

A la verga.

teo maras

Noting on my body

Ta Hien

A la verga.

teo maras


teo maras


Sleep nake

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Why I sleep Naked ? ?

19 287 views | 18 Mar. 2018

There are so many

There are so many benefits to sleeping naled that not many people know about! Also, I am not a professional, this is just information that I know about due to my own research. Happy sleeping! ?

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Sandra Valero

Emily you look so gorgeous in this video! Love your makeup ?❤


Love ya and the cringe at the start??and 2:17 lol u look sooo pretty never seen a video relatable and ? funny whirl shirl ?

Jessie V

I tried it and loved it, it’s honestly so much more comfortable

Miles Smart

When I started sleeping naked and a couple years ago when I was 9 before that when I was 7 my dad was trying to get me to sleep and he joked about sleeping naked and then 2 years later I actually try it and I love it!

Authentically Ami

Ahaha laughed at the start, but this was so interesting!! Xx

Ria Škvorc

I sleep naked too... It's comfy

Lola Ceh

I love sleeping naked it’s comfortable and I literally have the best night sleep every night

smoore productions

I want too but if my mum saw me it would be weird

Jim Clark

I sleep naked and if no kids are home I'm naked as well...love it

Gigi O’Brien

I sleep naked it feels comfortable I’m even naked right now cuz it’s night right now

Night Fly

I started sleeping naked, but then I thought, "Hey insert name because I don't wanna put my real name , what if a zombie apocalypse happens at night, and you have to get up and run out of the house and don't have time to dress? Or a fire starts? Or a murder/robber comes in and holds you hostage? Cause I don't wanna get seen naked when running for my life ya know!!!Or, what if someone kills you, and when you become a ghost, you're naked forever?" Lol these are the reasons I don't sleep naked anymore ?

max epstein

I’ve been sleeping naked since I was 7

Alyssa Sharkey

I’ll do this and talk about it in the morning

Highclick_ photos


Maisie ASMR

I love you sooo much can u give my cousin a shoutout she is Erika gym 123

Trevor Panno

I would sleep naked with my wife even during the hot summer months.

Juliana Celestino

I sleep naked too?


i also l^seep naked but not when i have shcool beacus my mum will take of the blanket and it will be inbarising

Olivia A

thumbnail is so aesthetically pleasing ??

Max Abel

I sleeping naked I love it

Catherine Persaud

I wish I can sleep but my mom thinks it's gross


Well I want to sleep naked but I can't sleep naked because my uncle likes to come into my room I'm a 24 year old guy but I do sleep in my underwear yes I wear tighty whities and the T-shirt when I go to bed at night but sometimes he don't come into my room very often but I'm afraid if I go completely naked he might come into my room I never know when he will pop up so that's why I just got my t-shirt and my briefs but I stay covered up because I still never know when he will come in

Rihanna Watson

Lol idk why but Ik that feeling I feel free


Random tmi question, do you sleep naked when you have your period? Personally i own too many animals that like to share my bed, and i'm not into beastiality, so unfortunately can't sleep naked ?

Meh Person

Bro TEAM CLOTHES there much more comfy and sleeping naked is just feels Disgusting

Sleep nake

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Why Carla Gugino Will Never Sleep Naked In California Again

4 263 views | 24 Sep. 2015

Carla Gugino reflects on

Carla Gugino reflects on the time she woke up naked to a violent earthquake and couldn’t find her clothing.

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Badr A

Feelsbadman :(

Erik Killmonger

Damn you, earthquake, damn you!

Badr A

Lol she needs to move out of california :)