Wash in wash out hair dye

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Washing out Arctic Fox Aquamarine (hair dye #3)

2 104 views | 5 Jun. 2018

I wash out my color I

I wash out my color I applied to my roots in hair dye #2. You won't see it dry till video #4 because I try not to use heat tools and I can't figure out techy stuffs.

Just a results type video...oh and I talk about my miracle syrum that I get at Planet Beauty, it's $40! But lasts me a few months. It's the only expensive beauty product I invest in. If your hair is processed or just naturally really dry I really recommend it.

Seanna Vanover

did it stain the shower?

stroke my cactus

Did the hair dye/water while rinsing get into your eyes?

Midoriyas Note book



Just subscribed! Nice channel

Wash in wash out hair dye

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How to: STRAWBERRY BLONDE HAIR // Superdrug Colour effects Wash In Wash Out REVIEW.. Does It Work?

4 548 views | 3 Apr. 2020

Hi guys! In today’s video

Hi guys! In today’s video I’m gonna tell you how I got my Strawberry Blonde Hair by reviewing Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In Wash Out! I really hope that you guys like this video, if you did be sure to give me a ?? to let me know that, subscribe to my channel as well for don't miss any of my videos, and tell me in the comment below what do you think, I would really appreciate your feedback!

My last video: SUPERDRUG VS POUNDLAND // Save your ££ with these High End Products Available at Poundland (HAUL)


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Breena E

how long does it last x


Hi, I have been using this dye in 6.4 (red) since November now. Just thought I should let you know that it doesn't wash out of your hair, I've tried mixing my shampoo with baking soda (as a colour remover) and still the dye won't budge. This is just a warning for anyone who is considering using this dye.

Ruby Ellis-Smith

finally someone did a video on it !! thank you:) your hair looks beautiful ?

Louise Grigg

Great video ?


Only video review I could find on this, thanks, looks beautiful on you

Wash in wash out hair dye

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Dollar Tree Review: Comb In Wash Out Hair Dye

1 022 views | 22 May. 2019

This is comb in, wash out

This is comb in, wash out hair dye from the Dollar Tree. It’s temporary hair dye that comes out after bathing.

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