Pilaten pore strip

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Pilaten Black Heads Remover Pore strip Review

141 views | 27 Mar. 2018

Pilaten pore strip

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Pilaten Blackhead Pore Strip Review Part 2 | Thina

848 views | 12 Mar. 2018

Pahabol sa aking review ng

Pahabol sa aking review ng Pilaten Blackhead Pore Strip! ?

Hope you like it guys! Katuwaan lang.. ?

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"Pilaten Blackhead Pore Strip Review"


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Ang tatangos ng ilong ?

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Helllooo. I'm a new supporter, I'm here to support your channel. Hope you support me back. Thank youu God bless. Keep growing,?

im thina

Pahabol review!!! ?

Please watch my previous video:
"Pilaten Blackhead Pore Strip Review"

Thank you for watching! ?

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Pilaten pore strip

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17 993 views | 30 Jul. 2016

Are these strips a dupe or

Are these strips a dupe or a dud? They are marginally cheaper than biore but whether they're worth the trade off is up to you after you watch!

Pilaten pore strips:

UK: https://amzn.to/34Q1MdX

US: https://www.amazon.com/Pilaten-Tearing-Cleansing-Purifying-facial/dp/B00IU4FOJ0/ref=sr_1_1?crid=CQGJANRA1580&dchild=1&keywords=blackhead+pore+strip+pilaten&qid=1587322006&sprefix=pilaten+pore%2Caps%2C232&sr=8-1

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Happy Happy Febechi 찝이지

You have to use the whole pack to get all the black and white heads out.

TeeKay The Blerd

Wassup mi amigos! I tried these pore strips to see if i could top the biore ones and save us all a bit of mulla! I have tried them 2 more times with longer drying times...Alas....Welp the journey continues! \(^-^)/


These r shit but also cheap af so just buy better ones

Mary Noveloso

they say you have to wash your face in a warm water, or if you have a steamer, much better haha!

Cosmic Catnip

it doesnt work my face is covered in white heads blackheads nearly nothing happened when i used this stuff

yara karzon



Your suppose to wet your nose before